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  1. Why no one did the wide walk for the mushroom gnome? That's like easy karma Here are most of the assets you need, now you just have to turn it into a proper meme and reap the karma
  2. Because it's a meme thread and not a reaction thread?
  3. do you like ever post memes and not reactions?
  4. Dont Do Drugs Kids (I can't be the only one who sees the similarities right? @Russian_Philin ? Are me and my friends crazy or do you see it too?)
  5. When you're just a sprite with barely any sounds but your cute face still gets you a fan (i love him)
  6. Someone needs to turn Wavey Jones into a character, he's just soo cute and if you disagree i will fight you (and no he is not my newest obsession shut up)
  7. Oh look, pokemon announced a tencent collaboration mobile game too! I wonder who's next
  8. Looked at the announcement of the new mobile game and saw how klei and tencent are described