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  1. Curio chests, like the Winters Feast ones, only drop during the time those events are happening.
  2. So, is Crab King freezing himself intentional?
  3. Thanks snewy for funny video maxwell_funnyUntitled.mp4
  4. Say pal your island doesn't look too good.
  5. As seen in the picture below, a small part of Wortox's body is missing when using the Battlemaster's Chestpiece. This also happens with Tragedienne Costume. Only works while wearing only the chestpiece and no pants.
  6. Just an inside joke me and my friends came up with during the Forge
  7. Voxola Work Uniform has weird clippings with default character outfits.
  8. The Scorpeon Profile Icon is listed as Grand Forge Boarrior instead of Scorpeon.