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  1. Hey everyone! I noticed that there's a buttload of new memes and no place to put them. Post them here for people to see (and so we can stop clogging up the puzzle thread). Enjoy! Edit: Also, the memes don't have to be Maxwell themed. All characters are welcome. This is merely a sequel of a previous meme thread.
  2. Ria's Art Book

    Ok so I realized that a couple people actually like my DS comic: Wilson meets Red. So I decided to post it here with a couple other crossover art pieces. Comic page 1: Page 2 part 1: Page 2 part 2: Comic page 3: I personally love some of Red's expressions in the first two pages XD Here are a few others I did before/during the comic. Science Machine: Carrots: Wilson's Squirrel Problem: And lastly, comic page 4: --- Fanart showcase (I know I've already posted these in my off-topic art thread but I wanted to show them here and in the ONI thread too). These will be mostly focusing on DS OCs, character interactions and related art styles. Also sorry in advance if you guys see your old art and cringe ^^;
  3. There will be a TL/DR at the bottom if you're one of those people. So I've been thinking for awhile now on what Maxwell would look like after coming out of a rework. I know Klei likes hearing our ideas and thoughts on things so I thought about throwing in my two oincs. I love Maxwell and the concept around him. Puppet master and controller of shadows. For me, Maxwell takes on the role of a support/mage/summoner. Able to gather resources and alter his sanity at will (through the use of puppets) and due to his high sanity regen, magic items that consume sanity are very well suited to him. As it stands, he is mostly used as a mass resource gatherer with three puppets. The other puppet being the duellist that is good in it's own right, up to a point. It regens fast and can generally solo most mobs without issue. In some cases it can solo multiple mobs if it isn't stun locked (I've had one take on three hounds at once). I think that any increase to its stats would cause it to be broken. Instead of changing what he has, I thought to expand on him instead. Maxwell would never pass up power or the chance to gain it. With his knowledge as the previous King of the constant I see no reason as to why he wouldn't be able to increase his power and expand on what he has. My concept is: Upgrading the Codex Umbra through his knowledge of shadows and magic. What I say beyond this (especially numbers) is just a general idea to spark imagination/discussion. Ill mark things with an * as a general "subject to change" Tier 1: This is the Codex Umbra as it currently stands. I think the four puppets should remain the same stat wise. A nice change would be the ability to "command" them. There is nothing worse than having to bop a puppet so it doesn't mine/cut/shovel things that you don't want it to. Being able to command them to harvest something would be a QoL change. OR the "command" to make them/or specific ones; go idle. They can still harvest things as they come into proximity, but only when you say so. Either of those changes would suit Tier 2: How to upgrade: In the Codex tab it will have a selection for the next upgrade; requiring x3 Living Logs, x1 Purple gem and x7 Nightmare fuel: the same resources as a SM (shadow manipulator). This allows Maxwell to skip the Prestihat and go right onto shadow manipulator tech. But instead of creating it as a crafting station, he crafts it onto the front of his book. The books model could be updated to reflect this, with a smaller shadow manipulator attached to the front of the book. What you receive: Now when accessing the Codex it will also give you access to the magic tab with the SM tech. A portable SM in his pocket sounds very Maxwell. The animation for the book could change too. Idle on the ground as usual,character comes into range then lifted into the air on shadows; purple gem glowing and shadows swirling around it; go near it and it opens. I think other players should be able to access the magic tab as well, but obviously not the Codex one as usual. The reason for this is; you could have just made the station and put it on the ground anyway - which they would have been able to use. (Could change the name from Codex Umbra to Codex Manipulator? or just leave as it is, just a thought) Tier 3: How to upgrade: The next tier consists of "feeding" the Codex. While placed on the ground and in "crafting" form, you can feed the codex nightmare fuel. It's evident the SM intakes and imbues the fuel into objects. So lets have it absorb it selfishly too, for its own and Maxwell's gain. Reaching this Tier requires "feeding" the codex *100 Nightmare Fuel. Quite a lot but well within Maxwell's ability to farm. It could have a little counter above it to show the progress *56/100 etc after being fed the full *100 nightmare fuels the codex will be upgraded. (as a little side bit it would be cool if the codex whispered to Maxwell when he was near it. Like it's gaining sentience from the remnants/memory's in the fuel It could be in shadow language or something otherworldly sounding) What you receive: At this Tier the codex gains new crafting recipes inside the codex tab. Specifically 2 shadow spells and one weapon. I've based the following on what I thought would suit the roles of a support/mage/summoner. I don't want them to be anything like the spells Wickerbottom can make; besides that her spells seem more "physical" affecting the world in reality rather than the world on the more sinister side. These spells can NOT be used by other players 1: Umbral Passage (Summoner Spell) *Cost: x1 Purple gem, x5 Nightmare Fuel, 40 Sanity *Uses: 4 Maxwell creates a link to his codex; it becomes an "anchor" for teleportation of this spell. When the spell is used shadows swarm Maxwell and teleport him to the Codex. It can NOT be used on mobs. But Maxwell can cast it on another player 2: Umbral Vision (Support Spell) *Cost: x1 Moleworm, x10 Nightmare Fuel, 10 Sanity *Uses: 1 - Lasts for 180 seconds Maxwell sacrifices a Moleworm and imbues its properties into the fuel, weaving a spell that lets the recipient see in the dark. Can target self or other players. The fuel coats the targets eyes like glasses and gives them the effect of "moggles" but with more of a shadowy filter. (does not take up headslot) 3: Umbral Lash (Mage Weapon) *Cost: x1 Tentacle Spike, x50 Nightmare Fuel, 100 Sanity *Uses: 50 Maxwell imbues the fuel with the memory of a tentacle receiving the Umbral Lash. When equipped in hand it can be cast to attack a target from range. A shadow tentacle leaps forth and lashes the target for 51 damage. (same damage as a tentacle spike, but it's uses are halved since it is given range) Tier 4: (Final Tier) Umbral Guardian (UG) How to upgrade: This final Tier is a "recyclable" tier. After obtaining it and using it, the codex reverts back to Tier 3 requiring it to be upgraded to Tier 4 again. Placing the codex on the ground while it is in Tier 3 will cause it to "absorb" defeated shadow creatures in a radius. You will need to be insane to have them spawn as usual then defeat 10 of them near the codex. After absorbing 10 shadow creatures the codex fills with their power and becomes "primed", The codex can then be picked up in the inventory and used like an item. When it is used the codex reverts back to Tier 3 and the effect takes place. What you receive: Maxwell is lifted above the ground and surrounded by shadow essence. It manifests into a creature around him like a "shell". You basically take command of the Umbral Guardian. The UG protects Maxwell, while inside he cannot be harmed but Maxwell is "incapacitated": tied up in shadow chains inside of the UG and cannot act himself (he is basically the heart of the creature). He cannot use any items. Any damage taken is taken out of the UG health instead. The UG has *1000 base health but no resistances; it takes full damage. Maxwell loses 1 sanity per second while inside the UG (it's effectively draining him). When his sanity reaches 0 or the UG reaches 0 health, the effect ends (basically 200 seconds if Maxwell is at full sanity) The UG can see in the dark and moves twice as fast at night. The UG can attack, swinging it's claws in an arc in front of it, cleaving the target and nearby enemies for 68 damage (slow attack speed). Allies can be "enveloped" by clicking on them. They are safe inside but cannot act, are given night vision and move with the UG (basically hitching a ride/being protected). They are able to break out at anytime by clicking the UG. (an ally stuck in the dark? You can grab them and protect them from charlie. Swarmed by mobs? Grab them and then attack/run). The UG can attack shadow creatures. When the effect ends, either by health depletion or sanity loss; it dissipates and Maxwell falls to the ground. The Codex needs to absorb another 10 shadow creatures to be "primed" again. TL/DR Codex upgrades in tiers, requiring a cost for each of the 4 Tiers Tier 1: Codex as normal. Tier 2 (requires Shadow manipulator components): Craft a shadow manipulator onto the codex umbra cover and be able to access the magic tab from the codex. Tier 3 (feed the codex 100 nightmare fuel): Access to two shadow spells and a ranged shadow weapon. Tier 4 (death of 10 shadow creatures near the codex. Gives access to a "guardian": Gain control of the "shell" creature around Maxwell. He cannot act inside (cant eat or use things), you control it instead of him. He cannot take damage while inside. Instead the guardian takes damage. 1000 health, no resistance; takes full damage. Drains sanity 1 per second. At Maxwells max sanity it lasts 200 seconds. It can see in the dark and move faster in the dark. Allies can be "absorbed" to hitch a ride/be protected, but they can leave at anytime unlike Maxwell. When either Maxwells sanity reaches 0 or the guardian reaches 0 health Maxwell is dropped onto the ground and control resumes as usual. The codex is reverted to Tier 3 and requires the process to Tier 4 "primed" stage to happen again. Notes: If the codex is destroyed you will have to craft a new one, it starts from Tier 1. Allies cannot envelop themselves in the Umbral Guardian using the Codex. Only Maxwell can Thanks for taking the time to read. Would love to hear your thoughts/suggestions etc on what I've mentioned or what you would like to happen with the Maxwell rework/changes!
