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  1. One small thing I would add to her, just to avoid the "OP! OP!" yelling is to add a lil hunger cost to her dodge, just 1 point is more than enough. I played a modded character long ago (some short of thief? You guys might know him, i cannot remember) that could dodge and had this cost and i found it pretty fair. You know, just to avoid the "hey! But she can dodge non-stop and free to get faster to places unlike Wortox' limited hops" issue. What do you guys think about a dodge hunger cost? For me, she is fine the way she is in single player. Really fun and rewarding, as I like to play her without armor.
  2. Substitute for Item Codes

    I am the single person with the worst luck in the universe, as I bought a funko Wilson and a Crabbit plushy exactly the week the code redeem feature was disabled. By the time they arrived home, it was too late. I am still waiting for a way of redeeming my codes as well
  3. My first contribution to this wonderful topic. I did it with my phone, please don't kill me :_) Meeting players in public servers be like:
  4. Witherbloom mains be like "on my way to steal your farm".
  5. I don't know if I like the idea for the current biomes or game in general in its current state. But maybe for a new biome? Like an actual mountain in the middle of the ocean you had to climb? (SW volcano vibes). Or even as a new foundation for a Don't Starve 2? *boss music* Either way, you put so much work and thought into it. Good job!
  6. Wendy, Wilson and Maxwell. Wanna see what Klei comes up with. I have been thinking about Wigfrid. Maybe Klei could add that her passive applies to allies fighting near her, like some short of "inspiration" (if you guys have ever played Overwatch, think about Brigitte healing when she hits stuff). Could be neat. I cannot imagine anything else tbh T^T
  7. I want a backpack shaped like a default Wilson Jokes aside: birchnutter, moleworm and splumonkey. Bosses like fuelweaver, klaus and toadstool would look nice too.
  8. Wheeler in DST

    Devs must be reading this post like: "Ight fam, we put Wheeler in the game and people gonna burn the offices down... So Warbucks it is!" Come on guys! Wheeler is fun, can't we agree with this? Wicker and Wortox are also really fun because of wacky (and strong as manure) mechanics, but that is cool!
  9. Dem default Wilsons. This makes me think... Wilba should drop meat or pig skin if killed in DST >:D
  10. When that default Wilson finally finds out where the base is, and the fridge is full of food
  11. Wheeler in DST

    Please, not this again. Let's not balance based on PvP stuff, we lost good ol' Woodie because of this and got a useless character for maaaaany months. Wortox is in the gane, mind you, and he is probably the best in a pvp scenario. And just in case people think about pay to win, Wigfrid or Wolfgang still have an incredible advantage in this mode. But, again: let's not mix pvp and balance, please.
  12. Wheeler in DST

    You mean that she is as fast as a character with full inventory wearing a yellow amulet, but she is wearing a backpack (less inventory slots) with empty inventory. Sure, you don't have to refuel her speed boost, but really, you would only be empty in boss fights or quick travels, but in my case, I appreciate inv slots. Also: WX? Mighty Wolfgan? Hello? She would be just ANOTHER speedy character. No big deal. No "OP! OP!" yelling in that aspect. And specially not now that spicy jelly is a thing. Everyone is Wolfgang now, and Wolfgang is as powerful as JoeW. Why do you need speed when you hit like a Mexican mom with a slipper? Also, I am not a Wheeler superfan, don't get me wrong. But I think the char is fun and has cool things, and way worse in terms of perks that, say, Wagstaff (dude is a monster).
  13. Once you try a bunnyman farm for the first time, there is no going back. I have a really small one (~20 hutches) and I can't even eat all the food before it spoils, so I keep making meatballs and bundling them. Feels like cheating tbh. It technically works for Wurt as well, since you can amass stack of carrots in a min.