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  1. Wow! That was actually an interesting story! Could you say what was the difference between the default Bearger and Chinese bearger? That thing murdered you with wood armor!
  2. So this is a really dumb concept, I randomly thought of a interesting creature to go with the idea of plant/animals mutations. Behold: The Poquacssuim!( banana+ duck I really need a better name for it...) Reason of creation: Anyone remember banana pops? There a really interesting healing food that you need a banana for to make and honestly, going into the deep ancient ruins and fighting sleep paralysis monkey demons dont really feel worth a food item that lasts for two days and give 20 health. So I thought of this as an easier way of getting bananas! A living mutant crossed with a banana and a duck. Behavior Maybe they could live in groups near the shore, they swim around aimlessly and come to land every now and then to eat berries and ect(you'll mostly see them on sea but it's possible to force them on land) when attacked they will run, but if there low on health they will fight back and chase you (like a real duck or bird would in general). When killed they will drop a banana, and maybe leafy meat just like its other plant/animal relatives. Domestication: What I really would like if maybe there was a way to sort of domesticate them. Maybe it can work similar to volt goats and if you feed them enough, they will drop a banana egg or something random, and you can plant it and it will start growing more of them and the ones spawned by the seed will stay near the plant and if the ducks die the plant will produce more. That way bananas are more renewable and less rare to get/harvest. I thought of an idea of making banana ducks grown by player causes will eventually turn black and die turning to rot and you could give fertilizing items to the ducks to keep them ripe, making a way to finally get rid of rot once in for all!(not really since they make rot if you dont care for them, so... I guess if there not feed then they'll spoil.) But I want to know what y'all think. Thoughts? Any thoughts so far or better ideas to add to the table? I'm gonna put a lot more things and ideas into this later on.
  3. More like Future abomination!XD Though it looks perfect for a animation that Jeffrey Agala would make in his artstyle.
  4. This was an amazing stream! It was my first so I'm glad the two animators on there made it so interesting, showing the detail even we couldnt see! They were so nice and kind people, anybody know their names?
  5. before we start: (Be warned I'm really bad at writing in general so I hope you have a better understanding of this and if it feels I've worded things wrong please let me know and I'll try my best to fix it!) who am I and my backstory with Don't starve: before I start this, I've been a fan of dont starve for a really long time I've seen a youtuber play it in around 2013 and in 2014 I bought it on ps vita having a small memory of the game, I played and loved it ever since learning and experimenting with the game, I shrieked and bounced around with excitement of the year dont starve together got released, ever since then whenever dont starve got an update, I would always watch the PC videos and spend my time just sitting and waiting for the updates to come! I'm even excited about salty dogs for as a person who knows a few about history and how people historically traveled out to gain spices,(which is salt) and riches, I think whatever we gain from any update no matter how small it is, I will still be excited to view and see it while squealing my head off over something silly such as a goose walking on water. I want you all to know my backstory so we can all feel related as a community and a group who will give our love and support to a team who rightfully earned our love and respect through the years! The average player expectation: Hello! Thank you for putting your time here to talk about a big problem between the dont starve community with the idea the game needs to be more challenging and hardcore, that it's only sucking up to new players, that people that are like Edgy Rick is the only people that should tell Klei what to do just because they can raid a boss with in 10 days and most new players/ experienced ones feel the need to make up for it but feel bad for not being able to walk out of their comfort zone and stay low sanity or somehow fight a boss within 3 days of entering a world. And after reading a post that came out (not saying what it is) and seeing the community turn on eachother, I couldnt help but make this, learn your own way: Dont starve is a game of experience! you learn how things work from dying and it should motivate you from trying harder to overpass your previous experiences to get better.why do you think there are so many different items in the game that you probably will never need, get to make in one playthrough of the game? Think about the dlc the original dont starve has, there solution to seeing the same thing over and over is basically making a whole new experience for people to enjoy and learn all over again. Shipwreck being harder for its resources spread out, and hamlet for having you to rely on the pigs, for a world where you are deprived of from your normal resources you take advantage of. Dont starve together being more forgiving: Now hear me out for saying this but I think that Dont starve together is more calm on punishing the characters from it being a story point of view then it being game wise! Notice the new difference in the atmosphere of dont starve and dont starve together for my first point the music! Notice how in dont starve together the autumn work music and combat has changed. The new one gives a more serious but catchy, and playful orchestra music. While the old one was sort of eerie, and unknown but still playful experience. Well I say from a view point of the story the characters have finally finished learning mistakes from the original dont starve where you were alone knowing nothing of the world and fearing your life in every corner, to now, the characters expecting what they can out on the constant and getting