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  1. (This image isn't mine)
  2. Don't starve, the game with suicidal 9 year olds.
  3. Honestly! I would love in the far future players build like harbors and stuff with Docks, maybe in the future someone could like build randoms docks in the middle of the ocean to live at, or an even cooler idea, if they ever make like different islands of land, big servers full of players could have like harbors to go and trade supplies with other people on different lands!
  4. I honestly would like to see some planting box or something become a thing on boats soon, I really want to see someone build a base out at sea that there able to stay out and survive without having to go back to the mainland, hopefully that could be done in the in the future if that was possible.
  5. I said this in the 2020Roadmap but we might not have to worry about any massive changes for wendy hopefully, since Klei might just mainly focus on upgrading Abigail. Abigail has one of the oldest A.I's in the game being practically identical to the ghost like how they treated the merms for Wurts addition to the game they might just rework Abigail's A.I to better suit her "Purpose" to protect Wendy. and just like @bruhmoment23 said. Not have it where Abigail auto targets on every single thing with the tag "Hostile" on it, causing her to go on a suicide mission every single time on some very strong enemy or a huge group of monsters that Wendy doesn't want to fight and then die or have too much low health and cause Wendy to be alone in a fight or situationshe needs Abigail the most in.
  6. Sadly, I'm pretty sure Klei disliked putting achievements in because of the pointlessness of them, but what's funny enough is that on Console edition they had to add them, so Klei added this item called the "Acomplishrine" where not only it wasted your resources (10 Gold, 1, Cut Stone, and 6 I repeat SIX Gears!) It also wasted your time requiring you to activate the machine iIn one World exactly 725 times SEVENTY HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE TIMES and your reward for it? A puff of confetti, your character cheers and that's it... you also get the achievement though. "And despair"
  7. I know I'm probably way too late to say this but, for those of you who are really worrying about Wendy's Rework making her worse I don't think you have much to fear since it might be clear what Klei is trying to fix. Abigail's AI is extremely old and outdated being Practically Identical to the ghost A.I.(Well she is a ghost after all) most likely what they'll do is rework Abigail and her AI to better protect Wendy and be more useful towards her and dps especially so she doesn't try to bum rush everything on site with the tag "Hostile" on it. For Them not really giving much plans about the Road map though, I think we can well remember the last time Klei made Deadlines when the Date for Turn of tides was supposed to be around July the 20th, then a lot of problems happened and they had to delay the release for Turn Of Tides in AUGUST instead and that wasn't even including September when they finally released Turn of Tides for Console on September the 12th. So it maybe that they just probably don't want to experience that incident and let it repeat again. Honestly if that's the case it's honestly understandable since all the inpatient players getting not only upset about the Fact that the update got delayed about a week or two before it's expected launch, but the fact they had to wait even longer around a month for Klei to fix The Ocean mechanics and bugs.
  8. Honestly Yeah, I'm Pretty down for it! Plus they had a really good idea with Antchovies. they could have probably been used as pets, Filler for crock pots, or even interesting enough, bait for bigger meat eating fish when "Hook, Line, And Inker!" came in down the lines.
  9. I'm Really Glad that some people really enjoyed my concept, It genuinely made me dedicated to working harder on this project! Just like my Wilson Rework concept, I may remake this idea and post it on the suggestions tab Only this time I'll put alot more work into it making it look professional and give out Pictures and Illustrations for it, here's an example: Anyway Thanks for reading, and I'll see you guys next time!
  10. I Don't know if you meant the portable chemistry lab or the Blueprint concept but Thank you! Could you please explain what you mean? I don't think I honestly understand what you mean by portable alchemy engine.
  11. *Flashbacks of Volcano immediately giving a warning exactly after you barely just survived the first wave. All seriousness though, I really like the idea of the Beetles. Maybe as an idea During the Summer they spawn in Rock biomes and start Eating up all the Rocks boulders and you can team up with the players in the server to stop them.(but only if you provoke them.) Like a Wave mission?
