Return of Data Mining, Art Assets, Model Dumping & More! (SPOILERS!)

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Owlrus    4664

Could I politely request a sound file of the MacTusk if that's possible, pretty please with icing on top? Thank you for your time.

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PasssionFish    2098
32 minutes ago, Lovely Roses said:


Woodie Pioneer Wickerbottom Young Tumblr nvzm2ep7Zg1tlyemmo4 500 Tumblr nvzm55jvdm1tlyemmo3 500Tumblr nvzm55jvdm1tlyemmo4 1280 Tumblr nvzmbtMLE01tlyemmo3 540 



WX-78 FutureWolfgang MilitaryWolfgangSc131?cb=20171005141248 Wooooodie 

Wilson Young Skin  Where's Wilson -UNKNOWN- Wilson Mark of the Wilson and WX-78 too  Willow Orphan Skin  

Nerfed Willow  Wendy Funeral Skin W3N-D School AU confirmed Wolfgang Military Skin GDI Klei  WX-78 Future Skin  A Clockwork WX  Wickerbottom Young Skin  Woodie Wolfman Sking  Head West Young Man  Herlequin  W3B-R  Um  Wigfrid Samurai Skin  Wilson Pajamas Skin  Wendy Girl-Scout Skin 

I really like the w3b-r and w3n-d ones, they are really cool, wish we could get those someday.

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minespatch    86943
1 hour ago, watermelen671 said:




Looks on model there. Not sure why the promo art looked poor in comparison...

Kind of a shame Woodie's meter didn't have the small tweaks like this.

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-Variant    6999

I'm not certain if anything funky showed up but I did notice walls were updated... again. (Hay and Wood this time.)
Would anyone happen to have a copy of the one before the HQ update, the HQ update ones, and the new ones?
I'd like to compare them all.

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I am looking for animations of one or any of these.  Gif if possible because I was having trouble converting earlier animations in this thread.  
My wishlist:
tentacle spike attack
dragon fly when it flies up from attack or idle animation
bearager charging
bunnyman either happy clap, running, or biting/attack
pigman happy dance or werepig transformation
willow with lighter
anything wormwood
any character eating/wiping mouth
cowering spider
any animation of koalephant
gobbler running
moleworm surfacing
deerclops attacking
wigfrid with helm and spear dance emote animation
chester running
fugu hutch doing anything
Depth worm attack
moose goose lunge or idle animation
Tallbird or Smallbird hopping
Shadow creatures attacking
Shadow hands stealing fire
Spider queen (any animation)
Splumonkey regular or nightmare (any animation)
any clockwork attack animation(s)
any glommer animation
tree guard, any animation, either type
tumble weed rolling
crockpot cooking, regular skin
butterfly flying
krampus any animation stealing, running, attacking 
klaus in second phase, belly mouth attack

This is just my ultimate wish list (I am not seriously expecting all of this!) but I would be so psyched for any one of these.  Thanks for anyone that can help me.  


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GelatinousCube    796

Young wicker is so cute!!! If we got that skin I'd have to start playing her!

On 9/25/2020 at 11:26 PM, __IvoCZE__ said:

Huh, two more instant use songs?

Yeah there are a couple of songs there that aren't in the game.. They must have been cut?

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Willyhoo    236
On 9/13/2020 at 10:56 AM, Hornete said:

Its this little bit of hair popping up

Her little shadow crown is removed when wearing hats(except of course for hats with open tops like garlands, thul crown and so on) which reveals that hair.

MY BABY HAS HAT HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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