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  1. so i know there is a hard-cap limit on treasure spots and they are created at world gen. my question is where do i look to find the spawner code? i want to double the treasures generated at the worldgen so i can spend more time sailing around looking for them. i just found the location of the last one in my current world and i tend to restart my games over when i run out of spots to go dig. i want to stick around in my next world a bit longer
  2. if we have just one more of these point drops i will be caught up on all the skins i wanted but missed!
  3. i know this is aside from the point but you sound like you would do well to continue playing nomad -shrugs-
  4. this isnt too bad so far ^^ i am going to have to keep an eye on this~
  5. hm, you are right in saying she is about as close to a vanilla(ds) experience as one can get. nothing extreme or insurmountable for a medium-skill player. i am not sure i would agree there is anything wrong with tying her unique perk to the day/night cycle within the perimeters of her lore(though i wonder if it would make more sense to have it tie to her sanity meter though that is well and good outside of my knowledge of the coding limitations of the game, ha!) but i do think her stats are not going to wow anyone. i do see your frustration though in that a player who is really good at dealing with sanity wont have much of an issue and might find her a bit boring though i am wondering if perhaps she'd be more viable for someone who isnt as capable or is playing in a pub/communal server where not being able to use a flower crown, pretty parasol, tophat or straw roll and getting a swift tank from using staffs and dark swords can make a fair bit of difference? assuredly by the time i have a crockpot up in a world(less than a week in-game in both solo and pub) i never want for food outside of the rare cave run that goes a few days long so if i minded my hunger bar i could play a no-downsides wolfgang in perpetuity which negates any challenge to him for soloing. it really is a matter of perspective if i could suggest the dst version of my favorite char mod though; fair warning i didn't use the crafting and i never played wynter because the audio files are bugged and are much MUCH louder than anything else and too frequent to not be a headache but aside from that it was pretty good(in particular wei was oodles of fun in shipwrecked since he is so suited to noncombative sailing). i think they meet your criteria of being different enough to stand out but not so different as to feel inauthentic and the stats on them suits their perks/limits
  6. um, exactly where and how? as far as i have seen and experienced only mushplanters can grow spores
  7. your expectations aren't really a priority in most instances though? like, i've seen a lot of custom chars and before i started playing wes i had played a lot of characters too. the greatest majority of customs were/are bespoke and serve the specific needs of the creator NOT the community, they are there because the creator wanted an experience catered to them and the community getting to use the character was/is a bonus for the community, not the main purpose. the next largest group are fandom chars which are not grounded in balanced playability either but are generally worked around their original capacities which tend towards over-powering(the bulk of these are protags, villains and other powerhouse sorts). the purpose of these chars are to be fun not to be challenging to long-term players and entertaining not sustainable for someone 6mo down the line also, and this is the part that many forumites in particular are not honest with themselves/each other about; most players doesn't actually want a difficult well-balanced long-term character in a practical-application sense. they just don't; they generally want someone fun that won't die in a single fresh play session on default settings and who looks neat. people looking for custom chars want the same things vanilla users want and a character that has the kind of stuff op is asking for are not going to be wanted without being heavily compensated-for elsewhere. i mean you can just look at the stats on which characters get used the most; characters that are more 'easy' to survive as with medium or lower experience at the game do best. even persons with higher skill levels use the less challenging characters. it is normal and expected when people are given choices that they generally pick the ones that do not give them less to work with also, before anyone gets on my case about how they are a special little star who loves super challenging well balanced difficult characters and never play any of the easy characters; this is a generalization and is meant to represent the majority. if this doesnt seem like it applies to you then it probably doesn't and you should not take it as a personal jab at your gamer sensibilities or as an invitation to fight over whether or not you deserve to get public recognition. don't be a lolcow.
  8. the advanced farmplot was amazing on boats. it made fishing redundant despite only allowing one plant at a time which is probably why it would be bad to have a boat that is just turf x'''D
  9. yeah, i must confess i woke up bq intentionally. i use the minimalist challange to have micro worlds so everything is super close together including my base. i figured that like with bearger she's put out the grumbles, they'd they'd get killed she'd fly off and i would potentially get a honey or two from having woke her so i could keep avoiding a swing towards my base for food. i did not expect deer to go right for her or to have a second deer(aka how i died) x'''D for sure though something went wonkey in the world. i got the warning for deer right away but it was the later part of mid-winter before she actually showed up it is good to know though that deer will(as far as i have seen) attack most other terrestrial bosses. she attacks bear, bee, dfly, tguards, other deers and moose
  10. do you think we could petition klei? gear for gran 2021?