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  1. I'm trying to set this farm up right now, I have everything but the houndius in place and am about to switch to wicker, place it and try it out, here's my issue though I'm just at the area now placing the last few anenomes and I'm noticing that redbirds (its currently autumn and im trying to get this ready for winter) are landing inbetween my anenomes and eating random seeds that are sitting there... am I not placing anenomes close enough/correctly? Is this a sign that when using the book with Wicker birds won't land where I want them to? My anenomes seem closer together than the ones in the video if anything and I have more of them too.. I'll have the option to roll back to avoid placing the houndius anyway but I'm worried im not building this correctly EDIT: Nevermind, read a book to try it and they are landing where I want them to, excited to get a stupid amount of morsels and azure feathers come winter
  2. Alright dope, all makes sense now thank you for explaining. What Turf is it, just Forest? Very interesting re Catapult and Houndius, I have both setup at Dfly and a couple of times I swear the catapults have accidentally hit the Houndius with AOE when Dfly has gone too close to them resulting in them attacking each other.
  3. Woah that's a lot of feathers! Ahhh requires Wicker song, might still set it up anyway for switching to her briefly during Winters. Gives a ton of morsels too, good for eggs - rotten eggs - gunpowder! What are the Anenomes actually doing in this setup though? Isn't the Catapult and Houndius doing all the work? Wont the catapult destroy the Houndius or does it heal enough to stop one catapult from ever destroying it? Also how is Wicker getting all the birds to land in that one spot? Is that just how the book works because shes facing that direction? I'm not familiar with her at all sorry. Also don't Houndius attack you back??
  4. Beeclops can you please link or share the blow dart farm? I finally set up a volt goat farm with an anenome and I want to put the rest of/some more my anenomes to good use
  5. Weird! You could always go there during a hound attack to get even more monster meat than usual as well as some lightbulbs.
  6. Follow the guide PeiperPires linked me to! Worked for me and I'm waiting to accrue a bunch of horns Genius using Anenomes against AG and Bishops. I might setup my own Anenome trap for AG tonight, more than 1 would be a waste because he doesn't move from his spot unless you are around correct? The Bishop set up is awesome but I would be scared of running headfirst into them accidentally in the darkness haha
  7. Unless its some crazy hidden mechanic I don't think this is possible.. herds that go extinct stay extinct, maybe there was another or a beefalo survived offscreen and repopulated? *shrug*
  8. thanks again, I just followed the video's instructions and am really hoping I did it correctly! Going to check it in a bit and see EDIT: Its working!! Only received one piece of stale meat so far :P but there is a new goat in the pen so I know its working.
  9. I have an area with like 8 Merm houses and I think 6 Bunny Hutches where they just continuously fight. Merms and Bunnies don't eat meat so the drops are safe. I get a decent amount of frog legs and fish from this setup and don't ever have to go fishing or killingfrogs.
  10. Just watched, actually pretty easy and not at all time consuming. Going to attempt to make my own goat farm today.
  11. He doesn't respawn them for me? I've fought him a bunch of times and they have never respawned. He is simply on his own in my Ocean now.
  12. You can also plant Sea Weed planters on Sea Stacks, considering you can't make or replace Sea Stacks clearing them all (which would be a MASSIVELY time intensive task but just for arguments sake) would stop you from ever having barnacles *shrug*
  13. I would absolutely love any bosses in Shipwrecked or Hamlet that feasibly can be ported into DST to be added at somepoint. I know that there are some that wouldn't work but the majority of them seem like they could easily be slightly changed and added to DST in some way.