  4. Last time, my idea was... pretty bad lol , and I agreed. But hey, I just do this becuase I think it's fun. So, don't take things so seriously. -Maxwell's shadow minions no longer cost tools to summon. -Maxwell naturally has one shadow that will aid him generally. The shadow is similar to combination of DS and DST version. It has 75 hp, regen 15 hp every 2 seconds, "kite" enemies. However, it will also mimic Maxwell's actions; It helps chopping and mining, but with the same manner that shadow minions in DS do. In other word, it chops when Maxwell does and mine rocks when Maxwell does so. It also helps fighting with the same manner the Shadow Duelists do in DST. If it dies, it will respawn within X days. (The idea behind this is from Maxwell's vignette and steam card where he stands alongside with his shadow.) To clarify, he gets one shadow minion for free in addtion to 3 shadow minions. -Maxwell can only summon three addtional shadow minions regardless of their roles. (So, he can have, in total, 4 shadow minions at the same time. ) -Shadow Duelists have X% of damage resistance(probably around 30% or less), regen X amount of HP every two seconds, "kite" enemies just like they do in DST. -Maxwell can summon new type of minions that cast meteor. (Basically, it's just like the ones in Klei mod that has Shadow Maxwells casting meteor.) They deal, maybe?, 30 AOE damage every two seconds( but it needs some time to cast the meteor as well), has 75 hp, regen X amount of hp every two seconds, has no damage resistance, will flee if enemies get too close. -Shadow Duelists only cost 25% of maximum sanity. (So now, he can summon 3 of them) -Shadow Mage? Caster? Whatever? cost 30%(or 35% if they are too strong) of maximum sanity. (So summoning three of them would mean that Maxwell will always be insane.) *In case someone is still confused, Maxwell can still summon Shadow Miner, Shadow Digger, and Shadow Logger.*
  5. I agree with this Too much randomly elaborate perk for characters that is all over the place. Single player OG mechanics much more simple and better to understand and more fun to work with I think. What @Cyberboy2000 say on this topic I agree 100%, is too much and really the new transformations not necessary. The beaver actually look like a werebeaver curse, the other two look more like basic pseudo anthropomorphic characters and it is too much. Or at least the goose is, moose look more like a full furry character. Klei has lots of unimplemented content and removed content before and I would like if this transformations just got removed because Woodie is, or was about getting that wood, nothing else. Maxwell is the reason he fall short on being main best wood collector. If both of them more like single player counter part, Woodie would be main guy to go for wood. Maxwell just too good. There is also the skeletons later game and bearger, but that is complete other topic. Really, just make Maxwell more of better at most things but not best at anything I think is good for his puppets. When Maxwell rework come around, make him like single player, but allow minions to also dig once when Maxwell digs and follow combat pattern of player somehow when in combat may be, and may be not die in 2 days still, but who knows what is better for balance here?
