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  1. I mean, in tboi tainted chartacters are also like at their worst moments of life (isaac is beat up, maggy has half of her head shaved and bleeds constantly, jacobs brother is dead etc.) so i don't really think the same idea could be done in DS, plus DS characters powers are either very generic or very complexe that coming up with any powers is downright impossible
  2. when an update releases worlds get updated when you launch them, so yes, you can update the world
  3. Players: There's gonna be a big Charlie fight and maybe she will become playable and there will be lots of new lore and... Devs:
  4. the skin alone would be pretty good but imagine if it also had the beta voice
  5. nah, they leave an announcement here cuz they know that no one uses that part of the forums
  6. Why no one did the wide walk for the mushroom gnome? That's like easy karma Here are most of the assets you need, now you just have to turn it into a proper meme and reap the karma
  7. Because it's a meme thread and not a reaction thread?
  8. do you like ever post memes and not reactions?
  9. Dont Do Drugs Kids (I can't be the only one who sees the similarities right? @Russian_Philin ? Are me and my friends crazy or do you see it too?)