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  1. Then how would a soul taste like, and also nightmare pie taste like. I would imagine nightmare pie be food that shocked ur sense that ur mind and body capability switches. Lastly would glow Berry mousse taste like radiation or snozzberries?
  2. To be fair, this need to be specific. Cause evreyone is good at DST at least in one things, such as pvp, base building, farming, fishing, boss fights, exploring, base organising, greifing starving, in the state of insanity, being certain characters, cheating with commands and rollbacks, dying and etc. So this poll is honestly to broad. Plus even if most dst professionals earn money by showing certain strategy in boss fights and base stuffs, there also some who create Memes of DST and Mods and make a living out of it tho it is a small minority.
  3. Does anyone know how viable is Webber against single target bosses like bee queen and ancient guardian
  4. To be honest I would hope to see the decorated spider den becomes a decorated spider queen. If it becomes a neutral mob due to, it would be great if not it's fine at least we get a good looking spider queen. I also would like to see if the spiders decoration are standard or othey differences and variations
  5. Ban ZeeDragon cause I have exams after the holiday and I have not revise yet
  6. Ban ZeeDragon cause my holiday is ending after next week
  7. Where do you think the flowers behind his footsteps come from? Butterflies?
  8. How about a fun fact to cheer you up. You die when ur health reaches 0
  9. What of it becomes a better whip, but the dmg not so high by the range is bigger and does aoe. I could imagine it doing well against splumonkeys
  10. But it is facing the wrong side, the skeleton is receiving it. Though the pp is so hard there are bones in it
  11. Spiders are still better than cookie cutters for meat but it is a good alternative for a monster meat source out at sea as long u are careful enough
  12. Nothing much, just a mad crazy scientist ordering is to kill some sort of moon god so that he can be the moon god himself