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  1. Hello, There are like 4 threads about this already. This isn't klei issue is a PSN issue/outage. Please verify their status here PSN STATUS
  2. Is possible to switch back online ? I kinda remember it was not possible after switching local only, I might be wrong. Can you still earn gifts rewards by playing local only, I don´t think so.
  3. This isn't Klei fault anyway. PSN is not working properly.
  4. I know right. I have been playing other games in the meantime too. @CharlesB confirm in another thread the issue. Strange thing is that I can join Klei official servers but not launch my world. Anyways, hope they fix that too soon, like u said, is been more than 20 hours with that issue.
  5. There are related threads about this in the forum already. This is an issue with PSN not Dont Starve Servers. Link: PSN STATUS
  6. I´m not able to start my own world. I keep getting Launching Server on pressing Start at my world.
  7. I tho those options were added by now. I do not have pc to test this out. But for console players, this will be the ultimate dont starve together experience.
  8. I need to see those options, I do not have a PC to try out the beta
  9. I was doing the Reap what you sow update new farms and I have to admit that is really hard to plant seeds on that ground without any indication. So I think "some" lines or guides should be added in order to do it more easily. But other than that I think is not needed at all. Is just my Humble opinion Gretting to all !
  10. Summer is the best season EVAAAA !!!!
  11. Stop wasting points on duplicated items jeezzz
  12. Thank you guys. PD: You forgot to add the salt shaker skin I know I know