used to it. Evolving and building a civilization. To help my point Willow a poor girl who was mentally Ill enough to light stuff on fire, even at her own life, now has bernie as a coping mechanism for her troubles life has given her! events: Dont starve together the characters seem to put tradition in their lifestyle, even enough to make and wear costumes and hats of the creatures they once feared and fought, meaning their is a culture in their world. Nobody and I seriously mean nobody would be trapped in a wilderness land and just go, "oh! Hey, Halloween is almost here! Better put on my costume of my internal nightmares." Now the survivors are celebrating winters feast sleeping under trees, and celebrating the Chinese new year even playing a friendly match against the pig king and his guards. Meaning the game now sees us as a species of the world. A creature, just like everything else. character interactions in the newest trailers: let's see the trailers from dont starve hamlet and turn of tides. Look at wilson in the hamlet one, he is scared and constantly getting harrassed by everything coming his way even when things are finally coming his way, even a point of shipwrecked at the end of the teaser when wilson lands back on shore he gives the face of lost hope as he returns on the island he thought he escaped from. In dont starve we sort of get new things but more as of an approach of something brand new, we the player were here before these things came. Including the feel of the turn of tides trailer when we see the horror hound and moon pengull, with the music's creepy, and shocking tone giving a "this is new" then dont starves original "Oh god! Everything wants to kill me!" Vibe I'm going to make this short since my actual talk ( a kinda crappy one )was one the review which inspired me to make this one. What I'm saying Is maybe there is a reason to things that we truly dont know yet or maybe we haven't seen the whole side of the story yet, I fear that the community arguing what is right for the game will be so enflamed that the devs might just quit the game or be disappointed in all of us, so please let's all join together as a community and cherish this game we all know and love, and thank you for viewing.
  6. Don't starve together console edition came out on 2016, it's just that xbox didn't get it until a year later, meaning console did get to play before a new reign came it's just actually we had to wait for pc to finish getting pt1 new reign until we were able to get the first one and so on. So please don't say console isn't getting any love, or say your speaking on behalf of console as were now literally getting a new currency because of console's problems. Klei said that console was going to be late on stuff due to bugs and working out controls on console,but we never listen, I pray we actually learned our lesson with the bugs that came in on return of them, (one for example crashed a players game whenever they entered the caves, and was not allowed to join back in until the players, was on the surface server, which meant they were technically permanently banned until a rollback before they entered the caves, I even experienced this bug with a friend which caused us to stop playing since we didn't know what happened) literally on day one, there was a glitch where if you joined a friends game using playstation party instead of the actual mode, you would lose all your skins and your world! Everything! All because you decided to join using the more well known mode of playing with friends. So please let us get off of Klei's back just a little bit and let them know there trying hard to support all sides of the table to make sure everyone is well fed. Everyone is different let's not put labels on one another and respect our choices, I cant stand to see another world that has Wolfgang's or WX-78's only allowed in their server...
  7. Hi, I know I might not be much to this conversation, especially since I first bought this game in 2014/2015 on the psvita and currently playing the game on ps4 ever since dont starve together originally came out on ps4. But I would like to add my own touch too the difficulty of the game. I think it might be for the fact that our characters have gotten used to in settled into the constant more, giving based on the vibes and atmosphere dont starve together feels. Notice how the atmosphere and changes to the game is now for example the music and events. Were no longer in the time were wilson was just tossed into the constant being chased and murdered by every little thing that can suprise him anymore, it's more just the characters now adapted. The autumn music was changed to a more orchestral and serious, motivational type of style then the classic eerie and mysterious music. And like I said before the events, instead of the characters cowering in fear and being afraid of everything they before, now there dressing up in costumes shaped as the creatures they battled, celebrating celebrating feast eve, And even participating with the pig king to have a friendly battle to win gold. Heck! Notice how brave and cocky the characters are now with their quotes with wilson responding to a deadly half dragon/fly mutant "that's one fly dragon." The characters are evolving, there no longer scared! They finally grown, just like us! There now more into the environment from being there for so long. And they're going out to see new things. In the hamlet trailers we've seen Wilson in literal fear in one scene with him panicking. And from when we see him in the turn of tides trailer. (Despite the fact he's literally fighting a hound for a slab of meat) He didn't really over react, just simply panicked as a massive wave was coming his way, even on the lunar island he just responded nervously then our usual, "I gotta get out of here!" Old type of wilson is But what I'm saying here is, maybe dont starve together being less terrifying and more relaxing isn't just a game play point of view, maybe look at it better with a story view, our characters grew up, and learnt to deal with the constant. (hopefully you know what I meant by writing this, I'm horrible at writing so, I hope everyone gets my point!)
