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  1. Not sure if it counts as strange as it has happened way too often in pubs: Sometimes when I pick Wendy and summon Abigail, for some reason there is always a player who will follow me around trying to res her with a telltale heart (I thought they were trolling but nope, it was serious), or have people complain in chat that they cannot find the player named "Abigail" (they were trying to kick her since she is a ghost and therefore "draining their sanity"). Then when some other player or I explain who Abigail is, they go: "oh lol"
  2. That's awesome! thanks for the Wurt & Wormwood love the new drop looks sooooo so pretty <3
  3. When setting a splumonkey on fire, the fire visual thingy will stay on the side or back of the monkey instead of being on the monkey. (even fire is repulsed by monkeys)
  4. Screenshots taken minutes before disaster: On a pub server, some random player left those antlion boulders fall in our chest area (we'll never know who it was) minutes later we realized one of those chests had gunpowder that was ignited by a stupid moleworm, setting everything on fire
  5. I know this was previously reported and was deemed closed for being a non-issue and only working on client-hosted worlds; however, I did test it and it also works in dedicated servers. The mod that was reported lets you visualize the crafting tab but it won't work unless you switch characters via celestial portal and craft the items exclusive to that character, after switching to another you can craft those items again without being the required character. Without the mod, it can also be achieved via console. Here you can see I don't have any admin privileges, the server is a non-client dedicated one. and there's me, a wendy who changed to wigfrid for 10 sec and became wendy again, crafting battle helms. It would be nice if you could take a look into this issue before it becomes more popular, as it not only makes the game unbalanced but it affects other players enjoyment of the game who are playing in the same server of players abusing these exploits and do not want to partake in it. The mentioned thread about the mod: