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  1. Poggers, time to reload my game until I get +15 husbandry.
  2. Wilson when he killed Celestial Champion on day 1 using fist on 1 hp and at full enlightenment (he's just very lucky)
  3. I remember when I had the same issue - everything was fixed after he spawned next time.
  4. Like coconades in SW? What they can be used for? Because coconades are usually being used for detonating obsidian boulders only.
  5. You and what army? puts 14 bells into krampus sack
  6. Do you mean that food will not have "Deep freeze" buff while in vacuum?
  7. Not only bees, but also Thunderbirds and Pig workers (or builders?). I suppose he likes bees and workers because of their industriousness ("A MECHANIC. THE NOBLEST PROFFESION" - one of his exam. quotes), and thunderbirds... well, because they're like a charger for him? idk. Wagstaff also kinda likes to work, so he may have included some of his traits into WX, but i'm not sure.
  8. in a few words, memory leak is when the program does not release memory which is no longer needed, a.k.a. it fills, but does not empty it, which causes program to lag. But idk about DST, the reason may be way different
  9. memory leak, maybe? you're not the only one with this problem (i don't have it tho).
  10. Why are you so heroic? "My spear and söngs will send my föes to Valhalla", huh? Think, Wigfrid!
  11. yea, we definitely need "Final Starve", "No Wilson's Sky" and "Maxwell May Cry" DLCs.