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  1. If you take up the time to setup a forget-me-lots farm and bee boxes, the sanity buff from the Soothing Tea can be very helpful since it is not affected by food memory.
  2. So this is the only thing in your modmain? "params" is a variable from the containers file, which you'll need to reference if you want to edit containers.
  3. Assuming you mean it still didn't work, I suggest adding prints to be very sure that it is running.
  4. I have to disagree with this. The point of mods is to have something rather than nothing. Mods are separated into client and server to ensure game integrity and security, it's practical, and just because it's good and proper game design. That's the tough part about server mods. A wider realm of possibilities, and less ways to get to that realm. You can still sort of search for servers with specific mods (tags) though.
  5. That would defeat the purpose of a mod being client or server, especially client. Yep, since you're trying to get code from the opposite side. Probably the best way to do it.
  6. That's sort of the approach you want to take. You just make a mod that works as a library, and you use stuff from it in other mods. They both have to be running on the same side though (client library for client mods, server library for server mods). Using GemCore for a client only mod is not practical. Entirely up to you. You can put your library in the global environment, or take a variety of other approaches.
  7. Oops, I didn't complete that all the way. There is no *used* decay component. It exists in the game files, but is not used anywhere in DST.
  8. This was fixed today in the beta if I'm not mistaken.
  9. NOTE: This assumes you are on the beta. You can run this in the console or with a mod. Needs to be ran on the client. require("containers").params.krampus_sack.widget.pos = Vector3(-5, -120, 0) -120 is the default Y value. I think around -20 or 10 might be what you want? Positive = move UI up, Negative = move UI down Need to drop the backpack and pick it back up to take effect.
  10. This "moonstorm" audio mix got added in the 454008 update. Maybe it signifies some sort of lunar weather in the future? Doesn't seem to be activatable in game though.
  11. You can also do Profile:SetCampfireStoryCameraEnabled(false) from the console, and it'll do the file stuff for you.
  12. Definitely try that. Crafting tabs are good at being sneaky. If you still cannot find your tab, make sure that you are actually adding the tab on both the client and the server.