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  1. Which is NOT a bad thing! Having "noob friendly tools" in the game is a positive thing. I know that the game is supposed to be hard, but really, what are you afraid of? If a noob gets a gold nugget and can actually find more, or meat, or whatever, he can actually learn to find them with other characters. Casual players are good for any game. And it is not that you can find something that breaks progression (the only super good thing i can think of is using a gem or gears to be able to pinpoint the ruins location, but it is not hard to find anyway).
  2. For mobs i use the hambat a lot, followed by spear probably, but for bosses i use mainly darkswords (and hambats too). I generally end up using glass cutters a few times only, but i like them. And, as somebody said up there, thulecite club's new duration + forge skin is too much fun. As for ranged weapons, surprisingly enough I duplicated Toadstool skins with napsacks, so i ended up having a million canary feathers. I crafted a ton of electric darts and i had some fun with mighty Wolfgang.
  3. Oh, that thing about Walter's ammo on Wheeler's pewmatic sounds actually like a pretty interesting idea/synergy. But yeah, saying that a couple Wheelers would deplete the resources of a world is not accurate at all. I mean, when you play Wheeler in Hamlet do you really "deplete" anything? You end up shooting some twigs to aggro mobs, dodging, using the spear... She is a really REALLY fun character, but sadly, really misunderstood. Edit: @pedregales While I totally agree on Wheeler being the only one able to use the navigadget (I don't think Klei would do otherwise) and both things being craftable (because it is the recurring trend of DST since anyone could steal your items), I think the pewmatic having durability would be an annoyance more than a "balance change". You could totally have the resources at hand to craft an infinity number of them, but it would get in the way of Wheeler's "inventory space = speed" perk, so it would be double the annoyance in my opinion.
  4. I would like him to have an exclusive craftable or two, he is fine as he is in the rest of departments. What craftables I don't know,I would leave that to Klei. But I guess he should use the beard hair in said craftable's recipes.
  5. Yes, she should be added, she is cool as frick. And with the excuse of Walter, I think she won't be seen as "that character that can attack from a distance" Being the only character, not taking in account Wortox, with an active ability makes her interesting. I like that kind of things. Also SKINS. Survivor Wheeler skin THO. But anyway, i would like the entire SW roster to be added as well. Woodlegs is one of my favorite characters ever, Walani is cool (imagine the skins) and Munke is funneh.
  6. I remember dying on Winter everytime on my first runs when I had no idea. I started reading the wiki, doing this and that... I remember when i discovered about the birdcage usefulness, or that monster meat is actually a really good thing, etc. But if you only read and don't practice you will fail inevitably. Experience, knowledge and applying that new thing you just learned/read, that is the recipe for success.
  7. Yeah, i think it is pretty much the same in here. And I also remember reading that DST sales were way bigger on PS4 than Xbox, but who knows, maybe being a Microsoft console makes it easier to port a game which was clearly intended for pc. I am just assuming though, I have zero idea about all these shenanigans.
  8. Probably a couple months? I would be surprised if it was sooner than that, since they said "to be announced" for ps4 and switch. I remember Xbox version always being the first console version to get the new stuff.
  9. I actually wanted to say the other day that your meme was some Nostradamus manure lol!
  10. Did you delete your savefile? Technically if you start the game from scratch, you have to unlock RoG and SW character first.
  11. Followers are not cheese (although I don't consider using an army "killing a boss solo"), are a mechanic. Obviously if you build an army you destroy whatever it happens to be in front of you, but that is pretty much the point of them. Would you bring A SINGLE bunnyman for anything? No, you would always get 4 or so if you needed help killing, say, depthworms. Being cheese would imply that Wurt crafting merm/merm guard huts is "crafting cheese" (the concept sounds hilarious btw). I mean, you don't create flortifications just because they look cool. Back on topic... Wouldn't you be able to kill her just by having a crap ton of healing food? (just saying, haven't tried).
  12. I saw the tweet out of nowhere and I got really happy. I left the pc on my parent's house so I stick to PS4 lately. I will patiently wait for the PS4 release for now, since I would like it to buy on Switch because of the portable mode, but that version is quite buggy so... Anyhow, how's Wheeler dodge on a controller?
  13. * Laughs in Wheeler * Nah, seriously. He is fine in the pebble aspect, but I am not sure about the rest of perks.