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  1. Glermz, I can't compete with the speed and precision that man has.
  2. Omg Thursday is going to be AMAZING!!! Can't wait to see everyone over on Twitch for all the excitement!
  3. Just a heads up here. Most closed betas have an NDA (Non-Discloser Agreement). You said it yourself, you went digging in the file's of Newhome looking for unreleased content and just did a huge dump of it in this thread. I would expect you to lose access soon. Especially since you so blatantly admitted to it. NDA's are there for a reason and breaking them do have consequences.
  4. I have 3,566 hrs in DST and 2,177 hrs in DS and I've NEVER unlocked Wes in Adventure mode... *hides in shame*
  5. I'm not entirely sure what all of this is a bug and what is intended behavior. But I figured out on stream the other day that the beefalo skins are not saved if you switch characters at any point on a DST world.
  6. WOOOOOOOOO! *puts on tin foil thinking cap* Time to speculate!
  7. I know there's a lot of panic and knee-jerk reactions to this announcement. So here's my piece on it. Klei HAS ALWAYS shown that they care about us (the community) and it shows in this announcement. "What’s going to change? There are some boring accounting changes that we will need to adjust to. Other than that, I will continue running the studio as before, with no changes to staffing, projects or other operations." They managed to negotiate continued autonomy with TENCENT of all companies. That alone is an accomplishment. Even stating that the two companies have had disagreements in the past but still found mutual ground to move forward on. So that I have to give whoever was involved with those talks Kudos for, because that took some "hot thermal stones" if you know what I mean Now, as for Tencent themselves. Personally, I'm like many, I haven't enjoyed their sudden insertion into most of the games I know and love. BUT honestly for us in the western markets there probably won't be much of a change at all. For Klei though this is huge. Already dipping their toes into the Chinese market this is an even greater opportunity for them and will in turn maybe bring good things for all of us as fans of Klei. So for right now, I say as a consensus, let's put away the pitch forks, drop the F's away back in the boxes and let's give it some time to see what comes from this. I have high hopes for Klei in 2021 and can't wait to see how the roadmap might have changed with this new information/partnership on the books. Keep being awesome over there in the "studio" and you'll still have my continued support! <3
  8. Man, so many things to catch up on this week! Looking forward to testing out the base stuff + all the changes. But like everyone else is saying, ty for listening about the applied horticulture change and finding a middle ground that works for everyone! You guys really are the best!
  9. Yo, ty for the hard work put into this guide. Glermz shared it and made me aware of it. So now my community knows as well. This is what I love about the DST community and new updates. People who create stuff like this!
  10. So far the only major use is the new crockpot recipe. Also if you're referring to the Ancient Kilns in the Archives, those are just reskinned crockpots. So its just a food recipe and filler for crockpots atm.
  11. Sad Wurt Noises Honestly, I'd rather be able to grow the new Moon Shrooms on the Mushroom Planter. They seem to be a bit of a nuisance to gather to begin with. Yes I know you can bundle wrap them & farm the trees with regrowth. Was just looking forward to having mushroom planters full of them. Also it just seems weird to have a 4th Mushroom but not have it able to be grown in the mushroom planter for more. So I'd love to see that change reverted. Not sure if I'm the only one though.
  12. Found the recipes last night while streaming. Milkmade Hat: Can't be repaired, but will give you food at the cost of a small sanity drain. Great for base builders (like myself) who forget to eat until you start loosing health LOL. Edit: It also won't "spoil" if its just sitting on the ground. So you can make a bunch and just have food on demand if you need it!
  13. The level of Hype I have for this and what It means for a long standing idea I've been doing on stream is to dang high!
  14. So I've got 2 things to say. 1) The most important question was answered <3 2) Have you embraced our new dark lord of the constant? >:) (Yes thats non god mode, standing a night, next to a Night Light with Dark Sword/ Nightmare Armor and the Seaweed crown WITHOUT loosing sanity.)
  15. You guys 100% didn't have to add it in. I had just noticed it when Year of the Rat released that it didn't follow the previous item treads. Thanks for going ABOVE and beyond again. You guys always knock it out of the park! <3
  16. Hence why I said "Not sure if this was an oversight or intentional"
  17. When testing out all the new skins today I noticed that there was not a matching scalemail design for the new logsuit. Not sure if this was an oversight or intentional, but wanted to bring it to the teams attention as there is currently a matching scalemail design for all the log suit skins.
  18. I just woke up from a nap on a rough day I'm having. You guys must have known. Thanks for the update! I've always got people asking in chat to when the pig king event was coming back. They loved watching me get slapped around Keep up all the hard work! It really is appreciated! <3
  19. And now I can't unsee the bat signal... thanks LOL
  20. Here ya go... I swear, Klei and their puns. It gets me every time!