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  1. Oh boy every time I hear Shadow War I think of the Ducktales season 1 finale
  2. Those dust moths look like something out of a Dr Seuss book.
  3. Upon successful completion of a negotiation, I was sent back to the previous dialogue and had to chose another option.
  4. @watermelen671 Got a big request here, I hope it's not too much to ask. Think you could please get me all the elements of the UI, like the building tabs, digging, sweeping, the clock. I don't need the opened versions of them, just the default stuff. As a second request, I need the Duplicant walking, climbing, and using tools (with empty hands, it doesn't need to hold anything) animations.
  5. The graft changes the base cost, so any other effects would apply after
  6. I never noticed that either! I also thought the Rise logo was a beach ball
  7. A cap for hounds. It get's really annoying when they come every three days.
  8. I just got that crash too, pretty sure it was because I was clicking too fast and didn't give the numbers a chance to fall
  9. I think that's because Axolotls have much longer snouts than Merms
  10. When I first saw the new Wormwood skin, I thought it was Wilson
  11. Right before the end of day one in Rook's brawl, I noticed Hebbel had some new menu items.
  12. IS THAT A POP BOTTLE ROCKET? (I hope there's pip& pokeshell morphs)