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  1. He had to do what he had to do because he got caught up with a Mafia, barganed with Witherstones to borrow magic props for his shows and owed a bunch of money, faked his death to get rid of the mafia issue then to only lose the one he deeply loved, Charlie. He's been on a throne for who knows how long only to be saved by a person he tormented and as he states he made a deal to wilson to not fight against each other to be able to save Charlie. He regrets it all and has thought of dark things, he is broken and mentally damaged from what he has done. I'd forgive him and hug him very tight, he deserves a good ending finding Charlie after defeating the grue and her going to their side looking for the one she knew once as "Maxy" to leave off on an edge of her finding out all the lies he did, but in the end will see how much he cared and learn to forgive it all to be back together once again.
  2. Charlie themed items like a fake version of the old throne Charlies throne idea the Grue's throne idea and then the Queen's final design for the throne when they combine, and for the hay wall Hamlet hedge skins variations like the curly, normal and triangle shaped one. And maybe as a Twitch reward there could be a Hedge that is covered in red roses and when examined in the belongings it reads: "Don't go painting these flowers" as maybe a small joke to Alice in Wonderland?
  3. Thought it'd be funny to share this dream I had, WX suddenly squatted down like he was going to jump/take a poop and looked sideways at the camera with a mischievous grin, then I woke up.
  4. Simple enough I need help making a non equippable item and have no clue how to start working on that and need a template or a source to read and learn to know what I am doing.
  5. Walter's bee outfit if it was actually good because the normal version is something I hate with a burning passion so I made a way to make it better by adding the fluff that some bees have.
  6. I would love seeing the themes go back to a more darker tone, DST has a very Tim burton esc feel to it and it just feels like they are rushing to push everything out for the updates, Wolfgang had a hard hit on many people saying he was worse, if they take their time and listen to the fans they would of also seen my old thread where I suggest a way to make Wes better, yes the phantomimed items where there but Wes feels like a joke instead of an actual PLAYABLE character. (They should of honestly not changed his stats and slowed his hunger decrease problem) To make it far wes could have a weaker hit but not enough to conclude wes a burden. I hate crabking so much he doesn't drop ANYTHING useful to us other than the top bit of one of the altars, he could of like had crab meat adding some gorge recipes. AND PLEASE, finish the stories as they go along we have so many stories that haven't been finished and I need those stories like Gorge and Forge and the stuff after and before that have a conclusive "This is where this story ends but it goes on to the next". All the stories are SO good but then Klei ditches them and pretends they never existed.
  7. I also recently got obsessed with Wobbledogs but there's not much they can do in a simulated world where you breed alien dogs that have no gender and pupate like butterflies and lay eggs, unless Wilson got the stupid idea to try that on the constant's monsters and ends up with an abomination.
  8. Psychonauts, I think they would enjoy it until they see animals mutated by Psitanium and 100% Woodie would Apply to work for the camp even though he's not Psychic, he just seems like a very good father, parental guide to young learning kids. And I see all the kids shooting Maxwell with Psi-Blast. (But all their dark magic is considered being a delusionist so that might be a big uh oh because the Psychonauts are psychic agents)
  9. Just make a combo of DST + DS (Shipwreck, Hamlet) then everyone who really wants to play as the characters will get more world settings that can be added, removed and controlled to set to different load outs like: you can decide how much content you want if you want more of Shipwreck you set the world setting to all Tropical and it changes the mobs designs to look shipwrecked like a skin with new bosses that replace the ones that don't exist in shipwreck. You could have so many settings to toggle what parts you want and don't want to have a unique experience just enjoying the vast options. (Also add in unused content to it to have even more options)
  10. It'd be cool to see how it could be mixed with DST, since most of the characters have psychic powers like Telekinisis, pyrokinisis, ect. And also the fact they travel into people's mind to basically be mental therapists to help with mental baggage. Me too.
  11. No clue how to swap ANY character in DST with any Psychonauts character since they have Psychic powers like Telekinisis and other things like that.
  12. I'm obsessed with Psychonauts it's the best game because it reminds me of Coraline, I don't know how to explain the game without spoiling too much but it's the best steam game I've played. (I don't recommend buying the VR game that is a prequel to the second game, so I always recommend just watching a playthrough with no commentary since it's a 1-2 hour point and click VR game that's 20 bucks)
  13. Because they saw their competitors where making more money this way so they went for the option that would result in more money.
  14. How will Nintendo online effect the game? As due to Nintendo forcing a Subscription to play online it'd pretty much kill the whole "Together" part of Don't starve Together, you won't be able do do the best part of the game if you can't afford or don't want to pay for a subscription.