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  1. turnips.thumb.png.73cb028ef61ae44bd9223c12b5e5edf6.png

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    2. DragonMage156


      I'm growing a small pumpkin patch, does that count?

      Oh yeah and my friend got me every fruit type for my island so...

    3. Charlie Dark

      Charlie Dark

      That's very nice of them! My good friend gave me every fruit type as well, along with a small loan of a million bells.

    4. DragonMage156


      Damn your friend must be loaded XD

  2. Of course they would, their mental health has surely declined a lot.
  3. I don't know... I would still feel very sorry to see and ending like this.
  4. Me, @Toros and Miserable Orange have been working on a custom character Charlie mod, It's really nice and has a lot of love and effort put into it, perhaps you could try it?
  5. Well, I've been playing less and less lately, ah I'm getting a bit too bored. I was playing an old Sailor Moon game through a gameboy emulator a few days ago though "In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!"
  6. external-content.duckduckgo.gif.9af549b939bac27ac24524b0907b48d5.gif

    Ahh... why does the Greek Government keep being so mean?! They keep opening and shutting the schools for no good reason. Thankfully Lyceums are shut once again at least...

    But now they're even going to implement worse meters, it really is devastating, all shops except supermarkets & and pharmacies will shut down, and a new law will not allow any citizen to go outside after 18:00. 

    Well we already are required to wear muzzles all day, and send an SMS which includes our full name, address and reason of going outside to the government, if we do not we will get fined for up to 1200€.

    I simply can't take this anymore!! Please no more lockdowns! Freedom is dead. God, this is just like the Greek Junta of 1967.

    This... simply can't be the case about any other country in the world. Aren't I correct?

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    2. Mike23Ua


      There’s always the calm before there’s the storm.

    3. Charlie Dark

      Charlie Dark

      I am nothing but a prisoner puppet. There is no calming down.

    4. Rico0


      it's kind of shame, sincerely i think people should think more about eating better, because it could really help to survive, taking sun is really important to kill the virus

  7. Hmm... Would it be okay if I added you on Steam ? I'm really shy and I don't know if I'm going to talk immediately, I'm also really sorry but I won't be playing klei games ever again. But I would really not like to lose contact. Oh, and please do not list your usernames here, I'm going to find you through mutual friends, it's okay.

    1. Charlie Dark

      Charlie Dark

      Oops, I forgot to put this in. 


      My avatar is the one called Sailor Moon. 


    2. Pinegrove


      Though the situation is certainly unfortunate, I respect your decision. I don't know if I'll see Klei in quite the same light ever again. 

  8. Oh, please no... Not again... They found a mutated Covid case originating from Africa, in my city Thessaloniki, they're claiming that it is far more dangerous and even younger people are susceptible, I really hope they're going to shut the schools again, this wasn't a good idea!

    1. Blue Moth

      Blue Moth

      Stay safe, alright?

    2. Charlie Dark

      Charlie Dark

      Thank you, but it's really bad, we are on top of one an other and it's so sad that the teachers don't care to take the necessary precautions that are needed :,(

  9. I believe that it's rude to consider something pointless, especially in a sandbox game, I believe you could do whatever you'd like. Oh my... deja vu? Sincerely, Joy
  10. I apologize for forgetting to state this in my previous post, it mostly depends on how you see it, I'm not trying to make you upset or anything else, but I recommend taking a little time to read this. If you are okay with all this then it's good.
  11. Well, I'm afraid that it's hard to tell, but I remember that players found out that the Epic Launcher which is owned by Tencent, was performing scans targeting Steam folders, ones such as local save data, friends, profile and perhaps more. Gosh, that really is scary, when they do something like that without permission.
  12. Oh my, well was there any sort of announcement for a hotfix about DST? I'm sorry, but I haven't logged into Steam for a while.
  13. Alright!



    Plague Inc Evolved.


    1. viberr