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  1. I swear these two look like there related!

    399278006_Screenshot(69).thumb.png.33cfd87a40458b0e87ecd5b07e6a4e97.png sneakpeak.thumb.png.07ccb2124bf853565af102b132b310ea.png.256b3e406446f8002242a0c842353ab0.png

    1. Mike23Ua


      Did Warly have a son or brother?

  2. I walked outside a shop or my house in Hamlet ( I don't really remember ) as Wormwood and I got struck by lightning and burned to death. all I did was walk outside! why!?
  3. 472 the number of strange things I hear on a daily basis
  4. I dislike Wolfgang, I just don't really like his personality and the whole brawn over brains kind a thing. his play style doesn't really interest me that much but I can see why people like it.
  5. I swear wilderness mode always gives me weird set pieces. like I just spawned here...