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  1. If i remember correctly, Klei gets a small part of the fees of all the market sales. Could be wrong about this one.
  2. DST already has a rather bloated cast of characters, and bringing over more characters wouldn't really help that situation. You have characters that have perks similar to the ones not in DST, so you aren't missing out much. I think if they should add one more character, make it Woodlegs so we can have a character that's linked to the whole sailing system they've been building up now. That's really the only thing I can think of right now that isn't covered by other characters, and I am sort of surprised none of the new characters has had anything for boats, since it's the main feature of all these updates basically. I understand that a lot of people like the DS characters, and would love to have them in DST, but there does come a point where you can have too many characters, and I feel DST is already sitting extremely close to that limit.
  3. Eh, think it would be kinda pointless to add. Adding thirst would just be adding another Hunger meter to deal with, so nothing that would actively change the game that much.
  4. So, is Crab King freezing himself intentional?
  5. Thanks snewy for funny video maxwell_funnyUntitled.mp4
  6. Say pal your island doesn't look too good.
  7. As seen in the picture below, a small part of Wortox's body is missing when using the Battlemaster's Chestpiece. This also happens with Tragedienne Costume. Only works while wearing only the chestpiece and no pants.