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  1. Hey, welcome to the forums! Is this a Hot Lava related thread?
  2. nevermind

  3. The first time I found Chester in the base game, I had just come hot off the heels of probably my 13th death, so I was completely terrified, and I'm pretty sure I was so scared of him that I was crying while running in circles from this crazy looking mouth with legs that wouldn't leave me alone. I think I ran away from Chester for a solid day and a half. Mostly in circles. Being chased by him with a dwindling torch in the night made it even worse. Even when I realized he didn't want to kill me, I was still incredibly cautious with him. I saw you could store items, but thought he'd just eat them if I stored anything inside him. Not my precious nitre! That HAS to have a use later! I had no idea he was just a portable chest that followed the weird bone I picked up. I thought I was going to lose my epic base (which was a science machine, a firepit, and a chest) I have never had that kind of terror from any game before, or after. And what I would give to be able to get something crazy and new like that, but unfortunately, even if they do add these things, I feel my own understanding of the game and its mechanics makes me automatically glaze over any potential threat something poses and look straight at the loot. Oof. Thanks for letting me relive this, though
  4. kind of a rude question imo, how would you feel if someone asked you why your forehead is so big
  5. Oh, I broke 300K profile views.

    Neat! I have stalkers!

  6. I've said it before, and I've said it again. My main issue with Long Pig is the fact that I don't think any of the survivors would ever willingly eat it. It feels completely out of character for them, given the direction DST is taking. I personally do not like the increasingly friendly atmosphere of DST, but at the same time, adding content that feels this out of place would be awkward to me. Not to mention, in the time long pig did exist, it wasn't useful. In the slightest. It was just another means for rot, and highly ineffective at that. And with other equally awful food (or better, such as monster meat) so painfully abundant, it really adds nothing to the game in that perspective either. I did an entire lengthy post explaining all my points about this a while ago, but the forums forget half of my posts, and lord knows I've looked for that post as this topic comes up every now and then. I don't have it in me to write down my entire explanations for why I think it's as bad as an idea as I think it is, but you get the picture. That said, I'm not the only person on the planet, so don't take my post as something that should tilt you in either direction. Form your own opinion on cannibalism!
  7. I was going to quote the posts with art that I particularly liked, and point out that I did indeed like them and thought they were really good. But that's just everything in here, eh? My post would take up a lot of room if I did that. Good stuff. Really good stuff.
  8. That's actually a really clever idea for a little detail. I like that.
  9. It's my birthday awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa

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      Happy birthday awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  10. Funny as it seems, Klei gave me my life. I know that probably sounds ridiculous, but really, it's true. When I first came on here, I was still in a part of my life where I was very much so just another stupid kid. I barely did much of anything online or offline, knew only 1 person really, and had incredibly rough social skills. If someone ever looked back at stuff I did around when I joined, yikes, I was an annoying little weirdo. Especially my ancient thread of yarn or sumthin... I'm not just gonna give it to you! But somehow, that's not how everyone saw me. Some people began to talk to me, I began to talk to them, make friends, establish connections, bla bla bla, yada yada yada. I met a lot of people through these forums, and I've liked and loved the grand crowd of them, I think. Being able to spend so much formerly unprecedented amounts of time around people really changed me, and, well, I'd like to venture to say, grandly for the better. I may not be in contact with all the same people I was through the start of this whole adventure, but some of the people that I personally hold the closest to my heart I either met directly on here or through some other tie to people that ultimately stems from here, and we're obviously still close today. On top of just my social life becoming an actual social life and not just me & 1 other dude cracking jokes alone at a table all day, if it wasn't for people like @the truthseeker I would've never picked up such a huge interest in writing and designing things, ultimately my dream of being a writer forming, so really, I mean it when I say this place has given me my life. Almost every other odd end I've formed and grown has come from something that could easily be tied back to this community. I love this place dearly, and it's almost like some odd kind of second home to me. And this all stems from me needing to report a bug on a game I found the second day of playing a non-pirated version of it... I'm gonna be here for a few more years, at least. It's been an honor to see Klei, their games, and the community grow through the years I've been able to sit here and pull up a seat to. Being able to have said I've talked to a few game devs, gotten a virtual high-5 from JoeW years ago, and that I legally own the rights to Hot Lava because Mark said so on a steam message trust me it was totally real is something I'd never thought would happen, much less that I've actually had a few impacts on their games. (Woo they changed some Wigfrid quotes cuz of me) And honestly, being able to see everyone at Klei as a real, honest, individual person instead of just The Company Itself as a faceless, cold, single entity is truly comforting. And the DST floodgates opened on April 21st, my birthday, so that was a neat coincidence. Oh, everyone here is thanking for their experiences with the games? Uh. Yea ds rog was fun i died to a tentacle, good stuff