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  1. I get your point and I respect that, can't really argue with you. The reworks could have been more interesting, but personally I don't know how Klei could have done that without making the characters too op (doesn't mean it wasn't possible). They have their different personalities and backstories which to me are more important than the actual reworks, although it won't affect the gameplay. Maybe I'm just too casual player but I still think the usefulness of the character is more up to the player than the character they play, even if all "special" they can do is a couple of new items. I hate it when players get yelled at for picking the wrong character even if they are cooperative and nice and do everything they can to help others. Not everything needs to be so serious and highly optimized imo, having fun is more important. All the characters are my babies and I love them. Getting philosophical, deep down we all are just basic wilsons with some minor quirks and skills making us special, and there's nothing wrong with that : P
  2. It's always the player's choice if they want to change their character or not. It was possible via command console even before the celestial portal, you just lost all map information, crafting recipes and critter you maybe had. I think it's great there's now a "legal" way to try different playstyles without needing to create/join a new world, and now you get to keep the progress you made with your old character. I created a server with my friend and it now has 1500+ days. We have amazing base and have pretty much everything we need but it gets boring if we play all the time with the same characters. We didn't really want a new world, so we decided we randomly change our characters every 250th day. Preparing for the change on a set date without knowing what character you'll get next has become a quest to us, among all the normal preparing for summer/winter and boss fights. It keeps the game interesting when you've already done everything and I think it's good we're no longer forced to reset all our knowledge when it's time to have a new character. It's a pain with rare blueprints. Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you HAVE TO do it. It's the same thing with all the game-breaking mods out there. You don't have to use them if you don't like them, but it's good there's lots of possibilities for different players who enjoy different things.
  3. I'm pretty sure Wx's verdant skin is what happens to a robot left alone for too long with no gears to nom. That's the reason for the zombie-like pose. GEEEAAAAARRRS...!
  4. I've always wished it was possible to walk on the lily pads. So I made a baby Hippopotamoose to live my dreams. Telling another person what they should do to realise your own vision that only exists in your head is surprisingly hard. Again @Praash edited my painting and it really was a great challenge to my verbal skills to get all the colors and the atmosphere just right, not being able to visually show what I mean. I think the result is absolutely worth it and maybe this is a good communication exercise too. Thanks!
  5. Ever wondered how the Royal Crown and the Regal Scepter actually got lost? How can such a tiny little pig princess move such a long distance while playing? The answer is... I'm still in middle of a wilderness survival game of my own, stranded on an isolated island without any other modern day gadgets but my phone. That's why @Praash did all the necessary digital editing for me. This picture wouldn't be the same without him. Again, big thanks!
  6. He's like a little child waiting for Christmas. Only a couple more days! Since I've got no decent computer right now Praash did all the gimping. Big thanks to him.
  7. He's too chivalrous to snatch goods without a proper duel. Or maybe he's just not the sharpest tool in the shed. Anyway, the Great Pig Burglar strikes fear into the hearts of all desperate survivors, who only wish to make a decent living for themselves.
  8. Wheeler's not impressed by doydoys. I just love how she murders by words pretty much everything she sees :'D It just occured to me it's possible to jam a doydoy in Wheeler's navigadget to find its buddy. No more aimless wandering, yay!
  9. The poor old man had no idea what hit him...
  10. A Wormhole spawned right next to the strand resulting the player to get stuck above the water and being unable to get back on the land. Also when loot drops into the water and is relocated on land via c_move() it still has that floaty animation.
  11. Here's a crochet Glommer I did this week and an older Glommer painted on a beach stone from Greece. Because why not. I had to crochet three flowers before I got it right and I won't even try to count how many times I had to undo everything and start from the scratch again. Got some puzzled looks and 'What the heck are you doing' questions... But hey, everybody needs a hobby!
  12. I said last week I have an uncorrupted Wortox to finish but then a phenomenon called life happened to me and I didn't have enough time. Buuut my picture so conveniently had the Krampus in it so I can post it this week without breaking any rules. Yay! Here I present to you: The Team Rocket of the Constant.
  13. After numerous totally different sketches I ended up with this. Minotaur skin is so cool! I think I'll have to finish the Uncorrupted Wortox as well...