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  1. Welcome to the forums! Yes, it is still possible to get those items, you and a friend need to solve the Cyclum + Metheus puzzle in order to obtain them.
  2. ( In that case, they should probably just make it so the eggs don't naturally hatch on their own, eh? )
  3. Ah, yes. The cruelty of nature (and weird coding). I made a mod to fix this, actually! I felt it was my responsibility as a tallbirdologist.
  4. Wait, I'm close to 10,000 reputation?

    Since when?

  5. Hey, this is because of this shenanigan over here: Original Thread: (Post found on Page 2)
  6. This was already pretty much confirmed before this, but it's cool to see them reference the same event again
  7. That's been my main question too. For something called "Return of Them" there's no "Them" shown, mentioned, and barely even hinted at. It's sure taking its sweet time to get to the point.
  8. Well now.

    1. minespatch


      I'm glad you're still here, man.

  9. Well, this looks a lot like what I had suggested for Wigfrid several times over several moons. That's so awesome. That being said, this post doesn't really say too much of anything substantial, and we'll have no idea how any of the mechanics work until they drop. I'll save my further input for release, as I don't want to jump on and praise this right off the bat for something that could very easily end up being a bit of a stink. Here's hoping, though! Although, I will just say: Thanks, Klei. So far this does look really cool. This Wigfrid main is a bit more optimistic now.
  10. Approaching Recreational Gobbledygook

    1. minespatch


      Oxygen Not Included post hour?

  11. Same energy. I don't see it as a negative, more of just... hollow.
  12. [Insert rant about being ready to be disappointed by Wigfrid refresh here]

    1. minespatch


      I hope a dev reads this.

  13. Auth

    If you're JoeW, where's JoeSingleU?

  14. Man, I remember good ol' quizzes like these. Let me try my hand. shoot
  15. But why?! She needs an equal opportunity, same as everyone else! Besides, not knowing how to drive can't be an excuse, because... erm...
  16. I was actually going to write down a structured argument for who would win, but alas, all the mario kart games play differently, and I would need to know what exactly which game's physics, items, and mechanics are being used, and if it's a more modern title like Mario Kart 8, I'd need to know what kind of kart they were using with what wheels/glider, and most importantly, I'd need to figure each survivor's weight. For now, I'll just go with the original mario kart. After doing Very Advanced Math(™)... Standard Willow would probably win the race. Wurt would be the first to be knocked off rainbow road. Wait. She's not an option. Crap. Wilba, then, I guess. Not going to factor in alternate forms for anybody as that seems like a waste of time, and I feel like giving Wigfrid a gun would cause her to just up and kill whoever's in first. While an interesting alternative to the blue shell, I don't feel like I should calculate the airspeed velocity of a battle spear fired from a speargun. That and Woodleg's "All Legs" option makes me think that he has his 2 formerly missing (presumed dead) legs, and also has his peg legs glued onto his sides somewhere or something. Either way, not a pleasant thought and even less pleasant Very Advanced Math(™).
  17. Hey man. I see you around a lot. And I noticed something.

    Almost every time I see you, you say something witty and/or funny.

    Or, in the least, I really like to read your posts.

    Not sure if it means anything as I'm effectively a stalker in the night. oooOOoo.

    But I think you're pretty cool.

    1. Owlrus


      That means a lot dude, thanks for those words of encouragement! :-)

  18. All of the aprons used in the Gorge event skins are now back able to be worn.
  19. nevermind

  20. Oh, I broke 300K profile views.

    Neat! I have stalkers!