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  1. i think if warly was the only one to get the sanity buff it would be a bigger incentive for people to play as him though making it a group thing would be kind of not useful given we now have campfire stories
  2. not just the bad optics of that but it also will keep people inside during a pandemic if they have something new to play with. i know there were a lot of virtual bodies dying that first couple days and if those means less real ones dying i am all in on it
  3. follow mama bird! so this was actually based off of a picture by Russian_Philin of wheeler as a tallbird so all credit to them!
  4. oh golly, you are right. walter's head is off-center, oops! XD
  5. i wonder what he's got planned! for sure there is a difference between a 'gentleman scientist' and an actual inventor, haha
  6. that is pretty nasty. hopefully you don't still torture animals in your games
  7. no, it is a picture of a yellow slicker that goes almost all the way down. i am not sure why you cannot see it
  8. yeah, it is more of a bruised look(like her eyes) but i don't think 'give her a bruised gob, lad' is quite the effect i want to go with XD
  9. silly question but could i steal your tallwheeler idea for something?