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gaymime    3220
4 hours ago, Charlie Dark said:

Gosh, that's... a candle!

which is why you shouldn't attempt that

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Pinegrove    1005
8 hours ago, Blueleaf12 said:

Not a meme, but this Edwardian actress has such Wigfrid vibes

What a great picture, thank you for sharing this! On the topic of pictures that give off Wigfrid vibes, I'd like to share some panels of this comic I found about the life of opera singer and swordswoman Julie d'Aubigny (whose story you should definitely check out):




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Blueleaf12    1533
4 hours ago, Pinegrove said:


This is awesome, can we please bring back opera swordswomen??? Please??? 

Here’s one last one. You might think “oh, Wigfrid’s Valkyrie outfit doesn’t look ANYTHING like a Valkyrie! She isn’t even wearing pants!” 

This Joanne D’Arc actress from 1923 is gorgeous, but she looks like a vintage LoZ Link cosplayer :wilson_laugh:


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