  6. Yeah I know that the "WODIE" keys has been massacred recently on all our keybords : But there is once thing I wanted to talk about, and I wonder why this is such ignored : The Woodie's Refresh didn't changed a single thing about Lucy, and this is fine cause she's dealing well with Woodie for cutting the trees fast (Btw it is me or she's not very talkative now?) Now that Woodie have no more Beaver-Meter, you can cute trees just using your axe and not your Beaverform for as long you want to. He don't have to eat wood if you don't want to turn to a Werebeaver Now... With these 3 points, do Woodie harvest more wood ? Even from the start, you didn't needed to eat the wood you collect : You just have to cut trees with Lucy and keep doing as the Werebeaver, it's was fine Now it's the same but you only use the axe, and to be more correct, you can still go in your Werebeaver form but this will result in dropping your food to 0, so doing that will simply make you loosing time, the duration of the form can't be maintained, only slowed before returning in the human form. So yeah, this refresh isn't an improvement for the Lumberjack side of Woodie. And you know what I'll be about to talk now. - Maxwell's Efficiency - Maxwell's Power Cost Who's the true lumberjack of the game ?
  7. Make shadow shoveler shovel and pick things that you shovel and pick. That's it. Are you shoveling grass? The shoveler will also start shoveling around for grass. Hell, you can even animation shovel cancel and he will do the work in true King fashion. Do you want to pick your grass farm. Pick one grass, and your 3 shovelers will start picking grass. Not uprooting, just picking. After picking is done, he will come to you and give you the loot. If the shadow dies, he drops the loot, if they misbehave or want to unionize. Whips are most efficient because you don't have to walk as much. Want twigs and you have many pinecones? Plant them and let your shovelers uproot them into twigs. The shadow shoveler can hold 4 item types, a stack each. If full, he comes to you. Your shadow miner can mine, and your shoveler can pick the rocks after you pick one, because they are untrained work force and need instructing. Want to pick seeds. Pick only one, and the picker gets the idea. IF you have no room on you, the shovel picker will drop on ground Afk farm at dusk near spiders with a picker and two duelists while you go pee. want shoveler to pick the wood and cones too? You got it. Be the king you were meant to be.
  8. Version 0.6.0


    Finally finished! download at github or steam: I won't upload the newest version here at Klei forum. (I removed all the ideas I had before with quests and coop missions and blueprint mode, because it was just too much for for me alone. So this is mostly the DS adventure )
  9. Admittedly, Thread titles have never been a strong point of mine, and neither has been writing opening posts for them for that matter. Sometimes I draw stuff and sometimes I find an appropriate place to post it. That's usually Tumblr and when I get arsed to DeviantArt and lastly, if it's relevant, Steam. I can't say I've done a particular lot of Don't Starve artwork but I have done some and surely that counts for something?I'm not going to overload this opening post with image files so I'm just going to showcase the only two I'm particularly proud of and provide some links for more. Wilon's best sanity tacticWilson in purpleThere's more scattered on my art blog and on my Steam which I think is linked in one of those posts. --------------------------------------------------------------- (This section reserved for request queue)
  10. I think @inferjus4 said it best: Maxwell is a very interesting concept, yet isn't utilized to his highest potential. And so, I spent a couple of hours thinking and reading through different ideas people have had; and here is what I, and others in the community, have come up with. I apologise if this is a headache to read, I've tried to format it in the most pleasant way possible but apologies if it still sucks. Shadow Duelists Other Shadow Workers Codex Umbra As for skins, I think a lot of us want Maxwell with that coat from Adventure Mode mostly. Talk about dapper! -------------------------------------------------------------- Anyways, Thanks for reading through some of these ideas, if you have any other good ideas, comment them here and I will add them to the thread. Hope your day goes (Max)well. (I'm not sorry) EDIT: After being enlightened about the ways of the Maxwell I changed a couple parts of the thread.
  11. Disclaimer: This is entirely made to give lore/backstory to the mod "SCP-049" (made by me). You won't have as much enjoyment reading this if you are not a fan of the SCP franchise. Also, this counts as art shut up. (i couldnt tell whether to post this here or in the mods section, but because this is technically more of me showing off something art-related more than me plugging my mod, I ultimately decided to post it here. Also don't worry, there's still Don't Starve references to get.) You can play as SCP-049 here: Singleplayer: DST: The Story Continues...
  12. Maxwell 3d Model

    Hi everyone I have been a huge fan of Don't Starve for years. I have recently gotten back into 3d modelling and decided to model Maxwell one of my favorite characters from the game. I still have work to do on the character with retopologizing, recreating hair and retexturing and detailing, But I wanted to ask for some constructive criticism from other fans of the game. I wanted to give him the feel him as a player character with more wrinkles, bit of a comb over and generally older feeling while giving him some of the proportions more appropriate to his puppet master form. So I wanted to ask what do you guys think about the proportions, colours, and overall feel of the character? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Their mate ventured out to sea a while ago and hasn't returned. They're just sitting on the dock now, pining for their dear one. There have been longer expeditions before, longer times apart... just not any that they can recall.
