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  1. DST Skins Checklist (Updated: 01/31/2020)

    The Year of the Carrat event began earlier today and, with it, came 44 new skins and 1 new collection. Uniquely, this update brought no new character sets. Instead, they are all belonging items. As with prior Lunar New Year events, 4 event rarity skins (from the Lunar collection) will be automatically checked as owned in the checklist. Here is Woodie (Nordic Axe + Piggy Backpack + Arcane Headpiece), Wes (Corrupted Blade + Corrupted Cloak), Maxwell (Nordic Battlespear + Roman Wood Armor), and Wigfrid (Carrat Torch + Carrat Pack) in their Year of the Varg Verdant sets demo-ing some of the items: The checklist has now been updated to Version 1.10.11 (~10.2MB). As usual, it can be accessed online or downloaded. EDIT (01/24/2020): Updated the checklist to reflect the fact that previously Year of the Gobbler exclusive drops (i.e. Rooslet, Tied Trapper Hat, and Trapper Hat) are now also dropping. As it's a minor update, I did not increment the version number. Yup, but you can't currently obtain it. As @Kuba5565 mentioned below, it's loyal rarity, so it'll likely/possibly be used for a future promotion or event. EDIT #2 (01/31/2020): Today's patch added one new skin. Moreover, it normalized the naming scheme for the Ash, Walnut, and White variants of the Picket Fence and Garden Gate. The checklist has been updated to Version 1.10.12. Here is Winona in her Year of the Varg set wearing the new Roman Dragonfly Armor skin.
  2. Carrat Charlie's Carrat Carrat on Beefalo Carrat Figure Red Pouch Navigation Gym / Gym Kit Reflex Gym / Gym Kit Speed Gym / Gym Kit Endurance Gym / Gym Kit Carrat Scale / Scale Kit Starting Point / Kit + Checkpoint / Kit + Finish Line / Kit Carrat Rug Carrat Shrine Floating Lantern Packet of Seeds / Premium Seed Packet Dappled Koi / Golden Koi
  3. [Game Update] - 388647

    Beefalo /toast And while I'm at it, here are the older Beefalo emotes: Beefalo /angry Beefalo /bonesaw Beefalo /carol Beefalo /cheer Beefalo /chicken Beefalo /cry Beefalo /facepalm Beefalo /fistshake Beefalo /flex Beefalo /happy Beefalo /impatient Beefalo /kiss Beefalo /laugh Beefalo /no Beefalo /pose Beefalo /robot Beefalo /rude Beefalo /shrug Beefalo /sleepy Beefalo /slowclap Beefalo /step Beefalo /swoon Beefalo /wave Beefalo /yawn EDIT: Forgot the /sit and /squat emotes... Beefalo /sit Beefalo /squat
  4. DST Skins Checklist (Updated: 01/31/2020)

    The Winter's Feast event for 2019 officially started today alongside the release of Hook, Line, and Inker. This patch added 55 new skins and 2 new collections (Merrymaker and Shorts) to the game. As per usual, during the event, the 6 Event rarity skins from the Winter Collection will be automatically checked as owned in the checklist. As no event end date was stated, a placeholder end date (i.e. ?/?/2020) was set. This will be updated once an official date gets announced. Here are the six characters that received a Merrymaker set: For pre-existing skins, the name of one skin ("El Tigre Cub Torso") was fixed in this patch. Previously, the Webber body skin of this Year of the Pig King set incorrectly had the same name as the head skin ("El Tigre Cub"). The latest version of the checklist is now Version 1.10.9 (~10.0MB). As always, the checklist can be downloaded or accessed online. As far as I know, the few seconds lag from pasting a large amount of text into a textarea seems to be unavoidable. However, I have taken your suggestion and set spellcheck=false and autocomplete=off for the textarea where you paste the JSON. Moreover, after each inventory sync, previously pasted text is now cleared from the textarea. Hopefully, this will help reduce the lag a bit. EDIT (12/12/19): A second patch was released today and the image for Woodie's Winter Warden Boots was changed. The checklist has been updated to Version 1.10.10.
  5. Gingerbread Pig House Gingerbread Pig Gingerbread Varg Cookie Crumbles Holiday Cheer Winter's Feast Table Masonry Oven Winter's Feast Dishes (Merry Berrysauce, Bibingka, Cabbage Rolls, Festive Fish Dish, Good Gravy, Latkes, Lutefisk, Mulled Punch, Panettone, Pavlova, Pickled Herring, Polish Cookies, Pumpkin Pie, Roasted Turkey, Stuffing, Sweet Potato Casserole, Tamales, Tourtiere) Magnificent Adornment (Malbatross) Feasting Animation New Profile Icons New Portrait Frame New Vignettes New Bundle Portraits New Character Portraits & Quotes
  6. Hot Lava - Toy Shelf Items (Updated: 12/09/2019)

