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  1. When you get close to a bat cave the and bats come out, they don't attack you. They just fly around in random directions until you've either walked far enough away or killed them. Bats who have left their bat caves without being spooked out behave normally
  2. it's like that for pretty much anything asymmetrical you wear, including skins and even the hand you hold stuff in.
  3. Ah, i can finally be the fish person i always wanted to be without getting my stats to max whenever i decide to go for a lightbulb run...
  4. I've never had any problems with cats, they've never tried to rip my face off and i'm fine with it staying that way.
  5. When you kill or spawn the merm king, previously burned flort-ifications no longer appear burned, they still drop the burned flort-ification loot when hammered
  6. Not sure if you'd set a bird on fire when tryna burn down someone's base
  7. The fire staff can't light creatures on fire, while a torch or Willow's lighter works perfectly fine, i tried it out myself after i saw a twitch streamer fail to set bee queen on fire with one
  8. Okay, thanks for letting me know which mod it was and sorry for wasting your time
  9. The game crashes when i travel between worlds with an item on my cursor. when i try to enter the world again after the crash it crashes again and i'm unable to continue on that save.
  10. the trawl net just disappears when they go off automatically when full, if you unequip them manually they're still visible
  11. I tried it again, but it appears this no longer happen, and no i do not know of any other "piece" to this "puzzel".
  12. it appears they are able to damage Wormwood if he has any food in inventory