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  1. How I look How I feel... How others see me : adV4OXd_460svvp9.webm
  2. Yeah that's an old argument which has never been a valid one. Wx is OP if there's a Wicker in the team. Everyone's strong when there's a Wicker in the team. We're talking about the value a single character can bring to a random team, or in solo. Wortox is a decent contender to ruins rusher title ; 400 health is of little use with a good player and 300 sanity is rather unpractical for fuel farming. Honestly I still don't get it. Voted Maxwell but been hesitating with Wilson. Vanilla experience, no downside. He's nothing to sneeze at.
  3. Speaking of overhypness, I would pick Wx-78 as most overrated character. Never understood why he's part of the Holy Trinity. Having huge health pool doesn't help much with time efficiency. Its hypeness probably began with pesky youtubers long ago who swore only by ruins rushing, and there are other good choices now for that purpose.
  4. Voted Maxwell because in hands of an experienced player (with the appropriate Internet connexion^^), he's worth so much time efficiency. Time is value.
  5. I used this test to see what character fitted me the most. Wilson it is then ^^ How ? I secretly wanted to have this one ^^
  6. I honestly don't see her as much more powerful than she was before. And before nobody complained.
  7. While many items do need some tweaks (and for some of them it's more of a cost rebalance), I don't get the idea of telling Klei to remove them. Like they bother you so much you can't open the craft tab ?
  8. Webber having a decent chance to be scheduled for the next refresh, let us discuss about some ideas. What I like : Good stats Unique playstyle Cute What I don't like : Wendy is vastly superior in terms of farming spiders, which is surprising for a halfspider guy. Pig/bunny hate is a major downside, that requires powerful upsides to compensate, which Webber seems to be lacking. Spider army is time consuming and does not provide a powerful force. Lacks unique crafting abilities, which makes the absurd amounts of spider loots somewhat useless. While I don't know much about Webber's lore, I'd like to see him struggling between both 8-eyed spider and child sides. The predator The Queen's Venom x5x3x5 Could last a whole day Nightvision An aura that boost walking speed of all befriended spiders around him (Spider army is too slow compared to player's speed and needs time to catch up) +25% damage for Webber x2 Hunger Drain (Makes monster meat a little more valuable) Health drain under day light Makes Webber both angry and hungry. To keep the "Together" route that Klei seems to have taken since Wortox, I was thinking about a Sticky-Silky projectile functioning like a dart, that acts like Ewecus attack : It would only slows the attack speed in a way that you could hit once more before dodging, and would be added to Webber craft tab. Don't know if it would be feasible or balanced enough though. Share your ideas fellows.
  9. This has been discussed countless times, not particularily relevant. Bearger is more effective than both. For basic wood gathering until second autumn they're both more than enough.