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  1. The content didn't really need to be nerfed in any way- You're worried that people never beat the bosses, so therefore, they never see the content. Yet you forgot about one key thing- Klaus still exists. He exists because he is a (general) way for everybody to be able to get boss loot, albeit, it's a gamble of if you're actually going to get something useful or another useless down feather/sandstone/spiderhat to sort of counterbalance the fact that he is intentionally the easiest raid boss in the game (Excluding Mgoose, if you consider them one like some do) However, there are some things Klaus does not grant. For example, he doesn't give a shadow atrium, no fuelweaver loot, and no napsack blueprint. This makes sense, as the fights you're intended to do are quite a bit challenging. So, now the issue is, how do you make the general playerbase get this content? For all the little nooblets and solo players, how can they possibly achieve this content in their game? As someone that plays solo a lot, somehow, I managed to get all this content. Bonkers, right? I know. Clearly I must be a friend of the tilde. Well, believe it or not, using experience and guides and strategies developed by others, my own critical thinking and skill, and unique setup and ideas, I was able to beat these things by myself, alone. Was it hard? Oh, yeah. I died a lot too. I died so much. So... so so much.... But here's the thing, let's contextualize this issue a bit. Let's look at a wider scale than "Wow these bosses sure are huge damage sponges" Don't Starve Together is a multiplayer version of a singleplayer game. As such, it has many, many changes for multiplayer. For example, almost anyone with experience can tell you that Death, which was a very serious mechanic in the base game, is one of the most trivial factors in DST. Just carry a life giving amulet on you at all times and you're good. Don't even need to wear it. Let's also not forget that meat effigies no longer have any actual downside, making them also an incredibly good option to instantly get out of jail free. Other various mechanics that made the game so uncompromising have themselves been compromised, with moon caller staves, sandstorms, on demand teleporting, certain item rarities, etc. Is this a bad thing? Not really, no. It softens the game a bit to make it more accessible for all audiences. Everyone knows that for a more crude and less friendly version to just play singleplayer. So then, let's think about this new content... If these things are designed to already make the game easier for all audiences, especially, making the punishment of death borderline easier to avoid than going insane, then, well, just maybe... It's encouraged. That sounds ridiclious, right? A game developer that WANTS you to die? What is this, an uncompromising survival game?! Well, when you think about it like that, then all of a sudden, it makes more sense. For a better example, look no further than Toadstool- The entire reason Misery Toadstool exists is because he's basically what the original toadstool was, in case you forgot. When OG Toadstool debuted, the community was pretty darn vocal about it. Just because it's "Don't Starve Together," doesn't mean it should be read as "Don't Starve with 6 Wolfgangs" And do you know what happened next? Klei listened. Toadstool no longer had a 5 minute window and 100K health. He was weakened, and thus, possible to beat in solo. Did it happen the first day? No. Not a chance. I don't think it happened until maybe... 3 or 4 days after the change. But when that happened, it ignited the community. All of a sudden, it was possible to beat him alone, but it was resource intensive, it took practice, it took skill, timing, strategy, plotting out beforehand, etc. It was HARD, but at the end of the day, people could do it. You could barely scrape by, and live with the trophy knowing that you had forever beaten what was thought by a good chunk of people to be borderline impossible. Now imagine if we had the Winona of today. Heck, Toadstool probably wouldn't have even been changed initially, because the nanosecond he'd be released, people would've just made a huge arena of catapults, solved the problem, and been done with it, walking away with their loot which was barely "earned". This isn't fair to A: Literally every other character B: The intended game mechanic C: Even the player that did it, because you essentially gave them a great big kiss for taking an obviously easier solution. Another bit of context: "It was already possible to cheese toadstool and other bosses, so therefore, this should be okay." Just because another similar instance of something exists, doesn't make it magically okay. That's like saying if someone said something incredibly offensive and played it off as a joke, they should be able to get off free because other offensive humor exists. Even then, the other cheese methods require more actual game knowledge to understand. With this, it's just understanding Winona's mechanics and abusing them. So overall, what makes that so bad? After all, you can still always fight these bosses the normal way. Well then, why do people always wall in the dragonfly's lava pools? Oh, forgot about things like that? Because no matter what, people will always be inclined to go the easy way. Barely anybody that can even take down toadstool bothers with misery toadstool already, not because he's too hard to beat solo, but because... well, why would you? You can already basically get the loot you want from the normal toadstool, you just can't infinitely clone shroom skin, which is the only real purpose for napsacks anyway. If you are selling something, and say "Hot dogs! Hot dogs! Best hot dogs around, only $10! Or, you can get the same hot dog, for only a nickel, just because." Do you think, logically, that ANYBODY that knows any better would choose to pay $10 for the same hot dog they could get for $0.05? Now that poor salesman is going out of business, because his... interesting marketing practice turned out to be unprofitable. The same thing goes for bosses; if you rob... basically the only features in the game with any semblance of any difficulty left of their, well, difficulty, by simply using and abusing the easy road, then what's the point of having them? Just hand me my mushroom hat and light and I'll be on my way, I don't even want to bother with the stupid frog. Again, let me just summarize what I'm trying to convey. Almost all of the boss loot is already easy to obtain through Klaus, so we don't need cheesy ways to take down enemies. The enemies are there for the challenge they intend to present, not just another hurdle to knock over on your way to setting up a mega base for that tasty tasty dragon furnace or mushlamp. Sorry for the complete wall of text, but I just felt like putting my opinion on bosses out there. You can all feel free to absolutely dissect the crap out of this post if you want, after all, this is just my opinion, and I'm just 1 person in a game with a huge playerbase.
  2. I believe it has to do with your range to the pig. Too close, they'll be able to smack you, too far, they'll be able to run away. I don't know, though. I never really paid too much attention as to why they would and wouldn't stunlock sometimes.
  3. Hi, welcome to the forums, and sorry you've been having some trouble. Just asking though, did you manage to set it up properly now?
  4. Considering they added /rescue before they added a way to prevent it from happening completely, I think the situation's a little more tricky than a press of a magic Code-B-Gone button. Also, long time no see.
  5. If someone does a magic trick for me, I will give you one (1) tan skirt.

