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Don't Starve Together - May QOL Update

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Hey everybody. 

I hope you're all out there doing well. As we mentioned in the last big update, we have moved things around a bit so that the team can have more time for the next update. As a result this update is a bit smaller, but we think you will be happy with the result. 

Specifically the team split up for a little bit and took care of some smaller things in the game that we hadn't had time to address but really wanted to get into the game. Some of these are things that have been driving you crazy and some of these are just small changes that we thought would make for a better experience. 

In addition to that, we have a bunch of fun stuff to give away. We have new twitch items, login-in rewards, and some Klei rewards news!

First up, the notes:

  • Added a new Compendium section to the main menu
  • Survivors now have a favorite food, which provides extra nourishment when eaten. Each survivor’s favorite food can be found in the Compendium.
  • Added Beards skins
  • Caves can be enabled by default
  • Add more information to the character select screen:
    • Starting Health, Hunger, and Sanity
    • Starting equipment
    • Odds of Survival, to help guide new players
  • The game will automatically log in on boot (this can be disabled in the options menu).
  • Added Sculpting Table Figures for Toadstool, Bee Queen, Klaus, Antlion and Ancient Fuelweaver
  • Revamped the Item Collection screen to display the cast of survivors
  • Removed the special item ingredient from a number of the sculpting figures.
  • Adjusted the recipes for the Insulated Pack and Marble Suit
  • Increased the Thulecite Club's durability
  • Bernie is now shown on the map screen
  • One of each Marble Sculpture is now guaranteed when generating new worlds
  • Updated mods sort order
  • Added Unravel Duplicates option to The Curio Loom
  • Fixed a crash on the Crab King when it has 5 yellow gems.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Wortox to walk on the void in the Caves

New Streaming Drops!

We are adding the Crystalline Furnace to the Crystalline collection. For more information on streaming drops and how to get them, check out the post here


New Login Bonuses!

Just a thanks for giving us a little extra time, we will be giving everybody that logs in the Hunters Pickaxe as well as a chest full of magnificent beards. These will be granted for free for a limited time, so grab them now while you can. 



Klei Rewards!

It's been too long, but we have been working behind the scenes on Klei Rewards since it's introduction. We have made some changes on the page itself and how it's presented, but we also have a new way to grant points! We can now grant points directly from a link, so new announcements and posts may now contain links that will grant points or spool. 

We have also added the Hunters Axe to Klei Rewards for 1200 points. 


We don't have the "Big pile of Spool" ready just yet, but you can click this link here to get yourself 850 points and maybe pick up something nice for yourself. 

Next update!

So, once again we apologize for the hiccup in our update schedule. But the good news is we don't have long to go before the next update! I can't give you details just yet, but our next new DLC character "Walter" will be coming to DST in the middle of June. In just a bit over 2 weeks! I will have more details as we get closer to release. But for now, here is an image from the next short!


That's it for now. Thanks again for playing, have fun out there!

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So uhh Xbox just got an update and I got a treasure chest containing Beard skins! 
If this isn’t a hint that a Wilson refresh is looming over our heads I don’t know what is

Also there’s this- I love being able to see my entire character roster and the outfits I have them dressed in. #GroupPhoto


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This the biggest small update you guys have ever done. So cool. 

I love the new compendium and survivor screen. Beard skins, tho! 



If that new dude's slingshot is close in execution to the pewmatic, people calling it "OP because you can kill birds" in 3,2,1...

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Thanks for the update Klei.

Don't want to be the party popper, but I do not see the hunter axe from the Klei's rewards page.
Don't get me wrong. Just wanted to claim this cool ASAP.

Have a good one Klei Team

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Just now, Mx-Pain said:

Thanks for the update Klei.

Don't want to be the party popper, but I do not see the hunter axe from the Klei's rewards page.
Don't get me wrong. Just wanted to claim this cool ASAP.

Have a good one Klei Team

me neither but it shows an internal error sign so maybe we need to wait to see it

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youd think someone like me would hate this update, but no. I actually really like the flavor this update brings to the table.

Also I'll be damned if I don't immediately update my character mod for something like this.


If you have a char. mod, you'll need to update it, or else the stats and Odds of Survival will show up as ? and Unknown respectively.

(You can make Odds of Survival say anything btw, I know for a fact that modders are going to have a field day with that.)



Here's code necessary to do so, curtesy of @Mr. Tiddles. Just plop this into modmain.



You'll also need to add this to the top of modmain if it's not there already:


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