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  1. Sadly the mod is outdated and does not translate everything.
  2. My opinion might be unpopular, considering poll results, however, I still think insanity shouldn't be polished to be convenient. Your character is supposed to have embraced pure madness. Fighting imaginary shadow creatures whereas your relatives are looking at you fighting for you life against thin air ? Don't know what to think about world seed though. Seems convenient, but players would end up playing only on OP maps with desired set pieces. I'm aware they can still do so by regenerating map over and over, but is it common among players ? Oh and that poll seems totally unbiased, as you can freely opt for an answer whereas you have to give a "legit reason" for the other answer OP does not want you to choose.
  3. I died because I couldn't help getting that one useless monster meat lying in front of guardian pigs.
  4. I like that. I would suggest something similar : Maxwell can exchange his sanity with the one of an ally, instantly. This can make him or his relatives insane or sane swiftly. Very powerful, but requires teamwork, and could provide insane combos (pun intended) with other characters who can play with their sanity or farm nightmare fuel (Wormood, Bernie! etc.) He would be basicly the Wortox team Healer, for sanity. However, sanity itself in DST should probably require to be more fearsome, when you're running out of it. That skill could require a tool he would have to craft, with a durability, to balance things out. I also like the concept of Codex Tiers (the book itself stays the same, it's more about Maxwell's comprehension of it which improves). What I want to see with William is to keep walking further the dark magic path, not the ressource gathering one. This does not require further explanation.
  5. Simple balance changes

    Sir, we do not have the same definition of "small balance QOL ideas ". While these are fairly easy to implement, as they are simple tweaks, some are still major buff/debuff leading to a total change in character balance. Like what has been already said before about Wormood, I think its crafting tab is fine and powerfull, except for the compost wrap, where I highly agree with you about it needing a buff. I like the fact it has a really long animation and does not rot. To craft two of them at once seems fine. I think you get it wrong with the armor, its usage is to take no damage from thorns, or to work with traps to slaughter swarms of small enemies. It's not design for combat, where other armors have their use, or else you should use it with a helmet, like SinancoTheBest mentioned. Wormood is an amazingly designed character, and a powerful one. I would say a buff to its compost wrap is enough.
  6. Oh sorry, I missread "When you love something, you get selfish to the point you want the game to be made exactly what you want it to and call it what The Don't Starve Community needs." Because the border between those two is sometimes blurred
  7. I have only 535 hours of playing the game. I can barely survive a year. As a result, my opinion is garbage and I have no visibility of its mechanics nor any right to criticize any aspect of the game. In a few thousands of hours of gameplay, I'll be able to speak, but only for the character I main. Until this very moment, I let the High Council of True Vets discussing for peasants like me.
  8. I would like some new vignettes, however I still voted no because that's not a priority and it shouldn't delay other more important new content. As long as the devs have time to do so, yeas, new vignettes could be nice.
  9. I always thought of a vegetarian character, and that would be fitting Wicker quite well, while being an interesting downside. (I'm an advocate of downsides that force you to think out of the meta and try new strategies, like Wormood's HP management). The idea is not to nerf her, but rather to give her downsides so Klei can enhance her magic abilities whithout making her to overpowered. I'm sure Klei will create new amazing books.
  10. Chopin' won't ruin a good suit, eh ?
  11. I strongly agree with this Many selfish complaints about the fact their main character they have been playing for 97989836125 years is not refreshed exactly the way they wanted to. We just have to get over it, learn to play with the new mechanics and have fun. Don't Starve is getting old, that's where new refreshes are more interesting than just minor tweaks. I've never played Wendy myself, but rather with her in my team. What about an idol she could craft with a durability, that makes Abigail stop whatever she's doing and come back at you ?
  12. Do you guys realize that Don't Starve Together does not provide a lot of money, and the devs pointed out the fact that news skins can barely pay out for the cost of new content ? We have an awesome studio that listens to its community and work hard on refreshing characters playstyles. And yet, it has to face a ****storm of salty kids that call it garbage, creating topics suggesting to just delete their work, spamming fix woodie and calling it a mess. This is not League of Legends. Can we be more civilized ? While it's true Woodie still needs a few tweaking, this refresh is amazing and will probably get fixed in a few days.
  13. That is a lie. While the animated short was clearly underwhelming in terms of lore, it does perfectly reflects all aspects of Woodie's playstyle. I understand people's frustration, but there's no need to be over dramatic, or even brainless (spamming "fix woodie" is retarded). Woodie's refresh is not a mess, it just needs a few tweaking to reach perfection. An awesome and hard work has been made, a few things still need to be done to work properly. However, a week or two in beta branch before release woold have helped...