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  1. Here you go, a man that is confused, with a celestial orb.
  2. Here you go an insane Willow with Bernie and there's a confused shadow creature.(The one below is what happened one second later) I forgot she's sittin in fire. OH WELL.And then a finger gun.
  3. Instead I has made a glomglom, it's still a glommer, maybe.
  4. Great stream yeet, a fact is that some trees dab.
  5. I think this tree is a tree guard maybe. Is it?
  6. I didn't see the challenge and instead did shine bugs, also I don't play Oxygen Not Included, rip. Also, happy early Easter or something! :3Still the challenge right? MAYBE. PROBABLY NOT. PROBABLY IS. I HAS NU IDEA.
  7. I've ruined my life forever also Krampus wants to steal food XD I started early that means when stream started mainly woi Why did I do this??
  8. Hello! I've finally made my forums account. I was gonna be my twitch username, galaxybreadwolf. I can't though, it's to long to put in the name thing. I still did a drawing for this weeks art challenge! (I've tried.)