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  1. Sea Weed Seedshell Sea Sprout Starter Spittlefish Wavey Jones (Body / Hands) Terrowclaw Rockjaw Deck Illuminator Lightning Conductor Fire Pump Barnacles (Cooked / Raw) EDIT: And the new crock pot dishes... Crock Pot Dishes (Barnacle Pita / Barnacle Nigiri / Barnacle Linguine / Stuffed Fish Heads / Leafy Meatloaf / Veggie Burger / Jelly Salad / Beefy Greens)
  2. Here is the full-res Smith map from the game files if anyone wants a closer look: Pearl-on-Foam One of the locations on the map also has completed art: Moreef's Place (Bar / Inn Room) As well, there is uncompleted/in-progress art for three other areas: Cliffside / Park / Street EDIT: And here is just the background layer showing the scenery outside Moreef's Bar:
  3. Walter (Unique Idle / Storytelling / Ghost) Walter with Pinetree Pioneer Hat & Trusty Slingshot Woby (Small) Woby (Big) Woby (Transformations) Walter Riding Woby Camper's Tent EDIT: Portraits, Quotes, and Vignettes Walter Portraits & Quotes New Vignettes
  4. Ancient Fuelweaver Figure Antlion Figure Bee Queen Figure Klaus Figure Toadstool Figure Wilson Beards (Beard of Honor / Roseate Beard / Snowfallen Beard / Survivor Beard / Triumphant Beard / Victorian Beard)
  5. The She Sells Sea Shells update exited the Return of Them Beta branch today and was officially released to the main branch. This patch brought along 25 new skins, including the ability to reskin pre-existing items using the new Clean Sweeper item. Four new Loyal rarity Belongings were added (3 of which are part of upcoming Twitch drop sets). Here are pics of the Crystalline Furnace, Salt Lamp, Enchanted Crystal, and Crab King Sail: Likewise, four Elegant rarity structures (Frostflower Firepit, Porcelain Ice Box, Reclaimed Relic, Frondly Tent) were added: Finally, here are Wurt (Flamboyant Headpiece + Koalefant Knapsack), Wortox (Bee Bonnet + Hampered Basket + Froggy Bug Net), and Maxwell (Seabreeze Tammie + Shadowy Armor + Twisted Dagger) previewing some of the other newly added Elegant rarity Belongings: The checklist has been updated to Version 1.10.16 (~10.8MB) and can be accessed online or downloaded. EDIT (05/28/20): Today's Quality of Life update added 10 additional skins, including the new ability to skin Wilson's Beard. As two new chests were added that are unrelated to events, the "Event Chests" type has been renamed to "Mystery Box". Also, thanks to @FruitShake for reporting a missing tag with Wendy's Distinguished Blushrose Capelet. This fix is also included in Version 1.10.17. Finally, here is Wilson demo-ing his new Snowfallen and Victorian Beards alongside the Hunter's Axe and Hunter's Pickaxe: EDIT (06/15/20): Walter, alongside 18 new skins, were officially added to the game in today's patch. The checklist has therefore been updated to Version 1.10.18. Here are previews of the new Walter skin sets: As well as his base form and new unique idle animation:
  6. Crab King Imposing Claw Crabby Hermit / Pearl Hermit Home / Pearl's Place Pearl's Bee Box Pearl's Meatrack Bundle of Thanks Pearl's Pearl / Cracked Pearl Pinchin' Winch New Lures (Rainy Day Lure / Snow Day Lure / Stupefying Lure / Heavy Weighted Lure) Tackle Box / Spectackler Box Wobster / Lunar Wobster Wobster Mound / Moonglass Mound Message in a Bottle / Empty Bottle Crab King Figure / Malbatross Figure Chum Pouch New Fish (Ice Bream / Fallounder / Bloomfin Tuna / Scorching Sunfish) Lobster Bisque / Lobster Dinner Celestial Tribute / Celestial Altar Shell Cluster Plugged Fissure Clean Sweeper Sunken Chest Shell Beach Turf Trident Wilson Strum / Wilson on Beefalo Strum
  7. Salt Box Shaker Crystalline Honeydome New Vignette (Wes)
  8. Wendy's Character Update was released earlier today. This patch added 37 new skins, including new loyal rarity Twitch drops, a new skin set for Wendy, the ability to skin Abigail & her flower, and new item skins. Below are The Nostalgic Wendy with the Rain Bonnet and a lineup of all the Abigail skins: As with prior character updates, Wendy's old marketable & tradable Guest of Honor, Roseate, Survivor, and Triumphant skins have been changed to their respective Heirloom rarity. In lieu, new weaveable versions have been added. Likewise, Wendy now has a unique idle animation. Here she is in her The Nostalgic skin with the Straw Bonnet performing her idle. With respect to the checklist, it has been updated to Version 1.10.13 (~10.5MB) to include the new skins. The "Belongings-Critters" category in the "Reskin" Multi-filter section has also been renamed to "Belongings-Followers" to accommodate Abigail. As per usual, the checklist can be accessed online or alternatively downloaded. EDIT #1 (03/20/20): Today's patch added two additional skins (both vignettes). The checklist has been updated to Version 1.10.14. EDIT #2 (04/01/20): An unexpected April Fool's patch containing the "Wes Update" was released today. It added 7 new skins (6 loyal rarity Twitch drops and 1 vignette). The checklist has been updated to Version 1.10.15.
