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  1. Found this in a store and had to edit it to be Woodie.
  2. Lol, it's fine buddy my friends all got a good laugh at how when I decide to get chaotic can be to someone who may not know what's going on! All in a good day, and unbanned ya so you can see any more chaos when I get bored.
  3. [Sweating] Well this is awkward I am the owner of that server, I usually get rid of people who: 1. Do not interact in the RP 2. Do not speak English 3. Greif or say nasty words. I am quite sorry for the confusion but I will let you know that I am not an evil monster.
  4. I made my own character who is a bunnyman/Bunnygal (unsure if the name is gender neutral or not) named Willa. Stats: Hunger: 150 Sanity: 130 Health: 120 I have so many drawings of her and including fake skin ideas for her too, I've always wanted to be able to use these ideas and feel like they'd be popular.
  5. It's as simple as the title, a mod that makes the survivors be able to do the spooky dance like Pump and Skid!
  6. Probably: 1. To calm down over the loss of his wife 2. He listened to music to dance with Lucy. I know this might be uncannon but I think Wagstaff and Wilson could be related somehow like the uncannon lore that Warbucks is Wilson's Uncle. He could be related as they both have the same hair style and science just runs in the family. (Or Gentleman for Warbuck's case.)
  7. I just need the file animation code as Playable pets updated them into it and I want to be able to do that cute animation from the trade inn game.
  8. I swear if this was a skin for Corvous I can see a lot of Victorian Wilsons running for their tea kettles.
  9. Am I the only one who sees a Sweeney todd villian in Corvus Goodfeather...? *Cough*
  10. I am stuck as Wes and cannot despawn without getting this and crashing:
  11. Zeb's could also be easier to keep longer than beef but could be weaker to hound attacks to make the player stratigize and think about what could be best. And you could just hop on a wild Zeb's back for a few moments before getting kicked off.
  12. [looks back and forth hiding my Opposite DST AU behind back] Ah someone's been playing too much Friday Night Funkin' mods. >_>
  13. It's just an example, giving out ideas is cool to inspire people. Just imagine getting to bet on a Zeb with gold and watching players race on the Zeb and win ribbions!
  14. Just like imagine how many possibilities the Zebs could have for an event, Show horse style: Jumping over fences and races! Training to be the best Derby horse/Zeb rider! Circus Zeb: Teaching Zebs new tricks, this beast isn't a one show pony!