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  1. People do some modding discussion in the Don't Starve discord in the #modding channel.
  2. This is going to be amazing. Let me just set an alarm for the 8th....
  3. c_reset() If you make asset changes, you have to disconnect and reconnect.
  4. You're using code for DS, which doesn't work in DST. There's a guide about converting from DS to DST somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. @thomas4846 In DS & DLCs, GetPlayer() would return ThePlayer.
  5. I'm think that's just polluted water just being polluted water. Once germs hit a certain count, they spread to nearby gasses or solids, depending on the germ type.
  6. EDIT: It seems just deconstructing the rails or the chute can cause the crash. Nothing needs to be going through. I was deconstructing a conveyer chute that comes built in with every Warp Pipe Output (and it had ice going through the rails just as it finished deconstructing), and my client crashed. I have attached Player.log instead of client_log.txt, since client_log.txt hasn't been modified in over a week. Here's a video, in case it helps: Stack Trace: Picture of Crash: My Save:
  7. When a colony is missing a dupe that has a skill for a task (ie Superhard Digging), and then receives one through the teleporter, the tiles that warn about the needed task do not update until you manually cancel and redo them. In the picture, the circled tiles had their warning removed when I canceled the dig task and put a new one.
  8. When a duplicant with enough text appears, the text at the bottom gets cut off.
  9. 1. inventoryitem is a component. Use it on instances that are inventory items (which means they have the inventoryitem component). 2. Wherever you need it.
  10. 1. Probably override anything that can be mined for logic on who is doing the action 2. If they are an archaeologist, and mining is finished, drop more stuff.