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  1. I'm alive after several months also Wilson
  2. Is there a new way to store crops like a sack of potatoes in the future?
  3. Me too,I like to trade my weapon durability for their flesh ,weapon and tail
  4. You can't do this minespatch, you can't just tempt us with 1 page .we need to see the first 4 and the last 2 pages.
  5. To be fair wearing a football helmet with it would help survivability
  6. Plants don't feel pain, seaweeds attack you when hurt,wormwood can get feel pain and get hurt
  7. For those who thought of dismantling the alarming clock and reconstruct it again to save nightmare fuel, don't do it .when you dismantling it ,you won't get any nightmare fuel back so just refill Ur clock
  8. New features,now you can sit on ancient chairs and have kites or maybe wings as body slot that makes you move faster and move over water for 5s
  9. Although every 2.5 damage Wanda takes equals to 1 year aged,it does not mean when Wanda have take less than 2.5 dmg it doesn't age it just age less than a full year. Didn't realise this until I picked some Cactus