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  1. You know what I appreciate? I appreciate not having to do a long list of chores just to get a meal. I enjoy coming home and having my food ready. I enjoy not having to worry about it spoil. With my favorite meal, I can comfortably go about my business, and know I can always turn my head back to base, and know it's right there, waiting for me. It's sweet, yet savory flavor, lovingly pressed into each bite you take, the care, the meaning, the reason. For the season. Yes, yes, it's true. I love me a fruitcake
  2. This was actually talked about quite a bit when The Napsack rolled around. Everyone sort of realized that the napsack is garbage, and that duping is the main use of it's recipe. At least scaled flooring is actually pretty useful in large farms for me, since I usually carry an ice staff but don't like building flingos everywhere.
  3. Epic Games, gross. Boo I say, Boo.

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    2. Mobbstar


      I'm just glad Keli didn't make it a permament exclusive, that would've sucked really hard. I will still get Griftlands when it comes out on... anywhere other than Epic Store, I guess.

    3. Auth


      I probably would've, but the game went from something I already am not huge in (pretty linear RPG) to a genre I really dislike (Card game)

      Not that it's impossible to like either of these games, they were just never really my style. Then again, ONI wasn't really a game style I thought I'd like, but I grew to enjoy it, especially as it got more tweaked.

    4. DragonMage156


      Same here. ONI and Hot Lava I both grew to love.

