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  1. I feel like... it wouldn't work. Sometimes people just... want to enjoy the games separately. People want to play singleplayer offline, too. Plus DST is a sequel... isn't it?
  2. Well... the devs need to make money, too. I-I don't think they'd cancel the classic versions/dlc. I think they can still make money! Thank GabeN for steam sales... DS is very similar and very different too merging them wouldn't be their best idea.
  3. OH, DEAR GOODNESS!!!IMG_20201028_141242.thumb.jpg.5b5249e307ccba04f77b1b22006b824c.jpg


    1. Charlie Dark

      Charlie Dark

      Oh, what's next!? An other total lockdown!? I feel... very unlucky!

  4. You can just... keep your distance from PVP servers*, I guess...
  5. Gosh, I'll be a mommy soon! Ooh, I hope this smallbird survives, at least...
  6. Ugh, if only my stomach could stop churning... I can't even handle 3D games anymore... ooff... I'm gonna be sick.

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    2. Russian_Philin


      Thank you, sis or bro :wilson_ecstatic::wilson_love:
      You should rest and lie down for a while. I hope that you will soon recover and feel better again. 
      *sounds of a dead person*

    3. Charlie Dark

      Charlie Dark

      Oh, Um okay... I'll try that, desperate times...

      Oh, no! *gives telltale heart* 

    4. Russian_Philin


      That was very nice of you. Spasibo (thank you) very much:wilson_laugh:

  7. Ban Blue Moth because I'll watch the second movie, too.
  8. Oh, shoot okay. Hm, maybe in a different fashion. Since Wortox/Wurt/Wormwood are all technically from the constant itself. I just think I've not seen them interact with our "main" human survivors in a trailer, yet...
  9. Surely it's an other dimension... I think. The survivors just... found each other using the portal (Now florid Postern) Max and Wilson built. Wormwood could've reached like this, too but... Are all DLC characters really canon?
  10. Ban Blue Mothman because he hasn't watched KILL BILL yet... I-it's much more scary than you might think. Oh, I hope you'll not be sick...
  11. Surely it'll be implemented one day, I hope. Wortox was unimplemented, too but... He got implemented after a looong time.
  12. Ban ZeeDragon because KILL BILL is quite the scary movie if I do say so myself.
  13. Ban ZeeDragon because I-I don't know what my rank should be about... Hmph.