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  1. Unfortunate Screencaps

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it cannot be unseen Save us @minespatch
  2. /EDIT 10/04/19: It's been a long time, and a lot of art has been lost in the ever-expanding page count of this topic. Here is the condensed version: Best of 2018: /END OF EDIT Well, this isn't exclusively sketches and doodles; there's some more polished stuff in here as well. I'd like to maybe make some comic strips someday too. I was one of those people who may have looked at reviews and gameplay before buying Don't Starve, but bought the game mainly for the art style. The game is fun, too, even if I suck at it, but the art is rather important to me. Mmm, such fine art. Though my own artistic goals are not necessarily directly aligned with DS's style, I still have much to learn from it. At the moment, I'm mainly thinking about the facial proportions of different characters. I had (still have, actually) a tendency to use the same facial proportions for every dang character I drew. Though I don't wish to copy the DS style, I am using it as inspiration and a learning tool. An influence, if you will. Anyway, enough of that. A R T. I started getting back into DS recently after a dry spell. Just like that, these folks started turning up in my sketchbook.
  3. Drawings and Drivel

    tfw you're profoundly horrified at your own existence
  4. First time drawing any DS character.

    That looks pretty good, thank you for sharing! It's nice how you added some of the underside to that right-bottom leaf thing, it makes it look more three dimensional. If you draw more stuff, we'd love to see you post it! If you're feeling bold, you can post this on the Klei Weekly Art Stream thread by Tuesday, as that's this week's prompt.
  5. At some point I wanted to make a joke about being a Rogue Artist, Drawing Without a Badge.


    but it never came up and I ain't a Rogue Artist anymore.

    1. minespatch


      You deserve the badge.:wilson_smile:

  6. Figured I couldn't justify posting drawings of Gravitas employees in Dupe-a-Day. Even if they're very closely related. For starters, here's how I imagine Director Stern. GO TO YOUR OFFICE AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'VE DONE, JACKIE! I've got a load of scribbles in my sketchbooks surrounding half-formed crackpot theories (my favourite passtime!) that'll probably be further developed in the future. Well, I call them theories, but the main one seems to be "what if the Gravitas facility was an office-themed sitcom". Which it probably was. And then everyone died terribly.
  7. Dreams of Gravitas

    These are old doodles from early April... but some of them are pretty good. Did I peak in April? Is it all downhill from here? Marie used a scunchie to tie her hair. Also that Joshua is the best I've ever drawn. Bahni, you so cool.
  8. Russian community fanart

    Very well done! Congratulations to all the contributors, their hard work is appreciated!
  9. Music thread

    I agree, pretty much. Hokey vocals don't usually bother me that much. I, like many, was introduced to them by someone on Twitter describing it as "if Skeletor was the frontman of a heavy metal band" --- Stumbled across this just now Hah, yup. "Tomorrow" turned up on Supardanil's stream playlist one time. He allows his viewers to make a playlist when he streams, and the master one is pretty huge... might explore it more sometime.
  10. Ten Thousand Hours of Art

    Three whole people have expressed interest in an off-topic art thread, so here we go. To begin... two drawings! Could this be... original content? Not fanart? Who thought it possible! I think part of the reason I like drawing Wilson so much is because he looks like my own character here. And her brother. And her ancestor who shows up later. What's all this for, anyway? Here's the truth: as much as I like to consume and appreciate things such as games and comics, I'd like to make my own at some point too. Comics, that is. Games are a bit out of my field. Ideally this comic will launch in early 2022. Stay tuned for three and a half years for something that may never exist, kids!
  11. Ten Thousand Hours of Art

