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  1. Ah yes, the mythical firefly that shoots balls of light to stun you and hurt you and only the walls can prevent that from happening
  2. How about using the force of god to kill a boss? Basically spamming end of nigh
  3. This is fake, they fake the pictures. This is the moon but they photoshop the colour
  4. I like to that Maybe wes have multiple personalities, like a mental desease, have a cruel and depraved side and a quiet and innocent side. but the Constant aggravate the condition, where one side is crazy and very strong and the other side mute(quiet) and weak. Which was why maxwell had to lock him down and put restrictions on it.
  5. I think i need some sleep, i thought i saw pornogragh music
  6. Feed catcoon with drugs to turn them into a big rideable tiger that attack anyone on sight. Only the elusive varients of cat nip can prevent you from getting attack on sight, gain more love, increase dmg /speed. Or maybe summon an army of catcoons to wreck havoc in the Constant
  7. Merms/ pigs that corresponds to their head on a stick get enraged and do more dmg or/and more speed but don't kite at all, just keep rushing at you.