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  1. Both Maxwell and Wilson have not yet been updated. This offers Klei an extraordinary opportunity. We don't assume that a character must already have all of his abilities by the time he spawns from the portal. Wx is updated with the continuation of the game; Maxwell and Wilson could do the same. Once they reached the threshold of the archive, they could actively interact with the papyri contained within it; learn its content and reach new skills. Maxwell could find a way to summon lunar creatures, terrifying and charming in their uncanny rotting deformity. Wilson, on the other hand, could be illuminated by a ghestalt and gain skills related to the Enlightenment: a creative fervor that could culminate in the construction of tremendous bombs. In short, the archive could really be a keystone for these two absolutely central characters in DST.
  2. I think nightmares are not so easy to accumulate if you don't use some "tricks" such as mass killing of nightmare knights. Personally I think it's too easy to get nightmares like that and it's not a system I want to practice. Orange gems always tend to pile up in my worlds, and other users say similar things too. Giving the possibility to use them as fuel seems useful to me.
  3. In Shipwrecked the Booty Bag spontaneously generates doubloons. Some users have rightly pointed out that getting salt is a bit too expensive given its very modest uses (salt box aside). The Cookie Cutter Cap may spontaneously generate salt crystals, making it more easily accessible.
  4. Thulium Pick / Ax: Make it repairable with some of the materials needed to build it. Gold Nugget: + 20% durability. Thulecite Fragment: + 34% durability. Thulecite: + 100% durability. (not optimal). The Lazy Forager: make it repairable with the materials needed to build it: Nightmare fuel: + 25% durability. Thulecite: + 75% durability. Orange Gem: + 100% durability. Makes it possible to collect materials twice as fast. The Lazy Explorer: make it repairable with some of the materials needed to build it: Nightmare Fuel: + 25% durability. Orange Gem: + 100% durability. It ensures that it is not destroyed at 0 uses. Thulecite Medallion: a new passive power; if kept in inventory during the nightmare phase, it provides 25% passive defense against shadow damage. Magiluminescence: make it repairable even with yellow gems; + 100% durability. (This however remains very useful) It ensures that it does not broke to 0 durability, but simply stops working. Cookie Cutter Cap: Give it 90% defense. Some very simple ideas on how to significantly improve some objects.
  5. At first I played completely ignorant of everything, the most authentic experience, even before RoG and when multiplayer seemed impossible. DS gave me hundreds of hours of fun. Then I discovered the mods, and the game had a second renaissance. Use the workshop, it is an exceptional tool to give new life to DS, have no qualms about experimenting with the most risky contents, they are also the most fun. However now, after having also squeezed every single page of the workshop, it is me who directly modifies the game. :] "Either you die a purist, or you live long enough to be a modder"
  6. Can the mind survive without a body? And if so, then why does a body "exist"? If in the fantastic vision of Don't Starve the ghosts are real, why do these souls "reincarnate"? Perhaps the phantom condition is a condition of perpetual pain that only a body of "flesh and blood" can soothe? Perhaps "incarnation" is a punishment from some wicked sadistic god, similar to "Them"? Personally I don't think Klei ever asked himself these almost philosophical questions, but I have my own theory that I think is quite interesting. Ghosts in Don't Starve aren't really ghosts. Let me explain: Shadows, we can guess, are not really ethereal "shadows": they have physical limits when they appear; they can be hurt, they can interfere with the physical world. But being from another dimension, it is as if our senses could only perceive its mirage. Like a shadow hidden by a veil, in fact. What if ghosts were also "partial" manifestations of human bodies trapped in another dimension? We know that there are other realities beyond the Constant, countless distorted realms where leviathans dwell. What if Abigail and the ghosts can't be brought back to life because they just aren't really dead? What can wait eternally is not dead, and after strange eons even death can die...
  7. They are unfathomable entities beyond what our limited senses can perceive. Their otherworldly whisper, however, can be heard by the most intelligent, or insane minds, if you prefer. The knowledge they can give is stupendous and terrible, catastrophic in the hands of us limited creatures of blood and flesh. They bring ruin wherever they go; the Constant is a decaying and dying kingdom. Come on, go through the door without door, Maxwell's machine, the way to a realm beyond human understanding.
