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  1. Made a mod that adds that feature:
  2. Missing symbols

    When woodie plays his custom idle animation, some of his symbols disappear:
  3. If you call any of those functions on modded item with custom atlas, it'll return a number.
  4. Well, that's a disappointment. This is rather a big delay.
  5. This is a really old bug, it was there since the Oh well that Maxwell update
  6. So Warly will be released by his own, or the beta will be released tomorrow too?
  7. P.S: Found out that that bug occurs only to items from mods.
  8. This ancient bug crashes lots of mods, such as extra equip slots. For some reason image and atlas are net_hash, so in some cases, it returns a number value, such as 3218674000. I think it's better to change the net_hash to net_string
  9. Any news? There wasn't any hotfixes since July 7
  10. FMOD Error: Can't play event turnoftides/creatures/together/spider_moon/spike: The requested event, event group, event category or event property could not be found.
  11. I have a world without an ocean but with WaveManager. By default, the edge of the world is colored the same color as void, but when I tried to disable it by changing the alpha value it did nothing.
  12. map.lua: 166 Someone mistyped GROUND.IMPASSABLE twice. It should be GROUND.INVALID. if tile == GROUND.IMPASSABLE or tile == GROUND.IMPASSABLE then return false end
  13. I'm really sorry, maybe you just forgot to push the changes to steam? I have the same problem with my mod and the basements mod too.
  14. This big wasn't fixed in the last patch.
  15. RoT|AnimState breaks in the void

    Quick change: I've removed the OnGround orientation and it did nothing