  8. That could, actually work! And that would be a better idea for them to live near the lunar island since the only animal we can technically move is the carrat!
  9. Ooo! If there is a way we can hear them now could you send them in files to hear?
  10. Thank you! Klei sort have already done this as an idea in dont starve similar to lure plants and doydoy birds. But I thought of making it similar to how it works in oxygen not included, you protect and raise an animal and they reward useful resources to you in return.
  11. Woody Idols ?

    Yeah, I'm surprised no one talks about it, that woodie curse is so strong that simply eating monster meat will turn him. Meanwhile everyone else is unaffected to where it's not just not good for them health wise. Most other creatures in the game actually transform that we never really thought to take seriously, due to mostly insanity such as splumonkeys and rabbits and such, maybe monster meat could also be similar to the shadows, just meat but "corrupted" this could also be a theory for what happened to the ancient guardian when "the fuel changed them" (even though he drops normal meat.) So far the only things we know that can transform things is, nightmare fuel/ sanity, monster meat, the moon cycle, and enlightenment.
  12. Woody Idols ?

    Wait... so other players can use it, but nothing really happens? Wouldnt it just be better to have characters just not eat but interact with it, like they could undertake the curse but the character just doesnt want to do it over fear or something?
  13. The reason why swimming is probably going to be a big no no is probably in a scenario, players find the lunar island offshore and everyone begs the woodie player in the group to swim there he does and let's say he transforms back, now he's stranded with no food or supplies to get back and everyone dont have enough materials to build a boat and safely make it there. Or another example a new player playing as woodie finds out he can swim so he decides to go out as far as possible into the deep sea and once he turns back and drowns finding out he lost all his loot and inventory that person would be pretty ticked/embarrased.
  14. lucy isn't real?

    (Sorry if my explanation is too long but...)I kind of wish we talked about this more since (even though I'm not a woodie main) I love the actual concept of Lucy and who she is, since she is in fact the only item, (besides rawling from shipwrecked) that is like a companion that talks and interacts to you. I'm pretty sure that when you try to grab her as any other character than woodie she immediately unequip herself and yells at you saying phrases like "your not woodie" or "Stranger Danger!" So I believe she can talk but she just mainly prefers woodie and just dont trust the other survivors.(also points to the fact how in the forge Lucy has unimplemented quotes when picked up by a non woodie she would say stuff like "This won't be a regular thing." Or "your not holding me right!" Which does imply she is only used to being held by Woodie, but in certain and dire situations she will allow herself to be held.)But the interesting thing is the fact how lucy does nothing at all during the trees a crowd trailer not even woodie tried to communicate or interact with her at all! So it's kinda a question I really want an answer to...
  15. (Before reading this Yes I am aware Klei stated they couldnt keep events going at the time due to limitations with console players and the budget on the dedicated servers,for it but, correct me if I'm wrong about the claims,this I have been thinking about this more as a concept for a while and I thought it would be cool to share to help spread my idea also if you want to skip all the words and blah blah I'll type in the concept I actually wrote on paper (sort of) atleast for now go to gameplay concept bold) Concept idea/ inspiration: So my concept is based off of my own thoughts and a bit of inspiration off of the horror game sleeping dawn (I'm pretty sure) Where players must work together to use the specific tools given to players to meet the maze and its monsters requirements to escape alive. I took a bit of the maze concept and tool into my idea, The only challenge however was making the event concept fit into the dont starve universe meaning no technology or objects after 1921 and still keeping the lore dont starve related and making it seem as the characters would canonically use it or follow their actions. Plot idea: during the Forge there is a part where pugna states about them destroying everything they touch and how his people were "severed" from the throne, so maybe the ancient gate sent our characters to a dystopian place separated to die from the throne as well were the beings there use a maze to test those worthy of using their gate! But be aware after the cut from the throne they left the civilization a little gift, as a terrifying shadow creature (or monster) that the beings encased in the maze to join in their sick little game. gameplay concecpt So first off it's Pitch black in the maze, so you'll need a light source some characters are indeed designed for light sources but just in case somehow someone screws it up every character has a back up light on there waist to use just in case(for last minute emergencies)as the light is the key to your team's survival! There are 4 pieces of equipment that each 1 enough for 4 players should use. The game will be simple. I think the characters should have to find pieces to escape the maze using a portal through various sources in the maze to escape. The monster will try to cut your light source or focus on separating or prioritizing on certain characters to take out to make the experience harder and take your team out one by one everyone will be going at a slow but but pretty fast walking pace so they dont run away from a specific player and 50 shades of screw that person.