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  1. (Warning this post might be do long to read so bear with me please...) Citizens of The Dont starve art forums I need your help! I am drawing a portrait of me and my friend playing Dont starve together return of them and I am stuck on design choices. 1.(doodle look with stick modules/ not finished) So here's what the picture is supposed to look... You know how in a scene where a character is standing in front of an creature and all you see is the lower half well my plan is to make it seem like that position on the lunar rocky beach, a horror hound just coming out of a body as wilson and willow looks in terror and shock (willow not finished cause I need friends skin of his willow) I dont know if this a good perspective for the concept so if anyone has any ideas go for it honestly 2.(hound design) I tried a really long time to find a behind view of the horror hound and honestly just went creative with it though, my main goal is to put the hound in a silhouette position where the hound is visibly in a threatening pose (like dogs normally do when there about to bark or growl at something you know pounce stance) and have that in front the camera, however if I can't I will draw the silhouette of the horror hound coming out the hounds body bursting out with fur everywhere. However if I chose the bursting option then 1. I will have to take out a massive chunk of the background detail 2.harder positioning. 3.more detail to the body And vice versa? 1. It would be harder to draw 2. More time planning position and height in point of view 3. Deciding on where to place background and horror hound. 3.how the final copy looks.. so far.(not finished) so just to note I drew the final copy first before every other thing on here (I dont use models so this time was my first time doing it) so all I added was my Wilson (I really love the style and detail I went when drawing the glass cutter!) So let me know on any thoughts. 4. Just bonus on facial design for characters. so I thought of drawing a little extra so that way I know for sure what I'm going to sketch and make sure I dang well dont screw up and so far I think these actually represent the characters and there interaction in that situation so let me know if there is any more you guys think as well and if wants to talk about it I will probably respond every now and then and thank you for your time!
  2. I like this discussion since I really felt wormwood lacked a bit with his powers, maybe during spring you could shave off the blooming plants off you to get leaves, and a few leaves and a living log can make meat bulbs! Or maybe something of wormwood being able to use the leafy bulbs as chests with 4 or 6 slots so if multiple pieces of meat or other items are taken he can just take it out like Chester! And he can give it meat like a pigman or spider to sort of send it in a "calm" state for a little bit to prevent it from digesting other materials or slow the food spoilage in it or heck maybe once he crafts a leafy bulb he also gets at least five eye plants to place around in the plants vicinity to set a few for the leafy bulb to start out with. Now not only is it sort of making one useless creature useful but it also makes wormwood even more unique since wormwood doesnt really have any special powers only really with his mostly downsides and his penalty in spring his only main upside is making living logs and his custom trap and bramble vest and there could be so much more to a character that's a literal plant!
  3. Anybody have any portraits for the other head skins? Just asking cause I would really love to get a fresh "taste" of them to add to my hype
  4. Elder mandrakes

    I really freaking wish they add elder mandrakes into Dont starve together! My favorite creature in dont starve is the mandrakes. I would love nothing more then to just raise a village full of living normal mandrakes, or just have them able to craft the elder mandrake huts with the new lunar crafting table.
  5. So, I don't know how many people are going to see this, ( especially since my idiot self accidentally uploaded this similar post onto the gorge topic instead of the general topic, but I was hoping for an idea where they would redraw or create more detailed portraits for whenever the characters had introduced their month of them being reworked as it could be a nice little quality to make them feel more in paced with the game. The Difference of the artstyle in Don't starve and Don't starve together is that the portraits in don't starve seem to be simple and created just to show how the character just looks in total as a full view which is nice... but in don't starve together (atleast portraits for the new characters) seem to reference a whole new art style like a sorta mix with their chibi style and like a extremely detailed style with a dark and gloomy design especially showing off expressions to represent the characters interacting with that cosume and how they would interact newly with that artsyle. My only suggestion is for them to make new portraits just to fit in with the style grim and colorless style that Don't starve together seems to have making it a little bit awkward and seeing how different the new character's portraits are other then the original which were made for the original *original* Don't starve.
  6. [Game Update] - 293880

    When will the forge come to consoles (PS4) cause I love Klei and all the fan service we've gotten from them such as pets and such but I'm still kind of upset that we missed out the last forge and last Winter's feast Eve. It was still set to Halloween instead of Winter's feast Eve So I wasn't able to make my Festive Tree! Please don't mess this up again Klei PLEASE I LOVE YOU GUYS
  7. Thank you so much Klei I'm going to be honest I thought you hated that alot of people like don't starve alot and thank you BigFoot for giving us this huge heads up I am so excited to play with my best friends on this