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  1. Both are European immigrants. Both young men with great ambitions but without any particular talent. Wilson wished to become a distinguished man of science, Maxwell a great stage magician; neither is presented to us as such in the beginning. Then the unexpected, the opportunity, the accident of chance in this chaotic meaningless universe: For William it was a book containing a mystery knowledge, for Wilson it was a demonic radio. Both were seduced by the opportunity to seize the success they have always longed for and which they thought they deserved. Eventually both of them were overwhelmed by something they did not understand. Eventually, both of them learned to know what lies in the Constant's realm of madness and, in part, to master it. Maxwell was never the real antagonist, rather a protagonist: like Wilson, but from a parallel path. The crux of the story is that Wilson took pity because that grieving soul on the throne was but his reflection.
  2. Sorry, I didn't mean it was a bad server; maybe I was a bit impulsive; if you want I will delete the topic, I did not want to offend anyone, really.
  3. I entered this server: DST roleplay: classic survival It took me ten minutes to get in, and once on the character selection screen there were crazy things like anthropomorphic ravens (strictly with no collection animation) or, why not, Charlie. (sure, she survives against herself). Once inside, choosing the crow with the hat, I found myself near a portal with a handful of glommers, some small, others pink; gorge plants, unknown plants of who knows what dark mod of the workshop; inventory with at least 40 slots and without even a backpack! Not even time who to ask what was the horror I had in front of me that I was banned. What to say...
  4. An unnecessarily provocative comment, we have already responded abundantly to this kind of far-fetched comments.
  5. In fact, I think that Wilson's reworking should make him capable of creating new medicines for himself and his companions; a niche role that does not upset the character (clearly created to be as basic as possible) but which would be extraordinarily consistent with his character function to introduce the game and, thanks to its advantages, to give a 360 degree hand to new players. Clearly, just an idea.
  6. If that is why in the Gorge he is clearly dressed like a doctor; in one of his quotes he declares that he knows how to do amputations (again, you have to be a surgeon to know how to do it without bleeding the patient to death) and in the Forge he is the one who most of all is able to cure lifeless people on the ground. It would appear that Klei had the idea of a doctor in mind for him, which would be fine for a man of science, but, as yet, he does not seem to have any connection with chemistry, engineering or the occult sciences.
  7. I am dismayed: we are talking about Wilson who, from canonical lore, has come to the throne and saved Maxwell, overcoming five realms of growing horror and madness, fraught with monsters, deadly traps and with absurd and adverse climatic conditions. But an idiot could certainly have done this; without problems. Here we are becoming too formal about a 2013 declaration by Klei and not realizing that the game has slightly "moved on" from the time as a background and canon. But ok. Furthermore, canonically speaking, it is always Wilson, albeit still, with the collaboration of Maxwell, who built the first prototype of an intra-dimensional portal between the sub-dimensions of the Constant, allowing the survivors to meet and, meta-narratively, giving life to DST. But we also ignore this fact because Wilson is "a clown who plays at mixing potions lol." Edit: Curio Cabinet Bio At heart Wilson is truly a man of science. It's not in his nature to resist the call of the unknown.
  8. Maybe; but we don't really know anything about how Wagstaff came to build a gate. And something tells me he got to know Maxwell; a previous meeting of them from a narrative point of view would be much more interesting.
  9. Woodie is just questions: how come at some point he started turning into a goose and a moose? Was the curse different before? Do curses change over time? Do curses evolve like pokemon? : 'D
  10. True, very true, Maxwell had to educate him first. But let's be honest: I believe a tiny, tiny fraction of the world's population would have been able to build a dimensional gate, Maxwell or non-Maxwell. Then some still repeat that Wilson is not a genius, lol.
  11. I didn't know the image was yours, I had "borrowed" it from reddit; is having a lot of success then! :'D Anyway, I guess Maxwell and Wagstaff had a few beers together before 1906. Otherwise it can't be explained.
  12. I find it peculiar that Wilson owned a Voxola PR-76; Considering that before the factory of the same name burned, few had been distributed. Also, even more curiously, both Wilson and Wagstaff are currently the only two characters who have shown us to have been able to build a working gate for the Constant, apparently with "trivial" Earth technology. What if Wilson knew about Wagstaff? He was an undisputed genius; in the game he invented teleportation, an android with free will and he is in possession of an occult technology that makes him capable of projecting his own ghost "avatar" without having to travel with his physical body. In short, surely Wilson would have been fascinated by such a genius; perhaps as a young man he decided to follow Wagstaff's footsteps, and for this (not by chance) he took possession of one of the few Voxola PR-76s in circulation. Ponder people, ponder.
  13. The original writer of the Codex Umbra: the ancient arthropod that traveled between dimensions and that arrived in the United States in 1900, taking with him the filthy code where he had written all the terrible knowledge of THEM: W, the first gatekeeper. "What can eternal wait is not dead, and after strange aeons, even death can die." I guess he discovered a way to become immortal, but his blasphemous studies attracted alien entities who set out to haunt him. W cannot die from any natural cause, neither damage, nor hunger, nor climatic conditions. The only thing that can kill him is the shadows. Any damage W takes lowers his sanity. W is haunted by a unique nightmare, intangible to other players: a hideous creature capable of dealing 200 damage a hit to W's health, immortal and constant burden of the cursed immortal.