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  1. Im going in order, just doodles for now to get the shapes down.
  2. I don't draw DS stuff as much as other things, but Im starting to do some now, so this thread will have just my DS and DST art, and hopefully I can look back at page 1 and have improved in later pages. To start off, heres some Wilson doodles.
  3. Hello, its been a while I havent been playing dst or been active on here because of other stuff going on but just popping in to say Hi I have tumblr now so check it out if you want (on my about me thingy) and have a good day, also happy pride month. 



    i have youtube too but i dont plan on posting anything.

    1. PasssionFish


      also second dose of vaccine on monday pog


  4. Wagstaff = me when i see potato cup Wilson = people who dont know what potato cup is
  5. changing my username to PasssionFish since that is my online name thing, like hollow knight is just a character i like.


  6. hhhahahaha ive missed so much


  7. There is a nintendo direct tomorrow.

    Silksong website is down.

    *insert "coincidence? I THINK NOT" meme here*







    I need silksong aaaaaaaaaa

    also hi

  8. It is page 666, have a potato cup to help you along the journey of cursed memes to come.
  9. can somebody datamine the new skins? i want to see them up close I hope not
  10. This is all amazing, also btw guys YotB is live now POG anyway i gotta do math now but i will play dst after that, i havent been motivated to play in a while because i feel like my base has to be perfect :I I delete too many worlds, but anyway thank you klei! Stay safe!
  11. look at his signature :O when did that happen Edit: have i just never noticed it?
  12. (What even is this thread anymore) Have a potato cup.
  13. To people concerned about money going to something you don't want it to go to by buying skin packs: (as long as they don't remove spools :I)
  14. I know nothing about tencent but i know a lot of people dont like them for stuff, but im not concerned since you say you will still have control over the game, good luck with this klei, and stay safe!
  15. ban alchelapte because i havent been on this page in like a month
  16. So I was playing reforge and wurt can use all weapons so we were chatting and I said wurt can do anything, and I thought of wurt combined with jevil so... I present to you: WEVIL/JURT