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  1. I say Wurt is Webber's age about like 10. While Wendy is 12 (which makes her dead sister probably 10 because I believe ghosts stay the same age they died at.)
  2. I made this freaking joke that took me nine hours to make, and since I cannot send the whole thing without it being a Youtube video I had to make it one. (Sorry in advanced if that's a no no I'm super tired at the time I post this) You're welcome world.
  3. Has anyone heard anyone call any mob anything other than what it's called? (Like Beefalo moose or something?)
  4. So I was wondering if it'd be possible for a Friday Night Funkin' mod to exist not only do the characters show up but you can edit the song with like MIDI or something so the game would read it and make them sing rap with the keys. And you can custom make a sound for your character's singing voice that can be anything you want. I would love to see if this crazy idea is even possible, but I doubt it.
  5. I don't know if I should be crying or laughing so I am doing both.
  6. Oh no now it will evolve into people using our icons to make silly memes of the creepy smile! Don't turn me into a silly MeMe!!
  7. All we need is BF Wes/Wolfgang and everything will line up just right...
  8. I just realized I've been calling Terrorbeaks as "Terror breaks" for all this time.
  9. Yeah I know it was just refusing to work when testing it, either it would crash or require a mod that just turns to a void requirement and will never load.
  10. Yeah I got permission to edit the files to add my custom songs onto it, I'll see what I can do to fix it.
  11. So what I do is I paste the soundfile into a command and it plays in a nonstop loop if I do: When I try to stop it all I can do is just rollback before I enter the command because stopsound doesn't work.
  12. So I made a mod that plays custom songs that I made but I don't know how to stop it when I do it in console.