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  1. Here's a list of my current tradable duplicates, throw me a trading offer if you see something you like. In return I'd like to have item(s) of the same steam market value and rarity tier, 1:1, that I don't own yet. Preferably costume collection items, but other skins are fine too. I'll put below my trading link and json file link for you to see which skins I might be interested in. JSON: Trading link: Skin checklist for easy trade matching: The plain old skin checklist:
  2. When I play with my friends we mostly translate everything in Finnish, including mob names that are combinations of different animals, or just use the original English word with a terrible Finnish accent because why not. Examples of our traslated names: Beefalo - Pihveli Koalefant - Koalafantti, Fantti Bunny and bunnyman - Pupu Pigman - Possu Tentacle - Lonkeroinen Dephtsworm - Mato Ewecus - Mummo (which actually means granny) And if you have no idea how bad the Finnish accent can get when we're not even trying, may I present to you a video demonstrating the horrors of it!
  3. I checked the code a few eras ago and based on what I think I can recall I'd say that if the players are far enough from each other they get separate waves, like 5 hounds each, but if they're together they get a wave that's bigger than what you'd get if you played alone and smaller than the wave you'd get if you just blatantly combine the separated waves you'd have if you're far away from your pals. Example scenario for 4 players: Players are separated: Everyone gets a wave of 5 hounds -> total number of the hounds roaming the wilds is 20 Players are within a short distance from each other: There's a bunch of hounds attacking and the total number of hounds is somewhere in between of 5 and 20 Also, note that the number of hounds that spawn varies randomly within a range that's determined by how old the world is and how long you've been there. If you ever have exactly 5 hounds per player at any point of time, that's just lucky and not a rule. And please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not really sure anymore. It's been so long.
  4. I love the old Costume Collection because the skins are based on creatures existing on the Constant and to me it is funnier and makes more sense than the new generic Hallowed Nights collection we had last year. Those new skins seem too modern and mainstream for the survivors, while mob-costumes are closer to their own life and that way feel more natural to them. Also ain't it more morbid to dress up as a monster that could actually kill you any day, then have a laugh about it and throw a party about it, rather than just dress up as a vampire or zombie like pretty much every real world person does these days? Why would they even do that? I like how the survivors have created a new culture and holidays for themselves that aren't copy-pasted from the real world and the new skin set kinda clashes with that. All my personal lore-ish thoughts aside, the old set has way more uses than the new one: Costume collection has cool everyday skins you can use just about any time, whereas I pretty much haven't touched the Hallowed Night's Collection since last Halloween since it's too Halloween-y. So put it shortly, I don't mind what kind of skins Klei decides to give us as long as they're based on creatures living on the Constant, not some cheap made in China costumes you can buy from every shop irl at this time of the year. Although Jack o Lantern Wormwood would be cool.
  5. For me flashing lights won't trigger epilepsy but migraine, and even though it shouldn't cause me any risk of injuries it's still horrible and sometimes scary too. I'd rather not experience that. I would really like to see some options for flashing lights, but before we have them we as a community can make a difference. If you EVER decide to cause lighnting strikes etc while playing with others, give a warning before you start or even ask your fellow players if they're ok with it. It'll only take a sec and it might mean really much to somebody.
  6. Hi! I just wanted to say I like how you shade your pencil drawings, it's cool.
  7. My sentiments exactly First I was like please somebody explain what am I supposed to do with all these, but now I'm starting to think nobody actually has the answer and I'm just going to roll with it... These are great :'D Although if somebody in fact can explain, feel free, I'm waiting.
