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  1. For some reason when I call ClientRPC, I always get [00:13:35]: Invalid RPC namespace: 1 table: 0x40915618 My RPC: AddClientModRPCHandler("HG", "TEAM_MSG", function(...) printwrap("", {...}) end) How I call it SendModRPCToClient(GetClientModRPC("HG", "TEAM_MSG"), nil) Edit: Zarklord found a bug and this should be fixed in the next patch.
  2. Why Klei haven't hired you sooner?? I made a while system that dynamically spawns classified prefabs only to send data to a certain player in lobby. This would make it SO MUCH easier
  3. Will client RPC work if the player is in the lobby? EDIT: It won't work for players that are not in the world. Zark confirmed it.
  4. Molebat's anims Moonrock Waterfall (I don't remember the name of this one) Archive centipede Lightbulb fly Turf creator Security desk Archive switch Mutated gestalt
  5. This is not really a bug. When you launch a server without caves it launches a server inside your game, so you have a 0 ping. But when you launch a server with caves enabled, the game launches a dedicated server on your machine and your ping becomes something around 10 ms. If you disable lag compenstation, you'll see where's you player at atm on the server, where enabled lag compensation lets you to mimic your movement on client without any latency.
  6. If your game crashes and you hit "Disable all mods" button, the game reloads, but all animations get stuck and if you try to get in game you'll get bootlooped.
  7. It's better to use HideSymbol/ShowSymbol if you want to hide not the layer, bot the symbol (all images from the folder)
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This library helps you to create your own custom HUDs! You can find the guide on using it here:
  9. Most of the HUD mods replace the HUD's textures themselves. That means that every time Klei updates the HUD's textures, those mods'll have to be updated too. This guide will help you make a mod that changes HUD without replacing textures! Download my HUD skins library from here Copy hud_skins.lua file to your mod's folder. In your modmain.lua file paste this line: modimport("hud_skins.lua") Create a scripts folder with img_override_data.lua file in it. Place this code in it: return { } And that's it! The setup is done. But we still need to tell the lib what textures are we using. Let's say that we want to replace a texture named clock_hand.tex from images/hud.xml atlas with our image named somename.tex with atlas images/somename.xml. To do this, you need to modify img_override_data file like this: return { ["images/hud.xml"] = -- Atlas to replace textures in { ["clock_hand.tex"] = -- Texture that we're replacing { "images/somename.xml", -- Atlas with image that we're replacing clock_hand with "somename.tex" -- Texture that we're replacing clock_hand with }, }, } And that's it, your mod should work just fine now! P.S. This lib automatically adds all of your textures referenced in img_override_data file to assets, so you don't need to manually add them. Mods that use this lib:
  10. I thought I was the only one who noticed them! These white dots are so annoying
  11. Oh, right, sorry. It's just exams season in my university rn, I don't have that much time on mods, but I'll update it asap!