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  1. Been a while since i posted anything here, so heres a big brain wilson magnet facts
  2. You ever stopped to think WHY people talk to you like that? Because hmm...i don't know, maybe there's a vital clue as to why people despise what you bring to the table on almost every thread you post on. Either way, back on track. Personally i would enjoy Wilson more if he had his own persona and characteristics brought as his means of survival not some cheap happy companion from solo ds, he's a scientist after all, a failed one but still a scientist.
  3. From personal experience with early access games, i doubt this will be accessible to other systems other than PC during alpha. The accessibility of GL to other devices like Mac, Linux and consoles will probably take a while even after the games full release. I havent been following klei much on how they handle the early access and betas but i believe that the games stability, progression and hot-fixing is more important. Not saying that less people playing it the better, just the issue being making stable and specifically optimized versions of an "early access" game that's still developing for other ports that may handle it better or worse.
  4. It's confirmed both by devs here and on wiki, she's in her early 20's. Finding that here would be mining for gold so i don't really have any links to the threads mentioning her age.
  5. rEeEeeEe gAmE nOt wOrKinG fiX iT noW tRaSh dEvs
  6. Being annoying is pretty much his purpose. Personally i find it unique that he can do that, aswell as being somewhat of a "real threat" if not taken care of or not paying attention to his presence on your boat.
  7. Wtf are you even talking about lmao. Where did i mention Wiki or that reading it is cheating, the first file op provided is a "handed" down version of all the foods to ease up the searching for every recipe, search it up if you want or don't it's your freedom of choice.
  8. A small suggestion for a commonly liked fruit is turning into a mob demand with pichforks and torches at hand, soon well have some sort of mango dictator, fun stuff
  9. I'm guessing it's a sort of cheat sheet for foods when you don't have access to mods. I'll admire the effort you put into it anyway, good job.