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  1. Choosing the skin of the survivor's starting items in the compendium would be pretty neat.
  2. I first started playing in RoG, and learned primarily reading the wiki. Checking what all those craftables i could do were for. Died 3 times in a row in my first three Winters. I thought the birdcage was a decoration, that monster meat was a kind of last resort useless food, didn't even know lanterns were a thing because caves scared me to death... Then I started reading, connecting the dots, and now I have a galaxy brain THEN I started watching videos (without taking in account the first videos i watched when i first saw the game). And I remember the first video I ever watched was from a guy called "Clarity in Lies", who played as Wigfrid in RoG. The channel is dead if I am not mistaken.
  3. I just saw this and still can't believe it. May he rest in peace.
  4. I agree that it would be neat. And I actually hoped for it to be included when the survivor compendium came out, since you actually see the starting items there. Maybe in a future QoL?
  5. Wicker, since they already tweaked some stuff, might as well do it already. Webber, because he is pretty stale. Maxwell, same as Webber. I feel the same with WX and Wolfgang. But I can wait for those two. Edit: I would totally be thrilled if Wilba or any other vanilla DS got ported, but we'll see.
  6. Awesome! Btw guys, don't forget that Warly was a "character refresh". So there is a possibility of getting some solo DS character ported as well! (although I guess the present roster should be refreshed first) New character hype, though! About bugs... For me, one of the most frustrating bugs from vanilla DS is cave de-sync.
  7. The main a rule I follow for Warly's hunger thing in the early game, and useful for people trying him for the first time, is simple: DON'T EAT UNTIL YOU ARE STARVING, then fill your hunger metter all at once with meaty stews, meatballs, or whatever. By the time you are starving, you can do it again. Once you have access to bundling wraps (or gift wraps if you are in Winter's Feast), then you can mass produce stuff and you are done. Once you get the rythm with him, it's hard to go back to other characters and give up on spicy goat jelly. I don't see Warly as the cook that has to feed the team all the time, but the cook that BUFFS the team right before bossfights. Also the glowberry dish is nuts. I also use honey poultices for healing.
  8. In my case, I expect the finale of the "lunar quest" and I don't expect any NEW character, but I expect (or I hope for) an already existent DLC character to be ported. I don't know which one, though. I don't know, I like new content like the lunar archives (which was nuts), but what always makes me go back to the game are the character refreshes and new additions. My only concern is that, if they add every single DLC character, they will kinda kill Solo DS (one can argue the content is different and blabla, but I see myself playing solo DS because of Wilbur, Wheeler, Wilba, Woodlegs, etc). That is my opinion anyway, don't throw much manure at my face.
  9. I wanted to make my own "survivor set" and this was the result. I think it looks pretty neat, and you can also use the "Cast iron boots" for yellow boots that match the belt and dagger guard.
  10. Have you selected the beard in the Curio Cabinet? It is a separated category, you don't just select Snowfallen Wilson and he gets the new beard, you can select any beard with any skin.
  11. Can confirm this on console as well (ps4).
  12. My first contribution to this wonderful topic. I did it with my phone, please don't kill me :_) Meeting players in public servers be like:
  13. When that default Wilson finally finds out where the base is, and the fridge is full of food
  14. Whenever a fish bites the bait, just spam "Reel in" button, but stop doing anything as soon as your character lifts the rod over their head. Repeat. Eventually you catch it.