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  1. Did some data mining, think I found Wanda's victorian skin
  2. Shhh, you hear that? I think I hear JoeW in the distance... coming to lock this thread.
  3. I'm sure flipping the backfacing hair sprite (and adjusting the pivot) would fix it.
  4. I've noticed Wigfrid's victorian skin has the bun on the wrong side on the back view. You can see where it's meant to be since her hair flows towards it. I
  5. Finally finished other projects and got to (mostly) finish William! His beta is going up since I just need to do his lines (or pay someone else to)

  6. Another thing is how if you want to implement custom mob/boss music you have to do some whacky voodoo, as explained below: btw Klei I will implement all of these suggestions for less than minimum wage plz hire me I lost my job to covid
  7. For sure, I'll be doing the leaves and branches all separate. That was just a little something to get the silhouette ready. I'll get started proper first thing in the morning (and will have to fiddle a bit because I've never drawn cherry blossoms or cherry trees so that'll be a fun experiment).
  8. I reckon I could lend a hand! Already did a quick sketch based on the current trees I feel keeps the energy of 'em. Shouldn't have to reanimate them if you have the raw sprites- unless you think those could use a touch-up as well, which I can do. Uncoloured obv, and very basic shrubbery
  9. My bad. The fix is just this: local fx = SpawnPrefab("diseaseflies") if fx ~= nil then fx.entity:SetParent(inst.entity) fx:SetLoops(loops) end
  10. Seems like there's an issue with the diseaseable component where latency can cause a crash with the error listed above. I was able to fix it by adding : local fx = SpawnPrefab("diseaseflies") fx.entity:SetParent(inst.entity) I added this part --> fx:DoTaskInTime(0, function() < -- Simply delaying it seems to fix the issue. Adding an "if fx ~= nil then" may also help just in case the flies fail to spawn? fx:SetLoops(loops) end) into the diseasable command within the DoFX function - I think it's pretty safe to assume WHERE in the function Seems like I didn't fix it. Here's the log. server_log.txt