  12. Before I get to the idea, I originally made this post In the general discussion tab to see how people thought of the concepts. (This is not a repost though some things will be similar.) some of the concepts are not mine either revised versions of their ideas. As I will make sure to credit them in the post, please enjoy.:D(p.s some sketches I drew are drawn from official art so I do not intend to take credit for the work of others) Big picture:(idea of what the concept is going for.) Alot of controversy been going on in the past few months of a Wilson rework making him more useful to the group, and as a Wilson main myself I could possibly agree Wilson's only one helpful perk to support the group is an early and easier way of collecting beard hair which is only used for Meat Effigies. He probably needs a . So I gathered a few ideas here together to make Wilson more of the intelligent scientist wannabe he should be. These are the ideas I'm going for so far: -Keep Wilson as the beginner friendly character and not to make him too hard understand but still simple all around enough for experienced players like myself are still able to play and have fun with. -add two additional perks to show Wilson's scientific side and make them useful and supportive to the groups or himself -Make Wilson a character to experiment and test things with for new and old players, after all he is a Scientist. With that being said let's begin! Perk: •Is a true "Chemisist/Experimenter at Heart!" (Credit: @loopuleasa) Wilson Will now spawn in a world starting with a portable Chemistry lab.(Note Wilson can also make extras similar to Warly's Crock pots just in case if Wilson either loses his Original kit or He just wants extra.) Wilson can Place his Chemistry set just like Warly can with his portable crock pot, and use it to make potions and etc to support and Improve his and his teammates survival. @loopuleasa who made the original idea, Said that Wilson should have a Chemistry Tab to be able to make Specific Potions that his teammates can drink and use but not make on their own. Most of the potion ideas they made seem to be based on a way for New players to make cheaper versions of items to use which makes it an incredible idea! But, thinking in a unique way, I thought that maybe for the Concept, Wilson could use it as a crock pot (let's say for now 3 slots similar to the gorge and it cost one Nitre to mix it once) sort of giving into the experiment vibe you'd get similar to Warly, "What works and what doesn't work kind of way", or a "hmm I think I'll try this today..." or " I wonder if putting Red mushrooms in this mix would mess up the potion..." That kind of idea to it. An idea I have for potions could possibly be buffs/Debuffs similar to Warly's Spices, for example one potion could make the survivors immune to fire for a dangerous situation like a forest fire,if there are no Willows in your group Wilson could use that to help out in the situation. Here are a few examples of a few Potions I made up so far (I'll think of more and some pictures! These are just examples not my 100% go through with concept. :D) Reason: Wilson is a Scientist, and the one thing about being a scientist is experimenting! And what could be more fun then Exploring and messing around with the gimmicks/mechanics of a game. I want a similar feeling like playing as a Warly Experimenting with food, as an example: those moments when your group gets into a mild inconvenience or a problem and your onset friend goes, "Hang on, I got just the thing for this" rummaging through his Backpack full of food. It'll be like that but a Wilson with a bag of Potions and Experiments Ready to use on his group. Additional idea for the first perk:(Lab Rats to Experiment on) (credit: @Superwolfkid) Wilson Can build Cages to place in Rats (as a reference to the forbidden knowledge trailer) It's still questionable whether Wilson will use his own White normal Lab Rats or he will use Carrats as Carrats are pretty hard to find (Lunar Island). And could be hard to catch for a non-experienced player wanting to test this out. Once placed in a cage, Wilson could give the Rats Food or Objects even his experiments to test on the Rats with and see how they interact with them and see how it would affect the survivors. Like for example I thought a funny scenario of Wilson giving a rat a red mushroom or something bad, it would just straight up die in the cage and turn into a skeleton like a bird in a bird cage and Wilson would just go "Yeah, maybe not... Reason: Sometimes In Don't Starve the game can indeed be very punishing based on the unknown (I mean come on, we all had our Glommer goop taste test experience at least once) So this could be a better way to have new players rely on whether something is safe to eat or not. besides punishing them for relying based on Logic Second Perk: "Man with a Plan!" (Can Create Blueprints and is able to share them with others) Credit:Unknown Wilson has always been known as a very smart character despite his goofy personality Heck in official art we've even seen him make blueprints before so this would be a good perk to add to support others and himself. Wilson Has The ability to create Blue Prints to be learnt by other survivors and himself. Though this would pretty tough to implement to not make Wilson too much similar to Wickerbottom, and to have Wilson able to use it in single player the only blueprint system I have thought/Theorized so far is that Wilson could use his ability on prototypes and tools Wilson already can make by hand. But it would cost Papyrus to make a blueprint. Reason: In game Blueprints are usually only reliable in the early game (usually when you find a "failed Survivor") and thiscould option as a way For Wilson to Help the group get a early start on making materials I added alot of things I could think of for Wilson today, He is my Favorite character in the Game from his Charming personality and Just his general Character development from being some crazy weirdo in the woods to a person who's experienced so much much on the Island and he's still has hope and is still trying to escape!, any thoughts or ideas, please let me know and I will try to take criticism and reason. Thank you for Reading!
  13. Thank you! I'm glad to see that you understood the concept. Making WX-78 more of an actual Robot and actually making his perks have more flavor and make them meaningful. I thought that WX-78 should have more control of his chips so it's possible to just take one out and pop another one back in very easily. You could also use the chip for the speed benefits as well if you already explored all of the map.
