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  1. I looked at a video of it from Beard 777 (since he's the only English speaker that's uploading info on the beta) either he bull crapped the numbers and spawned the number of nightmare creatures there or something or its just a coincidence cause HOLY CRAP that's way too many honestly! I personally feel like the numbers should be toned down a bit, (but that wouldn't really make it a war honestly...) but I have a few ideas for how this could work a bit...(please note that I don't have any visual, audio, or actual experience, im basing this off of things that I heard from others off the forums) *When the player inserts an opal gem into the pedestal, a little warning will show up similar to the divining rod in ds story mode, maybe something like. "WARNING! unveiling once sacred archives might start a battle between light and dark to uncover it's lost secrets..." "Once this happens, you cannot reverse it. Do you want to continue?" *The war should have break periods that way the player can pass through at those times to safely enter and leave the archives (similar to the nightmare phases, when the break period is soon over the player will hear a shorter version of the "shadow war" as a warning at least once or twice, then when the break is over, the long version of the shadow war will play causing greater gestalt and nightmare creatures to spawn and attack. *Both the Gestalts and the Nightmare creatures will not attack the player unless provoked, (walked up towards or attacked) *The war will have rounds of fighting for the teams, either one side will "win" and the give time for other creatures to spawn, -If the gestalts win the round they will hover over to their side and stand guard until more shadows spawn ignoring you. -If the shadows win, the shadows will make a b line straight toward the archives gate (ignoring you) and get instant killed once they touch the enterance, (perhaps by a force field or something blocking Charlie's magic from affecting the archives. (I'll right more later and fix grammer, I but these are just ideas, what do you think?)
  2. That's actually interesting I forgot about that! All three of those characters interacted with Charlie at least once in their life (in constant for wilson) I'm just mostly hyped since this might mean we get to see an animated Wilson/ Maxwell for probably the first time! And I'm honestly down to see how far they developed their relationship since the ANR comic!
  3. Wait, so since it's trapped in a triangular motion, does that mean that we have to relocate our older fissures/ alters to bring them closer together?
  4. Oh my god... The Don't starve youtubers better be hurrying up on that forgotten knowledge video, It's only been 4 hours and I'm already impatient already to see what's new in the archives! XD (If any Dont starve youtuber is reading this, please take your time, there's no need to rush!:) )
  5. WHOOOOO!!! Now we just need an easier way of collecting them besides using the green staff on a dwarf caller staff!
  6. Quick thing real quik (not trying to Spam, anybody realized how interesting the design of that new area (based on the picture @Clifford W. sent, Thank you so much!) The orange texture and "ancient" like feel, I think this might be an undiscovered main area of the Ancient ruins where the ancients might have actually lived! Maybe the ancients somehow escaped from the ruins we know and rebuilt back up in this area, but something else happened. This place looks way too furnished up and modern though to feel like a disaster happened which is weird... maybe we could also meet up with an Actual living acient as an NPC similar to Pearl, and they could possibly be important to the story!
  7. This, is actually interesting to read, we never had any affect from the moon onto the actual surface besides the Lunar "Island"(which is more like a shard of the moon floating) and the ocean (seaweeds and barnacles) either this is a typo, I'm an idiot, or this means that we'll be getting future content where the Moon will affect us on the main Island as well?
  8. I know I'm extremely late for this, but I was looking for info on the beta for forgotten knowledge and happened to find this video ironically! XD @Pinkamena11FazP
  9. I don't think that would be the case since that would be pretty broken, (I might test that out later) but I think Rosalina might have the advantage since with Luma, she'll have bigger range then Steve, so once he takes out Luma Steve might be able to get the upper hand with his quick attacks.
  10. I played with him for a few hours and he's really fun! I found that if you go against characters that can pressure and prevent you from recovering Steve will practically be helpless as soon as he runs out of materials, I played against a Banjo & Kazooie and i could barely do anything against him i had the least fun against a Joker, that fight was unbearable...
  11. Yeah, your kind of right about that honestly now that I think about is, whenever I think about creatures like this, a good example is the Guardians from Breathe of the wild At first just the genuine thought of running up to a fully active one is terrifying, the explosive shot from it out of nowhere, it's red light that will send players into a confused and panicked state, but as well the only downside for it, is that as your knowledge of the game and your skill increases, so does the "intimidating aura" these creatures have... they are suprisingly very easy to kill for such a big threat in the game, and if your skilled enough you could easily just stay still completely and just simply reflect it's Beam back with a shield as long as you know the timing well. So people people in the beginning see this mob as a "oh shoot, I need too stay away!" in the beginning of the game and then in late game people literally hunt them for a sport honestly, (see alot of videos where players trickshot them and ect) Even more dissapointing when you already know what they do as for players who don't have a blind experience of them. so I kind of agree that making a mob like this would be challenging, especially in a game where we see our survivors taking down bigger threats such as the Crab King, Acient Fuelweaver, even the shadow pieces.
  12. Introduction: Hi guys, Superwolfkid here at 12-1in the morning to ask a quick and interesting question for the community, Warden from Minecraft so , a bit of and on topic for this... topic we've recently gotten a news flash from Minecraft live 2020 (a different "survival" game, where they introduced an actually terrifying new creature in the game that is called the "Warden", a creature that can be found in the deepest "depths" of the caves where it lives near plants that "react" to the vibrations in the area (sound) this said creature is in fact, blind as it also reacts towards sounds the player makes around it, and when threatened, the mob will proceed to roar and actually "chase" and charge towards the player! This will all happen in near pitch black as well as the developers stated the lighting was for the video, (Here's a clip of it recorded off my phone with a few other things) Also noting in fact that this mob can kill in two hits, with the strongest armor in the game! A mob similar to this in Dont starve together? So this mob gives a clear message "DO NOT MESS WITH ME!" This is something I always wanted in a survival game! A creature in the game that's probably not... too broken(stupid or unfair) , but it's something that can cause a huge amount of panic and stress from even a veteran/ late game player. And this "idea could maybe be interesting in Don't Starve, especially with the new ocean stuff coming soon, maybe a group of shadows or something stalk the player in certain areas where you have too follow their rules instead of yours, the only thing you don't feel in control of! Any thoughts or idea? Put them down, I'd love to hear them!
  13. Ban Blue Moth due to wasting the perfect potential of saying "Ban NSAiswatchingus because he's is watching us all."
  14. Yeah, I used to play smash alot, then I stopped when the community commit dumpster fire,tho as a person who've played since day one of xbox360 and even before that! the moment I get my hands on Steve, I'm going to main him! >:D
  15. Thank you JoeW for finally giving us a good amount of info on this, really glad you took time out of your day to do this and finally calm everyone's hype from the events. I have a real quick question though if it doesn't bother you. was there any idea on if there was planned a third event, since in the gorge Mumsy, quoted that she and Billy would follow us behind in the portal? I always assumed that they were intended to help us out in whatever the third event was related towards. Or maybe they'll show up eventually in the future of return of them as NPC's similar to Pearl.