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  1. When you're just a sprite with barely any sounds but your cute face still gets you a fan (i love him)
  2. Someone needs to turn Wavey Jones into a character, he's just soo cute and if you disagree i will fight you (and no he is not my newest obsession shut up)
  3. Oh look, pokemon announced a tencent collaboration mobile game too! I wonder who's next
  4. Looked at the announcement of the new mobile game and saw how klei and tencent are described
  5. I wonder why no-one made this meme yet
  6. ah yes, the famous painting "The Son Of Science" by the forum memer Minespatch 2020 CE
  7. Wormwoods lore is literally the description of lunar roots on youtube (seems kinda lazy but ok)
  8. anything but the tophat cuz they look nothing like a tophat. Fursuit caps would make for good winter hats (or catcoon hats) since they look pretty warm. The witch hat on the other hand i don't know, maybe a straw hat since most new skins seem to throw the logic straight out the window (bonnet and a weil working as a beekeeper hat and all that)
  9. Since im unsure which one you mean im going to tell you about them all (except witch hat cuz it's not a top hat don't at me) this one is a twitch drop (available from kley rewards i think) this one is a random drop ingame this one is available for free only during winters feast
  10. Make. This. A. Mod. I need it. We already have fridge and saltlick reskins thanks to Kynoox and this would be a perfect addition to the collection (also it would singlehandedly raise Winona Player numbers)
  11. I wonder why im here at all. I posted about a couple absolute cringe memes (some of which got yeeted by the mods before they reached your eyes (and probably caused blindness)) and don't think I deserve to be included, but i still appreciate it
  12. Zipper T. Bunny's true form (bunny day ruined my life by replacing all the fish during the fishing tourney and all balloons carrying cherry blossom recipes and all fossils and most minerals with eggs)