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  1. Like I said, I am a Wig main, I have played her too many times and fought deerclops countless of times as her to know that. I just tested it again and got around 50 damage from the fight using only 2 battle helms, fresh hambat, and a hot thermal, and since I did it in a test world (meaning I had full sanity at the beginning of the fight) I didn't spawn any creatures during the fight. So it's not hypotheticals, and I am sure other Wig mains can confirm the same. They do have a unique fighting style because you will need different weapons/armour to fight as well as healing resources, they prepare differently. I'm not gonna deny Wolfgang and Warly make a powerful duo, but that does not mean other ones cannot be effective or fun. Furthermore, I don't think this game is a competition of what characters are better fighters, gatherers, tanks, support or whatever. Yes, it brings interesting discussions and debates but there is no ultimate answer to that. Like I previously said, it all comes down to who's the one playing x character and what strategies they use to make x situation (fighting, resource gathering, crafting, building, exploring, etc) better or faster for whatever they want to accomplish.
  2. Sorry to barge in, but I don't think those numbers are that correct...If you want to compare them you have to consider both have different fightstyles and ways to approach bosses, Wigfrid fares better in most fights just tanking the damage instead of kiting. If you fight deerclops as Wig using battle helms and a fresh hambat (no kiting, just spamming control f) you'll loose around 50 hp and be insane, yet the nigthmare creatures shouldn't spawn until after you are done with the fight. I'm a Wig main and I really don't get all the Wigfrid/Wolfgang comparisons, I understand that they both excel at combat but they deal with different pros and cons that make their playstyles and fightstyles uniques. Both are an insane pair when they fight together. At the end, I don't think it really matter which character is better for x situation, it will all depend on the player and how they take advantage of that character's perks and cons, and what they want to prioritize in certain boss situations (fast fight, fewer resources, fun strat, etc)
  3. Screenshots taken minutes before disaster: On a pub server, some random player left those antlion boulders fall in our chest area (we'll never know who it was) minutes later we realized one of those chests had gunpowder that was ignited by a stupid moleworm, setting everything on fire
  4. I know this was previously reported and was deemed closed for being a non-issue and only working on client-hosted worlds; however, I did test it and it also works in dedicated servers. The mod that was reported lets you visualize the crafting tab but it won't work unless you switch characters via celestial portal and craft the items exclusive to that character, after switching to another you can craft those items again without being the required character. Without the mod, it can also be achieved via console. Here you can see I don't have any admin privileges, the server is a non-client dedicated one. and there's me, a wendy who changed to wigfrid for 10 sec and became wendy again, crafting battle helms. It would be nice if you could take a look into this issue before it becomes more popular, as it not only makes the game unbalanced but it affects other players enjoyment of the game who are playing in the same server of players abusing these exploits and do not want to partake in it. The mentioned thread about the mod:
  5. I agree so much with this point, mainly because most of the time in pub servers I've seen webber players shunned from community bases because of their spiders friends. It would be nice if their minions weren't agressive towards other players (abigails, chesters included) and viceversa, it could even prevent a tiny bit of griefing. I also think he should gain sanity from being near spiders dens or followers, or from using them to do his bidding.
  6. Please don't get rid of @ShadowDuelist, he's really nice and helpful Moleworms, on the other hand...
  7. I died by a killer bee as Wendy while Abi was full health (600 hp) and riled up I don't trust her anymore
  8. Wendy and Wortox also make a good team. Abigail is a soul machine near spiders and bees, giving wortox an insane amount of souls. It also helps that she can gather a bunch of food which helps with wortox's physical food penalty (avoiding losing sanity due to soul eating). In addition, Wortox can heal Wendy if she ever decides to "tank" some mobs (treeguards, spider queens, among others) so she gets damaged instead of abigail.