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  1. This was my IMMEDIATE thought/guess I too cannot stand lucy. I can only play woodie with sound off. It's such an awful noise and it's all the time.
  2. FF is beyond garbage. It's so frustrating Klei haven't fixed/removed/replaced it yet considering how many updates ago the rework was now.. Rude interlude and startling soliloquy are also garbage. The two sanity songs are situational and sanity can be managed and manipulated in many other easier and more efficient ways. I swear someone important at Klei hates Wig =( the first and only rework so far that changed/added nothing of any real value whatsoever.
  3. What about the huge durability boost battle spear has? Between the durability and considering gold is very renewable and easy to amass mid/late game I disagree. I'd rather a battle spear anyday on any character than a normal one regardless of the gold cost. I cannot see myself ever using my full chest of honey police for any reason.. =( I get more jellybeans than I use and healing from food sources is super easy and effective. I wish I never made them and had all those reeds instead for blowdarts or other more useful items.
  4. Respectfully disagree. Mushroom planters are crazy good. Requires no upkeep other than living logs which you are swimming in late game. Turns one mushroom into 4 or 6 if you use a spore. Allows you to make as many funcaps as you wish. In caves you don't even have to worry about winter either. I keep multiple planters at all my outposts especially in the caves. Between stone fruit and mushrooms you don't ever really need to do veggie farming if you don't want to. Wig main they are especially good as I need veggie filler but don't want to waste time farming for them.
  5. Yeah it takes way too long and too many resources to summon the boss each time. You already have to get all the altars, kill crab king, kill bee queen etc and essentially be at an end game state to even begin the moonstorm. THEN you have to collect all the materials as well risking damage to mob pens, walls and other aspects of your base/outposts if the moon storm hits it. The three restrained static are the worst part for me because on console you pretty much have to change to Wendy to get this done (Or hire bunnymen but that can be problematic for many reasons). The moon storm is way too destructive (Just do not understand why it needs to damage structures) and can completely undo special mob pens or farms you built if you don't immediately move the moonstorm when it's in a bad spot. You should only have to gather all the resources the once and have some other much easier way to redo the fight after the first time. Placing the three altars and then not fighting the boss would allow you to experience the moonstorm again if you wish (for whatever reason or to mass gather moon shards). I love the CC and the enlightened crown he drops, the non stop full moons and the lore tease with Wagstaff but the actual moonstorm itself is just awful. It's painful and just time consuming for no reason. Outside of moon shards it generates no resources for you to gather either so it exists purely for CC. I honestly would have even vastly preferred any other method of summoning the CC than the moonstorm. It's probably the first content in a long time that I haven't enjoyed in this game.
  6. Legend =) My psn is Geltown, I'd love one! I'll add you now, thanks in advance
  7. I actually gave it a go and he keeps the recipes even after swapping to someone else then back to him which is nice! Good idea what you suggested though, that would have certainly been a work around.
  8. Question about the changer doodles. So you need to befriend each type first to unlock each changer doodle. If you've cleared every staligmite in caves how do you get the cave spider and spitter? Hammering down ancient pseudoscience machines and hoping for the best? Let's say you unlock every changer doodle then swap characters and swap back to Webber, do you keep the recipes or do you have to go around feeding each type of spider again? If some are next to impossible to get like the above situation it'd be a nightmare having to do this every time you swap to Webber =/
  9. Looks dope! Was hoping for console release same time =( Edit: I take it back console is out!
  10. I am hoping the den decoration that makes spiders neutral keeps them at level 3 and doesn't have durability.
  11. He's standing behind the rook I like using Saladmanders
  12. haha how did you die playing the minigame?
  13. Woooo! Thank you Klei, the new special event is AMAZING, so many new decorative items for base building in general, beautiful aesthetics, fun new mini games and more. Also so glad the bloody experiment is finally fixed, finally got my fourth CC kill and got rid of the permanent moonstorm that was threatening my world. All is well again ^^
  14. Grub game is indeed fun, oh man I'm jealous I only have one little demon so far but I'll convince my partner to let us get more one day...