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  1. Honestly I'm really Glad that this Crossover even got to Happen, little me Would have been foaming at the mouth to see my Two Favorite Nostolgic games having such an amazing Crossover together, an important question I'm curious about this event if This will be a Permanent inclusion to the game or not? Usually Terraria keeps its Easter eggs in the game but this is Quite new Territory for Don't starve in General. So Will this be a Permanent inclusion To Don't starve or just an Event? The way of finding the Terrarium makes it sound Permanent which is cool.
  2. That's actually interesting I forgot about that! All three of those characters interacted with Charlie at least once in their life (in constant for wilson) I'm just mostly hyped since this might mean we get to see an animated Wilson/ Maxwell for probably the first time! And I'm honestly down to see how far they developed their relationship since the ANR comic!
  3. Wait, so since it's trapped in a triangular motion, does that mean that we have to relocate our older fissures/ alters to bring them closer together?
  4. Oh my god... The Don't starve youtubers better be hurrying up on that forgotten knowledge video, It's only been 4 hours and I'm already impatient already to see what's new in the archives! XD (If any Dont starve youtuber is reading this, please take your time, there's no need to rush!:) )
  5. WHOOOOO!!! Now we just need an easier way of collecting them besides using the green staff on a dwarf caller staff!
  6. Quick thing real quik (not trying to Spam, anybody realized how interesting the design of that new area (based on the picture @Clifford W. sent, Thank you so much!) The orange texture and "ancient" like feel, I think this might be an undiscovered main area of the Ancient ruins where the ancients might have actually lived! Maybe the ancients somehow escaped from the ruins we know and rebuilt back up in this area, but something else happened. This place looks way too furnished up and modern though to feel like a disaster happened which is weird... maybe we could also meet up with an Actual living acient as an NPC similar to Pearl, and they could possibly be important to the story!
  7. This, is actually interesting to read, we never had any affect from the moon onto the actual surface besides the Lunar "Island"(which is more like a shard of the moon floating) and the ocean (seaweeds and barnacles) either this is a typo, I'm an idiot, or this means that we'll be getting future content where the Moon will affect us on the main Island as well?
  8. Ban Blue Moth due to wasting the perfect potential of saying "Ban NSAiswatchingus because he's is watching us all."
  9. People showing up in this topic only to see the new sprites from the updates be like:
  10. WAIT LOOK AT THE NEWSPAPER! THIS ARTICLE REFERENCES THE EARTHQUAKE IN MAXWELL'S PUZZLE LORE!!!! Maybe the final act could have actually been the involved with this!!! Or the Stage was destroyed due to the earthquake causing Wigfrid too not be able to perform!
  11. I feel you man! I was really close to predicting the theme of the short as well! Wigfrid losing her acting career and fantasizing through stuff we shall rub together! >:D
  12. I just wanted to point out the beautiful detail of Wilson and Willow looking absolutely stressed out and panicked as I feel it perfectly reflects the in-game sanity! Huge props to the animators and Great Visuals expressing the fear!
  13. @ScottHansen This is an incredible patch fix! Any idea when it will reach over to console? I've already been playing lots of Walter and I can't wait to try these new things out!
  14. This is a repost from the qol discussion, id just thought this would be a better place to post it. for some reason I can't open my day 696th world on the PS4, whenever the world loads in it just, crashes... I don't know what's the cause of it honestly. But for some reason, my other newer worlds and my abandoned day 1500 world works fine i think... has anyone else been experiencing these problems? @JanH