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  1. I'm trying to make a current server with ONLY caves and I'm really confused how to do it as they say to put it in the Settings (Or Cluster) and no matter what I do it will not be caves. Do I have to regen the world or just make one from scratch and force it to do something with the command? (I'm pretty clueless when it comes to Worldgen stuff)
  2. I hope they do fix him cause I don't know if that joke of an "update" for Wes was them saying: This is how we care about Wes and will never fix him. or We are just messing around and will probably do him last. I want him to be good outside of Roleplay servers where Wes can't be as weak as he is in general. You people who play Wes on Solo can keep the hardmode, I don't think he should be 'hardmode' on a game that's for multiplayer and consider Wes a burden to the point they would rather ban Wes than anything. I doubt he will be though, I just wish there was a way to make Wes better like he was refreshed. He's super neglected and needs a lot of TLC if he's going to be updated. Just in General I feel like Wes is HIGHLY underrated.
  3. Wes is underrated and mocked for being weak, nobody outside of any Roleplay Server (unless your a pro) will not play Wes. He has no good perks to balance him and I don't think there should be "hardmode" people can make a mod to revert him to normal like this mod for Classic Were-beaver mode for Woodie. He was rejected out of an update for a joke to say how much they 'care' about Wes.
  4. I can't wait for any halloween DST themed memes!
  5. I had a change of heart and what if Wormwood's skin was based off the Sandworm from Beetlejuice?!
  6. How about one kinda like this I drew just now? The Sandworm from Beetlejuice! (A Skin for Wormwood)
  7. I bet on page 666 will be funny to see any Halloween or demon themed memes.
  8. How about a Halloween or just creepy theme for just fun? Even if it might not be on a stream we can still post art right?
  9. Haven't posted in quite a while so I drew Charlie in a Tim Burton/Corpse Bride style because why not!
  10. Your very close to what the map is based off of. Mmm that looks yummy if I wasn't a picky eater, I don't like pies really. (Except chocolate and oreo)