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  1. Yes, the Malbatross Beak now has the same chance as the other items.
  2. I just updated my mod on the workshop while my game was open. I then got the update prompt from the mods menu, and pressed the update button. My game then crashed. donotstarvetogether_client.dmp client_log.txt
  3. That would make Klei responsible for upkeeping those mods on console, and as far as I'm aware Klei does not want that to be the case. It is time and resources that are better spent for them elsewhere. Making mods work on console as well would probably be a pain, since most mods have only ever been developed for PC. I'm guessing there aren't many modders who mod for PC but also play on console.
  4. They made a slight mistake with their conditional statements by terminating one of them too early. The code was supposed to prototype the recipe if you didn't know it already, but the mistake made it so that you would only prototype the recipe if it had a placer.
  5. For your own modded character, yes.
  6. I usually just use them for something like this:
  7. It can be found in your world files at Cluster_X/Master/server.ini as "server_port". You can get to the cluster folder in-game by pressing the settings icon next to a world and clicking "Open World Folder". I believe the default port is 10999.
  8. The Insight mod will show you the hatching process. Note that it's a sort of progress thing, rather than a timer.
  9. A server's ping shows as ??? when you send a ping to the server and you don't get a response. That generally means the port you're pinging isn't open for you to ping, so it would be an issue on the server host's end. Most people aren't going to open their ports if the game works fine without it. Additionally, the servers that show up first depend on the "ranking" system. An important thing to note in that ranking is if that the server's ping isn't between 0-200, it gets placed with the other low rankings. A ??? ping doesn't fit that criteria, so bottom of the rankings that listing goes.
  10. Maybe there's some kind of error with the special characters in the mod names? Try using just plain English characters.
  11. In the file that l0rdgumby pointed you to. It should end up looking something like this.
  12. Looks like we've passed version 500000. Neat!
  13. Correct. Klei actually added support for modded-food-eater-related stuff. It would be better to use Eater.custom_stats_mod_fn(inst, health_delta, hunger_delta, sanity_delta, food, feeder) The above method is called by line 229 in the Eater:Eat method in components/eater.lua
  14. You'll want one of the 5.1.X versions, since that's what DST uses. Probably 5.1.4 or 5.1.5, either works. You'll have to make the executable from the source though. If you don't know how, you can find a lot of tutorials online. The INSTALL file also has some details. Provided link also has links to the reference manuals and whatnot.