    Today's patch added 2 new items. The Holiday Hat (leftover from Christmas 2018) is now obtainable again, but had its rarity changed from Event to Autographed. Moreover, this update added a new Christmas comic (which replaces the A Sue Nami Christmas comic from 2018): A Visit From Hazard The reward rarity Sue's Ugly Xmas Sweater was permanently unlocked for collecting 60 Presents in the School and Wholesale maps during the 2018 Christmas event. On the other hand, the event rarity Holiday Hat (from 2018 Christmas Event) was temporarily owned by everyone during the event.
  7. DST Skins Checklist (Updated: 01/31/2020)

    Oops, thanks for catching that. Looks like I inadvertently introduced a bug in Version 1.10.6. I've just pushed out a fix in Version 1.10.7. EDIT #1 (11/22/19): Thanks, I've just updated the checklist. As these are also filter related bugs, I've lumped them together with the Distinguished issue and didn't increment the version number. So, the latest version is still 1.10.7. I placed Fur Roll under Structures as that's the category where it'd fit the best. My reasoning was you place it on the floor prior to use, so it's kind of a temporary structure. Ditto on the Telltale Heart and Thermal Stone. They can both be given to people (presumably with your character's hands), so I chose the Hand category. I guess you can argue that the Thermal Stone is an item you keep on your body, but placing it under Body would likewise seem odd. As for the Life Giving Amulet, I've just moved it to the Body category. Keen eye; I've added this to the dropdown. EDIT #2 (12/05/2019): As it was previously announced that the Hallowed Nights 2019 event would end when the Winter's Feast 2019 event starts and a start date for the later was announced today, the placeholder end date (of ?/?/2019) for the Hallowed Nights event has been replaced with the actual date (of 12/12/2019) in Version 1.10.8.
  8. All Released Skins (as of now)

    The Midori Roboto El Tigre Cub The Fixer Portraits of the above sets can be found in this post. And here are updated line-ups for the 3 characters with new sets: @Chris1448 Winona is the first character to get 12 elegant skins, so I extended the canvas width for the above line-ups. In case, you want identical widths for all line-ups in the first post, here are the line-ups for the other characters again:
  9. [Game Update] - 381550

    Clout Snout (Coin) Coin Toss Animation Character Portraits & Quotes Bundle Portraits
  10. All Released Skins (as of now)

    @Chris1448 Here are updated character line-ups (with the recently added Hallowed Night skins plus Wurt) for the first post:
  11. [Game Update] - 379886

    Tin Fishin' Bin California Roll / Seafood Gumbo / Surf 'n' Turf Sea Fishing Rod Fish Meat (Cooked / Morsel) Spoiled Fish Runty Guppy / Needlenosed Squirt / Bitty Baitfish / Smolt Fry / Popperfish Mudfish / Deep Bass / Dandy Lionfish / Black Catfish / Corn Cod Ocean Debris Gnarwail Gnarwail Horn Bobbers Floats Spinners Spoons Hook Pocket Scale Fish Scale-O-Matic Tackle Receptacle Skittersquid
  12. DST Skins Checklist (Updated: 01/31/2020)

    Thanks, I like this suggestion. This has just been added to Version 1.10.5. The initial view of the checklist can now be set based on the multi-filter parameters in the URL query string. The valid keys are the multi-filter categories (but in lowercase) and the valid values are the selectable options listed under each pulldown menu (case sensitive). The query string is cleared from the URL after the initial view is loaded. Note: Any value set for the "release" key will be ignored if there aren't actually newly released skins (i.e. no skins have been released within the past 7 days). Likewise, values set for keys that have been disabled due to a different parameter being set will also be ignored (ex. a value set for the color parameter will be ignored if a character parameter has already been set). Priority is based on the alphabetical order of the valid keys. So, for the example you listed (WX-78 Head skins), the proper query string would be: (or alternatively: Here are a few further examples: Costume Collection Belonging Skins: Marketable Elegant Backpack Skins: Unowned Navy Skins: Weaveable Wurt Skins: (Weaveable) For now, I've decided to keep this as a hidden feature. So, the checklist will not generate these query strings in the URL as mutli-filters are selected. However, I may add a toggle option in the future. Version 1.10.5 also adds in the filter by "Weaveable" skins option (Klei uses the spelling with an extra "e") that was previously requested. Since "Weaveable" is a subset of "Not Marketable", this choice is listed under the Marketable multi-filter category. The "Yes" option will continue to display Marketable skins while the "No (Weaveable)" and "No (All)" options will show Weaveable and Not Marketable skins respectively. EDIT (11/21/2019): Today's patch added in 17 new Year of the Pig King collection skins. The checklist has therefore been updated to Version 1.10.6.
  13. Hot Lava - Toy Shelf Items (Updated: 12/09/2019)

