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  1. I like the sounds and distortion, I just don't like how in some light levels/seasons/turfs the're invisible and I get killed before I can even equip my armor.
  2. This is one of the main reasons I still die to the shadows, this needs to be fixed.
  3. They should definitely do that once all the new characters are out.
  4. Is that held together with tape? No wonder they upgraded.
  5. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Sorry for the bad sound quality I don't have a good mic.
  6. Y'know those links some people have to their art/mods under all their posts? I want a link to my youtube channel there and I can't find the thing to add it.
  7. I think the current summer mechanics are nice, I've never struggled to get the goggles or kill antlion, but I might jut be lucky. The only thing I would change is make fire hounds just light the player on fire when you kill them, because I'm really tired of them burning everything with no way to stop them.
  8. With the new ocean stuff, the archipelago map would be really interesting
  9. Remember when he could harvest stuff instantly in the gorge? That was amazing.
  10. WX turned out kind weird
  11. I remeber the devs gave an official explanation for this, something about they think they're dying, but they wake up on another island.
  12. Personally, I've never liked that types of plot point in stories, I've always seen it as lazy writing, and a dissatisfying ending. When I see stories end with the hero realizing it was all a dream, it kinda invalidates everything that just happened.