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  1. Should the ancient herald be added as a super-boss in DST? The ancient herald is, in my opinion, one of the conceptually most interesting bosses created by Klei: I love the idea of this sort of "herald", a "harbinger" of the end of the world that comes in conjunction with a perennial eclipse that marks the beginning of the apocalypse. Even visually, it has the air of a mystical entity, solemn, who pursues its task of prelude at the end of time diligently and silently following an inscrutable will. I think that such an enemy visually and conceptually beautiful should be further valued, even outside of Hamlet. I believe he could become one of the most loved raid bosses on DST; maybe in a season dedicated to him. After 2 game cycles (autumn-winter-spring-summer-autumn-winter-spring-summer), a new season could be introduced, similar to aporkalipse, which could also be called in the exact same way. During this "season", which could last about 20 days, the whole world would become more hostile, hordes of dogs would come continuously, the pigs would be perpetually "werewolves", each tree cut would generate a hostile treeguard only against the player, etc ... A new "micro-biome" would become accessible in the world, perhaps on an island of its own, called the "herald's altar": here, bringing some artifact (perhaps linked to the lunar island or to the ancient fuelweaver), one could finally evoke the 'Ancient Herald, and then begin a fierce battle to end "aporkalipse" prematurely. Obviously the Ancient Herald should be more leathery and dangerous than its single player version. I would also propose the statistics it could have: 25,000 health points. 150 damage. Insanity aura of -100 per minute; -400 per minute when "in combat". Basic area attack. Ability to summon various game creatures, including shadows, ghosts and the ability to rain frogs. It can cause meteor showers, and some meteors can be fiery and cause very heavy damage (+100) as well as set the player on fire (similar to the meteor of the internal bracket of The Forge). Obviously, at death should give a loot worthy of the battle, the Vortex Cloak should perhaps be enhanced and made as spacious as a krampus sack. And nothing, it's just an idea on how to enrich the sea, the game and offer a noteworthy challenge in the long term by "recycling" the resources that Klei already potentially has.
  2. Thank you; but there would be no way to understand which mod is causing the problem?
  3. Unfortunately, when I start the game I get this error message: could someone explain to me what causes it?
  4. I have been waiting for so long that my beef has fallen asleep.
  5. Damn it, I'm dead! If only Abigail had been strong and able to protect me ...
  6. The mod is called "Item Enchantments". Each color corresponds to a spell: be careful, some spells are very negative and other spells are really powerful. Furthermore, understanding how the mod works is not immediate :'D I play on a very difficult server, even if it may seem surreal, I really need ranged thermobalistic weapons in order to survive against giants, tree guardians and other remarkable horrors. It is an enchanted musket with a "mythical" spell (rainbow rank) that has made the weapon indestructible. I had the spell after a terrifying fight against an enchanted kaij┼ź Bearger. A mythical creature with unreachable destructive potential for each creature in the base game. I think he could have exterminate almost all life on the Constant.
  7. High level experiments with dog friends. Shortly after I died charred. The path of science is long and dangerous.
  8. Why is Wilson so low in the ranking? He has a beard, THE MAGNIFICENT BEARD!!
  9. "Abigail would have had so much fun to incinerate these stupid birds" To learn more about this Wendy demigod:
  10. "My name is Wilson, I'm a scientist. And you must be eliminated, you're scientifically impossible"
  11. When a giant pig with a horned helmet meets the queen of bees, the pig is pork.
  12. I like to have spacious pockets when I play against Chinese horrors
  13. The Chinese Deerclops has arrived, the battle has been titanic, but in the end: "anything with enough lead in it body stops moving" Great party in the rubble of my base :'D