  8. local TRADER = { pigman_collector = { items= {"chitin", "mosquitosack", "mosquitosack_yellow", "venomgland", "spidergland"}, delay=0, reset=0, current=0, desc=STRINGS.CITY_PIG_COLLECTOR_TRADE, reward = "oinc", rewardqty = 3}, pigman_banker = { items= {"redgem", "bluegem", "purplegem", "greengem", "orangegem", "yellowgem"}, delay=0, reset=0, current=0, desc=STRINGS.CITY_PIG_BANKER_TRADE, reward = "oinc10", rewardqty = 1}, pigman_beautician = { items= {"feather_crow", "feather_robin", "feather_robin_winter", "goose_feather", "peagawkfeather", "feather_thunder", "doydoyfeather"}, delay=0, reset=1, current=0, desc=STRINGS.CITY_PIG_BEAUTICIAN_TRADE, reward = "oinc", rewardqty = 2}, pigman_mechanic = { items= {"boards", "rope", "cutstone", "papyrus", "fabric", "limestone", --[[]] "torch", "axe", "pickaxe", "shovel", "machete", "hammer"}, delay=0, reset=1, current=0, desc=STRINGS.CITY_PIG_MECHANIC_TRADE, reward = "oinc", rewardqty = 2}, pigman_professor = { items= {"relic_1", "relic_2", "relic_3", "trinket_18", "thulecite", "infused_iron"}, delay=0, reset=0, current=0, desc=STRINGS.CITY_PIG_PROFESSOR_TRADE, reward = "oinc10", rewardqty = 1}, pigman_hunter = { items= {"beardhair", "houndstooth", "stinger", "bill_quill", "venus_stalk", --[[]] "armorgrass", "armorwood", "spear", "tentaclespike"}, delay=0, reset=0, current=0, desc=STRINGS.CITY_PIG_HUNTER_TRADE, reward = "oinc", rewardqty = 5}, pigman_mayor = { items= {"relic_4", "relic_5", --[[]] "antler"}, delay=0, reset=0, current=0, desc=STRINGS.CITY_PIG_MAYOR_TRADE, reward = "oinc100", rewardqty = 1}, pigman_florist = { items= {"petals", "petals_evil", "foliage", "seeds"}, delay=0, reset=1, current=0, desc=STRINGS.CITY_PIG_FLORIST_TRADE, reward = "oinc", rewardqty = 1}, pigman_storeowner = { items= {"clippings", "vine", "nitre", "weevole_carapace"}, delay=0, reset=0, current=0, desc=STRINGS.CITY_PIG_STOREOWNER_TRADE, reward = "oinc", rewardqty = 1}, pigman_farmer = { items= {"cutgrass", "twigs", "charcoal"}, delay=0, reset=1, current=0, desc=STRINGS.CITY_PIG_FARMER_TRADE, reward = "oinc", rewardqty = 1}, pigman_miner = { items= {"rocks", "iron", "charcoal"}, delay=0, reset=1, current=0, desc=STRINGS.CITY_PIG_MINER_TRADE, reward = "oinc", rewardqty = 1}, pigman_erudite = { items= {"nightmarefuel", "livinglog", "goldnugget", "thulecite_pieces"}, delay=0, reset=1, current=0, desc=STRINGS.CITY_PIG_ERUDITE_TRADE, reward = "oinc", rewardqty = 5}, pigman_hatmaker = { items= {"silk", --[[]] "bandithat", "telescope"}, delay=0, reset=0, current=0, desc=STRINGS.CITY_PIG_HATMAKER_TRADE, reward = "oinc", rewardqty = 5}, pigman_usher = { items= {"honey", "nectar_pod", "jammypreserves", "icecream", "pumpkincookie", "waffles", "berries", "berries_cooked", "lotus_flower"}, delay=0, reset=1, current=0, desc=STRINGS.CITY_PIG_USHER_TRADE, reward = "oinc", rewardqty = 4}, pigman_queen = { items= {"pigcrownhat", "pig_scepter", "relic_4", "relic_5"}, delay=0, reset=0, current=0, desc=STRINGS.CITY_PIG_QUEEN_TRADE, reward = "pedestal_key", rewardqty = 1}, } Some items I have entered are not traded correctly by merchants; why? EDIT: I understood that I had to add "tradable" to some items; thanks anyway to those who read.
  9. It bothers me that Warly refuses to eat uncooked food, prefering to starve. In short, it is fine that it serves to balance its undoubted advantages; but man ... it's so illogical to self-kill yourself like this ... I don't know, maybe I would have preferred that Warly could eat raw food with health damage.
  10. The fact that the dark sword does not require thulecite and is prototizable makes it much better in my opinion. If the thulecite club had 68 damage then it would be worth the expense; otherwise the sword remains a better alternative.
  11. Yes, trash can would be useful; like many other QOLs that are not entered for obscure reasons. Klei is also like "Them"; unfathomable.
  12. I only wish Walter was a ranged fighter capable of inflicting enough damage to warrant using his slingshot in a wider range of situations than getting large amounts of small meat or feathers. In almost all situations a Walter will be more useful to the team as a melee fighter than as a ranged shooter. I don't appreciate this very much.
  13. A flint spear does 34 damage per hit, for 150 hits, that's 5.100 damage... and costs 1 flint.
  14. I think Wheeler is a great character, who embodies her role as a "glass cannon" well. However, I would have made some changes in her case as well: I would have given her the same inventory as the other characters (I find it very unpleasant to have less space) and a fixed speed boost of +5%; without further increases. Also, I would have reduced the ammo on her pew-matic Horn to 6 item types: dry grass (17 damage), twigs (34 damage), stone and flint (51 damage), gold (68 damage) and fragments of thulecite (136 damage). I've been tweaking Hamlet a lot lately, in fact I might even have fun changing Wheeler's values a bit. Yesterday I made the Iron Hulk a DST worthy foe with 30,000 health. However, Walter should do more damage given how expensive his ammunition is.