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  1. Honestly I just want Geographic Placement as an optional thing in game thing since I play Console and building is kind of a nightmare with a Joystick...
  2. I mean to be fair, the Constant spiders don't look like "spiders" really, their a lot more cartoony and Goofy looking in their design
  3. A bit off topic but, It feels "off"how trusting the survivors are with Wagstaff, I get that the survivors are pretty kind hearted people and treat eachother like family, but they just seem too "calm" about out a mysterious old man that shows up unarmed in a dangerous celestial tornado physically tearing up the ground around them... I wonder if maybe Wagstaff uses the Moon's enlightenment as well to convince people or creatures he finds in the Constant to "aid" him since he seems to know more then us.
  4. Being the living log farm really took a toll on you huh? XD
  5. Thanks a lot for showing these! I don't think that there are any other Characters that look too different from how they normally look, it feels good to see that I wasn't crazy all along(except for the Wigfrid thing). Even the Don't starve Wiki doesn't mention anything about this! I thought I was losing my mind. XD I kind of wonder if this was a space issue thing or maybe a person making the sprites got confused on Wilson or something.
  6. There are some videos of ps Vita footage, but the Quality is very hard to see The details, here's a screenshot from one of them showing Wilson actually, I can't find anything for Wigfrid though. ;-; Psvita Normally
  7. Good point on that actually, I didn't even know that... either Klei will still probably use catcoons anyway, or maybe create a new Tiger like creature since I can't really see how Klei could add the Tiger Shark in the game, (especially with how different Boats work in shipwrecked and together and how destructive Tiger Shark normally is on water...)
  8. That would be Interesting, But I think That Year of the Tiger would probably be about Catcoons. Since they're the closest we got to an actual Cat like creature in-game, Unless their is another feline like mob I'm not thinking of. But I would Like maybe a reference to The TigerShark maybe like a Sail or a backpack skin!
  9. Hi everyone, Long time no see! this was something I wanted to talk about for the Longest time since, apparently I've never seen anyone else talk about it. and Since My Old PSvita is currently not working I can't really give any actual photo Evidence to my Claims, So this will just be a thing that People will have to take my word on until someone here that has a working Ps-Vita, actually shows photo proof of this, or we can get a confirm from a Dev about this occurrence. Edit: there is a screenshot of Wilson below but Wigfrid is still on the hunt! After watching so many Videos of Don't Starve WAY Back in 2014 I was finally able to get my hands on Don't Starve Exclusively for the PsVita since I was more used to playing console and handheld things rather then Pc, During the Time growing up with The PS-Vita version I noticed the... Model? (or Sprite- I don't really know) was a bit subtly difference then Wilson in normal versions of the game. Now It wasn't A huge Game breaking thing but enough to get your attention, Wilson's Iconic Eye Brows was shaped and given a lighter bold Giving Wilson, a more Concerned/Worried Expression on his face rather then normal, This also, made me usually Draw Wilson with a more Paranoid and cowardish personality back then when I used to Draw Don't Starve stuff. Until I switched to PS4 Don't Starve & Don't Starve Together. (If I can also recall from my memory as well) Wigfrid was also changed a bit too, As Her White Gaping eyes you would normally see on characters like Willow or Wendy had the sort of black dotted eye similar to Winona in her in-game appearance. Do I have any Evidence to prove that this was a thing? Sadly no since my model of the PSvita was the one with that weird Battery glitch so I can't open it long enough to get a screenshot and extract it, and The fact that Youtube videos of PS Edition Are so blurry it;'s hard to notice. But I hope that there are other's who've realised this while playing the Ps-Vita edition since, I felt like I've gone Mad feeling like I was the only person who really known about this. I wanted to Discuss about this With the Forums, or maybe if there's a Dev out there that worked on the PS-Vita edition of Don't Starve, Is there a reason for this small change, Maybe for Space or, not much detail was allowed on the Ps-Vita? Please I really want to talk about this!
  10. Imagine being in a pvp server messing with a Wes, only to find out that he has an invisible night sword and full set of invisible armor
  11. Oooooo! I got one, You know how Klei mentioned the "canon" of the dlc characters being with the survivors, well my headcannon for that is maybe the DLC characters that haven't showed up in an update animation yet (Wortox and Wurt) are actually in the Constant with the human survivors , I'd like to think that maybe they keep their distance away from the survivors and probably watch them from a safe distance as the events of Rot happens, since that's actually kind of in character of Wortox and Wurt, cause notice how in Wortox and Wurt's trailer they never actually confront the survivors, just small interactions, though the humans never interacted with either of them, Wortox/Wurt just spies on them... But since Wormwood is shown in the RWYS trailer, it pokes a hole in my Headcanon a bit, but I hope well eventually see more of the DLC characters in more update Trailers, the interactions would be fun!
  12. That's actually interesting I forgot about that! All three of those characters interacted with Charlie at least once in their life (in constant for wilson) I'm just mostly hyped since this might mean we get to see an animated Wilson/ Maxwell for probably the first time! And I'm honestly down to see how far they developed their relationship since the ANR comic!
  13. Wait, so since it's trapped in a triangular motion, does that mean that we have to relocate our older fissures/ alters to bring them closer together?