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  1. Nope, if this ever does happen again (We all make accidents, and you didn't know any better) you can always mention or report a thread for being in the wrong place, and usually a staff member is happy to move it for you. That said, The Don't Starve Together section does not have a video subsection. The link @__IvoCZE__ shared was for the base Don't Starve game. I currently don't know if this is either the right or wrong place for it, you would have to contact staff, or just let them eventually move it.
  2. I'd just like to clarify- I'm not trying to say the only users on this forum are 30-50 year old suits that sit around board meetings and water coolers discussing a game about rough survival in a land full of puns. If it was, then I'd need to see some graphs and charts on the matter ASAP, people. We're running a business here, for crying out loud. What I mean is that we should all be able to respect each other and have a sense of professionalism in how we act towards others, and what we discuss. If you come onto a web forum completely bent around community thinking and feedback from anyone and everyone, and fling insults tied to a loaded and subjective matter at those that simply disagree with your behavior, then I think "unprofessional" is the nicest way to word it.
  3. So let me get this straight- You wanted to report and complain about the existence of a bug, and how this makes the game worse. But at the same time, do not want the developers to actually fix it by reporting it correctly, as if they did add that, that would go against your thought that "They never do any changes despite ANR, Forge/Gorge, Hamlet, and another huge content drop coming existing, along with them working on other games like ONI, Hot Lava, and Griftlands" If you don't agree with Klei's marketing with purely cosmetic skins, you don't need to buy them. As I always say, the best way of voting is through your wallet. And if you did really read the announcement thoroughly, you would know that you'll actually be able to create the new characters without paying any additional pennies whatsoever, but that you can buy them to support the development of new content that is coming. On a side note, Your behavior is completely unprofessional. We're all adults here, we should all act like them. When someone says they don't agree with you, on your incredibly subjective thoughts, you just call them a fanboy, and this is just plain childish. We all have our own thoughts and opinions, there is no need for unprofessional behavior or rudeness. That kind of behavior is unacceptable.
  4. They are not obtainable via the drop system.
  5. hello i am new to the market

    Klei I will give you $2 (CASH!) if you make me a video game

    think of all the publicity and exposure as well

    really this is a big break for your company, finally you can have a hit video game

    not to mention merchandising

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Auth


      no way

      micro-transactions are awful, and any game with them is hindered

      we're going BIG!


    3. MWY



      I like paying BIG to win BIG TIME!

    4. ImDaMisterL


      Okay you have me and Joe triple u interested, nome will be contacting you shortly for more info

  6. Pigmen, Bunnymen, Rock Lobsters, Smallbirds, Teenbirds, Abigail, Broken Clockworks. They are all followers or "pets" that will fight things for you. I don't see why an entirely new subset of creatures would need to be added when we already have these.
  7. It's not a mask. It's a perfectly shaped sheet of glass that floats a centimeter above his face. Nothing broken here.
  8. Well then what is better, lanterns or miner hats?
  9. On Critters

    I have a mod that mutes them. I think they're cute, and serve a good function as a garbage can.
  10. No worries man. Hope to see you around.
  11. Sadly, no. The existing giftable sets are only giftable because Steam reads them as actual DLC you can buy for others. If each skin set was like that, it would plague up the list. Also, this is the Suggestions and Feedback area of the forums, you may want to stick threads like this in General Discussion for future notice. Welcome to the forums!
  12. I would like to just throw in my own bit due to others talking, but I, and I know probably thousands of others, hate things that serve only to annoy players. The thought process of "Well it's just annoying, not hard" is what gets us such controversial additions like disease, gnats in hamlet, splumonkeys, and other things. Are any of these things hard to deal with? No. Are they obnoxious and make literally everyone groan when they're affected by it? Yes. Just be careful what you wish for...
  13. I'm gonna be honest, I don't know how I feel about Don't Starve: Fetch Quests the gam- er, Hamlet.

    Everything you need to progress is just so oddly specific and tedious to obtain, while offering little time to do it, and the world is filled with entities that only have the purpose of being annoying (like gnats, which aren't good game design imo)

    and also the oddities shop guy rips you off by giving you stuff you cant craft with and that makes me very frowny face :(

    I've seen guides, I've read the wiki, I know what I'm doing, I have no problems staying alive. It's just... annoying. "Let's see, in order to get this, I need to get this from this with this from this found in this using this on this, crafted with this and this in this, and I need to purchase that"

    At least with the starting season set to be longer it gives you more time to comfortably play, seeing as you have a to-do list right off the bat the size of several lunar objects. Playing with the temperate season on the normal length just never gave me enough time to do both exploring or hunkering into the pig city(s) at the same time. At least, not comfortably, and I don't really play games to start off by getting annoyed at them.

    1. Mobbstar


      Pretty much my opinion too. None of the fun stuff helps you survive and the things that help you survive are more chore-y and annoying than having to drag a noob through DST.

    2. Auth


      Yeah. I don't really have much ambition to see the season(s) past Humid, because it's just so annoying that it downright becomes BORING to play in, and I lose interest almost immediately after the fog settles in, pith hat or not.

  14. I doubt they would spend ALL THAT TIME AND EFFORT on something they'd just throw away after one use. Look at the events in the base game, like Winter's Feast, for example- They recycle the same content because it's already complete and looks/works fine- If they remade everything new all the time it would be insane. The Forge coming back was great, it added new features and made the experience (for most) more enjoyable and had a bigger sense of being a part of it. In short, I would bet on The Gorge returning. Probably with tweaks as well as new features, just like The Forge. Klei wouldn't just use all those resources (Time is money, after all) on a one-off.
  15. Mobile Version

    Not at the moment, no.