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  1. I'd be down to see it honestly! what type of playstyle you'd think he'd have?
  2. Oooooo! I got one, You know how Klei mentioned the "canon" of the dlc characters being with the survivors, well my headcannon for that is maybe the DLC characters that haven't showed up in an update animation yet (Wortox and Wurt) are actually in the Constant with the human survivors , I'd like to think that maybe they keep their distance away from the survivors and probably watch them from a safe distance as the events of Rot happens, since that's actually kind of in character of Wortox and Wurt, cause notice how in Wortox and Wurt's trailer they never actually confront the survivors, just small interactions, though the humans never interacted with either of them, Wortox/Wurt just spies on them... But since Wormwood is shown in the RWYS trailer, it pokes a hole in my Headcanon a bit, but I hope well eventually see more of the DLC characters in more update Trailers, the interactions would be fun!
  3. This could work good as a Combat Rework possibly, and it especially beats shoving all of your weapons and armors on the floor/chest.
  4. If we ever go through with this, can we make the item like Walter's exploration book, I'd like to believe in my head Canon that when Walter first arrived in the Constant, he basically make his own Guide book writing all the constants creatures down similar to how he has his own camping book. From the real world.
  5. this might be a bit off task and though I do admire the grim and gray artstyle of A new Reign's style(and older ones), I honestly quite appreciate the colorful and cheerful themes that the new trailers have been giving us, They kind of show life and "hope" in this prison we call the Constant, like the Fish and birds soaring across the sea in the "SSS trailer" The Deerclops skeleton in the "FK" trailer even the spiders behavior in Wurt's trailer and the beautiful lakeside view when Woodie fights the tree guard in his rework trailer. Its a whole growing and evolving world where it kind of makes you want to live there despite the fact that it's literally a prison that the survivors are trapped in, suffering and dying time after time. Its especially sweet to see them have fun together like in the newest trailer "RWYS."
  6. Yoo holy moly thats a wonderful build! >:O congrats onto you and your creativity madam!
  7. Well to be fair, I feel like the one thing that's different from the normal farm plots is that you can't really control when you get the crops and such you have to plan ahead and things can be setback. Like imagine a player growing crops before Winter and they have just one or two more days left before they grow, but the game sets to Winter and they're crops could no longer grow like other plants do in Winter, and unlike the original crops, these ones are actually alive and need care, so you would have to still care for them while there sitting there doing nothing (unless Klei designs a thing where the Crops would bury themselves underground until winter dissapeared) plus what @Bird Up said, Early game Winter for a Wurt is pure living heck! (Pardon my language) so having a more beginner/casual friendly way of Gathering food for Wurt sounds alot more better then having to grind the Bunnymen exploit, Kelp, and finding the moon bushes for your survival. (With the patch notes I feel like Klei is thinking the same way!) But I do kind of agree it sounds a bit weird for how winter usually works in dont starve. Maybe if they make if the crops got stressed out by temperature and you could make a crop warmer or cooler to calm them down, or certain plants could survive extreme harsh temperatures (for ex: potatoes in winter, or Dragonfruit in the summer.)
  8. That's actually interesting I forgot about that! All three of those characters interacted with Charlie at least once in their life (in constant for wilson) I'm just mostly hyped since this might mean we get to see an animated Wilson/ Maxwell for probably the first time! And I'm honestly down to see how far they developed their relationship since the ANR comic!
  9. Wait, so since it's trapped in a triangular motion, does that mean that we have to relocate our older fissures/ alters to bring them closer together?
  10. Oh my god... The Don't starve youtubers better be hurrying up on that forgotten knowledge video, It's only been 4 hours and I'm already impatient already to see what's new in the archives! XD (If any Dont starve youtuber is reading this, please take your time, there's no need to rush!:) )
  11. WHOOOOO!!! Now we just need an easier way of collecting them besides using the green staff on a dwarf caller staff!
  12. Quick thing real quik (not trying to Spam, anybody realized how interesting the design of that new area (based on the picture @Clifford W. sent, Thank you so much!) The orange texture and "ancient" like feel, I think this might be an undiscovered main area of the Ancient ruins where the ancients might have actually lived! Maybe the ancients somehow escaped from the ruins we know and rebuilt back up in this area, but something else happened. This place looks way too furnished up and modern though to feel like a disaster happened which is weird... maybe we could also meet up with an Actual living acient as an NPC similar to Pearl, and they could possibly be important to the story!
  13. This, is actually interesting to read, we never had any affect from the moon onto the actual surface besides the Lunar "Island"(which is more like a shard of the moon floating) and the ocean (seaweeds and barnacles) either this is a typo, I'm an idiot, or this means that we'll be getting future content where the Moon will affect us on the main Island as well?
  14. Ban Blue Moth due to wasting the perfect potential of saying "Ban NSAiswatchingus because he's is watching us all."