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  1. whenever im available which is most of the day every day
  2. Thanks,i actually beated summer and finally got my first year on DST And to celebrate such an special occassion,i decided i would gather enough courage to go ruins diving,and try not to die. I somehow got back with less than full digit health. And decided to solo dfly as wendy (bad idea,dont try that)
  3. Never got the time and/or determination to get this far. but now i did. First summer pic.
  4. (it took me too long to realize this was a neat gift) And a head for a character i dont play with.
  5. Not gonna say its pretty convenient,but yeah,its pretty convenient. I think our webber boi kinda bugged the map with the spiders.
  6. Speaking of dfly rushing. i tried doing a dfly rush since it seemed fun. they werent wrong,this was fun as hell.