    Community Competitions were speedrun races organized by community members in the Official Hot Lava Discord and hosted on Dawnfinder's Twitch channel. Klei sponsored the tournaments by giving away an in-game autograph-rarity Crown and Klei game keys. Two such tournaments were held during Beta and as such the item is only owned by two winners. Community Competition Crown "Regal headgear bestowed upon the undisputed rulers of the Community Competition." School % Tournament (September 22, 2018): - 1st Place: Ezhno (Crown) Community Race 2 (February 9, 2019): - 1st Place: RUMME (Crown + Invisible Inc + Oxygen Not Included) - 2nd-5th Place: Tamiel, VAT420, DAGRD_, Anywhere (Invisible Inc + Oxygen Not Included) There are also 2 other autograph-rarity items (both Wrenches) related to Community contributions. The first Wrench is given to map makers that get featured in Klei's Community Spotlight (announced in June 2018). Nine maps (created by six different people) have been spotlighted thus far. Community Spotlight Wrench "Get your toys ready for a demanding day of building mod levels. Exclusive to the Mod Maker elite." Castle by extenz (July 5, 2018): Cave Slide by Justinpk (July 12, 2018): Windmill Valley by drawnblue (July 30, 2018): Giant's Garage by drawnblue (August 14, 2018): City by RUMME (August 20, 2018): Rooftop Rush by drawnblue (August 31, 2018): Crypt by LavKib (October 26, 2018): Construction Area by RUMME & Construction Site by Nacho Penguin (December 7, 2018): The Crown and first Wrench were both added to the game in Beta Update #13. The Crown model was updated once during Beta. The Wrench and original Crown model are shown in this Klei announcement: The other wrench (added on the game's release) is for individuals that get accepted into the Community Bounty Map Program. Basically, Klei purchases maps from map makers and bundles them into Hot Lava (shown as "Curated by Klei" under Community Maps). Two such maps have been added so far. Community Bounty Map Wrench "Tighten all those Mod bolts with this high-tech wrench, exclusive to Community Bounty Map Makers." The Blue Box by drawnblue (July 4, 2019): Parkour Island by malcolm341 (October 31, 2019): EDIT (12/09/2019): As of the 9th Community Map Making Level Jam, the overall winner of these competitions now also get awarded a Community Spotlight Wrench. Favorite Overall - Action Arcade by Dawnfinder (December 2, 2019): EDIT (01/08/2020): As of the 10th Community Map Making Level Jam, all category winners are now also awarded a Community Spotlight Wrench. Most Fun - Levity Labs by brenmann (January 6, 2020): Most Well Designed & Most Unique - Mirrored by drawnblue (January 6, 2020): Favorite Overall (3 Way Tie) - Mirrored by drawnblue (January 6, 2020), Levity Labs by brenmann (January 6, 2020), and Bulko Inverto by Gemster (January 6, 2020):
  14. Hot Lava - Toy Shelf Items (Updated: 12/09/2019)

    Twelve new items got added in today's patch. Similar to most other items, Reward Stickers are randomly awarded for completing star objectives in trials. As far as I can tell, the order in which they're granted is randomized.
  15. DST Skins Checklist (Updated: 01/31/2020)

    Today's patch introduced Wurt and Hallowed Nights to the game. The update also brought with it 47 new skins and 1 new collection. Here is Wurt in her base and skinned forms: As well, Wurt has a unique idle animation: As usual, the 12 Costume Collection Event rarity skins will be automatically checked as owned during the Hallowed Nights event. Since no end date has been officially announced, the checklist will be updated again once one is given. This update also gave six additional characters a full Hallowed Nights collection skin: With respect to changes to existing skins, this patch renamed the Purple Jammies Ensemble to the Yawny Jammies Ensemble. This is to reflect the fact that both the Purple and Green Jammies set can now unlock the Yawn Emote. The latest version of the checklist is now Version 1.10.4 (~9.49MB) and includes the aforementioned changes. As always, the checklist can be accessed online or downloaded. Thanks for the suggestions and sorry for the late reply, but I've been fairly busy recently and don't check the forums as often as I used to. I may redesign the sync interface in the future, but, for now, you can bypass the initial few screens and skip straight to pasting in JSON by entering "invsync" in the search bar. With respect to keeping track of spools (that you can get from unravelling or that you need to obtain all unowned skins) per "dlc or skin chest" in the checklist, I likely won't add this feature unless Klei decides to add a "spool count" item to everyone's Steam inventory, such that the checklist can sync with a person's current spool count. And, finally, for your "marketable vs weavable vs other" collection idea, this can already be achieved (for the most part) via the "Marketable" filter in the checklist. Selecting "No" under this filter will remove all marketable items from view; with the exception of the Event, Loyal, Timeless, and Proof of Purchase categories, this will show all "weavable" skins in the checklist. However, I'm not against adding an additional filter for a true "weavable" list in the future.