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  1. Traditionally, Maxwell, the shadows, and the basalt obelisks are linked together. However, statues, meat bulbs and burnt trees are already present in the game. Maxwell's obelisks would be more scenic and more comfortable to place, a nice original QOL, rather than the usual, banal "glass cannon" concept. And then, as they wrote above, Wanda already exists.
  2. Maxwell should be able to summon a basalt obelisk. Imagine how many perfect traps could be created with indestructible basalt obelisks.
  3. Giant first harvests, they taste exotic...
  4. The tyranny of the queen of bees is enough. It's time for the carrot republic. The bee queen was only a small obstacle in the path of democracy.
  5. He is not the perfect eyebrella, but he is an honest eyebrella. We survivors love to surround ourselves with this nonsense.
  6. It's my personal mod. I took My more metals (megarandom) as a basis, in turn a modified union of more metals + tungsten mod. On the steam workshop it is hidden, I am modifying it for my server. I felt the need to make it more difficult to resurrect, while not wanting to preclude the possibility.
  7. The beheaded head of the Swinclops, resurrected following some sort of loathsome curse. And after countless attempts ... even the terrible RANDOMIZED is beaten. SCIENCE!