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  1. The Hunger Games 3.0

    Greetings, tributes! Since the last games we added some features, such as: Fixed lots of bugs! Code optimisations. Added world cleaner and anti-lag system. Added new sounds. Lots of them! Added new buttons for spectrators. Added new gameplay feature for spectrators. Added some new FX. Next games will start at the November 18th at 15:00 UTC!
  2. How did you build your animation? In spriter? If so, just recompile it. If not, then use spriter.
  3. Character Mod Question

    This is not a log file
  4. Every time when the game ends game says "You has been disconected from the server" and disconnects you. After that any sound in game stops.
  5. Missing Inventory Images

    So that's the problem. You need to put .png file and launch the compiler, so it'll compile this images into .xml and .tex files
  6. Mod not updating visuals

    Delete the .zip file in anims folder and re-compile your animation
  7. local function OnRainHeal(inst) if inst.components.moisture ~= nil and inst.components.moisture:GetMoisturePercent() == 1 then inst:DoTaskInTime(math.random()*10 + 5, OnRainHeal) end end
  8. This will spawn log with 50% chance when your char got hitted inst:ListenForEvent("attacked", function(inst) inst:DoRaskInTime(0, function(inst) if math.random <= .5 then local wood = SpawnPrefab("log") wood.Transform:SetPostiton(inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition()) if wood.Physics ~= nil then local x, y, z = wood.Transform:GetWorldPosition() wood.Physics:Teleport(x, .3, z) local angle = (math.random() * 20 - 10) * DEGREES angle = angle + math.random() * 2 * PI local speed = projectile and 2 + math.random() or 3 + math.random() * 2 wood.Physics:SetVel(math.cos(angle) * speed, 10, math.sin(angle) * speed) end end end) end)
  9. Missing Inventory Images

    Try to re-compile it. Also you don't need to use require "prefabutil" in your prefab.
  10. The Hunger Games 3.0

    At 11 AM server will start and you'll be able to join it!
  11. The Hunger Games 3.0

    Why it's on mods and tools or server buleting, if it's WEEKLY event for community? Also yes, this mods are only for this event on my server.
  12. Never thought that from Don’t Starve will be a great PvP game? You want something exciting, huh? Since you are still reading this, then you have found what you need! What is it? Hunger Games is a weekly event, with PvP battles, incredible survival, amazing experiences and of course starvation! The rules are approximately the same as in the movie/book of the same name: 12 districts, 24 players. The goal is to kill everyone, or wait until they die themselves, from falling drops of water, and maybe falling chests. There are no rules, unite with players, lie, betray, destroy and create. You can do everything your soul desires. During the game, anything can happen. Absolutely anything. It's impossible to describe everything with words, you need to see it! More info You can enter the games only in the first 8 days. All resurrection methods are removed (but don’t forget - everything is possible here) If you’ll try to leave, all your items will be dropped. The system of buildings has been changed: the buildings are dismantled in a pocket after 10 seconds, so it won’t be possible to transfer them to distant distances. It is also impossible to build anything scientific without the most scientific machine. When you’ll die, you’ll become a spectator: you will become invisible for other players, and you’ll be able to move between players using the (Z) button. The armor system is completely redone. The armor has become weaker, but its defense can be combined. More details Districts District - a good chance to get some bonuses, a partner, as well as extra fun. The district consists of two tributes. To enter it you only need to go through a simple instruction. The District gives you: The opportunity to win with your friend. Impossibility to attack your partner. A beautiful icon above your head. Bonus equipment for each district. It is not possible to leave the district during the game. Betrayal before games is bad. About other mods Kindling Fire. Enable anti-cheat: you can’t run away from the server at night or in the late evening. A little bit about the characters Balanced and excellent changes, in order to diversify your favorite choice and maintain an honest game: Willow has 200 sanity and she does not freeze when she is insane WX-78 starts with statistics equal to 100 Wickerbottom does not have a science bonus Maxwell has 100 hp Wigfrid no longer has a bonus to attack and armor, but she can eat any food Winona at evasion from Grue loses 100 sanity Disabled: Wolfgang Wes (Too OP) Webber Schedule of the games During the game, strictly on schedule, there will be some unusual things. Be ready for them, open access schedule: Day 1: Preparation, listening to music and chatting. Day 3: Initial gifts. Day 7: Gifts from sponsors. Day 10: Reviving one of the spectators. Day 12: Royal gifts from sponsors. Day 15: Crazy clocks. Be prepared for unexpected things. Anything can happen! Links Districts Our Discord Chanel Steam group
  13. Multi taste starvation 2.0!

    Update 2.2! Hello, today we uploaded the update to our server! We fixed some bugs and added NEW 4TH WORLD - LABYRINTH! You can enter it through caves!
  14. Multi taste starvation 2.0!