  14. Fan art

    He's got friends on the other side.
  15. More Maxwell Intros!

    Version 1.0.3


    Hey, you! Are you tired of having the same Maxwell speech for every single character? Well, so was I, but not anymore! This mod adds custom Maxwell intro and adventure speech for every single character, including RoG and SW excluive characters! Please, report any bugs to me and if you find any typos, a string that contradicts with canon lore or simply something that would be better in a different way, let me know! Thanks Steam download: Special thanks to @Fidooop for all the code he gave so this mod could exist and to @GiddyGuy for giving me constructive feedback regarding the quality of my strings
  16. Skellington on the Island Edited by: @Arlesienne Chapter 1: Voice of the radio Once upon a Halloween, the Halloween Town awards were roaring in town hall. The Mayor was awarding the citizens of the town their talents. He congratulated their local hero, Jack Skellington, for how spectacular it was. The pumpkin king agreed to his friend, bowing with respect. Lights dimmed down as the festivities were at a close. With another Halloween almost over, the huge grand guignol of the town had turned silent(much to the skeleton's relief). Yet with that relief, a sensation nagged at the back of his skull. Needing inspiration once again. Jack headed behind the stage curtains and let his true thoughts come out as a external monologue. "Something's missing... There's got to be a way to make Halloween more hideous, more terrifying, more frightening-" He slowed out a sigh with defeat in his frustration. "This just can't go on... You've got to do better, Jack." Heading home, Jack went to sit on his bed in thought, the lack of inspiration causing him to stoop, the chin resting on his hands as the hours drifted by. Then... A odd static sound could be heard. Causing Jack to stiffen in confusion. His head turned, eye sockets widening to the sound of a radio. Hey pal... That radio Sally got me for Christmas? Jack wondered to himself as he approached it. The Voxola radio continued to make static, even to Jack's surprise of it not being plugged in. "Hello...?" Jack tried to play its game. Having trouble finding a reason for the season? "Oh. I do. Trying to find new scares. It's... Not as fun as it used to be." Jack rubbed the back of his neck with a look of regret to the floor. The radio got to him and he couldn't help but agree. I can give you that inspiration... If you'll let me. "Maybe later." Jack quickly denied, waving a hand in disagreement. "I'll think about it though." Standing up, he backed toward the door. For a master of terror, the radio really left him unnerved. He headed over to his dear friend Doctor Finklestine's laboratory to seek counsel. "A new Halloween...?" The doctor asked while gazing into his advanced microscope, multitasking as Jack's confidence came back again. "A fresh, new and improved Halloween, doctor. After last year, we can't just do the same old thing." The skeleton's sense of showmanship just sifted through. "We should all be inspired to do something different!" He walked over to Finklestine. The doctor now gazing at his examples. Yet Jack continued. "We need new scares, new ideas, new discoveries!" Finklestine cocked his head with interest. "New discoveries, eh? I think I have just the kind of thing you're talking about." The good doctor reached under his table, picking up a fairly large glass container. Its contents being something eldritch. Alive. Finklestine placed it on the table. "I call it the soul robber. Take it, Jack." Yet the creature wasn't being patient. It bounced around the container trying to be free. Jack gingerly outstretched a hand to the jar, the fingers hesitant, trying hard to be careful. The doctor pressed on. "I'm sure it will come in handy." Agreeing to the reassurance, Jack placed his hand on the lid, suddenly not finding it as difficult as he perceived it to be. Like a leech, it sprang onto his arm. Clutching tight for dear life. Jack was taken back, letting out a gasp of surprise. Yet nothing of anger, rather the opposite. Carefully, Jack swung his arm lightly around in curiosity. Taking this in all at once. Unfortunately the action of just a slight swing caused the creature to break one of Finklestine's materials from a distance. The creature jotted out to grab a item and return to Jack's wrist. "Amazing!" The pumpkin king pleasantly exclaimed at the soul robber's display. He turned to find Finklestine driving