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  1. But did you really get all those prizes with a twig HD skin? How lucky :'D however it was a funny joke
  2. @x0VERSUS1y I am amused by the inability of the average user of this forum to understand the meaning of the posts. A riot of confused faces and people asking for greater synthesis and clarity. I laugh every time I see an idiotic face as a reaction, ahahah :'D
  3. In fact it offers more protection; however, the cost could be reduced to only 1 pig skins
  4. Thanks Canis, but after the failure of my idea of the nameless island I moved away from the project. I have the feeling of not being what you are looking for
  5. pig skin are overflowing in the world
  6. You have explained very well, but you have the wrong interlocutor. For him DST is perfect, every suggestion or criticism even to the most obvious deficiencies is something idiotic and meaningless. Don't waste any more time on a sterile discussion
  7. In a very difficult mode you can even disable armors, of course. We go by degrees; but I do not exclude anything. I had also considered an "impossible" mode where the player has only 1 health point.
  8. In DST the armor protects well, and protects a lot. Having even a straw armor makes the difference. In a difficult mode I would reduce every defense percentage by half: Tier 1 (straw armor): 33% defense. Tier 2 (wooden armor): 60% defense. Light Tier 3 (thulecite armor): 80% defense. Heavy Tier 3 (marble armor / nightmare): 90% defense. Even this small change would make any battle more hostile.
  9. I really like the idea; playing some sort of football player sounds fun.
  10. Why is Wilson so low in the ranking? He has a beard, THE MAGNIFICENT BEARD!!
  11. "Abigail would have had so much fun to incinerate these stupid birds" To learn more about this Wendy demigod:
  12. "My name is Wilson, I'm a scientist. And you must be eliminated, you're scientifically impossible"
  13. Concept art of the lunar creature "And I saw in the sky the unclean eye of something colossal and alien, whose horrible vision almost made me lose consciousness..."
  14. "On the lunar island there was a stele. Of a black and impenetrable material, there was no way to scratch or melt it in any way. On it were engraved signs of an unknown language. Still, I could understand what was written there. I wasn't really translating, it was as if the voice of an invisible creature was whispering to me the meaning of those signs, as if the deep meaning of that text was creeping into my mind. It told of a creature who lived on the Moon, whose cyclical advent on earth was ready to repeat itself. Ten cycles were missing. He understood that I had to prepare myself; whatever was coming from the sky, it seemed to be the end of the world." Wilson P. Higgsbury; 20 October 1925 - In the next update, I really think that Klei should give the lunar island an greater important role in the game. In my opinion there should be a monolith above, where the player can discover the imminent arrival of a catastrophe: a lunar monster, which will come from the sky and bring death and destruction with its advent. An indestructible creature, scratchable only with lunar artifacts! Here is the compelling need to reach the island and accumulate lunar glass. This time the faithful Ham Bat will not be able to help.