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  1. So I am trying to get the last clothing peice to the snowfallen Webber by unweaving common stuff and I ran out of things to unweave! I need to get ways to get 45 more spools.
  2. Feedback on multiplayer

    I'll try to find that mod because It's so annoying
  3. Alright so recently I have been having some good luck and some bad luck with multiplayer it can be super laggy even though I only got 13 mods on. And recently people have been stealing my stuff then leaving with all my items! I don't understand why they do this even though I was being super nice... It's very upsetting finding out someone was stealing and poofed away with all your stuff..
  4. Mod help

    Okay because this is getting difficult I think I might need to read though carefully...I tried to put my FDB file alone because the other stuff was confusing me. (mainly cause I am SUPER new to modding games)
  5. Mod help

    Crashed again... Heres the updated ZIP
  6. Mod help

    Yeah it keeps saying: "INVALID ARGUMENTS" then closing in the auto compiler
  7. Mod help

    Okay it is still not making the animation zips
  8. Mod help

    It's very confusing I tried to get the Compresser to make it but it refused to give it to me... I am unsure why it's doing that
  9. Mod help

    Sweetie.zipAlright sorry about this... I am a slower learner than most "pro coders"
  10. Mod help

    Oh it was a little glitchy and my text files had: "Wilson" and "thegreatpapyrus" names on it and I tried to change it to Willow and I crashed. But when I do Wilson it works but I can't see my character.
  11. Mod help

    Rats I crashed.
  12. [Tutorial] Using Extended Sample Character Template

    Help my character is invisible! Every time I load it up it vanishes!
  13. Mod help

    btw it kept changing to: "Wilson" and "The great papyrus" because I used some lines from that but didn't need my character with a beard
  14. Mod help

    Here's the zip file I tried to make for my character: It is refusing to show my character and not letting my custom text show... Nor my custom music I added... If someone could please fix it I would be very happy!
  15. Mod help

    Hold on I need to fix my files