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  1. We already have some great skins that enable more varied base designs, but they feel limited to a small number of structures- chests, scaled furnaces, crockpots, mushlights, firepits, the shadow maniupulator, and fences, off the top of my head, plus a few singular skins like the alchemy engine and glowcaps. What I’m talking about are skins along the lines of the fences and chests- distinguished tier (and therefore relatively easy to obtain) skins that aren’t especially fancy but allow for a lot of variety and for better fitting into various different environments. I think people would be really excited to see more skins along these lines, especially since the clean sweeper opened up potential for naturally spawning items to be reskinned. Some examples of what could be done are skins for the Hornucopia, Anchor, and Bubble pipe, walls, craftable turfs (even reusing the assets from Hamlet’s interiors) or even naturally spawning turfs, pinecones and their resulting trees (imagine the Marble Bean possibilities!), ocuvigils and mooneyes, gems themselves, and so on. This is all to say that there’s a lot of potential for both elaborate elegant skins and for more simple distinguished palette swaps that I think people would be excited to buy/weave and use in base building. The cons I can think if for this idea are that the people that both can manage to and are interested in building aesthetically pleasing bases is likely a subset of the playerbase, which might be too much work for a comparatively small return for the Klei devs, although I don’t know how any of that works in practice.
  2. You could build a statue/fossil wall around some catapults/a houndius and have wickerbottom aggro them with the lightning book
  3. I'd assume both, since he can't do anything when a boat has no structures, and it probably wasn't intended for him to mess around with stuff while you were away from the ship
  4. That's a pretty good point. I think you've convinced me a little more there, but I still would like to see an increase in the sanity cost for Maxy, or something along those lines. Maybe then people will finally stop saying Max is better than wickerbottom, too, so that's a plus. (/s)
  5. Regarding cheeses- if you think Klei isn't aware of these methods that people use to kill difficult bosses, you're obviously mistaken. Stuff like Walter not losing sanity from night armor or using the ends well to farm infinite oincs has been patched out because Klei found out about it and decided it was important for the game's balance to remove them. The other side of that coin is- Klei has known about stuff like the lureplant fuelweaver method, the ag grave cheese, and whatnot for years and hasn't patched them out. They might not actively encourage or explain how to do it to players, and may indeed even disapprove of the idea, but the fact that they've been left in kind of demonstrates that they don't want to take the option away from players.
  6. It encourages you to pick n switch Wickerbottom rather than actually play wickerbottom, which is one of the biggest problems the Celestial Portal introduced.
  7. Maxwell already had a rework, the only change he needs is to not be able to read Wickerbottom's books.
  8. Dunno why the quote didn’t work but my last post was in response to the grinding for blowdarts thing
  9. Or, if you play as wickerbottom for a year before you start using the celestial portal, everything in the game becomes easier
  10. Not a warly main but I play with one. The secret to making warly better is that he excels in a team environment when a celestial portal is available. Doing him solo is a massive pain in the ass because you go from 10% of your time managing food to 50% of your time managing food, but if you have a teammate to either enable you to stay at base while they go do other stuff or to speed up food development (wicky, wormy) then it becomes a lot easier. Recipe-wise, don’t underestimate his unique recipes. Moqueca and Bone Bouillon are great for hunger, Moqueca/Souffle/galette for sanity/health. Obv use these in tandem with other recipes, which ought to get easier once the leafy meat recipes are added.
  11. I really like this idea a lot. The scale is likely too big to ever happen in RoT unless the Devs already planned something like this already; but any update to the caves would be really amazing and exciting to see and I’d hope it’d be a focus for whatever comes after the ocean finishes development
  12. I use farms for decoration and I try to grow corn/dragonfruit for powcake/pies plus getting the elusive peppers in order, but there simply isn't enough time in the day or disposable resources at my disposal to manage more than like 4 farmplots until like 2 years into the game when I get bored during springtime. Poke /u/kcda on the subreddit and he'll happily give you the farm gospel to explain why it isn't really worth it in general. It's a little different in team play, since you can have people dedicated to managing the base (and the farms), which also enables you to sustain a warly without getting a coronary from how annoying he is solo.