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  1. Going into google images I found these sketches: Are these are official Klei sketches? And if so, why haven't they become real skins? The manipulator number B, built with the remains of the weapons and armor of the Grand Forge Boarrior, I think is the most beautiful and poetic skin I've ever seen. The ultimate trophy for triumph in the arena and versus the horrors of the Forge.
  2. I believe that Wagstaff embodies the scientist, detached from the consequences of his research, who ignores and wants to ignore the ethical dilemma. Questionable and controversial behavior? Sure. But how can you blame him? The consequences of human actions are often so uncertain and unpredictable ... and when you are in the presence of otherworldly realities then what is "right" and "wrong" appears quite vague, I guess. In the end, in the world of nature everything happens out of necessity, for Gods all things are good. The human being creates the distinction between what is right and what is not; but things just happen in a strange and aimless universe, an endless mixing of strange and elusive particles. Wagstaff looks at us from up there, probably wondering why we are worried.
  3. In the last few hours, thanks to an image released in the 2020 roadmap, the most quoted hypothesis on Abigail's death is the fall into the sea from a steep, high and very dangerous cliff without any type of fence. Given that the hypothesis is plausible and consistent with Wendy's quotes on Ophelia, in this post I would not want to focus on the veracity of speculation on Abigail's departure. Instead, I'd like to wonder what new lore could mean for Wendy's game mechanics: We had a mega-update that added the sea. Abigail perhaps died at sea. Woodie had the chance to run on the sea. In short, if the trend is to make the sea, navigation and water more and more predominant in the game and in the tradition, Abigail and Wendy may have developed, in some unnatural way in x-files style, hydrokinetic powers! This would perhaps give Wendy (or Abigail) the opportunity to exploit the oceanic masses to inflict huge amounts of damage, put out fires, refresh during the summer, water the cultures, blow up the enemies making the blood boil in their veins ... in short, the hydrokinesis has virtually unlimited potential!
  4. Wolfgang Rework

    no Stop bothering him, he's right. Moreover, at least he argues.
  5. The corpses that are around in the world I always thought they were spectators of the Maxwell's show in 1906 in San Francisco, just a few minutes before the earthquake. No, I do not think at all that cyclical death is canonical, it would remove the meaning of the word "survivors". Let's call them "Eternalnauts" then.
  6. Wolfgang Rework

    I think Wolfgang should have more stomach. At 400 of hunger his strength becomes x2.5 and his speed x2, his health rises to 400 and he gets 10% natural armor. At 500 of hunger his strength becomes x3 and his speed x2.5, his health rises to 500 and he gets 20% natural armor. At 1,000 of hunger his strength becomes x4 and his speed x3, his health rises to 600 and he gets 33% natural armor, as well as a passive regeneration of 1 health point per second. At 10,000 of hunger his strength becomes x5, his speed x3,1, his health rises to 700 and he gets 50% natural armor, as well as a passive regeneration of 2 health points per second. At 100,000 of hunger his strength becomes x10, his speed x3.3, his health rises to 1,000 and he gets 60% natural armor, as well as a passive regeneration of 3 health points per second. At 1,000,000 of hunger (maximum obtainable) his strength becomes x100, his speed x3.5, his health rises to 15,000 and he gets 80% natural armor, as well as a passive regeneration of 5 health points per second. He also dies of a heart attack after ten seconds.
  7. High level experiments with dog friends. Shortly after I died charred. The path of science is long and dangerous.
  8. Why is Wilson so low in the ranking? He has a beard, THE MAGNIFICENT BEARD!!
  9. "Abigail would have had so much fun to incinerate these stupid birds" To learn more about this Wendy demigod:
  10. "My name is Wilson, I'm a scientist. And you must be eliminated, you're scientifically impossible"
  11. When a giant pig with a horned helmet meets the queen of bees, the pig is pork.
  12. I like to have spacious pockets when I play against Chinese horrors