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  1. A new character, Wurt. Now that sounds like a weird name-
  2. I see black figures and grey cloaks, does this mean anything? I'm mostly scared of looking behind me and the darkness for the black figure and cloak. And even more reasons.

  3. Klei needs Puckets NOW. They are so adorable even though your Chester will barf 10000000000 puckets out
  4. I played Interland so much I got to all of it and while Reality River I saw this:5da9431919f47_DABINTERNETBOIFOLIFE.png.76d2d76fdf824992b95717f8f18260d5.png
    [Insert Illuminati Song Here.]

  5. My friends in a picture: *Smiles*
    Me in that picture too: *Doesn't know how to smile*
    Me also being pearl in this picture while my friends are the other gems/hooman:Uhm.png.3a194eff284fc58cddb9152845ee395f.png

    1. minespatch


      You mean... You as peridot?

    2. galaxybread


      I am pearl since I can't smile5dac71a8237aa_UhmAgain.png.08c3f2926a3c1b2209a231a47f95b561.pngBut yes I'm short

      I'll just say confusion to you

  6. The Art For It:a p i e c e o f p a p e r. NOT CAKE. Edit: I might make more art.
  7. Well for me it'd be confusing on how I would be a Don't Starve (Together) character. (I only play DST) I kinda got an idea from @Terra M Welch for the spoiler thing to put my things in. Stats Perks Downsides (I may add more things to all of these things and maybe art in one of my Status Updates.)
  8. Keep missin streams, hopefully I can get back in schedule.When the Malbatross gets no fish:
  9. Never played Hot Lava but isn't Lex supposed to be in a shooting wild west game? I also missed last art stream and art challenge so I did both. Me try 'v'"
  10. In one of my friend's servers she actually got a potato cup for this group
  11. Aye @maradyne can I be a gif for it?

    1. maradyne


      Congratulations, you're today's first vict-- er, addition!


    2. galaxybread


      ThAnK yOu :DDDDD

  12. I have learned confusion magic, cOnFuSiO sOnGo!


    1. galaxybread



  13. I should've been named gnat friend since whenever a gnat comes to my desk it flies on it and I'm like: m8 u own ma desk there oki there we frens just like a few seconds a go one was there XD
  14. Not knowing what to do with my friends while we always crash on my friend's server5d8421cf7811a_Meandmafrens.thumb.png.d7aa90c15a8a54524d59083383ae0ae3.png

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    2. DragonMage156


      I haven't really watched Steven Universe bit those are some pretty funny smears XD

    3. galaxybread


      I legit sing Other Friends so much I know the whole song

    4. DragonMage156


      Me with like, ten other songs XD

  15. I'm more satanic than nice. I did a satanic ritual with my Chester and a broodling. Did it with these frens 'v' I am wortox, webber is me fren, and the normal wendy is me fren. The wendy with cheeks is a npc as abigal.