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  1. This is not a bug... Don't report people trolling you as bugs. They were clearly making fun of you, but also it's a good idea not to ask where's the base pretty much the first thing you join. Ask how to help instead, make yourself useful... More experienced players generally don't want new joiners to find the base too easily because of griefers and loiterers who do not contribute.
  2. @reallychina This exactly is what i meant. It becomes a problem if you have longer loading times when joining a server, and it's 5th insta ban that day.... So annoying. There are different settings to choose from if you don't want to play with random people, and they really are not that hard to find when generating a world. If you've chosen the wrong one, the courteous thing to do would be to say "sorry my mistake, I wanted to play alone/with friends only". No need to be rude, I've wasted time because of your incorrect publicity settings, it's nicer to say something first. A feature suggestion: when the host kicks/bans a newly joined player, the game could offer a dialog to change these settings immediately, without having to restart the server or spend time digging through unfamiliar menus. After that just a quick automatic reload, and no more annoyances to anybody.
  3. I pretty much forgot about this report and my memories about the bug itself have gotten a bit hazy. I do remember my stats were changing, somewhat alike when sleeping normally, but not quite the same way. I think my hunger didn't decrease or something, but my other stats were getting better, though it might have changed when I tried to move? It was wacky and I can't really remember. Charlie didn't mind me at all and I didn't stick around to see if I would die later. In conclusion: I'm not sure if tent-based immortality is actually a thing or not, but anyway the experience was a marvellously boring one. Although I did get a good laugh with my friend and I guess getting stuck was bad karma for purposefully lighting the tent on fire when he tried to sleep in there. I totally got what I deserved but don't tell my friend I said that. 0/10 wouldn't recommend :'D
  4. Fair enough, if you try to communicate and it's not working. You can kick players from your server if their playstyle isn't what you want, but in that case it'd be good to state it clearly on the server name or description so everyone who decides to join will know what you want. I meant those situations when the one joining is doing everything they can to be cooperative and nice and still gets insta-kicked right after joining, without a word from the host. It's clear the host doesn't want any random people joining their world, so they should set the server options accordingly....
  5. I tried to extinguish a burning tent, was too late for it and the tent burned up. When clicking the tent, which a split-second ago was in flames, my character went in and started sleeping in that burned thing. When I tried to get away, my character didn't become visible again and I couldn't move.
  6. The beefalo doesn't have to be dressed up first. I started taming my beef before I got the grooming station and that happened to me when I tried to dress it up for the first time.
  7. I too had my beefalo duplicate. It was following me when the host restarted the server and when I joined back there were another beefalo that didn't follow me.
  8. Thanks, I think I might be able to wait until then... Where did you find that information? I thought I read everything...
  9. Can somebody brag about having this skin? And if so, how did you obtain it? Logging in? A random in-game drop? I need answers and dem scissors!!
  10. I feel I saw some of today's drawings yesterday. What's the deal? Am I just imagining things or is there some other explanation to this but plagiarism??
  11. Welp, I don't try to be some kind of a tech expert because I most certainly am not, but I would have tried to scan the thing again and saving it as a picture instead of a text file, which still need to be converted somehow as you noticed. I've had bad experiences with converting stuff like that and re-scanning seems more straight-forward to me. I hope you get your image accepted
  12. Yesterday I got my reward skins less than an hour after I posted my image, I don't even know the exact time, It was so fast I didn't expect it. JoeW happened to be online and working at the time so maybe that's why? Anyway, it was almost instant for me. Which format did you try to use after pdf? Jpg or png should work fine...
  13. Hi! I just wanted to say I like how you shade your pencil drawings, it's cool.
  14. Some of you might remember the ceramic carrat I was making a few months ago. I posted a couple of work-in-progress-pictures of her in the art stream thread and promised to edit my post when she's ready. Alas, then happened the Covid-19 outbreak and sadly my poor carrat got quarantined in the ceramics class with no way out. Last Monday she was finally able to have a taste of sweet freedom when we got a permission to come and fetch our completed works. And here she is now! Just happily sniffing around all the summery scents around her while taking her very first walk outside. <3