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  1. Wigfrid. Because she kinda op and i like the downside. (plus the skins are freaking awesome)
  2. Well,with the recent wormhole skins,we now know that doesnt matter,we just use a sweeper and now they have a skin. which opens a whole lot of possibilities aside from craftables. Stuff like Pearl's house,spider dens,pig king and hell,maybe even bosses. Though i dont know if any of these would be a good idea.
  3. i died of starvation because there were no berries to pick.
  4. Avoider and hater of max health reduction.
  5. Usually i just let Abigail deal with them. If im not playing Wendy,i just kill them in one hit with hambats and/or dont open unnecesary sinkholes.
  6. Too much forbidden knowledge aint good for you.
  7. Thanks,i actually beated summer and finally got my first year on DST And to celebrate such an special occassion,i decided i would gather enough courage to go ruins diving,and try not to die. I somehow got back with less than full digit health. And decided to solo dfly as wendy (bad idea,dont try that)
  8. Never got the time and/or determination to get this far. but now i did. First summer pic.
  9. Hey,about geometric placement,did you modify anything within the mod? maybe the speed at which everything updates? cause i tried it once and it indeed caused big fps drops.
  10. She just falls a bit.....too flat with the structures. The Catapults are semi decent,the spotlight is just straight up bad and the generators being able to be fueled by anyone makes her just a "select and switch" character for farms. She just needs more interesting/useful structures,plus if she did,we could finally have a reason to use nitre in anything.