away in his wheelchair to give himself space to look at Jack. "Exactly, doctor, exactly! That settles it. I'll head out in search of more new discoveries for next year's Halloween!" The confidence just overpowered from the new batch of inspiration pouring in. Calming down, Jack took a few steps in front of Finklestine. "Doctor, please watch after things while I'm away. I just know you'll keep things in check." There was a curious smirk on the good doctor's face. "Oh... Now I'm certainly looking forward to next Halloween." He rolled away with Jack staring for a few minutes in thought. He broke free from his daze with a shaking of the head and headed for out of town. A grin from side to side as Jack just knew he was going to have a edifying experience. Running to the graveyard and onto... Spiral Hill? Someone's standing on the hill, Jack thought to himself. He stopped for a moment. Eye sockets trying to get a good look at the tall figure. Step by step, he tried to get a good look at the man standing in front of the moon. The bright round shape framing him in view like a portrait. Jack had to stop. He knew the man was staring back at him. Trying to break free from his concern, he got closer to the man. "Hello? Are you lost?" Jack asked, hoping for the man to speak. Though with just a second, the man finally moved. Head tilting with a subtle meanness to it. "No, you are..." Pal. The voice from the radio! Jack took a step back. Feeling a tingle up his spinal column. "How?" "I think you know what I mean. Loss in inspiration." The tall man walked up to Jack. Hands behind his back as though he had a regal air about him. Jack could only notice now that the man looked like a twisted reflection of himself. Thin limbs, a swallow tail coat... Jack shook his head, trying to ignore the observation. "I can give you what you want, just give me your hand." The stranger outstretched his arm out to Jack. He smirked with a cold stare. Pupils so tiny and black, it paled to the expressive wide sockets of Jack's. Yet they wouldn't look away from Jack's position. Shaking his head, Jack took some more steps back. He wasn't sure why he didn't just ignore him but the stare got to Jack. Tutting, the man in the swallowtail coat was just a few inches away. "For a man who loves fear, you're not really appreciating what I have to offer." "This is different. Not when I don't know who I'm dealing with." "True. Yet you're not listening. I can give you what you want with no consequences. Just trust me." Jack took back at the statement. Thinking back to all the times he tried to trust Lock, Shock, and Barrel. What if this was the same? Could he take this chance? "I don't know." Jack glanced down, hands turning into fists. The stranger's hand reached out again politely. "Just trust me." Within one silent minute, time slowed down, leaving separate images behind. Jack's body, stiff in the confrontation. Giving in after a while feeling longer than it really was. A shaky arm reaching out to the stranger. With uncertainty, taking the hand. Before he knew it, the shadows from the epithets and the hill stretched out to Jack. The pumpkin king tried to fight the man's grip by wrestling the arm free, but not even the soul robber could protect him. He tried to walk back to pry the hand off but the grinning stranger just stood there without even moving. Jack's eyes gazed as the shadows crawled up his body like hands, slithering up quickly to devour him. Skellington knew he couldn't escape this as he felt his body lower into the dirt, his sockets watching the grinning stranger stare down. Welcome to the shadows... Pal. To be continued... Future chapter titles and discussion.
  17. Oh gosh, I feel like they'd do this.
  18. In light of recent events, @colonelsassacre took the liberty to cut Maxwell from proturbo-praestigiae.jpg. So now all over tumblr he's being Photoshopped into various images. It's quite amusing! Post said images here if you made one! Here's the cut out image! Thanks colonolsassacre!
  19. Hello there! As many of you I'm currently obsessed with "Don't Starve" and I have a few sketches of my own I would like to share. Most of the things I have drawn are (mildly) nsfw and might be posted on tumblr later on. So far here's the first thing I sketched once I stopped tracing the characters and getting used to their traits. This is the most "my style" I have adapted them. After this I actually went back and applied the original style a bit more. More drawings soon! PD: I can't draw kids, uuugh.
