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  1. Well Wormwood kind of is the moon infused character but he's mostly based off his Plant side.I think people mean that they want a character that revolves around the moon and Lunacy, being a character influenced by the moon and its powers (also, love the bee joke XD)
  2. Maybe it was a scrapped setpiece for something to spawn in between the Savanah turf. But the devs forgot to cut it out and it's just... there I guess?
  3. Interesting photo Minespatch, may I ask for the context of this specific photo?
  4. If that's the case then Walter's going to have some serious Trauma when he meets them. XD
  5. @ScottHansen This is an incredible patch fix! Any idea when it will reach over to console? I've already been playing lots of Walter and I can't wait to try these new things out!
  6. Absolutely! Though it has to be something extremely interesting, since Food is one of the Core mechanics of the game. It would probably have to be something to keep the player interested and on their toes, but it can't be something boring or feel too much like a chore...
  7. Hello fellow friends of the constant! I honestly came here to ask about Any feelings towards the unimplemented characters Wilton? I've been working on ideas for a while to maybe introduce him into Don't starve Together, cause I don't know I feel like there's alot of ideas that could work with Wilton including him being a past survivor of the constant possibly bringing alot of lore to the table! Like who originally built the grave yard, were these people together, What caused them all to just Die out?
  8. Hello friends of the constant, recently a character named Walter has been added into the game giving us slingshot rounds. A thing that has been added to the game are slow down rounds which give us the ability to slow down enemies, which Gives Walter a better chance to shoot and hit enemies, but the only problem I have is that there's not really a timer or a particle effect letting you know if the enemy has been slowed down or if it's about to run out. And that is a huge thing especially if the mob surprises you with out of nowhere speed while you're still expecting it's slower speeds. What I suggest is maybe an icon or effect, such as pointed down arrows circle around the target, (to look as if they are weighing down the creature) and dissappear one by one as the slow down timer goes down. I'll try to draw it later, but I want to see what you guys think of this?
  9. Honestly, it's kind of funny how much hype we have over this game getting new content even if it's just something simple. Like it's weird but suprisingly wholesome, and it makes me glad that we have a whole community of people to celebrate with rather then just myself...I still remember my reaction when I started squealing over a Quality of life update and that was all I needed for the day! Remember the Wurt hype when we thought she was coming in a week early and we kept refreshing and looking at @JoeW account for activity?
  10. So, recently yesterday we were informed of the newest character Walter in the game, and his friend Woby the dog! Woby has an interesting perk of working as a Chester(inventory space) and a tamed beefalo(Transportation) with both of her forms. One thing I find would be interesting, is that they allow Woby to carry one other player sort of in a passenger seat as the Walter is the one that controls Woby. Alot of people mentioned the potential of Woby's usefulness of late/early game, especially in bases for players with her inventory space and transportation, and what better way would be even more useful to literally be able to transport your friend around the map. You could literally be a taxi to your friends around the world!
  11. What seems interesting is that based on the slingshot's special ammo, it seems that it will be used more Defensively or for self defense more then picking fights with it... i kind of wish maybe there were more offensive options for the slingshot allowing it to be a good DPS weapon such as, taunting ammo that perhaps gets the attention of an enemy, that way you could be a good distraction saving your allies without getting too close, or perhaps I mentioned earlier in one post about walter, a firecracker shot that explodes and does multi hit aoe damage on enemies, (kind of similar to the firecrackers in year of the dog or the ones in hamlet!)
  12. Ah, You're right about that! That would be interesting, cause we might get the chance to get some hidden backstory into Charlie and maybe her life before/without Maxwell. Though I don't have much experiences with Log Cabins, but the cabin looks very small, but it indeed looks furnished besides from the cobwebs, but what really grabs my attention is the Voxola Radio! Not only interesting lore wise but that also means that it has power!
  13. That would sound like a Really cool idea! Maybe he his stories are other characters animated shorts, or just other spooky campfires stories that could either be based off the real world or just made up ones that Klei made up!
  14. Hello friends of the constant, I wanted to make this concept of an idea I had for Walter's animated short since it will likely have Woodie involved, but since We have been given this picture... it brings SO much more hidden potential to the short. So I think if I can bring in my theory in together with the few images we've gotten to make up a short prediction of a Animated Short. Animated Short Concept: (legends of the man Beaver...) (The screen could open up to blurry and foggy pictures of Woodie seen in his Were-Beaver form )There goes a tale of a half man/ Half Beaver lurking the forest of Walter's Camp, as to no one knows why he exist. They just know that he's out there chomping out there in the forest tearing down tree after tree. better not get to close or else... He'll CHOMP!!! You down to size!(Basically imagine Woodie's Werebeaver form as the Bigfoot of the campground!) Everyone wanted to catch this foe, but was too afraid to capture him, But not little ol Walter, He was Fearless and ready to hunt that beast!(Referencing Walter's braveness not being scared of monsters) Once in the evening when nobody is looking and the scout leaders are busy, Walter sneaks out into the forest bringing his dog Woby into the mix to sniff out for the beast (Woby could also be the camp mascot and Walter decides to just borrow him...) While searching, he discovers a cabin in the woods with bite, scratch, and Axe marks all over the place. And as Walter goes deeper and deeper into the cabin, he discovers more about Woodie's lore and Backgrounds, about how Woodie dealt with the curse, maybe a diary of him eventually going insane, losing his loved ones around him, his life in society, which is maybe why his only friend is a red axe...offering anything just to be able to speak to someone again(which could also go into why Lucy has the ability to Talk and communicate with Woodie in a Schizophrenic way), eventually building the Portal in front of Walter. As Walter is curious,(maybe a misquito circles around him and in fear of getting stung) he accidentally pushes down the lever, getting sucked inside of the portal with him and Woby never to be seen again by his friends and the camp, only to be marked as victims of the man Beaver... Extra: Maybe as an extra clip or an added idea, Walter suddenly wakes up through the Florid Postern in unfamiliar woods he haven't seen before, he looks into the trees he finally spots it! The legendary were-Beaver! As Walter quickly pulls out his case of Slow Down-Rounds... The Were-Beaver spots Walter and makes a run for it as Walter quickly follows behind shooting pellets from his Slingshot after it! Which brings this Prediction to a close!
  15. I'd like to see custom ammo for Walter's slingshot! Like maybe with nitre, you could make Snapper ammo (these little things) that could be shot doing quick multi hit AOE damage, and maybe it could even startle hounds just like fire Crackers in the Chinese new year event!