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  1. Resolves relative file path into absolute path This is used if you add asset that is not from the game, so you need to tell the engine where it is stored Example: resolvefilepath("anim/") will return "../../mods/workshop-00000/anim/"
  2. The loading solution will crash if you leave the server/reload the current game, because the font needs to be loaded before mod assets are loaded My solution: local env = env _G.setfenv(1, _G) TALKINGFONT_WAYNE = "talkingfont_wayne" env.AddSimPostInit(function() TheSim:UnloadFont(TALKINGFONT_WAYNE) TheSim:UnloadPrefabs({"wayne_fonts"}) local Assets = { Asset("FONT", resolvefilepath("fonts/")), } local FontsPrefab = Prefab("wayne_fonts", function() return CreateEntity() end, Assets) RegisterPrefabs(FontsPrefab) TheSim:LoadPrefabs({"wayne_fonts"}) TheSim:LoadFont(resolvefilepath("fonts/"), TALKINGFONT_WAYNE) end) It's pretty hacky, so maybe there's other way to resolve reload crash? I've tried to add loading/unloading new font to global functions LoadFonts/UnloadFonts (see mainfunctions.lua), but then the font never even gets loaded. Maybe @zarklord_klei knows a better way of doing it?
  3. [string "scripts/worldsettingsutil.lua"]:158: attempt to call method 'IsAsleep' (a nil value)
  4. Will there be option to disable roads though? It's just one option that already exists in the game
  5. Sometimes my icon becomes invisible, even though GetClientsTable shows that I have it equipped
  6. SetSkinsOnAnim is hardcoded, making it very hard to add new skin types for modded characters. I'd suggest adding a global table for modded character types to solve this components/skinner.lua:28 --if not ghost, then we need to apply the clothing if skintype == "normal_skin" or skintype == "wimpy_skin" or skintype == "mighty_skin" or skintype == "stage_2" or skintype == "stage_3" or skintype == "stage_4" or skintype == "powerup" or skintype == "NO_BASE" then
  7. P.S: Also it seems that there's wrong water splash sound path, bc I get this in my log whenever the player drowns [00:06:49]: FMOD Error: Can't play event turturnoftides/common/together/water/splash/medium: The requested event, event group, event category or event property could not be found.
  8. SGWilson:8230 inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("dontstarve/characters/"..(inst.soundsname or inst.prefab).."/sinking") Though it should be inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound((inst.talker_path_override or "dontstarve/characters/")..(inst.soundsname or inst.prefab).."/sinking") Also for some reason there's this code inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("dontstarve_DLC001/characters/"..(inst.soundsname or inst.prefab).."/sinking") It should be removed
  9. New update broke player display in browser Also, in lobby it's the same
  10. Made this (This mod removes animations from the head, but still keeps them hq)
  11. But woodie has EnableReticule method in his prefab and it even gets called, but playercontroller never updates it because someone forgot to put this line: inst.components.reticule.mouseenabled = true
  12. components/grogginess.lua: 232 OnUpdate self.grog_amount = math.max(0, self.grog_amount - self.decayrate)