    Long-Winded Paper Rant Spent the last... four days more or less (lost track) going through all the various papers I've accumulated over my brief stint at art school. We worked in 18"x24" most of the time, which is impractical to work with without the proper setup. It barely fits on my desk. About four of these pads of paper needed to be processed: tear out each sheet individually, fold, cut, fold again, and stitch, as well as the cardboard for the covers. The newsprint, kraft, and spare sheets of the other papers went into ten stapled "sketchbooks" which will house the observational drawings I should be doing. Boring grindy stuff. The ten stitched books consist of eight different types of paper of varying qualities, and consumed most of the four days. Four of the smaller stitched books were done earlier in the year (have actually been using the ink-spattered one on the right since January), as well as two of the stapled ones to the lower right. Even so, it took like four heckin' days. They ain't even that nice. Better than glue-bound, but have some DIY lousiness to them. Additionally, I have another nine or ten regular store-bought sketchbooks sitting half a ream of copy paper... and some watercolour and canvas paper... it's gonna take me like fifteen years to get through all these. Remind me to never buy paper again. It's not as bad as I make it sound. The task is finished, the arm has been given a break from the repeated stress of drawing, and now I can finally use all this paper. [proceeds to draw digitally]
  12. Music thread

    Land of all wonders, engulfed by the waves Where pyramids first rose and sank to their graves Isle of our fathers, founders of our ways Now lost to the ocean and blue coral caves Warriors rise from the grave Longships sailing the wave Bloodshed on every shore Friction massing from war still my favourite album ever
  13. This actually does puzzle me a wee bit. Going on Epic will likely cut down a lot of the potential players they'd have. Well, maybe a decent amount of units will be sold, but only a smallish percentage of those buyers will be consistent feedback-givers.
  14. True, I may be spinning things to be more positive. However, I will say one last thing: Klei (and game developers in general) tend to overestimate how quickly things will take. They will most likely release the full game much later than fall 2020. With regards to getting onto Steam in the first place, seeing how badly the Epic store exclusivity is being received, it's probably within their best interest to put it on Steam riiiiiight when they say they will. Or else a significant chunk of their buyers will flip their desks even more violently than now. This is all speculation, and being on Epic is a disappointment and all, but it shouldn't spoil our experience of the game when it does come out. We've been patient so far.
  15. Well, depends on the person. It seems we did not forget about this game when it was originally announced in 2017, two years ago. The games industry moves very quickly, so one year is about as long as this may be tolerable... but this is not even the full game. It's a buggy, incomplete alpha (kind of like the Epic store itself). According to this roadmap, more content will be released when it's put on Steam anyway. Bear with me, Epic is pretty gross. I wish Steam's only main competitor was not such crap. Should the deal change to Griftlands being an Epic exclusive forever (which is incredibly unlikely, but just for argument's sake), I'll join the riot. But heck, it's one year of an incomplete game. We'll have plenty of time to offer feedback through Early Access before full release.
  16. Food Fight!

    This is the direct contrast of what DST is. Fascinating.
  17. Ooooh, glad to see this taking shape. Though I really enjoy RPGs, I see that the card-based gameplay works well with what you were going for. Excited to see how this unfolds! The small glimpse you have given looks swell. And boy, is this a good-looking game. Edit: Okay, Epic is a bit icky and I will not be purchasing the alpha, but maybe we could be a tiny bit less dramatic and accept the fact that games are not cheap to develop and Griftlands has already taken longer than intended. Maybe Epic offered a crap ton of money. The game will not be exclusive forever, and if that money makes the game better and closer to the devs' vision, is it really selling out in the worst sense?
  18. Stupid/Funny Supervillain ideas

    In early 2018 I invented a guy named Hot Tamale. He wields a hammer (hence the maul) and wears vacuum-sealed spandex in a reddish colour (hence the hot). He is basically a pun. He also flies I guess? I was reading a lot of Black Hammer at the time, and boy does Lemire like his puns. Bless him, he gave us such treasures as: - Mechtoplasm (haunted mech, probably my favourite) - Cthu-Lou (and his daughter, Cthu-Louise) - Manaconda - GrimJim (you expect Grimjaw, but no)
  19. Weird Headcannons

    Am I the only one who thought that WX-78 would give Wormwood the benefit of the doubt? As in: "PERHAPS THE PLANT BEING WILL BE LESS DISGUSTING THAN THE FLESHSACKS." Right up until Wormwood slathers a compost wrap all over himself, and that's when the hatred begins "OH MY BOLTS, YOU ARE SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT."
  20. Book Club

