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Found 9 results

  1. Join the Italian Mafia! We will rule this city forum! We are looking to see how many people we can "convert" to join the Mafia. Our goal: Recruit as many people as possible. This is 100% a meme. Our sole intention is to see how many people we can get to change their titles. That's it. That's literally the only reason. How to Join: 1. Have over 1000 posts. 2. Go to your profile. 3. Click on "Edit Profile" 4. Change your member title to include the tag "[Italian Mafia]". You can keep your original title, as long as you include this tag. You could also have a title saying what "role" you are in the mafia, if you desire. NOTE: If you have under 1000 posts, post here anyways and you can be added as an Associate. Current Members: @Canis (The Godfather) @-Variant (The Consigliere) @The Noon Fish (The Professional brainlet) minespatch (Traitor!) @Raspberry Shake (but it's in the Minecraft enchanting language) @__IvoCZE__ @Szczuku @4 Da LOLs (If you wish to remove the tag, please post here saying you're gonna, thank.) Associates: (AKA those that want to be in the Mafia but don't have 1k posts. If you want to be on this list, leave a post on this thread.) @Owlrus98 @Pop Guy @thomas4845 Rivals: (Those who oppose the Mafia. The not good guys.) @Auth (The Rival Gang) @reverentsatyr (Syndicate scum)
  2. Hey everyone! I noticed that there's a buttload of new memes and no place to put them. Post them here for people to see (and so we can stop clogging up the puzzle thread). Enjoy! Edit: Also, the memes don't have to be Maxwell themed. All characters are welcome. This is merely a sequel of a previous meme thread.
  3. It doesn't even have any items you need from Hamlet in order to make it. Plus who doesn't love meme foods?
  4. Here's how the game works: (If you know your way around the block, you have probably seen people attempt this on discord and such.) One person says one line of the song (Starting from "Creeper,") The next person has to say another line in the song. Max of 5 words for each person/post, but you can do lower. This repeats until the song is completed or someone messes it up. If someone messes it up, everyone starts over at "Creeper". It has to be perfect, because that's what a perfect song deserves. A few rules: No editing or deleting your posts. No off-topic posts of any kind, or I'll call my dad JoeW on you. Posts should only contain song lyrics unless the song screwed up and you want to scream at someone for being stupid. If you posted, you can't post again until at least 2 other people have posted, unless, again, someone screwed up and you want to scream at them. It also doesn't really count if you're restarting the song.
  5. Every single soul of the forums know that the DST sub-forums "had" a fantastic thread for memes, a place that has over a million views and +8 000 posts, most of them are certified memes of quality and all of them (most) should be blessed. Of course I'm talking about the Maxwell Memes: The Sequel of @Unsound Mind. But the only problem on this topic is that some seem to be lacking on community policy/guidelines/standards, so it been closed, for an indefinite time So after that set in mind, AND an average sense of companionship with users, which means : Your posts have to be SFW (safe for work) Credit the artists and memers if you share something that it not your It's a DON'T STARVE topic, no one cares about your 3am memes from reddit And one and not least : We have to chat together in good terms, no fight is tolerated even if your waifu is involved ! (I'm serious) You can go back on the memes and stay on topic. One more thing, it's not a taunt, I just want the community to keeps traditions alive.
  6. I want to make a meme about people debating Warbucks I need some pro-buckers and anti-buckers it wont insult ether side but I would much rather have consent to using pfps so if you want to be apart of it please tell me along with your stance on Warbucks (Pro or anti just dont debate it and say yes bucks or no bucks) that is all I request please don't manure post here
  7. Sanic T-Shirt Mod

    Version 1.2


    I'm so sorry. This mod gives Wilson and the meat effigy a Sanic T-shirt.
  8. I had this awful idea during a forge match voice chat with my best friend. This is about the most productive thing I've done since Monday. Someone stop me.
  9. I know no cool science word for the discord of various people's or group's opinions, or I'd have used it.