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  1. Sailing Competition

    That was a wild roller coaster from start to finnish and I was holding my breath on many occasions. I'm beginning to understand why some people are so into watching sports on tv... I'd like to do something like this too!
  2. Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together are 2 different games. I suppose you're talking about Don't Starve Together, the multiplayer version, and not about Don't Starve, which is single player only. Yes, you get an extra copy of Don't Starve Together at least if you buy the game from Steam, I have no idea how things work on other platforms. Have fun and welcome to the forums!
  3. I need more plushies. Especially a hutch plushie, that'd be adorable. Also, we have a beefalo so why don't we have a koalefant? I'd probably buy an ewecus and pengull too... The list goes on and on! Small keychain figures would be nice too. I'd love to have pretty much any miniature mob dangling from my backpack, but I see no reason why we shouldn't have playable characters as well. Edit: I realised I have even more urgent need than the hutch plush. SMALLBIRD PLUSHIE Even if Klei listened to my prayers it'll most likely take way too much time for those to become a real thing so I guess I'll have to make one on my own while waiting and hoping for the best...
  4. We really need a Witherbloom-mod with this design :'D Can't wait to steal your farms!
  5. How very disappointing. There's not even a one little sneak peak picture of Witherbloom!
  6. In late game hound waves usually provide enough meat for me and my pals. We just craft tooth traps/catapults and then we sit through those waves. We have a stone fruit farm for fillers + improved farms for the occasions we need fancier food. Any excess monster meat we have gets fed to the bird for eggs or to pigs for normal meat and skin. We have quite a few sophisticated food farms but mostly we're too busy/lazy to maintain them when we have ridiculous amounts of monster meat just regularly running to our camp and trying to eat us. We have to deal with it somehow and it usually gives us more meat than we can consume so why bother to do anything else?
  7. I was anticipating a carrat-themed stream so I made this yesterday in ceramics class. There's also my dragon photobombing but don't mind him. It'll take take like a month before it's glazed and ready to go, so I guess I'll just update it here when it's done. EDIT: My carrat has color now! Still a long way to go before I can take him home though... Here's a legit racing pic I drew while waiting for the clay to do it's thing:
  8. OH YEAH THOSE! Now you said it I remembered they exist. I usually just avoid antlion because there's no real benefit from killing it, but I guess I'll have to start burning those things... Thank you!
  9. Wow, this looks absolutely stunning! What are those cool spikes and snow castle -like pillars visible around 0:20? I'd very much like to have them in my world but I haven't seen them before. What have I missed?
  10. You might be able to save a bit if you buy a discounted chest that's cheaper than the character you want to have, and then weave them using spools you got from unraveling the items you just bought.
  11. I believe the swoon emote was given again the next valentines day in 2018 but the previous year's heart was not? I'm not sure.
  12. Whaaaaaat??? Has somebody at Klei actually said GoH skins no longer drop?? What makes that collection so special? I mean, it would make sense if all the skins that'll eventually become heirloom rarity would have stopped dropping, but only 2-3 weeks ago I witnessed my friend receiving the Triumphant Wendy. Why is the shadow collection still around if Guest of Honor is not? And the Rooslet, really? 9 years? It's not even Year of the Gobbler collection, only Lunar collection, and other Lunar skins do drop. I really hoped I'd some day be in cluck and get a bouncy rooster companion by my side...
  13. Please don't make every topic to be about how unfairly xbox players get treated or how different xbox version is from pc version. It was not the original topic and if you want to talk abot it you should make a new thread for it. Please stay on topic. That aside, I personally don't really see how the game is too easy for bigger groups of players. The game is easy, yes, but as many have said before it's really more upto experience than numbers. There are already a bunch of good mods that make the game harder but imo a method for scaling the difficulty belongs in the content that should already be in the game -category and using mods for it feels a bit meh to me. The best solution I see is that hard mode some people here really wish would get added. If it's an optional thing you could toggle on in the world settings there shouldn't be any problems for newer players or those who just don't want to use it? You can already make the world harsher when you're generating it but there could be more options for things like how much extreme temperatures or mobs damage you and how easily you can recover. Also more difficult attack patterns for the hard mode would be neat, even though it might be lots of work. Anyway, even though I think it would be a good idea I currently just wish to see more new content rather than a new hc game mode.
  14. On Playing New Characters

    I have became much better at DST after I started playing different characters. I was a Wickerbottom main for like three years. I avoided fighting as much as I could and Deerclops was a horror to me. It worked because I always played with my friend who at that time was a Wigfrid main and did all the fighting. We had our niches and in time developed a good routine and our world stayed alive far over 1000 days. It got boring. Both of us wanted to experience something new and that's why we decided to switch our characters randomly every few years. At first it was really hard and boy I wished I was Wickerbottom, everything's so easy and effective as her. I was obligated to use characters I thought I hated and/or wouldn't work at all for me and it really forced me out of my comfort zone. I had to do stuff I had avoided for so long, but after some time I noticed it's not really that hard and I'm having great fun. Nowdays I enjoy changing my character and almost always I pick random. It has taught me a ton of new strategies and I have a much better understanding of what different characters need, which is really valuable information while playing with others on public servers. I feel I can help others much more now I've experienced myself every role this game offers. I still like some characters more than others but there's no character I dislike, they all have good sides and sometimes the good side is to challenge me to do things differently, which is ok to me. I absolutely agree with @Booklover, every character indeed is a lesson. I'm not saying my way is the only way or the best way to learn about different aspects of DST. Or that all of you out there should play as every character and if you don't you're never going to be really good at DST, no. There are other ways, but I still think going out of your comfort zone is a very good way and that's how I get the most out of this game. I certainly recommend giving it a try. For me, disliking other characters was only a temporary phase, maybe it's for you too. If it's not, just go back to Woodie, in that case it's certain he's meant for you. If you feel you shouldn't always play as your main, even though you struggle with others, try making rules to yourself. Decide you'll play the next game year as *insert character name here* and don't let yourself go back to Woodie before that year is over. Consider it as a challenge and make yourself look for the things that make this particular character worth playing as.Try if you can talk some of you friends into doing this with you, I personally liked it more after changing characters and preparing for it bacame a quest I do together with my friend. Just remember that playing is supposed to be fun, no matter what you do!
  15. World Edit Mode?

    I'd really hope to see a mode like that. Crafting stuff and spawning things via console commands is working great but as far as I know, you can't edit the shape of land with commands that easily, if at all. Also changing the "properties" of some area permanently is something I haven't been able to do. I mean things like relocating the dragonfly's spawn point or the place where meteors hit. Even if it is possible there's no simple command like c_move() for it. That's a feature I'd like to have. I heard somewhere there's a mod that let's you edit the shape of your landmass but I don't know how it's called and haven't been able to find it. If that mod actually exists and somebody knows it's name, please tell me! Also if you know a way to permanently relocate, create or remove stuff like invisible spawn points or the sandstorm, I'd very much like to hear that too.