  20. At 6 AM, I finally finished him
  21. Version 1.6.8


    (October, 20, 2016) Dont Darken Together Version: 1.6.8 Special thanks to rezecib, DrGrammar, Lumisteria, Indie-ana Jones/Mario384, ekoneko9, and Tiniflake. Also I give credit to Farxodor, which had files stolen from rezecib to make his MOD (Good going, mate). all gamers previously mentioned contributed on inspiring me to make my MOD. ----------------------------------------READ THIS---------------------------------------- Special thanks to SuperDavid from Klei Forums for supervising me during the making of this MOD. ----------------------------------------READ THIS---------------------------------------- Hi, [h1]Darkaisa[/h1] here: Some official game updates have caused a disparity between characters PVP balance and in my opinion when Klei Entertainment releases an update nerfing or buffing a character in Don't Starve Together they execute with an overextension. A lot of details about some characters nerf or buffs were not welcome by the mayority of the gaming community, but I personally like every character's overall theme, so I took some steps to change these overextensions. I am interested in making the game more enjoyable by revising every character's attributes. I hope this MOD eventually becomes the player's "game retreat" instead of losing interest in the game by frustration, grindin, lack of friends, going to play another game, etc. I will try to keep working every character as I go, by updating this MOD on a frequent basis "At least once a year... Joking!". [h1]Important Goals[/h1] Make the game more fun for players by adding increased survivavility and diversity for every character, in a global scale, to make the game more enjoyable Running had been added to the game. To run press LEFT SHIFT while moving. Be aware, running will raise your temperature and consume quite a lot of your hunger food reserves. (After all, you need a lot of energy to run). Use it sparingly or to escape from dangerous situations. Changelog: Version: 1.6.8 - Item stack has been doubled for almost all items - Update compatibility fix Version: 1.6.7 - Hot Fix Version: 1.6.6 - Hot Fix - Tumbleweeds have a chance of providing better items - Stalagmites have a chance of dropping gems - Wendy's sister (Abigail) is not stupid anymore. Her sister ghost will actually be useful and will follow the player instead of stay fighting the enemy when Wendy retreats. This will prevent unwanted deaths. Version: 1.6.5 - Bug Fixes - Shadows drain sanity, effectively canceling Maxwell's sanity regeneration over time if abilities are used beyond moderate potential - up to a noticeable sanity drain at maximun potential. Version: 1.6.0 - Added an expensive refining recipe for gears for all characters (You know, sometimes they're REALLY hard to find) - Running had been added to the game. To run press LEFT SHIFT while moving. Be aware, running will raise your temperature and consume quite a lot of your hunger food reserves. (After all, you need a lot of energy to run). Use it sparingly or to escape from dangerous situations. - Abigail will be smarter and should resist stronger attacks compensating her slow speed. - Maxwell total sanity penalties are reduced to make the player interested in other sanity and health sources to compensate for the sanity drain when using magic. Version: 1.5.92 - Adjusted shadow characters ingredients to prevent infinite shadow spawns Version: 1.5.91 - Bug Fixes Version: 1.5.90 - Updated MOD main goals, extended and organized the MOD road-map - Upgraded Codex versions allow you to use stronger magic: Codex Umbra II, and Codez Umbra III respectively - Codex Umbra II allows crafting of Nightmare fuel at the cost of some sanity and health, and create the shadow warrior - Codex Umbra III allows the creation of the expensive shadow knight - Shadow Duelists come in three tiers, with increasing cost and strength: Shadow Duelist = The crappy defender. They only serve as a distraction to escape danger Shadow Warrior = You can rely on them to protect you from monsters and aid you in combat against small enemies Shadow Knight = The expensive trusty companion to aid you in real combat, like PVP combat or bosses Version: 1.5.82 -Bug Fixes Version: 1.5.81 -Bug Fixes - Maxwell's "DARK MAGIC" creates a more diverse set of disadvantages to compensate for balance, in other words - a more diverse set of disadvantages for Maxwell instead of the current focus of fragility and battle inefficiency. Version: 1.5.8 -Added MOD support on Steam discussions and Klei Entertainment Forum Version: 1.5.6 -Fixed Maxwell's exaggerated sanity drain in some situations Version: 1.5.5 -Fixed the MOD not allowing the player to start a server Version: 1.5.4 -Fixed the game crash bug when using the MOD Version: 1.4.1 - Upgraded the synergy