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  1. Yes, it's safe to delete. I'm not 100% on it but I'm pretty sure that folder is for mods you download from joining modded servers.
  2. It wasn't meant to be taken seriously in base game DS either, dev response from a similar thread in 2014 Posting it just for clarity's sake. It technically never had a serious use besides being "fun", so... I guess it really only goes against it's intended design if you aren't having fun. That being said, a buff or change would be great. It having such a microscopic durability especially, or giving it something like what Mobbstah suggested.
  3. I play it by eating food and avoiding darkness mainly
  4. This. I hate this. A lot. They originally didn't do that, and technically they shouldn't, but there's a slight oversight in how it's coded that causes it to happen. When a tallbird egg hatches into a smallbird, it will stay around its parent tallbird. The tallbird will ignore it, so long as both were loaded at the same time. Do literally anything to unload the tallbird (Including if the egg naturally hatches while both are off-screen) and the tallbird will attack the smallbird. This is because they're just straight up coded to target smallbirds that aren't theirs. Issue being they can't tell it's theirs as smallbirds in DST are told to forget their owner when their owner unloads. While this prevents smallbirds from becoming sad, mindless, abandoned little followers if a player raising them disconnects, this is what causes the hiccup. (I can't say that with 100% certainty, but it's my educated guess) I made a mod that fixes that behavior by just making it so tallbirds don't target smallbirds. If you're playing on Steam and you hate it as much as I do, there ya go.
  5. I'd like to see a new island with monkeys and a killable Wilbur on it. No boss fight, nothing. He just wanders around with the same monkey AI as the others and you can kill him. Take his funny little monkey hat.
  6. If being insane for longer made slightly tougher mobs spawn that reward higher fuel drops, I'd be down. Would make dedicated farming more interesting without making it instantly be even more punishing for new players. And it'd still be able to be avoided by players, and would possibly make new strategies for farming. I still would prefer if they could still just be like, outrun, though. That way it isn't a forced life-or-death situation for yourself every time the server has a ghost. I also do think it'd be neat for more insanity styled mobs. Maybe no functional differences (There's really no need) but new looks to really nail the "You're going nuts" thing on the head would be nice. There's been so many additions of new creatures and mobs lately that giving a few more some insanity versions would be nice.
  7. I kinda like the idea, but a notebook doesn't feel super unique. Big chunks of text to explain lore in exposition dumps or effectively fancily-worded wiki articles are also kinda annoying to sift through in games, at least for me. But this is a good topic to discuss and think further on. I support the idea.
  8. If the celestial champion is meant to be Them, then that's even more lame
  9. IA is designed to mesh both the DST worldgen/gameplay and the SW worldgen/gameplay into the same little bundle. This mod looks to be shipwrecked and shipwrecked only, dropping the standard DST continent and content entirely.
  10. Honestly wish I could react to this more than once, this is probably the best post I’ve seen on the forums
  11. Firstly, thanks for the replies, you three are wonderful Secondly, Lame I get the impression that there's multiple Thems, because the whole world has the whole chess symbolism everywhere so it makes sense that there's a light vs dark shtick as well (also plays on the word Them as it can mean one person or several) The two completely repel each other (or attack each other), one is at the highest point shown (The moon) and the other at the lowest (The ruins, and/or beneath if you count the nightmare fissures), the tragic torch was likely originally lit by lunar energy as well, which is why it held back shadows so well, and there's also two gateways, one in the atrium & one in the archives, likely that they both siphon power from one of the Thems or at least connect to them in some way (Also possible that the archives themselves are what drew the lunar island to land where it did in the first place)
  12. Did Them actually return at any point of "Return of Them" or am I just blind?
  13. Reminder to myself to reply to the smallbird post when I have energy

  14. You do the general graduation of Junior Member > Member > Senior Member based on posting. The more you post the higher it gets. Custom titles are given through 2 means: You can set a custom one yourself once you hit 1,000 posts, or, you made a post that caught the eye of the elusive Title Fairy, and a custom one was given to you. Forum reactions, account age, and whether or not what you're posting is a thread or a reply doesn't have any bearing. I believe certain topics also don't count things in them as posts, and I'm pretty sure status updates/replies to those also do not count.
