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wortox bug

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Some time ago, I once reported bugs about using mod to make wortox walk on the sea or cave,The name of the mod is `` actionqueue reborn ''. This mod is awesome. I also thank this author, but this mod is used by some people to do bad things. It makes me very angry and disappointed.

Some people use the c key of this mod to make items. With the delay compensation turned off, try soul jump at the moment of making the item. You can walk outside the sea or cave road,I personally found this bug before and gave feedback. I hope this related problem can be fixed. I met the person who used this bug on a public server earlier today.He also mocked other players on the server. ''Look, I can walk on the sea. I can still use this bug to quickly find the ancients. Are you envious?''

Then I had a quarrel with him. I told him that he should n’t try this bug to ruin the game experience of others.Then he insulted me.Fortunately, the server administrator is also on site, and then he banned the person who used the bug.I can't imagine some people using this bug on public servers if there is no administrator in the room.

So please fix this bug that uses mod to achieve this kind of cheating behavior. Detailed bug feedback I have posted a post before.

Steps to Reproduce


This is the link and this is the second time I have reported these similar bugs (using mod to make wortox to do this is very bad behavior.He is one of my favorite characters, and I am disappointed that some people actually let him do this.) I hope these can be fixed in the future. Thank you.

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User Feedback

@Jason@PeterA@JoeW@nome   Good evening sir.I remake a gif about this feedback today.I write down the detailed steps,Because I haven't tried adding text to the gif before, so I can only write it in steps, Sorry but i tried my best:cry:.I hope my feedback will help you fix this.

I wrote the detailed steps according to the gif, there will be no sequence errors.

step1.Make a torch first (don't make the torch for the first time, it ’s just a fake action, let the “actionqueue reborn” mod C key to make items quickly remember that you are making a torch).ps:I use the torch as an example. In fact, other items can be used, such as a spear and a board.

step2.turning off delay compensation  and then use the soul jump. Press the C key at the moment when the jump is completed to trigger the function of quickly making items (requires a certain hand speed). You can directly make the torch or make fake moves like the first step and directly cancel the torch making.ps:In the gif, I demonstrated the operation of making the torch directly. The same effect can be achieved by using fake movements.

step3.Then turn on delay compensation and this bug will take effect.If you want to return to the normal state, you only need to use the soul jump normally. This bug will be invalid. I hope my feedback can help.I hope that this will no longer be used by others to ruin the game experience of others. Thank you, sir.

GIF 2020-5-16 8-48-26.gif

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On 5/26/2020 at 12:34 AM, ScottHansen said:

Thanks, This will be fixed in the next update.

thank you sir!

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