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  1. Hi. I want to buy a host for my server, but they support ony one world, but I need three worlds. So, is it possible to create three worlds in diffrent worlds and connect them somehow?
  2. Spriter files doesn't compile

    You don't have image named "armor-3.png" in your folder. Create new image with the same name and place it in your folder. And why you write At the end of your messages? It's obvious that you're nick depending on your nickname.
  3. Can you leave a log?
  4. I figured out how to fix this. Do you still need solution?
  5. Walking on water

    You can walk on water using any structure with colossion enabled.
  6. I think I saw the mod doing this in workshop. Try to find it.
  7. So you need to someone made mod for you, and you did nothing?
  8. Adding a White Tint to HUD objects

    Maybe you can try huditem:GetAnimState():SetMultColour(r,g,b,a)
  9. Hi everyone. I'm trying to make my own component so I'll be able to save prefab in some player. I used "LoadPostPass" for this function BellOwner:LoadPostPass(newents, savedata) print("BellOwner:LoadPostPass") if savedata ~= nil and savedata.bells_guids ~= nil then for k,v in pairs(savedata.bells_guids) do local BellEnt = newents[savedata.bells_guids[v]] print(tostring("BellEnt = "..BellEnt.entity)) if BellEnt then table.insert(self.all_bells, BellEnt.entity) end end if savedata.main_bell then local MainBell = newents[savedata.main_bell] print("MainBell = ".. tostring(MainBell.entity)) if MainBell then self.main_bell = MainBell.entity end end end end It saves, and when the world is reloaded, self.all_bells and self.main_bell are nil. I've added thi component using this AddPlayerPostInit(function(inst) inst:AddComponent("bell_owner") end) Any ideas how to fix this?
  10. MOD IN WORKSHOP! This mod replaces the main menu background with some videos. You can pause and skip videos to the next ones! Once you'll start the video, the main menu theme will be stopped, but when you stop the video, it will start to play again! For moders: This mod has its own API! You can add your videos! Guide: Many thanks to the Electroely. This mod wouldn't be possible without him!
  11. Dedicated server mods are not downloading

    Да я там вручную тоже могу, но сам факт того, что они нас игнорируют уже что-то значит.
  12. Dedicated server mods are not downloading

    Sarcasm. They are just ignoring us.
  13. Dedicated server mods are not downloading

    Ok, thanks for your help!