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  1. To collect Festive Lights the easy way that doesn't require wasting a Summer at the Oasis I just keep the event on sometimes and fight Klaus every ten or so days (I put him to max in world settings and he appears year round during WInters Feast) plus kill Deerclops each winter. It doesn't net a huge amount of them but its easier to do than wasting a summer.
  2. Aurora Borealis? At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, localized entirely within your kitchen?
  3. I like many others just want renewable tall bird nests. I have one in my main long term world and it sucks. Make them like volt goat renewability and make it have very specific requirements and a specific season to do so, I don't care. Just make them renewable/a mechanic to make new ones. A small bird skin for the already existing bird critter would solve the pet issue btw.
  4. While in your particular case it definitely doesn't sound like all that work was worth it I get really good usage/mileage out of blowdarts. I use them for phase three of CC because on console that phase of the fight is an actual nightmare and CC just kites the absolute hell out of you if you try to use melee and punishes you while doing so, its brutal. So a few stacks of darts under chili goat jelly effects makes short work of phase 3. I also use them for Malbatross to re-engage or when its being pesky and flying around everywhere and won't come close. I use it for various other bosses when I feel like something a little different from straight up melee combat.
  5. I hope theres new content real soon and it is actual progression as minor as it may be. I don't expect Sealed Portal or the next part of the late game "storyline" as it were with the three alters, Altar, Charlie, CC etc but I'd love some new mobs or items or something new to do late game while we wait for the genuine new content.
  6. Perhaps more dangerous insanity features could be linked to something specific similar to the way you change the grotto forever once you have the shadow/gestalt war started - perhaps this very trigger itself (activating the archives/grotto) could make new insanity features become active. That way pubs and early game servers/beginners still have sanity the way it is now but those who have completed the archives and socketed the gems in have an extra challenge and more ferocious nightmare creatures/features. Also fits thematically, shadow and gestalt war has began and more dangerous nightmare creatures are now roaming around in general. I played on a bunch of pubs recently just for a bit of a change and alongside other endless frustrations (player skill level, finally getting to some nice progression then the host just ending the session without warning, kids singing constantly etc..) I saw quite a few players dying to nightmare creatures super early like halfway through the first Autumn.. I was shocked by how often this would occur and most of the time they would then immediately leave the game. Off topic but man oh man are 99% of pub experiences utter garbage on playstation, I totally get that everyone has to start somewhere and it takes practise/experience to get better but I swear that the vast majority of players on pubs just repeat the same circle over and over and never actually progress past a certain point because they don't actually bother or ever commit to a world for an extended period of time. I genuinely wonder what percentage of players on console have never seen the majority of the bosses or experienced late game content, hell I wonder how many players have even SEEN summer. I did have one fun experience where two of us tried to rush ruins in early winter (after many other players came and went and contributed to the base but ultimately died to shadows or just left the server) but we were hugely underprepared but just tried anyway. We failed miserably, I found the ruins but he had branched off looking in another direction. By the time he got back to me we were both insane and got hit by a depths worm wave on top of naturally occuring depths worms in the biome before the ruins, being low on both food and souls AND gear (playing as Wortox and he was WX) he died and then I died as well. It was just too many nightmare creatures and worms for me to handle on top of the cold and darkness and lack of healing or resources. It was a fun little adventure even if it was a catastrophic failure. Insanity is in a pretty good spot now though I think. For skilled players its barely a nuisance or threat until that rare occasion when it actually is because you planned a fight or activity with the bare minmum needed to do so then all of a sudden Nightmare creatures or shadow hands or whatever mess with what you're doing and actually do pose a problem.
  7. I've only played shipwreck a small amount but my god is it visually fantastic. I also really like how alive and vivid the world seems with all the fish and crabs and everything. I'd love for at the very least minor elements to be ported across to DST. Stuff like Palm trees plus coconuts for the oasis, crabbits, some form of dolphin mob in the ocean and some other elements. The snake/tree mechanics are neat as well, would be cool if we see some new biome or mechanic in an existing biome that allows for something similar. A full port across will never happen so the best we can hope for is some of the elements to be brought across in similar forms I think.
  8. Tried to heal one of my penned catcoons the other day as I do from time to time after rogue hounds from a wave get in there and hurt them and instead I gave them the salve which made other catcoons in the pen hostile and my nearby houndius immediately killed them... I was furious and immediately rolled back. Super super disappointing that we can't heal them anymore. Real dumb change if that's what it is or really annoying bug. Hope it gets fixed/changed asap!!!
  9. I get what you're saying I do but making it do some crazy amount of damage seems unbalanced. Gunpowder is very different you need the mob to be stationary, frozen or asleep plus it can burn their loot if it's a killing blow (Right?). I'm all for a boost to marble damage I just don't see klei putting it above around the 100 range being realistic.
  10. Can't speak for pubs as I barely ever play them but I personally use Snow Chester almost exclusively for his spoilage perk. I do also use him to cool down thermals in summer but thats nowhere near as important as the food thing to me personally. Having a portable fridge is super useful. I used to always use Shadow Chester for additional storage but once I realised the glorious power of Snow Chester I never went back.
  11. I mean you can get a handful each ruins reset, I have quite a few stored away and rarely play Walter so don't use them much. Maybe something more like 100 damage would be nice to make them hands down the strongest ammo rather than just a little bit stronger than marble/thul rounds. Would be more worthwhile hanging onto the ones you get from ruins rather than just trading them for gold in this case. More damage than that seems a bit excessive..
  12. Frog rain on a boat would be absolutely brutal though.. Nowhere to run to baby, nowhere to hide!
  13. Playstation players want this skin please. Considering its free and doesn't cost points or spool I think its fair to just give it to us as a login bonus considering we can't merge accounts at all right now. You can literally just create a free account on another platform to get this skin even if you don't plan on ever using it so pretty much anyone who wants it on other platforms can access it very easily and quickly. Thank you Klei!
  14. I agree on the loot to a degree however I do really like the watering can and the bill makes for an amazing paddle. Yeah she can also be hard to find but I have an area with four shoals close together in my main world so I guess I'm biased as it's never too hard to find her. The fight itself I really enjoy though both before and after the boat changes.