  4. Funko Pop

    They wanted to see how things would go with the first batch of Funkos. There may be more in the future!
  5. It just needs 8 slots. A direct upgrade to the backpack without putting the piggypack out of a job. It’s thought of as useless because not only does it store less than the backpack, but it isn’t an effective cooler for it’s cost either. Both of it’s main aspects need to be buffed.
  6. I'm not saying that, at her essence, she is nothing more than a pick and drop. I'm saying that if you play the game and are interested in peak performance, she suffers greatly from pick and drop because there's nothing stopping you from picking her, crafting a lot of helmets, then switching back to whoever. Same as Winona, you pick her, craft your farms, then drop her, and play as whoever. I know all about playing her, because, as mentioned, I am a Wigfrid main. I play as her a lot, and I also really enjoy her playstyle. I'm talking about ways to improve her without disrupting her playstyle all the while still making her part of the definite meta, and making her more rewarding to play over Wolfgang, who can also be described as a "pick and drop" if you just want to use his strength to level bosses easier than Wigfrid. The difference is, the speedboost makes him more worthwhile to stay as him, outside of his better combat capabilities as well. If Wigfrid was brought up to Wolfgang like-levels, then her and Wolf would be on an even playing field, where both have some incentive to stick around, while also feeling unique from each other enough that their playstyles are totally different. Wolfgang would have his speed boost, and Wigfrid would have her unique, existing craftables. As explained, this doesn't hurt Wolfgang any, in fact it helps him out, all the while making it so Wigfrid doesn't look completely trivial in the eyes of someone interested in maxxing damage potential. And yeah, Wigfrid specializes in spider slaughtering. I usually start my Wigfrid worlds by clearing all but a select few dens so I never need to worry about silk until around day 1000. I don't think I've ever specifically said it, because I thought it went without saying with how I was talking about her: I don't think Wigfrid is a bad character. I think she is good. Good enough that I main her in almost all of my worlds. I think the problem stems from the fact that "Good" is overshadowed by "Great." She's currently balanced, yes. A lot of things can be balanced, but that doesn't make them the best around. Let me find another way to say this argument: We have two head items, The Bee Queen Crown, and the Bone Helm. Both perform relatively similar yet distinct functions, and both are balanced. But... Why would you use the bone helm if you have the bee queen crown? Both effectively remove insanity auras from really doing anything, one by making nightmare creatures passive, the other by turning them into sanity auras, making insanity but a far distant dream. They both have the exact same damage resistance, wetness resistance, and even durability. Is there anything inherently wrong or bad with choosing the bone helm? No, not at all. It's still a great helmet. Albeit made worse in the fuelweaver fight due to FW's insanity stunning. (This can be nullified by taking it off, but the same effect is granted with a nightmare amulet) But due to the fact that the Bee Queen Crown can be gotten so much easier (The Loot Stash drops it!) than the bone helm, even though both perform basically the same function, you'll most likely choose to use that over the bone helm. The same goes for Wigfrid and Wolfgang. Both are good, both are balanced among themselves, both perform relatively the same task, and they both do a good job. However, because one gives more effectively passive benefits, and because both can be compared side by side, one outshines the other. And no, she doesn't "Need" to be the best, we already have Wolfgang in general if you want to make that argument. But boy, wouldn't it be nice? Now the two would still have their unique playstyles, but you wouldn't have to have the only thing keeping you from choosing the other one boil down to personal preference, now, they would be balanced- but against each other. The most confusing part of this whole ordeal to me is Wigfrid mains disliking the idea of making her a better fighter. Why would you not want that?
  7. I literally posted the world records for dragonfly.
  8. No, he can tank like her. Anybody can tank like Wigfrid. She doesn't heal enough per hit to nullify the fact that you just got hit. Taking 0 damage by kiting is still infinitely better than tanking, albeit, reduced damage. Having mained Wigfrid, I can personally attest to that you are literally spouting nonsense about it. You don't heal back what you take if you stand still and face tank. That's just not how it's done. Using the "I can make a catapult farm" excuse is hilarious because you tried to make a counter point that Wolfgang has a longer setup time than Wigfrid. A catapult farm takes up more time than that possibly could, so that point is incredibly hypocritical, not to mention irrelevant to the conversation of Wigfrid V Wolfgang because the character you're playing at that point doesn't even matter, as you aren't the one getting your hands dirty. You also responded before I had a chance to finish the rest of my post. Here: You seem to be wrapped up that in just because Wigfrid can do well, and because you do well as Wigfrid, then she must be the undeniable best character in the game in terms of combat. Nonsense. You keep asking for people to prove to you that Wolfgang can be better. That's unnecessary, because no matter what you'll be able to make up any excuse that points towards you holding the truth. Instead, I offer you this. Play Wolfgang for yourself. Experience the difference and actually play the game with effort, not haphazardly so you can feel you justified your point. Speedrunning bosses isn't how you talk about balance. You don't balance all of Super Mario 64 discussion around it's speedrunning community. That would be nonsense. Saying that just because Wigfrid can walk up next to Dragonfly and kill them early game isn't how to balance someone. Wolfgang can do that too, in fact, The current best recorded speed for killing Dragonfly from world creation > dfly dying is done by a Wolfgang. That blows that point away completely, not to mention the fact it's done without walls or even the panflute. And if you watch, you'll notice that the primary attack style is... you guessed it, face tanking. Wolfgang can do it just as easily as Wigfrid! Same person also has A speedrun for Enraged dragonfly. We are talking about the longevity of a world. Actually playing the game. This game isn't played as a race to destroy every boss, it's played as a survival game. You can play it any way you like, but balancing characters around their speedrun-abilityness is absurd, when the conversation at hand is trying to justify playing the character for the entire duration of a world in a normal circumstance. You also aren't taking into account the looooong durations of time that happen in between the fights. Bosses don't immediately respawn, which gives you more than enough ample time to gather resources, no matter who you're playing as.
  9. I don't think you realize that THIS: exists and allows literally any character to get the same equipment Wigfrid has. And also: 100% Damage is still more than 25% damage. Wolfgang, when he tanks, kills things 4X more effectively than Wigfrid. When he tanks, he will never even need to heal as much as Wigfrid because the fight doesn't go on as long as if Wigfrid was to do it. Not to mention, that even Wigfrid's gear is outshined by thulecite in both protection and space it takes, which can be gotten incredibly early if you know how to ruins rush, and then infinitely gathered if you kill dragonfly, which, Wolfgang can do easier than Wigfrid due to increased damage. You haven't brought up a single point that proves Wigfrid is better to pick as and continuously play than Wolfgang. And again, if you literally just kite, armor isn't needed. Face tanking allows you to get an extra 1-2 hits in per kite cycle, which still doesn't add up against Wolfgang's 100% damage boost. Arguably face tanking doesn't save any time against a lot of smaller or less important mobs as the getting hit animation takes the same amount of time as walking cane + natural speedboost kiting.
  10. Seems like it's been in the game an awful long time for them to have not realized if it was a glitch or not.
  11. Alright, just had to make sure this was an issue with the base game. Thank you! I see you also already made a post in the Bug Tracker area of the forums. The Klei devs will likely communicate with you there for future reference, just be patient with it all. On an unrelated note, Welcome to The Forums!
  12. Look ma, I made a wall of text!


