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  1. Don't starve quiz

    May I ask for what purpose you are creating this quiz and will I ever get the chance to be an insufferable smarty pants who answers correctly to every question and angers all my friends? *excited nerd sounds*
  2. I think you just have to to click that login -button and then click REWARDS from top left corner of your screen? You don't really need that link to access your klei account information, although it's the easiest way to find the rewards-page imo. Anyway, the link works just fine for me after I logged in again.
  3. I want to have a baby koalefant as a critter. I need it.
  4. I've done so many stupid things I can't list everything here. So I'm gonna go with "ate taffy with less than 3 hp and died". Maybe I'll update this post if I remember something more glorious than my taffy-death.
  5. Bunny Hat

    Bunnyfarms without danger is a bit op. That drowning meat smell with carrots could work but still I think it won't... 20 meats is really much, it should be less. After all, wthout any hats, the bunnies will smell if player is carrying one little morsel and 5 full stacks of carrots. I don't really see what difference it makes if you wear carrots in your head slot. And if it really was a thing, then maybe the hat should spoil over time considering all the carrots needed to make it? And just looking like a bunnyman won't work. They'll see (smell?) through it and I think they'll mercilessly murder even one of their own if they ever happened to find a carnivorous fellow bunny.
  6. I know it's a ridiculously minor thing but I really wish I could have skins for friendly scarecrow. Not necessarily even Hallowed Nights skins, just some skins. I mean, you can dress it like you want and change its expressions, which is cool, but it still has that head slot that says "normal". Why even give it a head slot and call it normal if it can't be anything else but normal? Am I just missing something??
  7. I personally have no problem with it, but I know some people have. I just acknowledged it so others wouldn't have to yell something like butbutbutwortoxandwormwood.
  8. Would that fountain be actually harvestable? If not, I'm ok with it. There can never be too much decorative structures. If yes, it sounds somewhat op to me. There are legit ways to get those items and imo they are reasonably challenging to acquire as they are right now and giving players a priced shortcut to those resources would make dst a pay-to-win game, which I don't like. Like Freya said, this is not EA. It's enough that we already have Wormwood and Wortox dividing the community, and you can still get both of them without buying anything. But still I would very much like to have more decorative stuff.
  9. I personally have not been accused of griefing but a friend of mine, who I regularly play with on a voice chat, has. We were on a public server, built a nice camp together, it was day 100+ or something and a bunch of people joined there the same time. It was a pretty normal group of newbs, they came to camp, were helpless, emptied the ice box and run around with nothing to do. They still seemed nice enough so we tolerated it. Some of them left the camp and soon they returned chased by a varg. We were like ok, let's fight it, c'mon could these newbs at least do something and not just stand there. They waited until there was only one person alive and rest of us were ghosts, then the last one hammered the ice flingomatic and set everything on fire. We kicked him and voted for rollback, there was some hassle with the votes but we succeeded. Sadly the the last save point was in middle of the varg-fight but me and some others were still alive, so I decided to lure the varg away from the camp and give others some time to get back on their feet again. After all the grief was kicked, right? In a couple of minutes an enormous s**tstorm breaks in. One of the remaining players started yelling the camp's on fire again and he saw my friend did it which really is ridiculous because he wasn't in the camp at all and wouldn't do such a thing anyway. I don't remember all the details but it turned out to one of those Your mama's stupid -fights. Eventually we managed to talk the others over and we kicked the second troll and again a rollback. Then we managed to play a few days with no problems. But who would have guessed: there was a third one. Long story short we kicked them also. Is it really that fun to ruin others game?
  10. I just want stingers, hound teeth, steel wool and every other relatively useless and/or ridiculously abundant item to have more uses. More recipes requiring them or the existing recipes requiring more of them. I would gladly use 10 hound teeth per tooth trap, I end up drowning in my hound tooth stacks on every server I play on. Also I think vanilla beefalo domestication sucks. It's hard enough when you play on a private server with friends dedicating themselves to the quest. It takes forever. And your not done yet, after all that hard work you still have to keep your beef domesticated. It somehow works, but public servers and domesticated beefalo just don't work out at all. All you need to do is disconnect for a while so you can get some sleep and when you return your companion has untamed themself and been eaten. Ain't that nice. I'm not sure what should be done to change it but right now I just don't get myself pet beefalos on public servers, which is a pity.
  11. I was perfectly fine with the fact that all critters are useless. I loved my little wyvernling and it's just hilarous how Warly calls his ewelet Lambchop. It was ok. But now we have mothling and it wins every other critter 10-0 and I think it's just wrong. In my opinion every critter should have a special ability, or even better, none of them should. Now there's no reason to get any other pet but mothling, which is really boring. I'll get the others anyway because I like them but still I'll know there's a better option and I can't be fully happy with my adorable kittykit. That's just sad. I find it weird that mothling isn't even the hardest one to craft. You just have to explore a bit and wait until the first summer. To craft broodling you'll have to kill dragonfly or klaus possibly multiple times before you're lucky enough to get yourself a lavae egg. In my opinion even ewelet is harder to get because first you'll have to find ewecus and then actually fight it. To get mothling you just have to walk/sail around. I said I'd wish all critters were equally useless and honestly I think it would be the best. But if they had some abilities imo good ones would be something like this: Kittykit -When crafty it would puke you stuff like pinecones or petals, like catcoons do. Nothing too valuable. Vargling -Scrappy vargling would sometimes help you with your fights dealing <10 dmg per hit. It's a nice bonus, not a real weapon. Ewelet -You could shave it for small tufts of steel wool you can then refine to actual steel wool. Maybe you'd need to keep it well-fed to make it extra puffy before you can trim it. Broodling -You can cook food on it. You can cook on extra adorable lavae, why not broodling? Glomglom -Playful glomglom would have a small sanity aura. Lesser than Glommer's and only for it's owner. Giblet -Maybe it summons birds? Or poops guano when fed?? I don't know. Anyway, critters should stay (at least mostly) cosmetic. And yes, I do use cool hats with no purpose. I even have floorings on my camps and I'm a huge fan of Furniture Megapack -mod. We can never have too much fabulous yet useless stuff to show off.
  12. Only the insanity color filter is a problem for me. My screen is not the best one you could have (to put it mildly). My issue is more like "can't see anything at all in winter" not "my eyes are hurting in winter". So yes... it would be nice to be able to do something about it. I still voted 'yes' for everything because it never hurts to have more options and I couldn't vote 'dunno'.
  13. Oh, I didn't know raw potatoes deal damage. Now I think about it I realise I've never eaten one without throwing it in a crockpot... I've always been such a picky-eating food snob but the situation has only become worse after the potatoe-update. Nowdays I mostly play Warly
  14. I feel your pain :'D My situation wasn't even dire, no monsters and a perfectly good amount of honey hams in the ice box just waiting for to be eaten. But I thought it would be nice to have a bit higher sanity. One little candy and that's it. I'm dead. Is it actually possible to get killed by a potato? Please tell us your story, it must be a really epic one.