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  1. You should upload it, then. Post the link here and I'm sure some people will check it out. You'll get a definite response from Klei too if you did anything wrong.
  2. I was referring more to how they appear in the animation, which I suppose is what the title is based on
  3. Additional little detail to describe the character in a word or two. Usually leans more into their character itself (Example, "Gentleman Scientist") so that people can kind of decipher what their personality and traits will be like before even choosing them. They're short, especially comparatively to other merms Wormwood's short depicts him as a bit of an outcast amongst his surroundings, ending in him secluding himself and being alone.
  4. Awful long time to work on something that's already being done. You should've checked for other teams developing SW content for DST before sinking so much time into it, especially if you don't even know if what you're doing is allowed in the first place. That being said, as others have pointed out, this doesn't exactly look like the latest version of DST. If it's any version at all. Might want to update it before publishing. You can try to publish the mod anyways, most Klei will do if they don't like it is have it taken down, but they're not going to, like, sue you or anything over it. Interested to see where this goes.
  5. So you're complaining about... random world generation? You know the whole point of random world generation is to have a slightly different playthrough each time, right? It's meant for you to best figure out how to adapt to that specific world, and what to do from there. While rushing things like the ruins or bosses is possible, it is not the main focus of the world generation nor the game itself, especially not on some kind of fixed schedule where everything gets done as fast as possible. That's the nature of randomly generated games. Enough skill does not need luck. As for base placement or boss fights getting interrupted, that just sounds like you need to check the areas you're settling a little more thoroughly before getting comfortable there. Meteor biomes are always in the same spots (Generally, meteor fields move around sometimes, but they stick to their main biomes pretty closely) and most boss areas can be scoped out beforehand and even transformed with cobblestones or structures. If lets say where you really want to put your base has something disastrous near it (meteor field on oasis) then that's where that whole "Adapt to the world" thing comes in, and you should probably stick that base somewhere else, even if it doesn't have all the perceived benefits of your last one. That and if you find yourself doing the same thing in the game over and over and over you will eventually get sick of it anyways, most likely. Main thing I would suggest, is don't expect things out of your worldgen. Otherwise you're going to be sitting there rerolling for the reed trap for 900 years instead of playing the game.
  6. Hey, no need to put yourself down. The video and it's artwork looks really nice, you and your brother did a very good job. Outstanding, even. And welcome to the forums!
  7. You know, you should make one big thread that you can put all your questions in. It'd be a lot more organized that way, and you can edit polls even after you make them, so you could keep updating them for your newer questions for fresh answers. The Waoling master thread. That being said. I'd imagine they'd probably ask what year it was and then try to settle into a new normal.
  8. Just had another idea related to this: If the geode lab was placed on the lunar island, it would be able to make moonrock geodes. Moonrock crystals may even be a thing, where using the tool/weapon gives some sanity. Or something like that. Hm.
  9. To whoever is reading this, I hope you’re having a good day. If not, I hope it improves.

    1. Waoling


      What does it mean to be pure?

    2. Auth


      I wouldn’t know.

    3. minespatch


      59ffa0b758111_arielthumbpointing.png.128d6004f2c461dec1baea89dff92761.pngBeen pretty fine on my end.

      Been playing Patches in Dark Souls. Feels good, bruv.

  10. I'll do you one better. WHY is Perl?!
  11. Lethargy. Transforming takes energy, and he's too lazy important for things like that.
  12. Neat to see things I came up with on the poll. I may post what I fully wrote as my thoughts
  13. I like torterra because ha ha tree turtle I also like Blissey because just one is enough to ruin everyone's fun in pokemon go
  14. I don't use the fishing mechanic at all really because the entire ocean feels out-of-the-way, sluggish, and clunky. Considering food can be generated in a plethora of ways, I don't really think I'm missing out on much by not caring either, besides maybe these supposed thermal fish. Meanwhile, farming not only has a whole UI to explain itself, but it can be done from just about any base, requires little knowledge to start with, you don't need to spend time running around to find "Optimal" locations for it, there's little randomness to it... It's a far more accessible option and seems to make quite a substantial lot more food than fishing could, compared to the time you need to spend actively doing it. That being said I catch Wobsters on occasion as they're near my base (Which took me a while to figure out how to ACTUALLY pick them up) and keep them in a little box where they cry until I get a butter. Glad I'm not the only one...