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Klei Weekly Art Stream!

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Terra_Zina    5829

I tried for once


Little bonus while I was waiting for the potatoes to start boiling


Feeling cute. Might spawn 16 poison dartfrogs later, idk.



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DragonMage156    27620

Hey, I actually tried hard with this challenge for once:


I watched a battle to get more stuff to work with but these still quite a bit of empty space >~>

Some close up shots in the spoiler:





Am I cool yet?

Anyone else thing Herald sounds like a newspaper brand or name?





(Idk if Edorenel has a persona or not ^^; )


And to answer your question @ImDaMisterL, glombee is my glomglom/bee hybrid skin I made during the last beequeen challenge.

Also Jouste mentioned he'd like to see fanart of his OCs so I decided draw something:


It's not much but it's a start.

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Mrklli    1153

He's like a little child waiting for Christmas. Only a couple more days!


Since I've got no decent computer right now Praash did all the gimping. Big thanks to him.

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JanH    7922

dsham_Ancient Herald.png

Thanks for your submissions! If you missed the show last week, our Ancient Herald piece from last week's Don't Starve: Hamlet art stream is here.

As always, thanks everyone for sharing your art challenge submissions with us. Be sure to join us every week on the Klei Twitch channel (3:30 PM PT / 10:30 PM UTC), where we draw Klei game characters/creatures, chat username doodles, and even finish up streams with blindfolded drawings! 

Where is it?

Weekly Art Challenge
This week's art challenge is to draw the Dung Beetle from Don't Starve: Hamlet. Post your submissions on this thread and yours may get featured on next week's art stream!

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Mr.Dream    287

She Said, Oops too late Sorry...I drew it in a hurry because I had more work to do than I thought. Just enjoy it:D

draw by: In Gong

Wilson Say:God Is ******* DEAD!!! God Is ******* DEAD!!!


(And we're not Chinese LOL We are korean >:3)



Let's eat together.



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galaxybread    945

I did my Dung Beetle but with a T H I C C and S M O O T H ball and I made special skin slimes, Puddle, Glitch, Hunter, Lucky Cat, And mosaic slime since we were talkin a bit 'bout Slime Rancher 5d12e403260e8_SpecialSlimes.thumb.png.ee93baf132f50775022aff919d89ea1d.png5d12e41f8af09_THICCANDSMOOTH.thumb.png.cc2deba766ce84607b25101abc4a127b.png

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-Variant    6874


I hate the quality but I was told to upload it! 

I learned some new things, too! How amazing! 

My favorite little crap loving beetle, too.

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KyotoKyoto    38


I missed the last two weeks of streams :shock: Because of time I decided to combine the beetle and Mr. Shadows and keep it really simple.

I added both with text and without just so you can see the difference. I can't wait to see what next weeks stream is :D


The beetle is just chilling out as decoration on his cloak, they're not just clinging on for dear life :?



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