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  1. Maybe we'll get a Quacken ported over from SW, with different mechanics to fit the new boats?
  2. i mean, we saw a terrorbeak in the Willow short, which most likely took place before Maxwell found the book. Clearly, some portal exists.
  3. I am so exited for this character! You guys have really outdone yourselves with this list of abilities. I also like the addition of a "favorite food," helps add some flavor to the characters personality. Kinda bumbed out that she doesn't have the hunchback model, but still worth it. I wounder what her quotes will be like, seeing as the merm vocabulary so far seems to consist of Florp Glup Blop.
  4. I was talking with a friend about game logic, when we had an amazing idea. The crock pot seems to be a magical source of plates, as well as other eating utensils, and yet the survivors never use this to its full potential. I propose an item for Warly, crafted with a portable crock pot, 3 silk, and two boards. The item could be similar to Wheeler's gun, in the way that when you load an item into it, you can shoot something. The item would be able to cook food like a fire pit, and every time you did this you would get a plate. The plates could be loaded into the item like air horn/blunderbuss. I don't know what damage it should do though, what do you think?
  5. Wurt

    What's all this about a hallowed nights short?
  6. Can the duelists kill the cookie cutters in the water?
  7. Wurt

    This may lead to some interesting interactions.
  8. Wurt

    1 hour till we get some news!
  9. ... and then the spiders will be outside all the time, ripe for friending.
  10. Don't starve quiz

    Hardest question for real here: What gem is this symbol? A. Yellow B. Green C. Purple D. Orange
  11. Don't starve quiz

    What day is the first full moon? A. 9 B. 10 C. 11 (correct) D. Monday What item can make snow Chester? A. Blue gem (correct) B. Ice C. Thermal stone D. Ice cube What boss is found on the surface? A. Fuelweaver B. Toadstool C. Klaus (correct) D. Ancient guardian
  12. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    It would have been so much better if you said "Wurt?"
  13. What? This is an actual issue, and it should be official, instead of having to install a mod to prevent griefers.
  14. I feel like Klei would make this just for all the pun opportunities. But in all seriousness, this is a really good concept for a character! Solid strengths, good drawbacks. As a small suggestion to make the drawbacks more immersive, I propose you tie the speed penalty to health percentage, starting at -20 and dropping even more as he loses health.
  15. Got a few of ‘em here This is my new head cannon as to where the craters are from. Warly wants some of that salad.