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  1. [Game Update] - 317078

    Probably the Roc would still try and grab you even if you were dead.
  2. Leaked poster news!

    It's not unheard of for games to plan the story years in advance.
  3. Leaked poster news!

    Jack didn't investigate the disappearance, Maxwell wrote him a letter saying that he was still alive. I think that Jack knew about William becoming Maxwell, but nobody else did. I think he changed his name and faked his death to escape the debt he owed "Mr Witherstone"
  4. Leaked poster news!

    Well, the codex umbra did change his physical appearance quite a bit, and William was reported dead.
  5. Leaked poster news!

    Something I should point out about the bishops, In the update poster for when the bishop was first added to the game, it was listed as "The electric gatekeeper" Pugna and Mumsy mention gatekeepers, and since it seems to somehow have been in the real world, this could be some important lore...
  6. I kinda want to google this, but I am afraid I might have trouble sleeping.
  7. I hope they release the new character this week. I want to be able to play it over spring break.
  8. I already set a new personal best survival time with the new stuff. The catapults are really useful and Winona is now my third favorite character.