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  1. On top of everything people pointed out, I just have a mini-tip regarding stone fruit farming: Befriend 2-3 merms and let them "mine" the fruit stacks for you, they will eat a couple fruits but you are not gonna need all of them anyway. Other thing i don't see players doing is removing the swamp turf once you have built merm structures (this is subjective, since swamp turf is kinda "meh" looking). So you carry 1 swamp tile and you can plant houses wherever you want, then you pitchfork it back.
  2. I wanted to make my own "survivor set" and this was the result. I think it looks pretty neat, and you can also use the "Cast iron boots" for yellow boots that match the belt and dagger guard.
  3. I am a console player and I unraveled Wicker's Halloween Volt Goat head skin. I needed spools at that time and thought "i never use Wicker, besides, the skin is not that different from the standard one". Sigh... Again, I play on console. I shoul've kept it. I hope i can get some Halloween ones this year (I have NO Halloween skins like the cauldron, chester suit, catcoon, etc).
  4. In my opinion, the rework did NOTHING to her in terms of power balance. She is still Wigfrid, but she has a couple extra things here and there (not that noticeable imo, although i like the weapon durability song, pretty neat).
  5. I like this idea, some short of "resource meter" to use abilities. Can wait to try it out.
  6. Did you delete your savefile? Technically if you start the game from scratch, you have to unlock RoG and SW character first.
  7. I saw the tweet out of nowhere and I got really happy. I left the pc on my parent's house so I stick to PS4 lately. I will patiently wait for the PS4 release for now, since I would like it to buy on Switch because of the portable mode, but that version is quite buggy so... Anyhow, how's Wheeler dodge on a controller?
  8. Have you selected the beard in the Curio Cabinet? It is a separated category, you don't just select Snowfallen Wilson and he gets the new beard, you can select any beard with any skin.
  9. Can confirm this on console as well (ps4).
  10. En consola trae español de serie. Estás seguro de que en pc no?
  11. This the biggest small update you guys have ever done. So cool. I love the new compendium and survivor screen. Beard skins, tho! Also: If that new dude's slingshot is close in execution to the pewmatic, people calling it "OP because you can kill birds" in 3,2,1...
  12. My first contribution to this wonderful topic. I did it with my phone, please don't kill me :_) Meeting players in public servers be like:
  13. When that default Wilson finally finds out where the base is, and the fridge is full of food
  14. Whenever a fish bites the bait, just spam "Reel in" button, but stop doing anything as soon as your character lifts the rod over their head. Repeat. Eventually you catch it.
  15. Title. Since Wurt arrived, i haven't seen them.