  13. Hi. I'd like to point out that not only am I specialized in the field of Wigfrid Quotology, but that I have... 852 hours in DST, 99% of which is spent playing exclusively as Wigfrid. Most likely even more, since Steam doesn't track offline hours. Point is, I am a Wigfrid main, I am knowledgeable on the subject. Let's break Wigfrid down, piece by piece: -Wigfrid can only eat meat (And jellybeans, and specifically non-fruit based candy/treats... for some reason.) -Wigfrid takes 25% less damage, and deals 25% more damage. -Wigfrid can craft relatively cheap gear at the start of the game, and spawns with said gear in her hands already. In other places, I've talked extensively about changes that could help Wigfrid, and it looks like a few people here already mentioned some of my ideas. Great minds think alike, cheers! Although, mine's a bit more specific. Let's pull in the wonderful man Wolfgang. A lot of people seem to try and give Wolfgang an analysis compared against Wigfrid, but yet they either lack in experience with one of them, or both of them. That other 1% of my playtime has been Wolfgang. And let me tell you- Wolfgang is disgustingly overpowered in terms of combat. Which is Wigfrid's main issue- She is a warrior character based on combat, yet she plays second fiddle to it. For a player that wants to focus on playing at peak performance in their world, Wigfrid suffers the terrible fate that Winona was given, which is that you pick them, craft items, switch off of them because their perks by themselves don't warrant an interesting enough time to keep playing as them, when another character does have direct stats that makes their gameplay closer to the meta. That's not to say nobody is even allowed to have fun with these characters, as I've previously mentioned, I am a Wigfrid main, I honestly enjoy playing as her, but the problem is, is that if I ever switch to Wolfgang in the world, I find it hard to consciously want to switch back to Wigfrid. Because Wolfgang, unlike Wigfrid, -Can eat anything -Deals 100% more damage, has no natural resistance to damage -Moves 25% faster -Has higher max health (300!) So when you compare the two, in terms of combat, so long as you know the basics of kiting, Wolfgang is an obvious no brainer to pick over Wigfrid. You can even try making the argument "But Wolfgang needs to eat more" to which I offer back, "But Wolfgang can eat more", which nullifies any argument there. His higher max health and movement speed allow him to not only have the option to face tank, but also kite better than other characters if he chooses that option, all the while, dealing more damage than Wigfrid. And let's face it, you never go into a big battle without a pile of healing food like dragon pie or pirogi, so that mighty form is never going to wear off, so long as you prepared the bare minimum amount. And speaking of- Dragon pie makes one of the hugest differences between the two- Wigfrid can't eat it. She can eat pirogi, however, the means of which not just obtaining but all the way down to consuming come in, where pirogi needs a vegetable, an egg, a meat, and whatever to be made, whereas dragon pie needs 1 dragon fruit and 3 sticks you can pick up off the ground, which makes it come out more fresh than if you just had that meat sit there for a few days, because, well, sticks don't spoil. Not to mention, but dragon pie has the standard eating animation, which is nearly instant, whereas pirogi requires the meat animation, which isn't instant. To summarize everything until this point: Wigfrid is overshadowed and outclassed completely and entirely by Wolfgang. There is no argument to be made, especially now that the Celestial Portal exists. Klei is making the character refreshes in order to breathe more life into characters, make them more unique, and actually stand on their own and be worth playing when compared to anything else. At the moment, Wigfrid is literally Worsegang. Let's talk about what I think should be done with Wigfrid: She doesn't need new craftables. This will keep her in the same purgatory that will keep her miles from the meta, because she will simply be "Picked and dropped" at the celestial portal for these craftables, then anyone playing as good as they can will immediately switch to a better character. Her craftables are fine, because even though the battle spear is outshined by the hambat mid game, that's the entire point of the weapon. It's just a better spear, not the end-all weapon. Her helmet however is incredibly good, even to late game, but the more experienced you get, the more you'll naturally prefer combat strength to defense, as you'll have kiting patterns down-pat anyway. The two are balanced. As others have mentioned, Wigfrid is a team player, and her character seems to show it. Having the battle cry would be amazing, but hold your horses, you can't just say "Give everyone a stat boost" and call it a day. We need to get into specifics. If you give Wigfrid's battle cry just a little nudge, then congratulations, she still does less damage than Wolfgang, and if you're playing alone or soloing enemies or a boss, the battle cry is essentially useless, again, compared to playing Wolfgang. In this instance, it does nothing but add another tag to her stats to make her look pretty, but effectively do nothing. If you give it a huge push, Wigfrid can buff anybody effectively up to the same level she is, which just makes her uniqueness get lost in the monotony of the fight. Even though she's technically good, it overall makes her feel like she's less important in a team standpoint as everyone has increased damage ALONG WITH THEIR OWN BUFFS in the moment. So, instead, make the battle cry effect her and her teammates differently. When Wigfrid is dealing consistent damage to enemies, she let's out a battle cry, which buffs her damage temporarily to 100% more (Wolfgang level) and either increase her defense (Not preferred) or her movement speed (But not as much as Wolfgang's, maybe 10%) for a brief time. Increase the attack damage of everyone around her to 25% more, and perhaps give them the same 25% resistance she has. Essentially, during combat, Wigfrid turns everyone around her into a Wigfrid while she turns into a Wolfgang. If Wigfrid gets hit, the battle cry's (Whatever) meter depletes, but can be regained, meaning that you are penalized for not exceeding perfectly in combat, which makes it all the more rewarding for the player to keep the battlecry going. Now let's talk about repercussions of doing this: Have we effectively done nothing but turn the tables, making Wolfgang be overshadowed by Wigfrid? No, Wolfgang can still eat dragon pie and other non-meat dishes, and his mighty form can be activated whenever, meaning he can have a free speed boost outside of combat, which helps with a large variety of chores, not just combat. Wigfrid's buffs only activate not only while she's in combat, but when she's doing good in combat, as getting hit makes the battle cry stop temporarily until she can get it back up again. Pardon slurpers, no enemies take hunger, so Wolfgang's mighty form is only affected by natural depletion over time. Not to mention, Woflgang can start a fight in Mighty Form. Doesn't this make Wolfgang and the other meta characters (WX-78, Wickerbottom) more disgustingly good? Yes. Okay, okay, I know to some this sounds bad. Hearing words like "meta" or "buffs" scares people, right? Well, here's the thing. I'd like to just talk about the meta characters, and why they are meta. The characters that are currently in the meta, are, because not only do they exceed on their own merits, but the synergy between those core 3 is so outstanding, that together, they are almost a nearly unbreakable force of nature. With infinite dragon pies, a character immune to freezing and overheating, 2 of them have speed boosts, one literally emits light, and none of them struggle with gathering nightmare fuel, all which have debuffs that barely even matter, they are the meta, because together, they are unstoppable. By making it so Wigfrid now has the ability to directly benefit meta characters, now she fits in with the synergy, there is a actual, definite, and complete point to pick and play as her, and congratulations, we have officially added a new character to the meta level. Balancing these characters is tricky. On one hand, you need to make them interesting enough and capable enough to hold their own and not be overshadowed, but you also need to make them have a good team synergy that makes them a worthwhile pick in any scenario. I believe with this change, as it takes both solo and together play into account, is possibly the best potential outcome for Wigfrid. Also, let's all face it, after playing long enough times, Don't Starve feels boring. Balancing someone around the fact "They're easier for noobs to pick up than other person" eventually gets nullified when noobs get more experienced anyway, and effectively keeps the character dead in the water for more experienced play. A good game development likes to keep something intended to be relevant through the entirety of a player's time, should, ideally, balance not around noobs, but balance around longevity of a character. To Summarize: Wigfrid is worse than Wolfgang in every aspect, unless you aren't a good enough player to actually pull off Wolfgang, and you rely on getting health back instead of eating/using healing items. In other words, you can't/don't kite and you never go into a fight well prepared, something only fixed with time, which will then circle back to Wolfgang being undeniably better than Wigfrid, making nearly any argument invalid with enough experience. Wigfrid currently suffers from "Pick and Drop" playstyle, where you use the celestial portal to switch, craft a bucket of helmets, then switch back to whoever. Giving Wigfrid more craftables extenuates the issue, and does not fix it, nor make her more interesting to play, arguably, it makes her a crafting slave, which makes her incredibly drab and boring. When talking about balancing, we need to take both solo and together play into the equation, so it doesn't feel like they're completely useless when outside of their element, which is often. Buffing Wigfrid with an intense battle cry shakes up the meta, and adds her among the top ranks. Those are the pure, raw, thoughts of a Wigfrid main that has thought about this subject before Wigfrid V. Wolfgang threads were even made. I never really spoke up because this is a huge wall of text, and it never felt like the right place, and I didn't want to make a thread all about just this analysis. Please, give me any and all feedback you can, I will do my best to respond to any questions or concerns brought up by what I said here, although, I believe I already answered the most common questions already within this giant wall. Give it a read, if you thought just scrolling down to the bottom for the summary was all you needed to do. I see you, reading cheater...
  14. To help with this, and this may seem like a stupid question, but are you running any server or client mods?
  15. Player Meats

