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Canis    13138
1 hour ago, Mike23Ua said:

That uhm.. that probably exceeds the 13+ rating @minespatch- my Covid 19 related memes were taken down, so you probably wanna remove that too.

To be fair, The Thing is a fictional horror movie and Covid-19 is causing widespread death and suffering in the world right now.

Edited by Canis
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Mike23Ua    10713

Well with regards to JoeW’s post, I shall repost my Covid related Memes! But to be absolutely certain that they don’t upset anyone, I will be posting them into a spoiler tag:

Please do not click the spoiler if you do not wish to see Covid-19 related stuffs.

Thank You. :) 




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Hornete    10207
26 minutes ago, TheKingDedede said:

Man, JoeW doesn't play around...


  Reveal hidden contents

This is fake. Please don't fall for this.


It's Wreggelsworth!

It's time to get banned. Change da world, my final message!


I know it's a joke, just playing along to make that clear. :p


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