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  1. Hmm... and where are the odds of survival in the files exactly? Haven't checked that one yet...
  2. @Zeklo Nice joke! Well, I would love to see your theory on that one! I adore your theory videos.
  3. A boy scout...? I wonder how and why he got pulled in...
  4. Ugh! Why did the new character had to be a boy scout called "Walter"!?!


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    2. Lovely Roses

      Lovely Roses

      I think it unlikely that Willow knows him since Willow is a grown adult and Walter is just a child. What I mean is just Walter likely wouldn't even be born when Willow was a scout.

    3. Le Rafistoleur

      Le Rafistoleur

      I'm so happy that the new character is him ! I wanted a goat from the Gorge, but that, it's really really cool, maybe even cooler. I might craft all of his skins if I like him, he have alot of "60 seconds" vibes, and it's a game that I love alot ! 

    4. Charlie Dark

      Charlie Dark

      Oh! I remember that game! "60 seconds" He reminds me of... Timmy?

  5. I-I don't remember the last time I died... but I'll tell you how I almost died! Basically, I made an attempt to kill a giant tentacle with 14 slurtle slime, and I thought, (It would need one more hit from my sword to take it down) Little did I know... The slime was too far and did no damage! I got stunlocked, and remained with literally 1 hp! Good thing I put on my logsuit fast enough...
  6. A-aren't you aware of the current world crisis that's going on...? The developers could be working from home, at least they push a few updates and wait... I doubt any of these are bugs to begin with!
  7. For all those who think that Wormwood is innocent...
  8. I am not too sure what problem @hyiltiz encountered, but I encountered FPS drops and high CPU and Ram usage.