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  1. I think Klei will maybe add more characters that are probably human but I dont think there cannon to return of them right now, so they dont interfere with the lore and the storyline
  2. I know, I was just making that up just to be funny, though I hope this means they can do more with this though maybe more merm huts naturally or a natural Merm village in the swamp could be possible.The thought of a hamlet based character is crazy! Hopefully the merm disguise is a hat item! What if they even had a reputation for merms and pigs. Giving a balance on one side or the other.
  3. So your saying it's possible it could be Wilba mermified?
  4. New Wes Rework Idea

    The mental image of wes accidentally hitting a no eyed deer or something and then slowly backing away out of guilt is just amazing.
  5. Showcase for tidy bases [3]

    Hello my friends! I need some advice for my base, I don't know If this is the right place for asking this, especially since I don't want to waste a topic page asking a question about a stupid base but. I have a late 200 day world(I made the world to test out Warly when he first came out) where I literally just 30 minutes ago killed my first dragon fly in my server, after that experience I now just want to start continuing the base, Here is How my base looks so far And maybe you could help me think on planning how it can look for ideas of adding things. I won't be too descriptive since There's not much to talk about (And a heavy Tropical storm is heading my way;-;) I'll just let the pictures do the talking. Here is a map view of my little area, I probably should have find a better picture but I've just gotten this so far. Here is a Closer view! Here is the main area, (Sorry it looks like a mess. I'll work on it later) For now in this area I just have simply everything I need for now. Here Is my farm area, I usually gather as many crops during spring and take them all down to eat during the summer, also with my berry bush/ twig farm underneath. Over here is my Lunar Garden for now I'm keeping the stuff over here! And over here Is my storage shed where I keep meh supplies. If you have any Ideas for it please let me know, I'll message back on my phone later since I said before a Tropical storm (which could be a tornado) Is heading over my house. so until then see you then and Don't Starve!
  6. A vegetarian character seems kind of clunky on paper unless there's a better idea or perk that can help with it. Because fruits and veggie food dont really give alot of hunger for stuff, they just come in larger quantities (especially ratatouille and ect)even more to the fact in winter almost most of your natural food sources of will dissapear.(unless your in the caves. But I like the sort of turd building thing since it kind of feels like the hamlet console players will get to make it up! too bad though my ps4 account is on a different gmail and I don't have the password, so I can't pay for the chest ;-;
  7. Wurt

    Sorry for all the ruckus we caused yesterday @JoeW especially the fact since some of us actually went far enough to stalk your account ;-; I guess the hype just over taken us and we lost control. I kind of feel bad for sort of rushing this.
  8. I- wow...I didn't even think about it like that! good job! That actually makes alot of sense explaining why their whole body is literally just ice and organs.
  9. But the Malbatross only eats fish from the surface, only going down underwater whenever it wants to feed. Plus, like I said earlier The pengulls bones and organs gets inverted out of its skin even causing areas around its eyes to bleed (that blood is from the outside of the "ice skin"and is definitely bleeding, as it appears to look as its dripping.)other mutations just change morphs and mixes the animals. But there is no way an animal would have just had its bones turned inside out having their skin replaced with ice and still be perfectly functioning as normal.(heck possibly would have disabled the poor mutant)
  10. So... if a Horror hound comes from a recently deceased hound brought back to life, and we can probably assume that the moonrock pengulls have the same backstory since the pengulls would probably very well not survive a sudden change in their body that the mutation causes, Does that mean the fact that the deep depths of the constant's ocean are filled with dead or starved pengulls that ressurect on the lunar island giving a reason why there extremely hostile the moment they spawn?
  11. Wurt

    It would probably be way too much work to do since adding in a new model, would aswell mean re animating skins, shirts, pants, boots, gloves, even that's not enough work cause they will have to reanimate belongings too like backpacks. I'm kind of still on with the idea of making wurt a hunch back model (If it won't cost Klei to work overtime) since you do have to remember the goats and the merms both have a hunchback model. It would be a nice touch to detail and attention if they did give him a hunchback model but it would feel awkward in comparison to living with other players with different models. So if they give wurt a hunchback model hopefully they make him smaller to fit with the crowd, wouldn't like to see a oversized child goat mutant attempt to bum rush me with an axe.
  12. I would love for console to maybe get a better placement method since unlike computer which they can move in only 8 directions with a keyboard console can move 360° and you can almost never build things in a straight line.;-;
  13. Wurt

    Have we once ever talked about what his perks would be, or the goat people in general? XD
  14. Concept idea: Shields

    Thanks for actually teaching me alot about shields and parrying I've haven't played the forge since I'm a console player, ... I thought halfway of giving the shield 100% damage resistance before since you wouldn't really get hurt if someone hit you with a shield, the only twist is you had to block at exact timing of the hit, but... that would be pretty overpowered and over complicated for new players also means giving it probably a really low durability since it sounds like a cheap early game bone armor. ;-; I'd like for the idea of a shield is a way to get closer into the enemies face since mobs like bishops and spitters usually cause a lot of suffering for someone not willing to tank them down. And it might be a way to have people not cheat the Rook's attack AI when it's far away from its spawn.
  15. Wurt

    What's even more surprising is the fact they haven't told us in advanced, I was thinking a dev or Joew was going to power jump in here and roast all of us but they just.. watched. (Maybe they didn't because of fear from all the power levels of hype)