    Klei generally avoids controversial themes in their games like the plague. This dates clear back to things like the original magic tab icon, the original ban of a certain 3 digits in a row here on the forums (Which was lifted due to complaints), Long Pig, and of course, the recent Warbucks removal after arguably not a whole lot of complaints (Although, one could make the case they were scratching their heads to find a way to remove him anyway, and that just offered a convenient, albeit shallow getaway in terms of business reasons) These changes don't necessarily have a negative impact on the game. Don't Starve has never been one to shy away too much from macabre topics, but just for the sake of controversy, they decided to remove Long Pig, which even when it was added wasn't immediately fully polished (Seen from the drying rack) because they seemed to be testing the waters initially anyway. There was backlash, people thought it was immoral for a game that isn't that dark, and it was removed, having virtually no impact on the game's development whatsoever past that point. This is the first time in a long time I've even seen Long Pig mentioned, which should really be a testament to how unnecessary it is in the first place, and how little impact it would have gameplay-wise if it was added back. Let's also look at it story-wise. Do you think any of the current cast, (pardon maybe WX-78) would willingly cannibalize on their fellow survivors? Thinking back on it, I do remember it breaking my immersion a bit back in the day when it was an actual feature.
  16. There is a known bug at the moment where in certain instances, running against the edge of the world just causes you to drown. This will almost definitely get fixed in time, and I do not believe it is character specific. I've also noticed bursts of my framerate suffering and general lag. These are most likely just issues associated with beta development, and will get fixed by the time it rolls out to be official.
  17. Klei is hiring... a writer...?

