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  1. До сих пор не понимаю, почему они сделали две нефти в переводе - неочищенную и "обычную". Путаницу же вызывает.
  2. Soooooo... I've just read that topic about pip planting and tried to recreate 3x3 density pattern. But pips don't want to plant more after they already planted three Sleet Wheats. What am I doing wrong? P.S.: Sorry if I missed a recent answer on the same question in a similar topic. P.P.S.: Yes, I've read 5. But why won't they plant! in nikomaru's post Edit: For some reason Thimble Reeds are planted better in smaller radius than Sleet Wheat in the bigger one
  3. I explore the main island by the border, then build a minibase which will help me to survive during all four seasons, then depends on a situation
  4. Fertilини - звучит как название макарон.
  5. Wow, Beard stole someone's idea one more time, how unexpected.
  6. I don't play on public survival servers so I don't care, but I voted yes because yes.
  7. Have you read the wiki first?
  8. Growing dragonfruit / toma root combo only, regardless of the season I would grow only dragonfruit if I could, but using fertilizer instead of combos is meh
  9. Tencent's spyware More sea content and a use for mysterious energy