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  1. I don't carry food on me normally. Can't really say why, I just don't enjoy doing it. I have 6 mushrooms planters, usually play alone, and just throw a mushroom in each one after every harvest, not even bothering with the spores. That alone nets me extra mushrooms I don't even know what to do with, because even if I craft hats before the first one rots, I still have some laying mushrooms left over. The funcaps increasing spoil rate but reducing hunger rate is pretty much the perfect hat for me. It gives me a slight buff in the one thing I suffer with while travelling, and its penalty never even touches me. Even if I have something perishable, I have it stuck in a bundling wrap (Which is stupid that it works) or I put it in my backpack. That and the red one looks sick. funcap good
  2. For me, over time I just kind of learned what the tools were. The main things I used was night armor (the constant insanity aura and strong damage protection works wonders), the potato glass hat thingamajig whatever it is, and the walking cane. I could run around and slap the birds when they spawned, and would keep enough spots in my inventory to hold the tools, and over enough time, I knew exactly what it was he was asking for, so I could just hand it to him. The walking cane should be enough damage to 1-hit the birds, so its really just a free speed boost to use it. I hear beefalo can make it even easier, and Abigail is probably a beast in it, come to think of it... My main issues are if he picks a crowded area (like the middle of a frickin forest) so its hard to see the tools/birds. That and the amount of times you have to do it. For me it seemed easiest in big open areas like the savanna/grassy biomes, but for a while I had no choice since it was eating my base You're not dumb, I'd say just give it a few more sporting shots and pray he picks a good spot for you to do it in. You got this!
  3. Spoiler


    Warning: Potty mouth and RoT spoilers

    1. Auth


      I beat the thingie today. Now I have a fancy hat.

    2. minespatch


      Now you are king of the moon.

  4. I have to say, it was pretty funny getting the notification for this thread and seeing who posted it. I knew exactly what it was going to be asking for before I even opened it I honestly thought if they were going to make skins for those creatures, there would've been a few, and I thought they would've done Glommer at the same time... Now that we can at least see they're doing it, hopefully we can get some neat skins for Glommer, as he is usually a permanent base fixture anyways...
  5. I think the moon is just one They. I think there's two. So many chess references over the ages, it makes sense there's a light and dark side to the board. If I remember correctly, in the metheus puzzle, the ancient portal has an eye in it spewing out nightmare fuel, and now we have the moon itself being an eye. But I could be remembering wrong.
  6. Ay.

    April 21.

    My birthday.


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    2. Pinegrove


      Happy birthday! :wilson_love:

    3. ShadowDuelist


      Heeeey celebrate like is April 21 of 2021! Happy Birthday you!:yaypigs:

      Share some cake with us :rolleyes:

    4. minespatch



  7. Just writing it here so I don't get flamed to death by the general crowd.

    I don't like this dst update.

    Heck, I don't really even like the majority of RoT. This last update feels like a bit of a final kick in the keester for me.

    I like the lore implications. I like them a lot, actually.

    But the actual gameplay? Nah. Actually, just. No. Flat out no. No I don't.

    But here's to hoping the next update expansion thing they do won't be this way.

    I don't really have it in me to describe exactly what it is I want to see from the game in the future right now. I just know it isn't this.

    Maybe I'm just old fashioned and the games shifting in a direction away from me.

    Oh well.

    Wagstaff cool.
    Rest of RoT not really cool.
    Wagstaff minigame really, really, really not cool.
    (Visually looks cool though.)

    1. GetNerfedOn


      having not played regular dst in so long i don't know what to say, but i think i can sympathize in the feeling that the game's shifting in a direction away from me


    2. bruhmoment23


      Yeah that minigame could have been designed a little better instead of dealing with a **** storm of enemies in a random location that can also make it a lot more problematic *cough* swamp *cough*

      The boss is pretty cool though, one of the harder and more engaging boss fights imo.

  8. Are those tallbird eggs in your profile picture?

    1. minespatch


      Yes they are. For easter. It's little kid me.

    2. Auth


      Excellent. Very good :)

  9. 1859459339_Screenshot(350).thumb.png.caf1ed8ff94da288279b4d2140b67a8b.png

    1. minespatch


      Was that made in 3dmax?

    2. Auth


      I've no idea.

  10. Finally fixed my signature after.... what, a year and a half?