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  1. For me its halfway through Monday already but yeah I get what your saying... fingers crossed for an early "Monday" release then
  2. This sucks so much... I've been waiting patiently for this and now a delay the day before Poor form =(
  3. If there is a puzzle in the end requiring more than 2 ps4 players hit me up!
  4. I'm actually having the same problem myself on ps4. It started when there was the bug preventing most spawners from working properly (bats, hound mounds, spiders etc). The fixes fixed all spawners for me except my single pig torch in my world, it hadn't spawned a pig since then =( I've been meaning to report in the bug tracker
  5. going into the lunar champion fight as Wig I need: -Armor (head seems best because there's so much to carry..) -Weapons- night swords seem best to help keep enlightenment low as possible -weather pains - to destroy his crystals in stage 3 -mushy cakes - so if I do get hit by gestalts I don't get put to sleep -bone helms/starcallers - to keep enlightenment low, starcaller seems best as I can turn them into mooncallers and avoid wastage and bone helm leaves me a little vulnerable, then again starcaller needs time to cast where I could be attacking or doing something else. I might take both -Optional but I plan on taking garlic jellybeans and a spicy volt goat jelly or two to make things easier/smoother Anything I'm missing? Might take the durability song to have weapons last longer, life song seems unnecessary I'll have jellybeans and can always take some pierogis if need be.
  6. I've actually done this method solo on console and beat him, it was all purples or whatever the easiest version is and it took several attempts but I got there. I wouldn't do it again though haha
  7. Why do you want low enlightenment? To avoid gestalts? A bunch of mushy cakes might do the trick? Otherwise yeah maybe bone helm/dark sword combo?
  8. I've never agreed with the Them = Shadow creatures idea. Shadow Creatures to me are the twisted remnants of the ancients after their civilisation fell and their souls (or whatever) were corrupted/tainted by nightmare fuel or Them. There is just so much importance and emphasis placed on Them and their influence within the constant so I feel like it would be weird for them to just be the shadow creatures we kill on the regular. At the moment I am thinking that Alter and Gnaw are both members of Them and they are just giant nasty entities that feed off/influence the worlds they inhabit.
  9. So I have never played Adventure Mode in Don't Starve and haven't ever seen where it is ingame. Where is the Throne located in the constant? Is it underground? Would it theoretically be somewhere near the ruins and atrium but maybe even deeper? Or is it located on the surface? The pictures I can find of it from DS look like it is inside or underground somewhere. In DS do you actually enter a specific building or go underground to reach it? I want to know because I do believe that we will eventually try to rescue Charlie from the Throne and I wonder where it would be placed or found within the actual game. A new area in the ruins that was hidden before? A secret door in the Archives? Somewhere else completely?
  10. Whoever Them is! I have no clue who Them are at the moment.. I had always thought it was some group of powerful entities that exist across multiple worlds (Forge, Gorge, Constant etc) that were the cause of the Ancients downfall, Pugna's downfall and the cause of the Gorge world's calamity (Is the Gnaw one of Them?) and are also the main driving primordial forces behind these twisted worlds. They somehow influence whoever is on the Nightmare Throne. Now though I have no clue if Alter is one of them or what they are. Eagerly awaiting more lore tidbits that give us a bit more of an idea.