bonus of character abilities to encourage players to work together - Maxwell had a slight ammount of health increased Version: 1.3.4 - Fixed error that caused crash upon trying to host a game Version: 1.3.3 [h1]Stat Changes[/h1] Maxwell now has 100 health (from 75) Sanity regeneration now 10/min (from 6.67/min) Maxwell loses his sanity regeneration while wet Maxwell loses sanity regeneration per shadow beyond the first shadow Maxwell's dark magic negates some beneficial resources, so he receives only 75% of from food and healing items [h1]Shadows[/h1] Shadows no longer require weapons or tools, only requires nightmare fuel, and enough sanity. Shadows can be given hats v1.3.2 - Added purple gems to codex upgrade cost v1.3.1 - Fixed a bug with shadows wearing eyebrellas v1.3 - Shadows may be given hats - Health of higher level shadow warriors reduced, exchanged for damage reduction - Shadow damage reduction is overridden by helmet damage reduction v1.2.1 - Compatibility with latest beta release, should be backwards compatible with the base game. v1.2 - Added configuration - Reduced shadow sanity drain slightly - Reduced healing from items - Reduced file size significantly - Swapped weapon of shadow solider and knight (I guess this makes more sense, since the dark sword is technically stronger) v1.1 - Added third tier codex and duellist. - Added images. ---Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together are trademarked and are the properties of Klei Entertainment--- Dont Darken Together.rar
  22. A series I finally completed! Couldn't complete the last one so I waited until all these were finished. I'll try to keep this thread updated with more drawings of these guys! Wilson - Bakugami (And Chester)Willow - MoegamiWolfgang - ItegamiWendy - Kabegami (Abigail - Fish)WX-78 - KazegamiWickerbottom - KasugamiWoodie - YomigamiWes - NuregamiMaxwell - Hanagami TrioWigfrid - GekigamiWebber - YumigamiWinona - TachigamiCharlie - Amaterasu (Glommer - Issun)
  23. Hey guys! I've been thinking a lot about that one Klei Twitch stream that they talked about Maxwell being the first of the nightmare throne, and I wanted to tell you people some of my theories. Kris, (I think that's her name) said something like, there were 0 to 0 people on the throne before Maxwell, and there have been many people after him. (I don't remember exactly what she said...) So, if there wasn't anyone on the nightmare throne before him, then when did the Ancients arrive? As Maxwell states, "They were all dead when I got here." What confuses me is that on the murals we get from the Metheus puzzle, we see that the "king" on the Ancients sits down on a throne. A throne that most people think would eventually be the nightmare throne. If, in fact, that is true, then Maxwell wouldn't be the first on the throne, because the "king" had already been on it. Another thing that is interesting is what Maxwell says in the end of Don't Starve adventure mode, when he is on the nightmare throne... "There wasn't much here when I showed up. Just dust. And the Void. And Them." If there wasn't much but dust and void when Maxwell got to the Don't Starve world, then how did the Ancients get there? Maxwell says they were dead when he got there, but he also says there wasn't much in the world other than dust, void, and them... A bit confusing. Here is just a side note: I noticed a similarity between the shape in the middle of the gateway in the first mural, and one of the phases of the moon. Do you see it? There seems to be something suspicious about the moon. Maxwell only refers to the moon as, the "moon". What could that mean? There seems to be a magical connect between the moon and the Don't Starve world... Anyway these are a few thoughts I've had lately about DS lore. What do you guys think?
  24. Hey all, this is where I post my artwork, sketches and comic pages. Enjoy! ^^ HANDY LINKS: DeviantArt: Tumblr: Blood Eagles: Art software: Paint Tool SAI and GIMP Tablet: Wacom Intuos 5 (medium) > Click the spoiler tag to view all Blood Eagles comic pages! > Click the spoiler tag to view previously submitted art! Page 1 "Wilson seem to have wandered off for a long time, troubled by his thoughts, starvation, lurking monsters and the fact that he has no idea when he might escape the wilderness. Wilson knows there is "something" watching him, how else could every day end up in torment? It's like somebody is toying with the entire world... Wilson is determined to know why."
  25. So, I just recently made my special someone enter the portal to the mysterious world of Science and Magic (After a few weeks of nagging) And she really fell in love with the art-style! She has set herself a goal to redraw all of the DS crew in her own realistic style with their Don't starvy traits. Here we one of many more drawings to come!