(maybe the characters start running when in danger) Class/roles: Each character has a backpack for there role(let's call them kits to not make this boring to anyone) which helps whatever equipment they use for there tools, there is 4 of them so far, the stick of seeing, the traxola radio,the spark plug, and the flash stick. Just like the gorge for example characters had classes you didn't have to equal your job, but its adviced to do it as your wasting upsides their perks hold. ( or in English... anyone can pick up any tool but in order to get matching stats and perks choose the tool matching to your kit!) Here are the classes I thought of so far... Lighters: Lighters are the heart of the group if they go down, everyone else will with them. They supply the light source and keep the light feuled, since everybody will be following them in a way they'll basically be the leader. With their fuel kit if there class is a lighter the staff will take way longer to burn out and takes less fuel to restore (burner can maybe recharge their light with burning fuel found around the map perhaps?) Trackers: Trackers are the ones who guides the group on locations around the maze the design is a little gramaphone in a case as a backpack to detect sensors made by the little voxola radio that looks like a little tablet the traxola acts almost exactly like a divining rod signaling things are near, if your class is a tracker holding the traxola the gramaphone will play ragtime when the monsters is near.(also be adviced tracking makes noise) Chargers:(design not done yet) Chargers are an important class for the group the charger is like a support class meaning they rely on the other classes they can use their tech to refuel the other groups gadgets (Maybe making working on making it look like a design similar to a battery and something with volt goat horns) and can charge up to two people shockers:(design not done yet) The defense of the team when the monster and other creatures attack the group circle the shocker uses an electric stick (note: offense is not a good idea and is best used for defense) they have two attacks a jab and a flash. A jab is a small stab animation where it uses a small amount of its power causing what ever creature to back off for a while. And a flash(emergency cases causes a charged zap whitening the screen causing the monster and other creatures to dissapear if there close enough causing a huge amount of energy from the stick (shocker kit recharges it faster) this also produces noise. Sanity concept (maybe): With your characters walking through a maze to their death that can literally take a tow on their sanity. When the group finds certain objects, builds pieces to the portal to escape gets their equipment recharged and staying around other player they will keep sanity restored. But if characters hang around in the dark, (characters lose sanity just like normal when night or dawn approaches in normal game)gets attacked by the monster, or equipment starts getting low power or runs out and ect drives their sanity down to the pole. When insanity is low enough, the game will be more stressful with more creatures to distract the survivors and the monster smelling your sanity. The monster:(design not done yet) The monster is a devious and intelligent creature using lures and other creatures to it's control and terror to consume and eat poor souls lost in the dark depths of the maze.(from noise or spotting group or ambushing survivors alone in the dark) If your in the dark alone the creature will know where you are and hunt you down you can see the monster in moments where its eyes will glow and you can see it move. During and ambush the monster will show up with many different eyes staring at you. But notice when certain eyes turn aggressive the shocker can then do a flash shock and scare the monster away or In some areas shadow hands in the ground will show up and grab players to slow them down luckily the shocker can stab the hands to release them or in enough time they go on there own. The monster will also normally attack by opening its eyes in the dark and rushing towards the light. The shocker can use a flash to scare the monster away. When the monster flees it gets teleported at a random area away from players.if the monster gets to close and attacks the group. You will be jump scared and it will Either drag a survivor away or kidnap them dragging them into an explorer area in the maze requiring the group to rescue them before the monster devours them.If the monsters drags someone the character will slowly be dragged away as the character screams for help giving the group a notification of which way it went, if the characters light reach into view of the monster the monster will release the player and run off freeing them. But if the monster gets too far away the character will be killed eaten alive and be out as a spectator for the rest of the game, I'm thinking of maybe a way of bringing characters back similar to left 4 dead. (if a survivor died a random closet would have them in there and the players could open it and "find" them to join the group. Concept art (model upgrading not finished): this art is an example showing how the characters support eachother. Winona being the charger to re supply wilson and willow. Willow is using the light to keep everyone safe from darkness, wilson is using the tracker and is detecting the monsters (place holder design for monster) and wes being the shocker ironically protecting the other players from the monster with a electric shock ( I'll draw a better one soon...) Character skins: This one made me think for a while... I thought of doing something mysterious that would fit with the characters equipment something techy but I had to limit myself in 1921. I suggested steampunk but that was in the at least around the 1950s, until I decided what if I made it seem like.. the future or something, maybe and make the characters still look mysterious and it fit with gears, Which is already a thing in dont starve.(even having a literal robot who works on gears) So here was my concept art for wilson in the skin set: Rusted future (based similarly on some already existing skins): In conclusion: Let me know what anyone thinks about this idea, it took me 3 days straight to think of this and develop my concept idea of it and it took me near 7 or 8 hours to type, grammer check, and make sure everything made sense on here.(hopefully this topic won't die fast atleast... ;-;) but please tell me what you think let's bring more ideas to the table and let this grow! My wish is for one of the devs like Joew or something to see and tell what he thinks about it. But for now enjoy your day fellow survivors, but most importantly, Don't starve!
