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  1. My Theory for DST

    Well I haven't seen much for the others so they are a bit harder: Wilba lives in the Hamlet world and wasn't dead. (Possibly a lost soul as you have to find her and give her the crown before she dies to play as her). Walani could of died during a possible shark attack as her board has a giant bite mark out of it. Wagstaff of course old age as well as Woodlegs, Wilbur possibly could just be a monkey that lives there like the other Prime Apes.
  2. I have a Theory the Constant is a endless cycle of Purgatory that was opened up by William making him represent death (Maxwell) And Charlie as the aftermath/afterlife. Each character was brought into the constant because of their unfinished business in their life causing Maxwell to make them a deal to bring them to purgatory. And each character has a different death at a different time. Wilson: Died during the aftermath of the earthquake by his potion melting his face off. Willow: Played with Fire and met her demise that’s why she doesn’t die when getting inside fire because that’s how she died. Wolfgang: Died due to possibly using things to make his body stronger or possibly led poison. Wendy: Possibly jumping off something or doing bad things with a rope. Abigail: Murdered Possibly. WX-78: He was made by either Wagstaff or Wilson Wickerbottom: old age Woodie: Either rope stuff or a tree accident. Thus making it why he loses sanity faster near treegaurds? Lucy: Illness or something else. Wes: Died durning some time in the 1666s as a little chimney sweeper boy (as shown on his Victorian skin this makes his death because of lung cancer) but if your picky clowns died from led in there face paint long ago. Maxwell: Crushed in the Earthquake rubble Charlie: Crushed as well Wigfrid: Possibly died doing something stupid with real weapons. Webber: I think he died by being head butted in the chest by a goat. And in the Purgatory world he was eaten by a spider. Winona: Died in the workplace as the building exploded on her. Warly: Possibly food poisoning?? Wortox and Wormwood were both created in the world so they didn’t die. But Wortox is an imp (Hell) and Wormwood is a plant (nature/heaven?)
  3. New update doesn't let us fish

    Oh hahah oops I thought you had to fish in those areas I was really confused!
  4. New update doesn't let us fish

    It says "this isn't for deep sea fishing!" And refuses to use the rod no matter how many times I right click to fish them.
  5. So there's supposed to be this "Big fishing rod" but they didn't add it... how are we supposed to fish for the boss??
  6. Woodie's form crashes my game

    Sadly as I was playing on my game Woodie's rework crashes my game because of his weregoose form. It crashes everytime I turn.
  7. Some DST Art

    I also drew all the characters swapped! (Maxwell and Wilson swap, Willow and Woodie swap, Wendy and Wolfgang swap, Wes and Wigfrid swap, Winonia and Wortox swap, WX-78 and Charlie swap, Wickerbottom and Warly swap, Wilba and Webber swap, and Warbucks and Wormwood swap!)
  8. Some DST Art

    Aw thank you! I'm hoping to one day make a cartoon so I've been working very hard on my art style!
  9. Some DST Art

    Just a picture of Woodie and Wendy I drew in my style.
  10. I love seeing Woodie eating twigs and stuff it makes me feel kinda sad they are removing the reason to eat twigs and stuff. And I always loved how he gained sanity from trees... As a Woodie main I always loved walking around gaining sanity by trees. But now the treegaurds thankfully hate Woodie more because he destroys forests then replants them with no care. I hope there might also be some new lore for Woodie too because the people need to know how he came to the constant!
  11. Wormwood crashes game when gaining sanity

    Ah Sorry! Thanks for telling me it was because of a mod. I didn't know what was causing this!
  12. Every time someone is wormwood this seems to happen out of nowhere... I don't know why this is happening.
  13. Update: Any doors or items I use I get this...