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  1. Klei is secretly a prophet telling us the Impending doom coming to our world and all their games is to prep for the change
  2. What about a lamp, looks like lightbulbs plant or mushlight or even the lantern skin
  3. Doesn't it depicts the depressed roomba moving its shell to make thulicite?
  4. Maxwell now is like that one anime grandpa that appears to be weak and frail but suddenly ripped his clothes out and show his swole muscle to save the day
  5. Tentacles - hentai Wolfgang in wimpy form - alfred mode (batman butler) Bunnymen - angry vegan Walrus camp - toilet(W.C.)
  6. Hope maxwell get alot of eggnog and lobster dinner for his birthday with his powdercake and mushcake for desert
  7. Every prediction we made about the plot and content is wrong and the truth is ridiculous to mock us For example: Fan theory - thulicite is from the corpse of ancient creature vs Truth - thulicite is from a living roomba that is drunk, drugged or depressed
  8. Petition to add Antlion lower body as an optional boss in caves during summer