  16. Thank you so much! Especially for keeping this post still active, I promise I won't do that again.
  17. How do I get the moderator to the delete all the other posts?
  18. My post button froze and I kept clicking ;-;
  19. These are actually really cool ideas!! And I actually really like the idea of a living and moving island that players will attempt to track and know where it's going or it will literally drown you. Maybe the turtle only changes during seasons so its possible to build a summer base or something on it. These are really creative ideas! I also appreciate the ghost ship ides of boarding your ship, since it goes really well with the idea of the multiplayer boat it being a body while the players are it bones and muscle controlling it. Though since the multiplayer ships really dont have much mobility or control it will probably be in the scenario of most creatures that are on sea, there limbs or horde of that creature climb on the ship and you'll have to take it off since not really much you can do yet.
  20. (Warning this post might be do long to read so bear with me please...) Citizens of The Dont starve art forums I need your help! I am drawing a portrait of me and my friend playing Dont starve together return of them and I am stuck on design choices. 1.(doodle look with stick modules/ not finished) So here's what the picture is supposed to look... You know how in a scene where a character is standing in front of an creature and all you see is the lower half well my plan is to make it seem like that position on the lunar rocky beach, a horror hound just coming out of a body as wilson and willow looks in terror and shock (willow not finished cause I need friends skin of his willow) I dont know if this a good perspective for the concept so if anyone has any ideas go for it honestly 2.(hound design) I tried a really long time to find a behind view of the horror hound and honestly just went creative with it though, my main goal is to put the hound in a silhouette position where the hound is visibly in a threatening pose (like dogs normally do when there about to bark or growl at something you know pounce stance) and have that in front the camera, however if I can't I will draw the silhouette of the horror hound coming out the hounds body bursting out with fur everywhere. However if I chose the bursting option then 1. I will have to take out a massive chunk of the background detail 2.harder positioning. 3.more detail to the body And vice versa? 1. It would be harder to draw 2. More time planning position and height in point of view 3. Deciding on where to place background and horror hound. the final copy looks.. so far.(not finished) so just to note I drew the final copy first before every other thing on here (I dont use models so this time was my first time doing it) so all I added was my Wilson (I really love the style and detail I went when drawing the glass cutter!) So let me know on any thoughts. 4. Just bonus on facial design for characters. so I thought of drawing a little extra so that way I know for sure what I'm going to sketch and make sure I dang well dont screw up and so far I think these actually represent the characters and there interaction in that situation so let me know if there is any more you guys think as well and if wants to talk about it I will probably respond every now and then and thank you for your time!
  21. I like this discussion since I really felt wormwood lacked a bit with his powers, maybe during spring you could shave off the blooming plants off you to get leaves, and a few leaves and a living log can make meat bulbs! Or maybe something of wormwood being able to use the leafy bulbs as chests with 4 or 6 slots so if multiple pieces of meat or other items are taken he can just take it out like Chester! And he can give it meat like a pigman or spider to sort of send it in a "calm" state for a little bit to prevent it from digesting other materials or slow the food spoilage in it or heck maybe once he crafts a leafy bulb he also gets at least five eye plants to place around in the plants vicinity to set a few for the leafy bulb to start out with. Now not only is it sort of making one useless creature useful but it also makes wormwood even more unique since wormwood doesnt really have any special powers only really with his mostly downsides and his penalty in spring his only main upside is making living logs and his custom trap and bramble vest and there could be so much more to a character that's a literal plant!
  22. Anybody have any portraits for the other head skins? Just asking cause I would really love to get a fresh "taste" of them to add to my hype
  23. [Game Update] - 293880

    When will the forge come to consoles (PS4) cause I love Klei and all the fan service we've gotten from them such as pets and such but I'm still kind of upset that we missed out the last forge and last Winter's feast Eve. It was still set to Halloween instead of Winter's feast Eve So I wasn't able to make my Festive Tree! Please don't mess this up again Klei PLEASE I LOVE YOU GUYS
  24. Thank you so much Klei I'm going to be honest I thought you hated that alot of people like don't starve alot and thank you BigFoot for giving us this huge heads up I am so excited to play with my best friends on this