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  1. local beef = c_spawn("beefalo"); beef.components.hunger:DoDelta(400); beef.components.domesticatable:DeltaTendency("PUDGY", 1); beef:SetTendency(); beef.components.domesticatable.domestication = 1; beef.components.domesticatable:BecomeDomesticated(); Copy and paste this command into console, but replace "PUDGY" with "ORNERY".
  2. The real treasure were the laughs and connections we shared along the way
  3. Or a show down between Wagstaff and Charlie since i'm assuming that the sealed portal in archives is where he's gonna go next.
  4. The average end of April fan vs the average April 15th enjoyer
  5. Wendy has a free damage boost, for both her and Abigail, Abigail gets stronger during dusk and night for literally no reason, it's a walking tank with massive AoE and damage output that can be easily rounded up to even bigger number damage and health wise. I think what you're saying is a stretch, Wendy is one of the most braindead and stupidly overpowered characters ever since her rework. None of the things she does are hard to understand, all you have to do is utilize your floating minature Wolfgang and that's it. Walking around a map searching for graves isn't difficult, you have a bionic ectoplasm by your side that will stomp anything in its path. The only enemy type Abigail is weak against are bosses that even then can be dealt with if youve played this game for sometime and know how they operate, using knowledge about them to their advantage. Wortox actually has a meaningful downside, Wendy doesnt. Wx is nothing but a Wilson with stat upgrades, spoiled food advantage and speed boost condition, that's it. The only "op" thing about him is he's far more versatile in ruins because the enemies there are his source of food so...
  6. Funny clown man


    1. kittem


      oswald the clown is my best friend