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  1. "Creep Jesus music" - (insert friend's name here) "Nah It’s probably a secret power- shirtless circle of men justsu" - (insert other friend's name here)
  2. I present to the JoeW theme! For context there's this website called Melobytes that allows you to convert images into music, and well I put @JoeW 's profile picture into there and got this... joew theme.mp4
  3. Ban Serena because the sound drivers are working!
  4. Wow I'm officially one year old today!  

  5. Honestly I don't play on public servers very often, so I can't really say that I've had anything to strange happen to me.
  6. I've never used the mod itself so I might miss something, but I believe the architect mod is mainly used for base building. ( it adds craftable versions of things from: the gorge, hamlet, etc that you can decorate your base with! )
  7. I've been...hoarding, these screenshots for some time now.
  8. Ban ZeeDragon because "beans" is not a logical reason to ban someone.
  9. Merry C̶h̶r̶i̶s̶t̶m̶a̶s̶!̶  Winter's feast!


    1. Mike23Ua


      Thank You :) same for you as well, Unfortunately Santa had to get his Covid tests so some of my gifts are running a little late but he assures me that I will eventually get all my goods (he even left a hand written letter and everything it was so sweet aww <3)

  10. oh no, you just reminded me of this old screenshot...