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Mike23Ua    10787
19 hours ago, Pinkamena11FazP said:

I bet on page 666 will be funny to see any Halloween or demon themed memes. :wilson_laugh:

Well.. because I’m pretty sure we won’t reach page 666 before the end of October- Here is what you asked for.. and to be honest- I’m not sure if this was just a lucky thing that happened or a game glitch from “Hell” pun intended..

(I was having Hounds and Spider Warriors duplicate, triplicate and even quadruplicate themselves in my world last night.. so this could ALSO have been a result of that.. up until now I’ve only ever saw one Krampii at a time out of all the time I’ve played DST.)

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Duck986    1429
1 hour ago, Terra B Welch said:

I felt like making a feast and famine meme.


(Gotta love crock blockers!)

Lmao, an accurate representation of me playing f&f for the first time. 

I thought that it is just a food mod.

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Blueleaf12    2097
1 hour ago, NinofanTOG said:


I've read some accounts of factory owners in the 1910s-1920s purposefully torching their businesses for fire insurance money... This goes double for fire safety measures! 

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Pine G    2312
15 minutes ago, Blueleaf12 said:

Does anyone know who Wig’s singing actress is? She’s lovely! 

I would also love to know, her voice is amazing! Perhaps she's listed somewhere in the credits, or we could just ask Klei themselves. 

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