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  1. Stopped buying anything ever since the Studio Announcement dropped.
  2. Quite frankly, the Klei Offical servers are one of the most chaotic and havoc filled servers out there, they're not moderated by anybody, although as far as i'm aware the devs do fix them up from time to time when something regarding them needs fixing. Have you checked if the problem isn't from your side? For example faulty internet connection, router etc.
  3. The shards you get from deconstructing it seem to be more of a reason to farm it imo. Fuelweaver has one of most unique and best loot tables in the game, with each item being extremely useful and very good. As others have stated above, the champion simply lacks other items, despite being an endgame boss that requires quite a hefty amount of preperation to even get to his fight in the first place, only to roll a single item out of him that later on becomes kinda "meh".
  4. local beef = c_spawn("beefalo"); beef.components.hunger:DoDelta(400); beef.components.domesticatable:DeltaTendency("PUDGY", 1); beef:SetTendency(); beef.components.domesticatable.domestication = 1; beef.components.domesticatable:BecomeDomesticated(); Copy and paste this command into console, but replace "PUDGY" with "ORNERY".
  5. "One new DLC character." That's what is written in the roadmap, by new i would imagine something like Walter. When Wormwood and Warly were announced, they were clearly shown and not kept in the dark, why would a ported character not have exact same treatment as them? By that i mean already appear announced in the roadmap. While both of them are considered DLC characters, they're also refreshes, but i suppose in the end it falls to your own interpretation of the word "new".
  6. I wouldn't give this game an ending, there's barely any reason to give it one in the first place.
  7. It'll probably be a paid DLC character like Wortox and Wurt. Nowhere was it stated that this DLC character will be ported from DS.
  8. House? No. Caverns, ruins etc? Big yes! Though with moderation, so it suddenly won't turn into a whole dungeon crawler.