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  1. I put my spiffy skins in the Trade Inn and got an Heirloom Deerfrid skin. I also noticed that while in-game the Costumes are marked as Heirlooms, they aren't on Steam. I sold the skin to get more skins for spool so I'm not complaining, but I feel a bit worried that I've accidentally cheated the game with this.
  2. The connection worked for me, it'll probably still be a couple hours
  3. no more christmas

    it's halloween now

  4. I definitely remember the doodad being around loooong before Hamlet, this is what it says on the wiki page
  5. I said this before but I don’t think anyone saw it, could I see the gobbler with the pigman/merm’s punch animation? Pretty sure they share the same model and I’m curious how that’d look Edit: And could I have images of the new minigame’s icons?
  6. Could you give the punching animation to a Gobbler? Pretty sure they share a model with pigmen and merms
  7. You can actually do this with all the events when you create a world (though it won't affect skins)
  8. Now give him the new straw hat skin, I’ve heard it’ll make it even funnier.
  9. I have all the reward emotes (like /carol and /fistshake) and /swoon, but it doesn't show up at all. Same for the Belongings, Portrait Frames, etc. But they're still in my Steam inventory.
  10. I'm getting a really weird glitch, I can't see any loyal, reward (like /yawn), or Proof of Purchase skins in-game in my item collection, but they're still in my Steam inventory. Edit: I had the weavable filter on, please disregard everything I say from now on.
  11. That's because RoG is a DLC in singleplayer DS, it's only a free update in DST. I think that'd go in Return of Them, because that's an item from RoT.
  12. It’s a shame Hamlet isn’t on consoles, I’ll agree with you on that. But the limited event things shouldn’t be placed outside of that event, ex. the golems are part of the Forge, and should stay part of the Forge because of lore and it’s better to have completely new, refreshing enemies instead of lazy reskins. This isn’t the thread for making suggestions for DST, it’s the thread to ask about data mining. Stop spamming it with things that don’t belong here.
  13. I’d much rather have new enemies than to have Klei reuse stuff from past events.