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  1. My father used to sang this song all the time. The first one I mean. What a joy and memories you bring back to me. Wigfrid MUST sing this song.
  2. I think I can save my ps4 by entering safe mode. However I have no tried that yet but I will do. Thanks for that info. I was about to have 2000 days old. I tho that DST was saved on some cloud or server from Klei. Shame on me.
  3. Hi there ! You guys know what happen if I lost my save data of DST ? I do not have PS + and I couldn't make a back-up. So right now I'm downloading a DST on a different PS4 to keep playing, since the last one ... well is not turning ON anymore. Would I be able to keep my world ? Or all my worlds are gone ? I'm not sure how DST works on that way and any help would be appreciate
  4. Thank you both. That clarify everything to me. Have a good one
  5. Hello there, I'm pretty sure this has been answered. What happen if I create a world and change the -event- setting as Winter feast ? Most likely the whole time that play on that server, the desired event will be ACTIVE. However if a new event take place, will that overwrite my world for the time the event be active ? Or will not take place ? Thanks for any response in advance
  6. Hi there. Will rewards page going to include any of the previous twich drops ?
  7. Fantastic ! Cuidense Klei Team.
  8. Thanks for those tips. My mistake was to reanimate him near my base cave after he was defeated by the guardian ( thanks for remind me his name ) I'm going to put spider dents to farm some loot too and maybe he can be defeat by the big spiders just like you mentioned. And I'll keep in mind the spider mask to grab the loot too without problems. I'm currently waiting for the worms to see how it goes but honestly like you said, the AF will most likely defeat them. He clear almost the whole ruins without my help. He can fight alone some worms and win. Thanks again for all your help. You have changed my whole cave base idea and I have valuable resources now too. Take care friend.
  9. Well he mention, that he will change characters eventually at the beginning of the post. So, this is one option :P Saludos FreyaMaluk !
  10. Hello ! After the update. Every time I pick or going to gather honey from my bee's the game crashes. The game is already with the latest patch mention on this post.
  11. I have set up Winonas catapult and I use that to farm skins. Just have to be quick on putting the nitre or gem to start the catapults
  12. I'm going to try this as soon as I can and let you know how it goes. Thanks for the info. @Euphia Your advice works like a charm. I clear almost the whole ruins. Except for the rino dude at the end ( forgot his name ) One thing tho. How did you get rid off the ancient fuelweaver after that ? I have him stand still on my cave base lol.
  13. Like Wumpus the 19th. Said that if I destroy their house and then defeat the fuelweaver, they will respawn. I'm gonna try to wall them and see if I can box them once it for all. Thanks tho.