  8. 1. It's possible to do it in every season, but like Well-met said, Autumn is the easiest season for everything. If you decide to go in Winter you need a fire pit and lots of fuel, and you need to be careful with mutant penguins when you find the moon island, they'll kill you. Spring is ok too if you can keep yourself dry and you absolutely need a lightning rod, which you can now have as a mast upgrade. Summer is doable, but I'd say it's the hardest season for your first voyage because you kinda need more preparation: endo-pit and flingomat/water pump/luxurious fan/lots of water balloons for wild fires. 2. I'm no expert on this but I like to have at least 2 masts, anchor, steering wheel, mast upgrades for light and lightning rod, couple of chests, crockpot, fridge, maybe an appropriate firepit depending on the season, drying rack, birdcage and tin fishing bin. It will be really hard to build all of these without mods or console commands. Luckily everything that's not in the sailing tab is only a luxurity. Don't bother with the last few items on the list if you find it too hard. 3. Yeah, boat patches and stuff to repair your boat! Also an oar and some fuel to keep Charlie away. It's nice to have a lantern or miner hat at this point too. Armor, weapons and healing items for those situations you can't just run away. Life giving amulets if you're lucky enough to find them or have shadow manipulator already. Food. 4. If you built a crockpot, the easiest way to manage health and hunger might be meatballs and fish sticks. It helps if you have sea fishing rod and can fish on the way, but it's not really necessary. You can bring meat and/or fish from the land and seaweed is an excellent filler. You can manage sanity with that drying rack: put there seaweed, it dries really fast and restores sanity pretty well + it's everywhere. If you don't have a drying rack, eat cooked greencaps or cactus for sanity. Don't make too long trips, it's ok to go back to land every couple of days, so you don't need that much food. 5. Stone fruits are the best. Collect them and maybe dig some bushes too, I'm just usually too scared of the disease so I just try to plant my own bushes from the seeds. I also like to collect bull kelps from the ground and plant them in the water near my base, because seaweed is so cool. I usually don't bother with the craftables. It makes the sailing so much easier if you have a vague idea of where you should look for the island. If you want to minimize the time spent on the ocean you should first explore the land. The map is always shaped as a rectangular, so if you know where the land is you can also guess where the borders of that rectangular might be, and where could be a large enough patch of unexplored ocean that could have the island in it. Go sail there first. Also the shape of the coastline is usually a pretty good hint: search for two different peninsulas with a long straight part of coastline that faces towards a similar place on a different peninsula. The moon island is really often pretty much in middle of those too peninsulas. The world gen doesn't always gift you with these kind of peninsulas though, so you might have to search the harder way after all. When you sail keep an eye on the color of the water. It's very light shade of blue when you're near land or the island, and darker when you're far away from all shores. I drew y'all a freakishly ugly picture that hopefully helps somebody find the moon island a bit faster. The island doesn't always position itself so neatly in the middle of those peninsulas, but still very often and it's good to know.
  9. I would like to have a boat basement. It doesn't have to be big, just the same size as a normal boat. I know it's possible to make perfectly functional boat bases already, but I just hate how cluttered it gets. I'm one of those aesthetic base builders who want their camp to look nice, mere practicality isn¨'t enough. Imo boat basements wouldn't be op if ithey were reasonably costly to build and it were somehow restricted what you can do there, i.e. no pig houses or farms, only stuff you could realistically have in a cargo space of a boat. I don't know why you'd choose to live at the sea if you wanted to use the same surviving methods you would use on land. A little extra space on a boat doesn't make it better, even with unrestricted basement-activities, than unlimited space on land where those landlubber surviving methods would be easily available without any additional effort of building a dedicated room for them.
  10. I think it makes sense to have walls in the caves but I really hate those walls. If the walls had more finished and natural look I might love them, but then again I've never played with walls and I could find them frustrating if they were blocking my vision everywhere... All in all I'm pretty happy with how the caves look now, and if at some point we do get walls that look better than the original ones I'd like to have them only in some biomes, not everywhere.
  11. Here's a Weirdly Magnificent and Hot Wilson for y'all! That's what I was supposed to draw, right @Whisperlisc??
  12. Some of you might remember the ceramic carrat I was making a few months ago. I posted a couple of work-in-progress-pictures of her in the art stream thread and promised to edit my post when she's ready. Alas, then happened the Covid-19 outbreak and sadly my poor carrat got quarantined in the ceramics class with no way out. Last Monday she was finally able to have a taste of sweet freedom when we got a permission to come and fetch our completed works. And here she is now! Just happily sniffing around all the summery scents around her while taking her very first walk outside. <3