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  1. Spitter with shading cause I need to practice my shading
  2. @minespatch here's a skelecart5e4ddbde7fda4_skelecart(WoofandIA).thumb.jpg.68e43af3f0f0d73181c77774f7ee6d68.jpg
     Me and @Xenologist made this together by his request

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    2. minespatch


      Okay then. Just to let you know, I've been talking to Klei devs on it, so more fun for me.:wilson_ecstatic:

    3. DragonMage156
    4. minespatch


      If I see anything a klei dev likes, I message them a thing if they care to see.

      Pretty sure @inhumanrobot is getting annoyed by my wx fanart spam messages.,:wilson_ecstatic:

  3. I keep forgetting to post this but since it's the day before stream I'ma post it now [A try at brushes from Krita]
  4. I can't make a carrat as good but I tried [I realized I forgot whiskers] I also removed the carrat layer and I found this:
  5. So, I didn't use MS Paint this time. I used Krita and I just got it so I'm not that good at this. [I also don't know what ruins/caves look like and I don't know that lil stripe of the dark sky in the frog part]
  6. I did my malbatross but forgot to post it and happy new years It is also year of the Rat, if you move the letters around you get year of the Art
  7. Can you post a link in the klei art stream thing cause ma fren gonna do art but coon't get forum account yet

  8. Happy birthday and my moth wishes you a happy birthday too!

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    2. minespatch


      So it did die...?

    3. galaxybread



      they hamster cause they keep rolling their cup

    4. minespatch


      Give it a pegleg already.:wilson_ecstatic:

  9. Nisbet got a balloon, I dunno how to draw le hair on her
  10. Tell me what moth this is, yes it's my pet and i took this picture yesterday. They are aloive tho which is maybe good? [It might have died now or not]20191126_185651.thumb.jpg.60db0732be13d49b849b8ee9cec472b0.jpg

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    2. galaxybread


      floof is still alive

    3. minespatch


      Poor guy. You need to give him a pegleg.

    4. galaxybread


      there is holes so they can breath

  11. oH nO lE wErEpIg sToLe lE bErRiEs! Also sorry for not posting for a bout a month-