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  1. [Game Update] - 223464

    Fourteen new sound files (three distinct, but there are several variants of each) also got added in this patch. electric_explode_A electric_explode_B lavaball_explode_B However, similar to the fumeagator sounds that got added during ANR Beta, these sounds aren't being used in the actual game yet. EDIT: And here are the new sound files:
  2. Sorry, but I can't provide much assistance in this matter as I don't have an automated way for fixing animation errors either. To get proper animations, you'd likely need to convert the animation files to something other than Spriter SCML files. This is mainly because the current version of Spriter (v1.4) doesn't natively support free-form deformations, so some animations can't be converted properly. KTools actually has a built-in animation fidelity option, so you can use that to check which of the extracted animations will have issues. krane --check-animation-fidelity <input-dir> <output-dir> Unfortunately, KTools seems to be the only DS/DST animation decompiler floating around out there. So, for the moment, you're stuck with manually fixing animations inside Spriter. EDIT: Here's the KTools animation fidelity output on the terrorbeak animation you posted:
  3. A New "A New Reign" Update Log

    Here you go: Misery Toadstool (Death / Walk / Mushroom) Toadstool (Infection / Transition / Mushroom) Replica Relics (Bowl / Chair / Dish / Plate / Table / Vase)
  4. [Game Update] - 217524

    Misery Toadstool Misery Boomshroom Misery Sporecap Sleep Cloud Napsack Bone Helm Bearger Figure Deerclops Figure Dragonfly Figure M/Goose Figure EDIT: And the new skin... Alchemy Pod (Alchemy Engine Skin)
  5. A New Reign Puzzle - Metheus

    There are accompanying lines for the Wilson voice. Looks like they're supposed to be clues for those still trying to solve the puzzle. Voices / Lines Relevant Code Snippet
  6. [Game Update] - 214724

    Floppy Miner Hat Floppy Rain Hat EDIT: Forgot the beefalo... Mounted Joy
  7. [Game Update] - 214603

    Bumble Fire Staff Bumble Ice Staff
  8. [Game Update] - 214437

    Sure thing, here you go... Mounted Swoon Mounted Sit Mounted Squat
  9. [Game Update] - 214437

    Ancient Explorer Prestihatator Jingly Prestihatator Prestibowlerhatator Presticatator Chestihatator Prestihataglommer Prestihutchatator
  10. Caboodle of Know-Hows

    Dwarf Star Polar Light
  11. [Game Update] - 214001

    Sure. Here you go: Mounted Bow / Mounted Sleepy / Mounted Yawn I believe Unknown Blueprints were character specific recipes (ex. Bernie, Wickerbottom Books) or mod-specific recipes that were previously (but no longer) enabled.
  12. DST Skins Checklist

    Today's patch added 3 skins to the game; 2 are new while 1 is a re-release of the Tragic Torch. People who previously obtained the Tragic Torch during the Cyclum Puzzle (in 2016) now owns a Timeless rarity Tragic Torch (previously Loyal rarity). While people who obtains the Tragic Torch during the current Cyclum / Metheus Puzzle (in 2017) will obtain it under the Loyal rarity. Also notable, the Timeless rarity now has its own rarity color (previously it shared the same color as Event rarity). In addition, two small features were added to the checklist: New Release Tag / Filter Newly added skins to the game will now have a "New Release" tag under its skin name for 7 days (from its addition). Hovering over this tag will show when the skin was added to the game. Moreover, while there is at least one skin in the checklist with the "New Release" tag, a "New" filter button will appear next to "All" and "Duplicates". Clicking this button will display only the newly released skins. This will hopefully make it easier for people to distinguish which skins are new to the game and which are not. Duplicates Total Tally When using the "Duplicates" filter, the tally indicator will now also show the total number of duplicated skins you have in total (per rarity and overall) if you own more than one copy of one or more skins. This should make it simpler for people (that have many multiples of the one skin) to know if they have enough skins for use in the Trade Inn. As a reminder, the "Duplicates" filter button only appears if you previously synced the checklist with your Steam inventory and have at least one duplicate skin. As before, the website and HTML file links are unchanged. Finally, here are a few screenshots of Version 1.70 (~2.16MB): EDIT (04/18/17): The skin rarities of the Ancient King's Chest and Ancient Cane were changed (from Loyal) to Timeless in today's patch. The checklist has been updated to Version 1.71 to reflect these changes. EDIT #2 (04/22/17): As 7 new granted skins were added in yesterday's patch, the checklist has been updated to Version 1.72. In a similar fashion to reward skins, the checklist will automatically check/uncheck the corresponding granted skin as owned when you check/uncheck the base skin. A prompt will also appear near the bottom of the screen when this happens. Moreover, a big thank you to @ImDaMisterL and @PeterA for providing higher resolution images of these skins. EDIT #3 (04/24/17): Today's patch added 2 additional granted skins. Accordingly, the checklist has been updated to Version 1.73. EDIT #4 (04/25/17): Two more granted skins were added today, so the checklist has been updated to Version 1.74. EDIT #5 (04/27/17): The Floppy Miner Hat, Bumble Fire Staff, and Bumble Ice Staff were re-named to Frilly Headlamp, Fiery Bumble Staff, and Icy Bumble Staff respectively in today's patch. So, Version 1.75 has been uploaded. EDIT #6 (04/28/17): Ancient Explorer was renamed to The Ancient Explorer in today's patch. The checklist has therefore been updated to Version 1.76. EDIT #7 (05/18/17): Two new skins and one new rarity modifier/color were added in today's patch. The checklist has therefore been updated to Version 1.77.
  13. All Released Skins (as of now)

    New Skin Strings New Skin Icons New Redemption Background New Redemption String
  14. A New Reign Puzzle - Metheus

    Klei didn't restrict access to the assets folder on the server, but individual files do redirect to the main page. And also... So... glyphs, obelisks, and portals?
  15. A New "A New Reign" Update Log

    Sure, here are re-uploads of all the gifs I previously posted in the original ANR update topic that got removed. I left out the animations for Hallowed Nights, Winter's Feast, Year of the Gobbler, Against the Grain, and Heart of the Ruins as you can still find those in my other posts. Hope that helps. East or West, Base is Best A Little Fixer Upper Warts and All Arts and Crafts Cute Fuzzy Animals Herd Mentality EDIT (04/15/2017): Just noticed I never posted the Shadows for the Reanimated Skeleton - Surface or the Ancient Fuelweaver. I also missed a few Ancient Fuelweaver animations. So, for completeness sake, here are a few more gifs for you @AnonymousKoala.