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  1. This video I found should explain what you found. It gets a little technical at the end, but it shouldn't be too hard to understand.
  2. I think that's the sort of thing that sounds really fun to play, but would be impossible to animate/program.
  3. My guess is that those are going to be radio signals, used for wireless automation
  4. IS THAT A POP BOTTLE ROCKET? (I hope there's pip& pokeshell morphs)
  5. Most of the characters don't have much to go back to. Pretty much all of them have better lives in the constant.
  6. Thank you for this! I was having so much trouble trying to level those cards.
  7. Are there plans to add a tab to the compendium for all the animals and robots? I think that would be a useful addition.
  8. For those of you who don't know, Tabletop Simulator is a game on steam that allows people to play board games and card games (and other stuff) in a 3D environment. I have been considering uploading a mod to the game with all of the cards from Griftlands. That way, players would be able to use the cards in ways the game does not allow, such as battling against another player. I'm wondering, how many of you would be interested in such a thing? Of course, I don't want to do this without the permission from the developers, as the cards belong to them. So, anyone from Klei want to weigh in on this?
  9. WHY?! Why would you want the cute dog to die? Seriously though, Woby is fine being immortal. She doesn't draw aggro away from you like Chester does, which is good and bad. She can't stop following the player, so it's good that she can't die.
  10. Hesh no, the marbles trinket is very common in the ruins. This would make it even easier for Walter to destroy the Guardian and everything else in the runis.
  11. There's already different types of rounds, most of these could work as a specific type of round.
  12. I am now, Walter has a generic quote for default Woodie