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  1. Hi, welcome to the forums! You put this in Suggestions in Feedback, when it really should be in General Discussion. Console Commands already work, there's no connection between them and finding the Klei folder, so long as you're talking about Don't Starve Together. I don't quite see the needed connection.
  2. It's all fun and games when you're hosting a public world until you realize it's 1 of you and 5 "brick" players that do absolutely nothing but consume resources in the middle of summer Periodically I open my worlds to the public, makes it interesting and refreshing, but lately I've been doing more Friends-Only because the players that usually end up joining my world are really, really bad. I shouldn't have to instruct you what to do in a survival game, you should be able to use that brain sitting on that stem and be able to piece together that just maybe having a full server of people means there should be more food production, resource production, whatever. If you see a tree farm and a bunch of axes laying around, don't wait for someone else to do it, do it yourself. Whenever I go on to a server I'm not hosting, I usually will go off on my own and set up a temporary base just so my own back is covered, but I'll be committing my time to a few tasks (Food gathering, resource collecting, lollygagging, etc) and then just show up to the main base like King Richard back from the crusades and dump off a load of resources that everyone quickly pours over, then I go right back to doing my job. In a sense, it's more relaxing for me this way, I don't have to worry about making sure the base is fine in the same way I would need to if I was the host, and when it ultimately comes to it, it all generally really isn't my problem if things go south. I feel like a visitor, poking around for a small time, and after I feel I've done enough work I just drop all my gear and DC. It's also a pretty cool experience to slaughter deerclops on a random server and have the plucky band of the nooby host & friends treat you like a walking combat god when you stroll back into base and drop off the eyeball, or when they get wiped out and you walk in like the hero you are with plenty of hearts and booster shots. It's not too common and it's not like that's what you should strive for, but it's cool nonetheless, to see that after hours and hours of you playing the same game and dealing with the same threats with ease, that people that haven't quite gotten up to snuff on those things will react with pure wonder. It reminds me of the first time I killed a treeguard back in Don't Starve, I felt like my heart rate was going through the roof and when he finally toppled over I screamed out in joy. I then died to hounds the next day and lost that world, but, yknow, it's the little things. Because of that, usually when I am in the mood to go on a pub, I look for worlds that you can sooorta tell that they'd be new players. (Albeit, it's kind of hard to pin point because they either completely butcher the world in world gen, have 10,000,000,002 mods, or they just found out what ~The Developer Console~ does and are using it more times than Wilson's died)
  3. My ultimate goal is complete.

    They called me crazy.

    And various other nicknames that I will not mention at this time as they're beside the point.

    But now I can finally do it.

    I can make a distinguished tier item with the Trade Inn using nothing but the tan skirts I have in my inventory, at least, if my math checks out.

    I feel like I need to share this monumental occasion


    1. Mobbstar


      To trade such a vast collection in would be a sacrilege.

    2. ImDaMisterL


      But the real question is: will you?

  4. Also just for the future reference, a good poll always has a "I don't like any of these choices" option for those that don't want to be corralled into picking an option they don't want
  5. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t think any of the other SW characters should come in. In the least though, if they were to come in, they’d all need to be changed up a bit because outside of their element they’re all screechingly not interesting to play as, Walani suffering because she’s not interesting to play as even IN her element (Which is a shame, I like her design, voice, and personality, just not her.) and Woodlegs is so outlandishly broken with day 1 full thulecite gear (potentially) and constantly flooding with enough nightmare fuel that he could justify the friggin night light and the whole infinite explosive cannon on day 1 is all so undeniably game upsetting for no downsides whatsoever that he would also need extreme changes. As for Wilbur, well.... he’s just generally boring, as I always found speed based characters from mods to also be incredibly basic and boring (Wheeler at least spruces up the concept with a unique twist on it, and other supporting gimmicks other than “Poops ha ha funny monkey”) Warly in the base game generally feels like a punishment, due to his somewhat obscure stats, but I feel he has the most interesting concept in/out of SW, and the fact that his ginmick can directly translate into a team based or solo nomad/raider setting and be a highly valued asset amongst the other current survivors, I think he was the best bet and really is the only one that just with minor tweaking could, in my opinion, undeniably shine brighter than the other SW cast, even if they got tweaked drastically. Similarly I just think Wormwood is the best Hamlet representative because his playstyle is incredibly different from what we’re used to playing (So many threads about “food is overpowered you never need healing items what the heck” can be nullified by playing as him) which, thus, makes him the most interesting above other Hamlet characters. However, I can see a lot of new players suffering greatly when they pick him, so we'll need to see where he winds up.
  6. Wagstaff isn't a Hamlet character
  7. About Eyes

    The survivors are just pawns on the board. Maxwell was, figuratively and literally, the king.
  8. Nobody:


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      How do you know every update isn't going to be like this?

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      No speculation about the new video.





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  9. About Eyes

    Be warned, if this is your idealized approach and don't want it ruined, don't click below
  10. I honestly think the best way to get more people to use thulecite gear is to be able to haul out the pseudoscience stations from the depths of the ruins(or be able to make some Psuedoscience Lite station), because while undeniably the items in their already existing state have the potential (and always have had the potential) to shake the meta gear game up, point is, even if you're swimming in thulecite, most people don't want to even bother trudging all the way into the ruins to make gear that not only charges you the most valuable resource in the game (Hint: The gear that already exists in it's current state is what makes it so valuable) but also requires you to navigate the most deadly region of the base game every time you want to make it. While all the gear at the end of the day is godly (crown and club specifically) and even when bases have stacks and stacks of thulecite, and it's hard to find a player that doesn't wish they had thulecite gear at all times, there must be something up with the game design that almost every player (Including most pros) think that Risk/General Annoyance > Reward and I just don't think that buffing the gear to even more insane limits is going to help make that any better.
  11. Thulecite club outdamages the dark sword so long as the enemy isn't moving, has a large hitbox, or at least isn't moving a whole lot It's more of a situational replacement to the dark sword, because depending on what you're fighting, it could be considerably better, or it could be considerably worse. And I like that about it, the issue is that due to the fact that not everyone goes into the ruins for happy fun monkey times nobody really ends up talking about it much, which then also translates into not everybody using it as much, and it just ultimately suffers from the same problem that every thulecite item has, which is usually just that thulecite is too precious of a material for most players to justify burning through it at a somewhat rapid pace.
  12. Okay that's a nice video and all but how did she get to the constant?
  13. I want a skin that makes Wigfrid's head an icebox, so she can finally, truly be Wigfridge Honestly apart from her GoH, her Triumphant, and slightly her Survivor/Gladiator, it just doesn't feel like Wigfrid has many skins that feel that in-tune with who she is as a character. (I also really don't like quite a few of them in general, but that's beside the point.) Basically, long story short, I want a skin that focuses on the "basically delusional" death machine that Wigfrid aspires to be, not, say, as deliberately beat up as the Survivor, but a skin that shows her perhaps wearing pelts of slain creatures with a twisted, violent grin plastered on her face, showing that she feels victorious and craves more challenge. and an actually cool skin for her equipment that isnt blocky looking would be cool too