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  1. Basically what Rylanor said. If their skeletal anatomy didn't have a hunch back they would be a lot bigger compared to the Constant's survivors.
  2. Repub if you were there when confused was killed
  3. If it takes a lot longer then try running around the area you last seen them in, chances are some mob might have attacked them and they ran off hitting a few trees, dropping the antlers. It usually doesn't take too long for the deer to grow them either way, so i'd suggest leaving deers alone for a few days then coming back and check in.
  4. Definitely modded characters. Most of them exist just for the sake of existing and either have literal immortality or something stupidly broken and out of place.
  5. I know, the thing i didn't understood from that person's post is the beforeplaced comparison. I well understand using these sorts of sounds for variety of purposes in setting up the atmosphere, both the explosions and insanity noises for mentioned games. But in most cases both become earpiercing as time goes on. Personally i'm all up for this suggestion since it's been demanded yet ignored for quite a while now and i'm basically in the same boat with how much irritating it can become.
  6. I can't even begin to comprehend your comparisons. The op is only talking about insanity ambience and how it annoys them in DST. Wtf does gunfire and explosions have to do with anything in this thread besides going under "being loud" label?
  7. The thing is that the world inside DST can be compared to a whole different dimension, sort of like a pocket dimension if you will. For now atleast, nothing seems to be going towards the end-game of lore so far, though perhaps we might see some stuff once this update chain ends, nontheless, i for one do not see any proper ending, because just like og DS, i think it will keep going even after freeing Maxwell from the Dark Throne, same scenario might be applied to DST but with a different outcome/scenario that in the end may or may not impact the force behind that world. Either way, most if not all of the Constant's survivors have been missing for quite some time iirc, so it's not like it wouldn't become any easier for them to find themselves in the real world. It's like a never ending cycle, atleast from my perspective regarding the entire creation of the Constant.
  8. I think you're a bit too much excited for something that's probably a red herring regarding that perspective. It would be A LOT more tedious and chaotic in multiplayer. Sure, i suppose it would be "fun", but what exactly would you even get from finishing this "dst adventure mode 2 electric boogaloo" in the first place? To me atleast, this doesn't make much sense to exist with any real benefits other than "looking pretty with different biomes and challenge" in the multiplayer version. Being able to do it solo without any other players wouldn't make a lot of sense either, so personally i'm not really sold out on this idea. It would just feel like some sort of rat race imo.