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  1. Players on my dedicated server crashed with [01:44:59]: Assert failure 'idx < mFreeIndex' at c:\dst-jobs\workspace\DST_BuildGame_Windows@2\source\util/staticvector.h(66): Trace follows... client_log (1).txt client_log (2).txt
  2. My mods that use io lib now fail to open or write into files It was already reported here, but even though it's marked as "fixed", it still persists
  3. For those who's interested, @zarklord_klei made a temp fix for this crash. Just enable this mod for now
  4. [00:01:05]: AnimationFile::LoadFile Failed to open ../mods/workshop-2263867875/anim/ [00:01:05]: AnimationFile::LoadFile Failed to open ../mods/workshop-2263867875/anim/ [00:01:05]: --- ERROR LOADING ../mods/workshop-2263867875/sound/HG_sounds.fev [00:01:05]: Break at: ..\source\soundlib\soundsystem.cpp(390) :
  5. I looked into logs and found out that the game for some reason loads mods more then 1 time until it gets out of memory, so there's that Pretty sure that if you disable all mods that add some sort of assets (anims/images/videos/etc), this can be avoided, but that's really weird
  6. Dedicated server crashes with out of memory, but before latest patch it worked just fine
  7. You guys event updated API finally? This is hype!
  8. Oh neat, it even works with skins
  9. Will it work for UI? I'd want to make something similar to summer shader that distorts the image, will it work for images too?
  10. Add _G = GLOBAL The code I used changes mods's env to a global one, so you shouldn't use it if you're not experienced enough. Solution without changing env is: local _G = GLOBAL local TheSim = _G.TheSim _G.TALKINGFONT_WAYNE = "talkingfont_wayne" AddSimPostInit(function() TheSim:UnloadFont(_G.TALKINGFONT_WAYNE) TheSim:UnloadPrefabs({"wayne_fonts"}) local Assets = { Asset("FONT", _G.resolvefilepath("fonts/")), } local FontsPrefab = _G.Prefab("wayne_fonts", function() return _G.CreateEntity() end, Assets) _G.RegisterPrefabs(FontsPrefab) TheSim:LoadPrefabs({"wayne_fonts"}) TheSim:LoadFont(_G.resolvefilepath("fonts/"), _G.TALKINGFONT_WAYNE) end)
  11. Resolves relative file path into absolute path This is used if you add asset that is not from the game, so you need to tell the engine where it is stored Example: resolvefilepath("anim/") will return "../../mods/workshop-00000/anim/"
  12. The loading solution will crash if you leave the server/reload the current game, because the font needs to be loaded before mod assets are loaded My solution: local env = env _G.setfenv(1, _G) TALKINGFONT_WAYNE = "talkingfont_wayne" env.AddSimPostInit(function() TheSim:UnloadFont(TALKINGFONT_WAYNE) TheSim:UnloadPrefabs({"wayne_fonts"}) local Assets = { Asset("FONT", resolvefilepath("fonts/")), } local FontsPrefab = Prefab("wayne_fonts", function() return CreateEntity() end, Assets) RegisterPrefabs(FontsPrefab) TheSim:LoadPrefabs({"wayne_fonts"}) TheSim:LoadFont(resolvefilepath("fonts/"), TALKINGFONT_WAYNE) end) It's pretty hacky, so maybe there's other way to resolve reload crash? I've tried to add loading/unloading new font to global functions LoadFonts/UnloadFonts (see mainfunctions.lua), but then the font never even gets loaded. Maybe @zarklord_klei knows a better way of doing it?
  13. Will there be option to disable roads though? It's just one option that already exists in the game