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  1. gotta be either or though not gonna lie is a tempting close third
  2. seems like a perk not a flaw (also that is some beautiful planting!)
  3. this is the kind of top-tier content i come for.
  4. i'd be happy if flowers simply didn't spawn on water tiles and despawned when touching a tile after spawn but a full boating disable works too
  5. maybe i should state that i was being silly in the bunnyhut thread. my bad for being too obtuse X''D

    1. Lanaaa


      Hahaha thank you, I was confused for a minute trying to figure out how to respond XD 

  6. here is where you are erroneously assuming i could spare them before this last update
  7. i wonder if that is a call-back to saladmanders who require high-heat to thrive?
  8. sorry to add more burdens to the team but could it at least be considered that for the sake of public-server play that during world-gen there is a togglable option to have plants not rot if they aren't picked in the same way wildfires can be turned off? for a lot of people this current set-up is kind of a bad situation since plants can rot between one player's hard work and another player getting on and finding that work not just wasted but potentially also putting hostile mobs in places that otherwise would have been safe(like the pub base or cave exits or the oasis or even portal itself) is likely to discourage farm usage and potentially get someone labeled as a griefer if they are not ardent about punctual harvesting yeah, i actually have some concerns about this as well since i rely very heavily on farm veg when playing in pubs. though to be fair the old way was incredibly op x''D if one person can feed themselves plus two others by the end of their first season it is likely a bit too good of a method of production
  9. no, the tierlist just did not have walter as an option for a long while so any instances of walter showing up before september was people literally cutting and pasting in a picture from elsewhere
  10. maybe though my friend was streaming the beta this morning and got four tillweeds in less than 40 mins, three of them growing at the same time. she had three plots dug and active and they all grew on the same one
  11. building walls looks pretty(especially for basemaking) and the blocking of enemies is actually very useful especially as wortox since things like worms and pigs cannot pass through going boating gives you access to kelp, stonefruit, barnacles, cookiecutter fragments, shellbells three turfs and salt putting things in chests keeps edibles from being consumed and keeps down lag it also keeps tallbird eggs from hatching and if you play shipwrecked(The solo game) it keeps things from blowing away there are lots of upgrades when you are not being petulant. if you don't care and you are only complaining because you want klei to continue digging its heels in over an unpopular and unwanted feature then you are not actually contributing to the discussion in a meaningful way you are just muddying the discourse