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  1. I've never used the mod itself so I might miss something, but I believe the architect mod is mainly used for base building. ( it adds craftable versions of things from: the gorge, hamlet, etc that you can decorate your base with! )
  2. I've been...hoarding, these screenshots for some time now.
  3. Ban ZeeDragon because "beans" is not a logical reason to ban someone.
  4. I can't really see a bearded dragon as pet or a giant...but maybe as a regular mob?
  5. Merry C̶h̶r̶i̶s̶t̶m̶a̶s̶!̶  Winter's feast!


    1. Mike23Ua


      Thank You :) same for you as well, Unfortunately Santa had to get his Covid tests so some of my gifts are running a little late but he assures me that I will eventually get all my goods (he even left a hand written letter and everything it was so sweet aww <3)

  6. Do you have any mods enabled? Because sometimes they can cause things like that to happen.
  7. oh no, you just reminded me of this old screenshot...
  8. Happy Hallowed nights everyone!

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    2. beanboy12


      happy halloween!!!! oh wait uh.... HAPPY WINTERS FEAST!!!! oh wait uhhh......dang...........happy hallowed nights!

    3. Charlie Dark

      Charlie Dark

      Ooh, I missed it...

    4. beanboy12


      happy uh...winters fea- oh wait no.... happy feast! yeah! that can work...