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  1. Damn weird... I legit got 2 pieces from one mining of 6 dens. I must have taken longer than I thought or got distracted as it didn't seem like 6 minutes. Guess Rngesus loves me today. Thanks for the info!
  2. Did the moths and their dens in the archives get a buff/update I'm not aware of??? They seem to be much faster now and I got a few whole pieces of thulecite instead of just fragments from mining the dens. Seems much more worthwhile now, by the time I would give my 6th and final moth amberosia it was only a very short wait until the first one was done. Did they always have a chance for whole thulecite and I've forgotten/gotten lucky in my last visit there??
  3. As a console player I will forever be jealous of unweavable chest skins.. Oh the additional organisation and decoration I could do =(
  4. Only time I will ever support griefing. Hell where do I sign up to help take down severs that are being held hostage?? Sad this is still even a thing, klei should have stepped in already.
  5. That's messed up, it's honestly sounding like it's not a feature/broken on console
  6. It honestly seems impossible on console, I've tried multiple times and in multiple ways like you and have never had success. I'd also love tips on this!
  7. Thanks but I'm aware of monkey farms. I relocated a rock lobster herd over to monkey pods. I keep a piece of gold inside a pen to keep the lobsters and monkeys nice and close so they fight during nightmare cycle. Really curious as to whether blocking the pod spawn points works though.. hmm
  8. Saw an intetesting post on Reddit, so destroyed splumonkey pods will respawn in the exact same spot when you reset the ruins. Can you block them with say a statue or something similar like krampus sack spawns to stop them coming back? If so this could be very useful for pods that are close to your path to the ruins. Anyone know if this works?
  9. So wasting mctusk fangs and thulecite is cheap in comparation to waste living logs and purple gems? Lmao What are you on about? The clocks are infinite use... INFINITE. You aren't "wasting" anything, you have to spend the resources for telelocation every single time. For each clock you make you have a permanent spot you can port to every 8 minutes forever. Every use of the focus costs you resources. Also lightning so you need a rod if you don't want rain etc. I said half the game is gathering AND travelling which is why I was making the point of being able to port all over. No I was clarifying that what you said isn't her limit if you do choose to use multiple watches you can heal more than 20 hp every two mins. Also don't use the slots just leave some watches in a chest next to bosses. Not for Wigfrid Sounds good to me. Also fyi I play almost every character I just default to/main Wig when I don't feel like playing someone else.
  10. Can't you make as many ageless watches as you want? I made like 5 when playing Wanda and even just having like 3 on you I seemed like enough for most situations. Yeah she certainly isn't noob friendly but she's a win more character for skilled players, if you're good at kiting and/or have late game gear (bone armor etc) she hits like an absolute beast, has a dodge ability and can port around the map cheaply and easily (telelocator is expensive and requires refueling which you need to be there to do and the lazy deserter is multi only I play solo so it's of no use to me). She just seems like she's literally made for the more skilled players to just be op as **** once set up properly. I honestly can't stand her mechanical design, pros will just get even better and be more critical of others when they're just beasts as Wanda. Half the game is gathering resources and travelling managing your time effectively and being able to teleport around the map like crazy breaks this element in my opinion. I wasn't talking about balance I was saying that I think wolf is the free win character not wig because of how he smashes bosses faces in. For those who think or claim I am the only/one of the only people who was disappointed in the Wigfrid rework/refresh/whatever here is one post from around that time that has a bunch of other players who were also dissapointed. This is just one thread, there are multiple others. plenty of people were disappointed. I can also see multiple users commenting in that thread asking for/agreeing with others on cool stuff we could get who now claim that we didn't need anything and the refresh is fine.
  11. I could be wrong that was simply my experience at the time, it seemed to me a lot of people were disappointed or underwhelmed on the forums. I did originally say "as far as I can tell" and "seemed that way" so not sure why you're asking for evidence tbh.
  12. She also has one of the lowest total hunger points so you gotta eat much more often than others and often need to take more food on long trips away from base as you can't forage or eat bits and bobs on the way (seeds, berries etc). Generally when I play others I just live off honey because it's so damn easy and effective and saves time even bothering to cook or gather food. Yes most of the best foods are meat based and she can eat most goodies but it is still a disadvantage of sorts whether it's an easy one or not. Because she's my main when I play others hunger is barely even part of the game anymore cause you can literally eat anything and can easily survive off just honey alone or any number of other easy to acquire foods. No need for meat farms, combat, hunting or any of that, five or six beeboxes and you're more or less set forever. I'm guessing from your profile pic your new fav is Wanda? Least balanced character we've gotten to date. Some of her abilities are straight up broken/op. She seems way more workshop/mod than Walter to me. Why does she have her own soul hop on top of everything else? I've watched a few hours of streamers playing her and messed around a little myself and from that alone she seems so good that if you get used to her "downside" of having time instead of health why would you ever play anyone else. You can teleport around the world non stop, soul hop, hit harder than wolf or wig and more. Why are you even bringing up balance in a non competitive game? Why are you preaching about letting anyone do what they want in another thread re cheese and portal swapping yet when it comes to Wig, oh forget anyone having fun with new abilities or wigfrid players wanting something exciting and new to play with because she's strong enough already. Who cares? Does it affect you? As far as I can tell overall the rework was not as well received as any other and most people were disappointed, it certainly seemed that way at the time. So they listened to the wrong people. There were so many guesses of amazing stuff we might get and we got a bunch of near useless songs and a mechanic that is half baked, only works on bosses and can be completely ignored as the benefits are neglible and unnecessary especially mid/late game or if you are a skilled player. She didn't even need to receive anything that actually made her better or stronger per say, even just some aesthetic or niche based abilities or crafts would have been cool. I would have been fine with a new downside just for the record if it meant a better/more interesting rework. Purely subjective but I also really dislike the outfit she got for her rework, worst costume she has, I've never used it and never will. I didn't say more songs? I was clearly agreeing with you that inspiration should do something outside of just allowing use of songs.