    At long last, I got to read the comic I single-handedly hyped myself up for. And I was not disappointed! Middlewest is an excellent comic in many respects. I may have a few tiny nitpicks with it, but I have a few tiny nitpicks with everything under the sun and they tend not to matter. I was attracted entirely to the art style at first--which is right up my alley--but the story was great too. I tried not to read anything about it beforehand in order to enjoy the discovery more, but I will write a bit in here in case you people may be interested, but not keen on going in blind. It could be potentially triggering to someone, depending on your life/childhood experience. Aspects of it may hit too close to home, and that's a 100% valid reason to avoid something. The character design is wonderful--just look at this guy--but that's not the only good thing about the art. The visual storytelling is absolutely remarkable. There is a part near the very end of this volume that still sticks with me: the artists used everything they had to make such a powerful image that really makes you feel the character's terror--I cannot stress enough how impressive that is with a single still image! well at that point there was over five issues of context but man, still thinking about that image The text was there to compliment the art, not the other way around. Middlewest reignited my passion for comics. Instead of "Comics are pretty cool," I have returned to the enthusiasm of throwing back my head and screeching "COMICS ARE AN AMAZING, NECESSARY, VALID, AND NEEDED MEDIUM THAT DOESN'T GET ENOUGH ATTENTION, THAT CAN TELL COMPELLING, EMOTIONAL STORIES AND PEOPLE SHOULD BUY MORE SO THAT MORE GET MADE TO EXPLORE THEMES AND WORLDS WE NEVER ANTICIPATED" into the night. So, uh, yeah. I'd recommend Middlewest to a friend.
  21. Book Club

    This forum is probably not the best place to try this... but I'm giving it a go anyway. Ya like books? I know ya like vidya garms, but it's good fun to embrace other media as well. Personally I find that, as much as I love video games and as strong as stories as they may have, they don't scratch every itch. Novels are their own beast, as are movies, shows, and games. I'd consider putting comics in another category as well. Excuse me a moment as I wax lyrical about storytelling: Sorry. Had to get that out. The book that spurred me to post this was Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, which I enjoyed more than I could have expected. It could be that I simply forgot how much I enjoyed reading, or it could be that I was reading a genre I haven't really explored ever and found the freshness pleasing. Indeed, I'm the sort of person who abhors romantic subplots anywhere and everywhere, but when it's a more primary focus of the story, it is much more palatable. Anything that feels stuck-on, or merely added to check off a requirement, makes for a crappy read, but a well-planned, well-written, and thoughtful romance actually doesn't suck, to my slight surprise. Of course, it's all a matter of taste, and it seems I'm more susceptible to sentimental nonsense and drama than I had previously thought. Possibly uncomfortable points: It should be noted that Jane Eyre is also considered a gothic novel, and isn't entirely romance-centric. Other stuff happens too, such as child abuse. Personally, I related to the titular character Jane (and her quest to become a valued, but not submissive, person) quite closely. That probably helped a lot with my enjoyment of the book, for as fun as it is to read something new and foreign to your mind, there is something to be said for familiarity. It is also fascinating to consider how old this book is, and how people haven't really changed much aside social expectations. This book is by no means perfect, naturally. A lot of the complaints to be had with it are "product of its time" things. Some of these points may really bother some people though, such as a flavour of racism and British imperialism. Oh, and that, uh, spoilerly thing TL;DR: Read Jane Eyre, liked it, wanted to share my love of books. Has anyone read anything lately? Pretty much anything counts; it doesn't have to be a classic, fiction, or even a physical book. Audiobooks count as well. And remember, even if you think you have no time for such frivolous things as reading, even a few pages before bed every night will get you through even the vastest tome eventually. Audiobooks are popular because they enable people to multitask. You can do it! Hopefully you find something you like-- and here is the place to rave about it.
  22. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  23. Wormwood is Now Live!

    Oooh, loved that animation. Glad to see Hamlet stuff being appreciated even if this is technically a DST ad--well, it can serve two purposes. Also the sequence showing Wormwood form around the gem was sick.
  24. Drawings and Drivel

    There's part of me that wants to purge all the old stuff from everywhere in order to more accurately represent The Brand, but The Brand is probably going to look different in another year anyway. What even is my brand? If I ever get into Twitch streaming I should probably figure that out.