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  1. Are those tallbird eggs in your profile picture?

    1. minespatch


      Yes they are. For easter. It's little kid me.

    2. Auth


      Excellent. Very good :)

  2. Finally fixed my signature after.... what, a year and a half?

  3. That's not an error, it's just whenever you use that skin, you play as his cousin, Womwood.
  4. She's entirely repulsed by vegetables. Doesn't just dislike them, we're talking a grown woman throws a temper tantrum with an enraged expression if the mere idea of eating one comes up. I'm sure if you hated them to that extent, you'd value their importance somewhere in the negatives as well. That being said, I actually would've preferred Wigfrid to have comments on farming showing pure disgust, rather than a kind of "I don't really care if this grows or not" attitude. I would genuinely prefer her to visibly despise the process of farming, as it also hints towards players that, hey, if you're Wigfrid, and you're farming, maybe you're doing something wrong. Your skills are best spent elsewhere, usually.
  5. The Wizard
    The Overshadowed
    The Excited
    The Mayor
    The King
    The Kid
    The Killer
    The Scythe
    The Mother
    The Amber
    The Anchorman
    The Reception Robot
    The Scientist
    The Assistant
    The Time Traveler
    The Time Machine
    The Father
    The Medic
    The Corrupted
    The Awful
    The Worst
    The Trader
    The Fortune Teller
    The Head Chef 
    The Salad Sculptor 
    The Pizza Preparer 
    The Teacher 
    The Observer 
    The Cashier 
    The Frycook 
    The Manager 
    The Smiling Service 
    The Burger Flipper
    The Roller Skater 
    The Bull 
    The Librarian 
    The Other Librarian 
    The Coffee Cooker 
    The Expresso Expert 
    The Ticket Taker 
    The Janitor
    The Gunsmith
    The Loonobot
    The Belltower
    The Smacken
    The Vulgull
    The Albatross
    The Arms
    The Throne
    The Arachnophobe
    The Unknown Governor
    The Shamed Samurai
    The Undead
    The Grim Reaper
    The Lovey
    The Mercenary of Love
    The Watcher
    The Voice of The Void
    The Goddess of The Ocean
    The Destroyer of Worlds
    The Creator of All
    The Disgusting Monstrosity
    The Other Scythe
    The Narrator
    The Narrator's Wife
    The Sage of Scorn & Darkness
    The Sage of The Skies
    The Sage of Nature
    The Sage of White Frost
    The Sage of The Earths
    The Sage of The Seas
    The Sage of Dragon's Fire
    The Sage of Magic
    The Wise One
    The Universe Hopper
    The Obliterator
    The Museum Curator
    The Umbrella Man
    The Soul Salesman
    The Average Man
    The One That Sees You
    The Mannequin
    The Skeleton
    The Environmentalist
    The Fairy Queen
    The Purified Boy
    The Spider Queen
    The Cowboy
    The Spider Queen's Mother
    The Pirate
    The Windchime
    The World Explorer
    The Bug
    The DJ
    The Tuxedo
    The Dapper
    The Absolute Idiot
    The Friendly
    The Fishermage
    The Heartbreaker (+10 More)
    The Red Texted Unicorn
    The Cardboard Mage
    The Darkness
    The Dark King
    The King That is Violently Opposed to The Conga
    The Soul Stomping Automata
    The Glitch
    The Showrunner
    The Forgotten Shadow
    The Pumpkin Patch Protector
    The King of Rock n' Roll
    The King of Rock
    The Lonesome Black Hole
    The Swampwater Witch
    The Boat Biter
    The Windchime


    1. minespatch


      This is high quality music.

  6. See, actually, the machine is a rather odd thing. It's actually mainly constructed of the ice in the recipe, and it flings gears, or as some people call them, "omatics" So it is a machine made of ice that flings omatics.
  7. 10,001 community reputation.


    Only took almost seven years, eh?

    1. minespatch


      Congrats bud. 

      Man... 2014 is like a year after DS was released.

  8. We don't need a lot of things. Suggesting things for the sake of suggestion doesn't hurt anything. Even if this has nothing to do with "lore" of a random character quote, I still like to see random ideas thrown around. I think this could be interesting, a dangerous biome perhaps on an island called The Firelands could add more purpose to exploring the ocean (Which is always a plus, to give it more actual things to see, and purpose)
  9. I now have my very own TF2 server.



  10. Flowers & Evil Flowers are still lumped together in the same category.
  11. Alright, last post I made was the 21st, let’s see how the forums have gone-


    Jesus Christ.


    Looks like it’s reading time.

    1. minespatch


      Yeah, people have been really worried about the Tencent market share buying. At least the mods have still talked to the audience even if the Don't starve side of things is quiet at the moment.

      Griftlands on the other hand is ramping up pretty quickly.

  12. Isn't this the mod that tried to initially charge people for getting it in the first place, as an unofficial (but still needing to be bought) DLC? And they're trying this again?
  13. It's pronounced like this: Fun Fact: If you look up "Klei" on Google, the link to clears this kerfuffle up
  14. The last time I said something was November? But don't I look at this website every day? Weird.


    Merry Christmas, everyone!

    1. Mr0idealistic


      Merry Christmas and a happy winters feast

  15. Hey all you wacky Klei forumers. Doing your Klei forum-ing. I made another mod for Don't Starve Together. It's a "solution" to the tallbird glitch I talk about.

    (Which is just that tallbirds kill their own young for no reason whatsoever)

    A few people said that the solution I keep recommending to Klei (and even made a different mod for!) would lead to overpopulation, which, in my testing, it really does not do that at all.

    While I can understand why Klei may want to add a mechanic that prevents tallbird overpopulation, I believe the best way to do that is just making it so that tallbirds just don't naturally hatch their smallbirds, rather than have tallbirds automatically kill their own children. It just makes no sense. Hence why I made Family Tallbird Time in the first place.

    So, I made this new mod that just disables smallbirds hatching from nests in spring. I call it....

    No Spring Smallbirds. (Link to the mod)

    Original name, I know. Now I can recommend either mod to someone every time this little pickle comes up again.



    also this took me AGES to test ingame, i am so hungry right now

    1. minespatch


      Up to them. Talented you made it.

    2. Auth


      Oh, it's no talent thing. All I had to do was change a single word in coding and sit around for ages making sure it didn't crash, and, yknow, actually did what it was supposed to do...

  16. Does anybody here do any of that "roleplay" stuff anymore? Hm..

    1. minespatch


      Mainly on discord.

    2. DragonMage156


      Only on Discord XD

  17. ( In that case, they should probably just make it so the eggs don't naturally hatch on their own, eh? )
  18. Ah, yes. The cruelty of nature (and weird coding). I made a mod to fix this, actually! I felt it was my responsibility as a tallbirdologist.
  19. Wait, I'm close to 10,000 reputation?

    Since when?