  13. Oh is that why sooo many people still say that wig is just a crappier wolf? Right that makes sense. Wolf trivializes bosses completely which are the more challenging aspect of the game. Crab King/any other boss giving you issues? Just swap to Wolf and absolutely crush it. Let's just drop it eh we're clearly not going to agree on anything. Confused by this sentence as it does sound like you think the rework needed more.. I agree completely inspiration could and should do something else as well.
  14. Yeah I'm not at all. The refresh sucked. Every other character got a proper one she did not. Please don't say I should be happy about something I have already very clearly said I don't like and am not happy about. Condescending AF. Yeah I wasn't one of them. Thanks to all those people for essentially ruining the refresh before it even came out! People were afraid to lose free win character? Wigfrid got refreshed not Wolfgang what are you talking about? Plenty of other characters were totally fine before their reworks as well, they still got new abilities and proper reworks. It's such a cop out saying she was already fine so who cares.
  15. You hit the nail on the head, exactly this. Every single rework but hers majorly changed up how each character plays and functions, wig is more or less exactly the same. I get this I do, but they could've delayed it or done a number of other things instead of just phoning it in. They could also give her a second smaller rework but I'm not holding my breath.
  16. No, visual cues that the boss is getting weaker like with crab king though? Yes.
  17. How about you just can't change to the character you are already playing? Like you'd have to swap from Wanda to someone else and then swap back so it at least costs you two idols to get a second set of starting resources? It doesn't really make sense logically or lore wise that you can use an idol to "swap" from the same character back to that same character, like what?
  18. Not getting involved beyond listing this one example of something lots of people have been vocal about for a long time that hasn't changed and the wig rework. Fireproof Falsetto is objectively bad, it is simply not worth using whatsoever. The entire community agrees and has for quite some time. Also as far as the entire Wigfrid rework - PLENTY of players are fine with it but show me actual Wigfrid mains who like it because I doubt there will be many at all. We got shafted and I don't use songs at all anymore, they're useless and unnecessary especially mid to late game when the miniscule boost they provide is simply not needed. Now before I hear the usual "oh but wigfrid is already super strong and has enough going for her she didn't need anything new" - let's look at some of the newest characters/changes. Wormwood can now have a year round speed bonus, Walter has so many perks/items that many think he's too similar to modded characters and we just got Wanda who can literally teleport both herself and others around the map as much as she wants, hits like a truck when she's old, has her own soul hop (seriously what?), is better with shadow magic than anyone else (Maxwell should have this... Why does she have this?), can revive dead players with no negatives and more. Honestly she's a bit nuts and it seems like she is many players new instant favourite. Yes combat is tricky/different with her but apparently she can stunlock and can hit like an absolute truck. There was an absolute plethora of suggestions on the forums for wig - new craftable weps, armor, viking boats, volt goat chariot, weapon racks, sharpening tools for weapons and so much more. So many of the suggestions were amazing. None of them made it and instead we got songs which yes fit her character and lore but are just not exciting whatsoever and are not useful enough. Honestly comparing it to other reworks she may as well have not had one. To say klei don't listen or implement player feedback is simply not true and they do add certain features/changes that we request which is really cool to see but there are certainly times they have dropped the ball somewhat or haven't implemented heavily requested features. Show me a console player who doesn't at least want the option to turn something similar to geometric placement off or on in a menu. Show me someone who genuinely thinks fireproof falsetto isn't complete garbage. Show me a Wig main who actually really liked her "rework". I too love this game and klei and the amazing job they do but they like anyone are not perfect and there are certainly some heavily suggested features that do not make it to the game. Even just gorge/forge, I know they say it isn't financially feasible but it's content almost everyone wants back, most players never even got to experience either event and now never will (without mods obv). You'd think they'd find some other way/alternative to bring that content back, considering it's just unused assets/content at this point. I'm sure even if it was a priced DLC the majority would be interested.
  19. Imagine being able to craft and place existing set pieces, eg: pay a huge amount of resources and clear a large area to be able to build a developers graveyard or basalt pig trap or even tallbird fort. No more rerolling worlds non stop to get a good one or having to settle for a supbar world. Super late game you can simply build your own set pieces. Not sure how this would work lore wise though...
  20. This was my IMMEDIATE thought/guess I too cannot stand lucy. I can only play woodie with sound off. It's such an awful noise and it's all the time.
  21. FF is beyond garbage. It's so frustrating Klei haven't fixed/removed/replaced it yet considering how many updates ago the rework was now.. Rude interlude and startling soliloquy are also garbage. The two sanity songs are situational and sanity can be managed and manipulated in many other easier and more efficient ways. I swear someone important at Klei hates Wig =( the first and only rework so far that changed/added nothing of any real value whatsoever.