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  1. I've got a lot of of circuits lying around my base, and I think it would be neat if I could use some of them to decorate my winter's feast tree instead of the normal bulbs. The small health circuits could work identically to the red bulbs, they've already got a durability counter so it could work like a life giving amulet where the different uses would drain it at different rates. Then circuits like the night vision circuit could add more colour range to the tree, although the larger ones might need a bit of tweaking to fit in visually.
  2. I think we can all agree that if they were from the 2020s they would all be much less interested in trying to get home.
  3. It would be nice if we could make a really big backpack that only holds spiders like the candy bag
  4. His mouth and the beefalo suit's mouth. Maybe also that nox he mentioned.
  5. My guess is that Wagstaff tried to force WX into the portal, but they got in a fight and the portal was damaged, starting the fire and dragging both of them in. WX probably got some memory damage that makes it hard to remember the actual event aside from vague notions about fire and a hatred of Wagstaff.
  6. Warning that while that code works, it will lag the game a lot for a few minutes while the map loads.
  7. Based on Wurt's quotes from the Gorge, the Gnaw made merms in the constant long before she was born, but stories of the Gnaw have been passed down through the generations of merms. Most skins that aren't taken from an animated short like Uncorrupted Maxwell and the gladiator skins are most likely non-canon what if? situations, like how the Triumphant set is "what if this person ended up on the nightmare throne instead of Maxwell?". I really doubt that Wormwood's victorian skin is remotely canon, so it wouldn't make sense to say that most skins are canon.
  8. I spawned in a celestial fissure on the moon because the fissures I put the moon altars in at first were just slightly too far from each other to make the storm and I didn't want to move them again.
  9. What'll it take for a release of the music in the trailer Klei? This is one of the best soundtracks I've heard in a game trailer.
  10. Have you ever struggled to fight the bee queen? Check out this handy guide and kill that bee on your first try or your money back!