    Update 2.0.1! Greetings, players! After starting our server, we found several bugs and flaws that were fixed in this update: The algorithm of returning the bell to its owner was changed. Now it always comes back! Ice Flingomatic now works endlessly! The loot from the gift machine was changed. Now it is absolutely random. Near the gift machine PvP is now enabled. Near the shopkeeper there won’t appear Antlions sinkholes. Removed the restriction on the grass. Also, the grass will regenerate faster in the world. Fixed a bug bug due to which bot sometimes did not send a message. Fixed a bug due to which the sound on the client sometimes did not play during teleportation to island. Fixed a bug due to which sometimes the bell dropped from owners inventory. Several changes in the server filter tags.
  15. Welcome to our server! Here you will find a unique mixture of easy survival and hardcore, from a variety of innovations and standard game. Survival for every taste! Our site is here! About the server This is PvP server. Do not worry, if you are a pacifist or a bloodthirsty Viking, no matter what your play style is, you will have pleasant bonuses: For the first two days of your life PvP for you will be disabled Anti-leave system. Exiting the server, you or your foe will stand 25 (!) Seconds, taking your hits Changed armor system, and a bit of a combat system, for example the flute puts asleep everyone around at once, not counting those who is wearing the earmuffs . Bleeding. Now any battle can end not very happily, even if you go out in it the winner, or you just trying to escape with 4 hp. Is the food out? So Don’t Starve: We cannibalism mod, so you can eat not only carrots, but also pieces of your enemies, friends, and sometimes yourself. Yummy! Quiet moving! While you are holding Shift, your character won’t be displayed on the map, and his steps won’t be heard. (Based on the “sneaky” mod by John Watson) But don’t think that everything is so complicated here, and you won’t survive here. We have a lot of bonuses, which will help beginners, and will not prevent professionals: Tired of collecting loot? Now it automatically stacks! Less routine, more fun! Are you inexperienced and you spawned at the summer? Seasonal starter inventory: play when your heart desires Gifts from the sky! Now you can find special gift machines, in which every 2 days there will be a gift (only for you, and other players of the server)! By opening it, you will receive random items! Gifts from even higher skies (admins). We are constantly holding various events (like the most recent one, an event “The greatest base”, or The Hunger Games (also an excellent show)), whose winners are given special gift scrolls, reading which will give unique bonuses. Personal bases. No problems with grief or weather conditions. After living a few days and receiving special token, you can find the Shopkeeper and buy a bell near him, which creates portals to your personal, spacious corner. By the way, the portal to the island is active for 14 minutes, and anyone can use it, so be more careful with this. Also, with the new update, we added the possibility of resurrection on our own base: simply feed the heart to the portal in the center of the island, for resurrection not under snow, but next to a fire and tea. Don’t worry if your bell was strolled. As soon as the thief leaves the game, your bell will drop out of his inventory. Then you’ll be able to teleport it next to you with the bot command. Similarly, if you leave the game, your bell won’t be drop out, but other people's bells will be dropped. Bot More uniqueities only here! A special bot-helper who can give you hints, help with bells (as well as special commands for your bell), or help you use codes for gifts. Full list of bot commands: (!help1 or!h1) - Shows all commands (!tp_bell or!tp) - If you lose the bell, this command will return it (!tip or!t) - Displays random Tip. (!disable or !d) - disables the bot greeting when entering the game. (!enable or !e) - Enables the bot greeting. (!destroy_bell or!db) - Destroys your bell. (!destroy_copy or!dc) - Destroys a copy of your bell. The Treasure World If you have already played enough then go upstairs! The world has 5 stairs, leading to a unique world with new gameplay! Dodge traps, kill enemies, find treasure maps and dig up treasures with a random loot! Balance and improvements Characters were rebalanced: Wilson’s shaving brings more sanity. Abigail became stronger: more damage and more HP! WX-78 became weaker. Maximum hp - 225 hp. Wilow now has more sanity. Maxwell received +25 hp. Wigfrid changed his starting inventory. Winona has no his starting inventory. Webber has 150 hp and starts without starting inventory. Now everyone is equal to your choice! Improvements in food: From eating mushrooms you will start to muddle, added new dishes and vegetables (fashion Pickle It), the balance of food and many changes. Improved sound, changes in animations and HUD and more! New Character: Wilbur Brand new balanced character was added to our server! He has all abilities that he had in the DLS: Slow as biped, but fast as quadruped Restores 15 sanity when he eats bananas. Can create throwable manure. Periodically spawns poop. Winners of the contest "Best Base" Competition for the best base was held. Winners: Angstrem SikerDeStiny Chapic Freehck HOT Congratulations! You can get your gift by writing to the chat «!win»! Also, we did not forget about the winners of the Hunger Games. Everyone who has ever won the Hunger Games 2.5 can get a gift by writing to the chat «!hg»! Promo action! There is a promo action on the server! The first 50 people on the server can get a free gift! To ern it, you need to write "!promo" in the chat! Coming soon The complicated 4th world, with new adventures and rewards. Decors for bases for your moral satisfaction. Anything that comes into the mind of the developers during the development of what is above. The server is open 24/7. No bans, no kicks. Just play and enjoy!