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  1. haven't been here or played in amonth since...THE ACCIDENT happened. can't talk about it i'm still too traumatized also wow no one made a joke about arriving at page 669 allow me then, N I C E
  2. well,well,well... i guess i just found my new pfp
  3. carl has a message for y'all carl-brutananadilewski-1610619216817.wav
  4. am i the only one worried about the amount of ganja related art minespatch has produced for this game? it's great art nontheless tho
  5. now,watered and fertilized,wilson could finally grow into a real scientist
  6. i guess this isn't really a "maymay" but i made this thing and tought was funny enough to share here or something
  7. nothing easier ,just go in the caves and fill em' up like nothin ever happened (or use a stack of ice)
  8. OOOH! so that's where maxwell was in the short!