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  1. When completing the Celestial Sanctum the name of it changes to Celestial Altar despite both of it's parts, the Icon and Ward having "Celestial Sanctum" in their names. The Names of the parts don't match the altar's true name. Thanks @DaZoul
  2. It's alright, i didn't know the proper name for it anyway so thanks for that, ingame it's just called Celestial Altar when built from what i remember.
  3. The new beta branch introduced a very interesting object called "The Mysterious Energy", which appears after gathering all of the three key altars ( Celestial Tribute, Celestial Altar and the newest addition, the Celestial Sanctum ) at the Lunar Island and placing them inside the enlightment fissures. Now, my main speculation about this particular floating "ball" is that it most likely will be the activating factor to a brand new Boss Fight. Considering we have yet to see the Sealed Portal's greater meaning, it definitely will be connected to the Mysterious Energy itself, or atleast what will become of it. Personally, i believe the fight itself will take place on the Lunar Island, mostly due to the range of ambience created from the energy once it's summoned and it taking a hefty distance, aswell as destroying any nearby structures that are "too close" to it, though i welcome a surprise with open arms. Other thought i had regarding this lil' orb is that we will have to bring it to the archive's portal itself, causing whatever has been sealed there to burst open. My last vision for this scenario is that it will turn out similarly to how Shadow Pieces and Fuelweaver were introduced, but since the energy already has the same tape that the Ancient Gateway had before finally unleashing Fuelweaver, i think in energy's case it will be a straight jump into action. In the end, those are just few of my personal theories. As to the appearence of the big bad, i had a few pictures about it. From a towering "Gestalt" like celestial being sent by "Them", bound to protect the Island or given mission to annihilate whoever dared to open/use the energy, to an archive Sentinel with the same objective, or perhaps even one of "Them". What terror do you think our survivors will face next or what wisdom can this tiny yet peculiar "ball" of energy hold? Perhaps it' won't even be a fight, but a key to an alternate world/dimension?
  4. That is why i hope with the somewhat slowly upcoming "closure" of RoT update chain, devs will decide to revisit few old gimmicks and repolish them. Because there's a lot of great potential and opportunity for most.
  5. Maxwell created Clockworks one way or another to do his bidding. Sentrypedes, as the name implies, were probably made by the ancients to protect the archives from unwanted guests. Dunno, so far Sentrypedes are the first contact of more through insight of Ancient's technology regarding robotics, besides Broken Clockworks as far as i remember.
  6. Greater Gestalts don't do anything when attacked with ranged weapons like Darts, Boomerang or even Tail o' Three Cats. The enlightment status does not affect it, the gestalt will stand and do nothing when damaged.
  7. When setting a sentrypede on fire, the fire's sprite animation is invisible. Burning sound is present and so is light radius from the burning, but the fire itself on the sentrypede is nowhere to be seen.
  8. While it does somewhat give motivation to harvest salt crystals, the reward isn't worth the hastle imo. They seem like more relaxed but slower tiny thulecite factories. It's a decent method to gather some bonus thulecite if you don't wanna bother with Fuelweaver for the ruins reset.
  9. And here i thought we can have a civilized conversation. You're taking this over the top and over exaggerating at most. This is not a competetive game. You can play however you want. That's none of my business. All of this semi-emotional tantrum of a reply radiates only one thing, that this is HOW YOU PLAY, and that's fine. I'm not gonna enforce any playstyles on you. Besides your entire "babby meta trash" arguement, you're still missing the point. You're taking your own experience above everyone else's, forgetting that NOT EVERYONE HAS THE SAME PLAYSTYLE AND MINDSET AS YOU. Not everyone will give Wes a chance, not because of him having a "bad" stereotype, but because some people might find him uninteresting and lackluster compared to what other characters can bring to the table. Other than that, there's nothing else i'm gonna say, and please, next time don't use your frustration as fuel to drive your rebuttal of a claim. With that, good day!
  10. I'll be honest, i cameback to the game only because of the new beta for now atleast, but i'm slowly regaining interest in coming back to public worlds. Back when i still played i was on my solo world just decorating and messing around with different characters by myself. Public worlds can also be very fun and chill, my main motivation joining pubs was to help others with basing or learning basics of the game.