  14. (Warning): I'm not very good at writing or communicating in total so if I make any mistakes or I screw up a story and tell misinformation please let me know and I will gladly try to fix my grammer and words thank you. This post will be long so sit back relax and grab some popcorn, enjoy reading! (also note everytime I say circuit board I really meant to say chip so please whenever you read Circuit board it means Computer Chip. Alot of controversy has been around WX-78 and his perks, about his perks being boring, and especially his downside of slowly losing health when wet, so I wrote this up as an idea for WX-78 rework as the goal is to make him better Team Oriented and based more on Robots and to portray the extensibility and how much a robot can multi task and robots as a whole and less of the big stat greedy Gear muncher/"Oh please shock me harder daddy" players, that WX-78 mains are usually portrayed/stereotyped as. Perk: Computer Chips to give WX-78 certain stats and abilities for each one: (Though nearly all of this idea was made by me This idea was inspired off of a mod, where basically WX-was able to make stuff to upgrade his stats separately I don't remember the source, so if anybody finds it please let me know! ) WX-78 either spawns or can craft later in the game These Chips to affect the way he plays the game as a concept I made four as examples to explain my idea. The Destroyer, The Navigator, The Helper, and the Bright Light cpu: Once WX has these circuit board he is able to insert it to change and sort of modify WX-78 to better fit his chores and task. To show if a circuit is active then WX-78 little ears will glow and shape like the circuit icons. (If that's too difficult then just make it to where he sparks the colors.) The CPU Chips will also have extra abilities when overcharged! Note if WX-78 does not use the circuit boards he will basically play like a default WX-78. Destroyer Circuit board: a skull shape will appear on WX-78's ear and WX-78 Will have higher Damage resistance and Deal more damage in total, he will have high health but low maximum hunger and sanity. And maybe he walks a bit slower but not slow enough so he is still able to kite.(when overcharged WX-78 can Deal Electric Damage, and shock enemies that hurt him during this phase) Navigator Circuit board: WX-78's ears will be orange with a electric bolt symbol and WX-78 will be able to move faster then usual. He will be able to explore much more revealing alot more on the map, the only downside is that he has low maximum HP. (When overcharged, WX-78 will light up and he will run even faster revealing bigger chunks of the map) Helper circuit board: WX-78's ears will symbol. Green ball and beep (for detail) He will be able to move a bit faster near player placed structures and can do chores/work twice as fast. He also has a slower hunger drain while working to Though the downside is that he has low health and does less overall damage. When he's too far away from the base he will have normal speed but can still work fast. He also has a small aura of light that can help plants grow more faster when standing next to them. As a cool idea WX-78 can play music similar to Hutch and increase the sanity of other players and himself, this also makes Hostile mobs less likely to attack you, the music will also temporarily tame pigs and bunnymen with the music (When overcharged, WX-78 will work faster and the Music will give out more sanity.) Bright light Circuit Board: WX-78's ears will become yellow and become light bulbs (real life ones) WX-78 will then glow up through his eyes and is able to light up dark areas to light the way for WX-78 and his fellow minions. And a good way to save resources. (When overcharged WX-78 will Light up even more.) Circuit Mechanics: When ever WX-78 Inserts a circuit, a meter similar to the Compass will appear and show WX-78 how much % he has left. When the meter runs out then WX-78 Will pop it out of him and it will fall on the ground. WX-78 is allowed to insert and eject gears at any time to allow him free control of when he wants to pop in his, Abilities. Perk: Charged up By lightning (Reworked): The survivors can now craft a portable electric tank( portablejar) that can store electricity and save it for future uses(perhaps Winona could use it for generators) . WX-78 will have excellent use for this, When a lightning rod is struck, WX-78 has either two options, A. take a bolt from the lightning rod causing his normal overcharged setting, or B. Use a Electric tank to Store lightning inside it. WX-78 can either use it to recharge his circuits or use it to over charge himself as usual that way players don't have to rely on getting shocked by rain sacrificing their wetness and relying on Wixkerbottom. But to give WX-78 more of a chance to get an over charge by their own choice, instead of chance/RNG being. everytime it rains A WX-78 Takes off all of their rain protection clothing and beg to the Sky lords to shock them. (Reason why I made the Shock me joke XD) Perk(Downside) Is very vulnerable to water: To make this ability more similar to Willows downside to the cold, let's say at different phases of wetness WX-78 Will lose sanity a lot more faster As his fear is water, and he will spark(like normally) causing him to take more and more damage the more wet he is,WX-78 is also more weaker in his wet state causing him to have less damage resistance meaning he will take more damage as the game says he is Rusting. when wet or exposed to rain the chips will Spark and short circuit causing them to no longer work. So you'll have to be careful where you place them if you want to keep them safe. When A WX is really wet with a Circuit equipped it will negate the effects of the chip the more wet WX-78 gets. That's mostly what I have for now but the only problem for the CPU Chip ability is that early day chips were made in 1951 based on my searches... so there might be a bit of controversy there. But if you enjoyed please let me know your thoughts and what you think on this! I'll see you all later and have a good day!
  15. Yup, wish he could possibly take it from a lightning rod but I guess well have to wait for his rework...