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  1. Working with map-related code is awful. Good luck. With that being said, you might be able to do this by using the same method that the Ancient Key and Thulecite Medallion use. The gist is that the icon only shows to players who have a certain tag by setting an icon restriction, so you can give this character the tag and it'll show up only for them. I would look at the "atrium_key" and "nightmare_timepiece" prefabs to start off (Ancient Key and Thuelcite Medallion, respectively).
  2. In my experience, when mod disabling is turned off, then they don't get disabled, regardless of what causes the crash.
  3. If I'm not mistaken, the salvageables are a sort of container for the actual item that gets fetched by the winch. In addition to removing the NOBLOCK, NOCLICK, NOTARGET, you still have to give it a reason to be picked up by the cursor. A rough and quick way of doing it could be giving it the "inventoryitem" component (might have some side effects, since the salvageables have an inventory component).
  4. That would mean that the poop only exists on the client, but your modinfo says it is a server mod. I suggest you double check that is the case with a TheWorld.ismastersim check in AddPoopSpawner.
  5. 1. Were you testing with caves enabled? 2. Did you check if manure had all the components it should have had (such as inventoryitem)?
  6. While the general purpose of the two are the same (providing data to clients), they have some details that give them different use cases. A few details: RPCs are good for transferring large amounts of data, while doing so on a netvar can cause serialization failure. Netvars remove the need to monitor clients' version of data, while RPCs will force you to implement additional code for dealing with remembering data (and will require more network overhead). RPCs let you pass in a bunch of arguments in a single call and specify recipients, while netvars only let you send one specific data type per netvar, on all clients that have that entity. Netvars implicitly give you a better form of organization for data bound to entities, while using RPCs means you have to deal with more generalization of data.
  7. Why was this closed? There's a difference between leaving a report as pending and not doing anything with it verses closing it. This was closed twice now, and no reasoning was given either time. I understand that it isn't reasonable to address every report with a closed or fixed, but if action is taken on a report's status, then I can't think of an excuse for not providing a few words of explanation on something that clearly appears to be a bug with the game. This is the sort of action that causes reluctance in bug reporting.
  8. You could modify componentactions.lua for edible and work from there.
  9. Mods don't really have a lot of control over networking and FPS improvement. The best FPS and connection is from entirely vanilla, while generally each mod you use lowers either or both.
  10. When Antlion is able to fight (ie antlion.lua -> StartCombat) has been called, if the world begins to rain, the game crashes. It seems that when Antlion's mechanics were being changed to handle the new storm system, the changes were incomplete. StartCombat still uses RemoveEventCallback on "ms_sandstormchanged", which is no longer a valid event, and sets inst.onstandstormchanged to nil. However, since it is removing the wrong event ("ms_sandstormchanged" instead of "ms_stormchanged"), ms_stormchanged still gets called (thanks to rain) and crashes because inst.onsandstormchanged is nil.