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  1. And yet I have a lingering feeling that this is all a bad idea to trust this, everyone says this company is known for good game play but with super expensive skins and stuff so it causes me a lot of Anxiety.
  2. So I know there's 'plantkin' 'mime' But I am looking for how to add the ability to eat wood, help pipspook, and make shadow people if that's a tag to use.
  3. So what would of Happened if the Codex Umbra never existed but William and Charlie still met up? (Like what would be his Assistant becomes his love interest or something)
  4. It's unfair to the people that like Wes but don't want to be a dead burden to people, this is what gets you killed, or banned from ANY public server. Nobody wants his burden or will respect Wes mains until they see Wes is no longer dead weight. I have all the Wes skins but am burdened to use them on Roleplay... Where I can deal with Wes's hunger myself. There should be a rework for all characters that make them better as characters, explaining their lore and giving the people what they want. Not some joke that Wes is, Wes is better than a joke/meme: he IS a person too so why neglect anything SPECIAL?! What about traits for his balloons to DO things? Or Phantom miming items like in SW with the oar! Wes could be ANYTHING and I would like the CHANGE of him not being dead weight. And none of that "Oh he's supposed to be hard" BECAUSE It doesn't serve ANY purpose in a game that doesn't NEED hard characters! I mean Warly is probably worse but he can still SURVIVE, Wes is WAY too weak!
  5. I Got this reaction from a Twitch Streamer who was 100% new and I've never laughed so hard in my life! Until they said: "Do we kill it!?"
  6. Ever since Kiel added the spoiler to Woodie's curse it's going to be harder to show it off without them knowing what it is. It always was funny hearing people yell and laugh at the forms I do not know why Kiel spoiled Woodie's main ability and not keep it like before! New people exist on the form and I like to see when people freak out at the were-forms in laughter! (Sorry for any salt, I just find it weird they changed this.)
  7. Whenever I go into caves I get stuck in loading purgatory... Yes I do run a modded server with AT LEAST 20-30 mods for Caves and I haven't had this problem before the new update. It usually takes like 30 second to load but it took WAY too long and I gave up.
  8. Yeah where is the sounds? I would of expected some dog like barks or howls (cute lil awoos) from Woby.
  9. The title says most but Woby's nose vanished into his face when doing Flex, Angry, And Squat.
  10. That's 10 AM Pacifistic time so anyone in other timezones have to check the time until it updates. And make sure to fix the little error with the campfire stories.
  11. My best friend keeps saying "His design messes with the timeline some" and how will there be that boyscout outfit that was from the 1950's in a 1940 -1930's realm?