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  1. I wanted to make my own "survivor set" and this was the result. I think it looks pretty neat, and you can also use the "Cast iron boots" for yellow boots that match the belt and dagger guard.
  2. Have you selected the beard in the Curio Cabinet? It is a separated category, you don't just select Snowfallen Wilson and he gets the new beard, you can select any beard with any skin.
  3. Can confirm this on console as well (ps4).
  4. My first contribution to this wonderful topic. I did it with my phone, please don't kill me :_) Meeting players in public servers be like:
  5. When that default Wilson finally finds out where the base is, and the fridge is full of food
  6. Whenever a fish bites the bait, just spam "Reel in" button, but stop doing anything as soon as your character lifts the rod over their head. Repeat. Eventually you catch it.
  7. I don't know if this goes here or in the bug tracker, but since the update Dedicated Servers are gone on ps4. Is this normal? And about the Wurt and PS store issue. .. It happened with Wortox. Exact same thing. You guys will have to wait until Thursday, most likely. I weaved her since i had a ton of spools
  8. Damn! What a throwback of my early playthroughs of this D̶R̶U̶G̶ game. I feel old.
  9. I am sorry. Ask a mod to ban me or something, i don't deserve to live anymore.
  10. I think i am the only person in the entire universe that does this: - You can convert pinecones into twigs by planting them and digging them with a shovel. I always end up with 300+ pinecones before I even notice, so I do this to turn them into something useful. Also, is that "put a campfire near a puddle/iceberg to make them disappear" thing true? First time I hear. Pretty useful.
  11. I do. I haven't had any loading screen issues at all, actually (and i logged in a bazillion times to check for Wortox).
  12. Neat! I was like "dude, I am gonna miss waiting for Wortox when I finally get him", but voila! i can keep waiting for Wortox for another week! Kill me.