  15. Interesting. Looks quite impressive, especially if it's just a one man operation. But a few odd things I noticed: The mod disappears from the mod menu when it's selected, though it's likely just the menu being finnicky Every character is EXACTLY how they were in base Don't Starve. No reworks, & Willow for example doesn't even get Bernie. From the menu it looks like she has base game fire starting as well, which was removed early in DST development Every DST exclusive character is missing (Winona, Walter, DLC characters) The map reveal console command is from DS, and is not in DST by default Chests make a different sound when interacted with Warly spawns with the chef pouch equipped, which as far as I'm aware is something you need to go out of your way to do. Not even the base SW has him spawn with it equipped, it just throws it on the ground next to him. -Making a quick mod character start with a backpack in their inventory did not make them equip it in DST. Either I suck at testing or they went out of their way to add that. Neat! I'm not trying to point out things and go "SEE! GOTCHA!", I just like to imagine having some skepticism of huge claims out of nowhere is rational. From what the video looks like, it kind of looks like... DST is just emulating the base DS? Which, I mean, if it works, it works. But it looks likely the mod will be incompatible with just about everything else besides itself. With the total lack of all DST mechanics besides the portal, skins, and (some) UIs, it really looks like that to me. "Emulating the base game" isn't the best way to describe it, but it's all I can think of right now. Hopefully it gets the thought across. What I would be excited to see in the next stream would be a demonstration of a few mechanics, namely: Using boats Dying/Reviving Dying on a boat Another player joining, playing, demonstrating mechanics Enemies with SW exclusive AI, like Tiger shark shifting between land & sea or sealnado's tornado attack Any DST exclusive items/entities at all Would love to see it. It would remove the last bits of skepticism from my mind, and ultimately if it has all that then I can't imagine what else it'd need to be considered ready to publish. Unless this is just an early build meant to just show off worldgen, I guess. Either way, still impressive. Also noticed the "Hamlet" mod in the mods menu. Looks like we know what to look forward to.
  16. If I had a nickel for the amount of servers I've gone on where the host says "Being at low sanity all the time is the prime way to play!" only to get distracted from anything else every few seconds or dying because they can't manage that many enemies at once, I wouldn't be a millionaire, but I'd have a handful of nickels. If you're knowledgeable, sure, it's a good way to play if you use a lot of fuel. I do it a lot, especially when playing Wigfrid. But even then when I need to focus on other things I just slap on a tam and call it a day. It's not a bad habit, I just don't want the distraction. But the meme part I assume comes from people who just take "Being insane forever is a good thing!" at face value and don't think about different situations or their own skill level, and getting whooped for it. At least, that's what I picked up.
  17. After merging your accounts, you need to accept the gift. You can do so on here: Click the little tab that says "Merge Klei Accounts" next to the newsletter, and you should be able to claim the reward from that tab.
  18. You can still upload it. Like I said, the most Klei will do if it goes against some form of copyright is have it taken down. People have uploaded worse offenders without asking Klei anything. And like I said earlier, you should've waited to get an actual answer, say, 2.5 years ago before you put seemingly so much work in. Otherwise, you just put in all that time, effort, and work for something that will never see the light of day.
  19. You should upload it, then. Post the link here and I'm sure some people will check it out. You'll get a definite response from Klei too if you did anything wrong.
  20. I was referring more to how they appear in the animation, which I suppose is what the title is based on
  21. Additional little detail to describe the character in a word or two. Usually leans more into their character itself (Example, "Gentleman Scientist") so that people can kind of decipher what their personality and traits will be like before even choosing them. They're short, especially comparatively to other merms Wormwood's short depicts him as a bit of an outcast amongst his surroundings, ending in him secluding himself and being alone.
  22. Awful long time to work on something that's already being done. You should've checked for other teams developing SW content for DST before sinking so much time into it, especially if you don't even know if what you're doing is allowed in the first place. That being said, as others have pointed out, this doesn't exactly look like the latest version of DST. If it's any version at all. Might want to update it before publishing. You can try to publish the mod anyways, most Klei will do if they don't like it is have it taken down, but they're not going to, like, sue you or anything over it. Interested to see where this goes.