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  1. If you built it prior to HN end, it will stay as building and your character will know it's recipe. If not, then you should use console commands or mods like Special Events
  2. Looks similar to DS where Guardian cannot destroy campfires
  3. How did you make a house from Hamlet in DST? I don't remember The Architect Pack having this feature
  4. you mean you want some graphical fx like snowflakes for winter's feast lantern / sparks for tesla coil / sparkles for salt lamp / etc?
  5. reading another where is base meme be like:
  6. no need to use belt, cuz, as I already mentioned here, your hunger will always be full with it (even if you are a Wolfgang at full belly).
  7. the only things Warly useful for is cooking volt-goat shaud-froid and fish cordon bleu, and then swapping to Wolfgang. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Em, no, I don't resell skins, I just don't want a situation when full The Survivor set costs less than a head only
  9. I hope that Klei won't rework Wolfgang and Wilson, I don't want their The Survivor skins to become worthless
  10. i've experienced the same thing, but for different reason. I just started to DFly and electricity just shutted off. When I launched my world, I started on character select screen. I've thought "wth?" and chose my character. Seconds later I realized that my world is lost, and the only backup of it was made 40 game days earlier. Then I thought "screw it!" and started an entirely new game in the same world (thanks to API Gem Core and it's seed feature).
  11. are you playing with 10 FPS in world like that?)
  12. but hey, this mod is good for people with difficult financial situation, especially if it costs much less than all skins together.