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      I, too, talk to myself from time to time.

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      WOAH! Alright buddy, gimme a link to your steam profile. I know magic when I see it.

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      I don't do magic to get paid, I do it to see the audience's thrill. Give your tan skirt to a poor Warbucks main, I've heard they are becoming extinct.

  6. Nope, if this ever does happen again (We all make accidents, and you didn't know any better) you can always mention or report a thread for being in the wrong place, and usually a staff member is happy to move it for you. That said, The Don't Starve Together section does not have a video subsection. The link @__IvoCZE__ shared was for the base Don't Starve game. I currently don't know if this is either the right or wrong place for it, you would have to contact staff, or just let them eventually move it.
  7. I'd just like to clarify- I'm not trying to say the only users on this forum are 30-50 year old suits that sit around board meetings and water coolers discussing a game about rough survival in a land full of puns. If it was, then I'd need to see some graphs and charts on the matter ASAP, people. We're running a business here, for crying out loud. What I mean is that we should all be able to respect each other and have a sense of professionalism in how we act towards others, and what we discuss. If you come onto a web forum completely bent around community thinking and feedback from anyone and everyone, and fling insults tied to a loaded and subjective matter at those that simply disagree with your behavior, then I think "unprofessional" is the nicest way to word it.
  8. So let me get this straight- You wanted to report and complain about the existence of a bug, and how this makes the game worse. But at the same time, do not want the developers to actually fix it by reporting it correctly, as if they did add that, that would go against your thought that "They never do any changes despite ANR, Forge/Gorge, Hamlet, and another huge content drop coming existing, along with them working on other games like ONI, Hot Lava, and Griftlands" If you don't agree with Klei's marketing with purely cosmetic skins, you don't need to buy them. As I always say, the best way of voting is through your wallet. And if you did really read the announcement thoroughly, you would know that you'll actually be able to create the new characters without paying any additional pennies whatsoever, but that you can buy them to support the development of new content that is coming. On a side note, Your behavior is completely unprofessional. We're all adults here, we should all act like them. When someone says they don't agree with you, on your incredibly subjective thoughts, you just call them a fanboy, and this is just plain childish. We all have our own thoughts and opinions, there is no need for unprofessional behavior or rudeness. That kind of behavior is unacceptable.
  9. They are not obtainable via the drop system.
  10. hello i am new to the market

    Klei I will give you $2 (CASH!) if you make me a video game

    think of all the publicity and exposure as well

    really this is a big break for your company, finally you can have a hit video game

    not to mention merchandising

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  11. Pigmen, Bunnymen, Rock Lobsters, Smallbirds, Teenbirds, Abigail, Broken Clockworks. They are all followers or "pets" that will fight things for you. I don't see why an entirely new subset of creatures would need to be added when we already have these.
  12. It's not a mask. It's a perfectly shaped sheet of glass that floats a centimeter above his face. Nothing broken here.
  13. Well then what is better, lanterns or miner hats?
  14. On Critters

    I have a mod that mutes them. I think they're cute, and serve a good function as a garbage can.
  15. No worries man. Hope to see you around.