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  1. No, no-no-no-no-no-no, I don't want like in Rimworld, where a single infestation can devastate your entire colony. ONI was not developed for that, it's a 2D game, not 2.5D like don't starve and rimworld, and it doesn't have "valid space" (?) for sentries and stuff.
  2. Ok, so saying opinion == discussion prohibition now, I got it.
  3. Lol, topics about character superiority in non-competitive game are so funny.
  4. Nft: it's the money of the future! Also nft:
  5. You could've at least given credits to slasher 342 or smth...
  6. @ScottHansen hey, you can make it like in Factorio: - If you have the required amount of refined material for the recipe - its amount will be green; - If you don't have the required amount of refined material for the recipe, but you have a required amount of raw material for it - its (ref. material's) amount will be yellow; - If you don't have enough refined nor raw material at all - its (ref. material's) amount will be red. Example: You want to craft a spear and you have 3 grass, 1 twig and 1 flint. The Rope amount will be yellow (you don't have it, but you have 3 grass to craft it), the Twigs amount will be red (you can't craft them and you don't have enough), and the Flint amount will be green (you have enough of it). Can't provide a visual example now, sadly, but please take this into account :'D
  7. ik, i would've strikethrough'd this text if I could do that on mobile.
  8. Given recent events, this sounds like something that could really happen
  9. Cuz ONI, like Factorio, is for narrowly focused audience, man. And DST is more popular in general.