    An... Author?

    Oh. They need someone with "Experience" in the industry itself. Eugh. And they'd like someone with a degree as well, probably. A real one, not like this Wigfrid Quote/Character Analysis PhD. And also probably someone in Canada. I'm 2 hours from their HQ if I was to drive it, and I mean, I guess I've had to deal with worse back when I was in California.

    I'd love to throw my hat in the ring, but something just screams out that they wouldn't look at my 3 page analysis on how to write confusing lore application without just tossing it at "No official experience in the business"

    1. Auth


      Gonna try writing something up anyway. I mean, I have nothing to lose if they say no...

    2. Mobbstar


      Quickly make some experience. Write a tiny Visual Novel.

  18. Most mods should work. A lot of them received updates for RoT. Almost everything should still function the same though. Also, giving a list of mods you're wondering about would be helpful if you want specific answers, otherwise, nobody here has any idea which mods you're talking about...
  19. Sadly, yes. So far, anyway.
  20. My base is at the most awkward spot on the map. I set up a bridge of anchored rafts to be able to take my beefalo across. Now I can't, so the only way to get him literally anywhere useful is to burn through a good chunk of the day with walking.
  21. Don't worry. We have nothing better to do. We're going nowhere. You're stuck with us forever.
  22. Probably 5 hours ago. You can get 8 skins per week. Have you gotten 8 skins since last Thursday?
  23. You can use stone statues as well. And if a stagehand burns, its hitbox is still active, it just isnt pretty anymore. At this point it’s just arguing extensive time waiting for them to reappear or using extensive stone to make that hornucopia wall.
  24. You really think people are going to kill the shadow pieces over and over and over and over for a nightmare fuel farm, or for a mob farm? Clearly there's no other cheaper, more effective ways to do that...
  25. I killed the fuelweaver once and all the actual loot went into the abyss good times! What if when it rains, there's chances for stalagmites to form/grow? I mean, that's sorta like how they form in real life. While on this topic, there was always something about the overworld stalker that got me, which was that he spawns lightbulbs, glowberries, and ferns, the first two only obtainable in the caves, normally. I thought that sinkhole entrances in caveless worlds should be replaced by a "boney rock" or something, that drops maybe 2 bone shards each. This way, you can actually get the overworld stalker on a caveless world, and actually have a means to get lightbulbs, albeit, late game.