  9. Pipspook Abigail Abigail's Flower Mourning Glory Wendy's Unique Idle Wendy Channeling (Normal + Beefalo) Wendy Recalling (Normal + Beefalo) Elixirs (Revenant Restorative / Spectral Cure-All / Unyielding Draught / Choleric Tonic / Vigor Mortis / Distilled Vengeance) Sisturn EDIT: Forgot the new Portraits, Vignettes, Profile Icons, and Portrait Frames... The Nostalgic Portrait + Quote Skin Pack Portraits New Vignettes New Portrait Frame New Profile Icon
  10. The Year of the Carrat event began earlier today and, with it, came 44 new skins and 1 new collection. Uniquely, this update brought no new character sets. Instead, they are all belonging items. As with prior Lunar New Year events, 4 event rarity skins (from the Lunar collection) will be automatically checked as owned in the checklist. Here is Woodie (Nordic Axe + Piggy Backpack + Arcane Headpiece), Wes (Corrupted Blade + Corrupted Cloak), Maxwell (Nordic Battlespear + Roman Wood Armor), and Wigfrid (Carrat Torch + Carrat Pack) in their Year of the Varg Verdant sets demo-ing some of the items: The checklist has now been updated to Version 1.10.11 (~10.2MB). As usual, it can be accessed online or downloaded. EDIT (01/24/2020): Updated the checklist to reflect the fact that previously Year of the Gobbler exclusive drops (i.e. Rooslet, Tied Trapper Hat, and Trapper Hat) are now also dropping. As it's a minor update, I did not increment the version number. Yup, but you can't currently obtain it. As @Kuba5565 mentioned below, it's loyal rarity, so it'll likely/possibly be used for a future promotion or event. EDIT #2 (01/31/2020): Today's patch added one new skin. Moreover, it normalized the naming scheme for the Ash, Walnut, and White variants of the Picket Fence and Garden Gate. The checklist has been updated to Version 1.10.12. Here is Winona in her Year of the Varg set wearing the new Roman Dragonfly Armor skin.
  11. Carrat Charlie's Carrat Carrat on Beefalo Carrat Figure Red Pouch Navigation Gym / Gym Kit Reflex Gym / Gym Kit Speed Gym / Gym Kit Endurance Gym / Gym Kit Carrat Scale / Scale Kit Starting Point / Kit + Checkpoint / Kit + Finish Line / Kit Carrat Rug Carrat Shrine Floating Lantern Packet of Seeds / Premium Seed Packet Dappled Koi / Golden Koi
  12. Beefalo /toast And while I'm at it, here are the older Beefalo emotes: Beefalo /angry Beefalo /bonesaw Beefalo /carol Beefalo /cheer Beefalo /chicken Beefalo /cry Beefalo /facepalm Beefalo /fistshake Beefalo /flex Beefalo /happy Beefalo /impatient Beefalo /kiss Beefalo /laugh Beefalo /no Beefalo /pose Beefalo /robot Beefalo /rude Beefalo /shrug Beefalo /sleepy Beefalo /slowclap Beefalo /step Beefalo /swoon Beefalo /wave Beefalo /yawn EDIT: Forgot the /sit and /squat emotes... Beefalo /sit Beefalo /squat
  13. The Winter's Feast event for 2019 officially started today alongside the release of Hook, Line, and Inker. This patch added 55 new skins and 2 new collections (Merrymaker and Shorts) to the game. As per usual, during the event, the 6 Event rarity skins from the Winter Collection will be automatically checked as owned in the checklist. As no event end date was stated, a placeholder end date (i.e. ?/?/2020) was set. This will be updated once an official date gets announced. Here are the six characters that received a Merrymaker set: For pre-existing skins, the name of one skin ("El Tigre Cub Torso") was fixed in this patch. Previously, the Webber body skin of this Year of the Pig King set incorrectly had the same name as the head skin ("El Tigre Cub"). The latest version of the checklist is now Version 1.10.9 (~10.0MB). As always, the checklist can be downloaded or accessed online. As far as I know, the few seconds lag from pasting a large amount of text into a textarea seems to be unavoidable. However, I have taken your suggestion and set spellcheck=false and autocomplete=off for the textarea where you paste the JSON. Moreover, after each inventory sync, previously pasted text is now cleared from the textarea. Hopefully, this will help reduce the lag a bit. EDIT (12/12/19): A second patch was released today and the image for Woodie's Winter Warden Boots was changed. The checklist has been updated to Version 1.10.10.
  14. Gingerbread Pig House Gingerbread Pig Gingerbread Varg Cookie Crumbles Holiday Cheer Winter's Feast Table Masonry Oven Winter's Feast Dishes (Merry Berrysauce, Bibingka, Cabbage Rolls, Festive Fish Dish, Good Gravy, Latkes, Lutefisk, Mulled Punch, Panettone, Pavlova, Pickled Herring, Polish Cookies, Pumpkin Pie, Roasted Turkey, Stuffing, Sweet Potato Casserole, Tamales, Tourtiere) Magnificent Adornment (Malbatross) Feasting Animation New Profile Icons New Portrait Frame New Vignettes New Bundle Portraits New Character Portraits & Quotes