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  1. Thanks god you are not tied to play with other ppl and you can play with any character you like.
  2. Is there a way for playstation users to get this skin ? It sucks that you can't obtain this just because Sony is being a pain in the arse
  3. Everything that dies in the lunar area should be ressurected and get some cool stuff. Many variations and crazy stuff can be made, including bosses. Dont starve lunar of madness
  4. Time to put those new skins to the test
  5. I would prefer to Klei update the Gothic Collection and expand it to characters & more items. A bee queen crown gothic is something I would like to see in first hand.
  6. That happens because the update is not yet available on consoles, in this case, the PS4. Should be arriving later today or during the weekend. Hopefully jeje. However, is real tho.
  7. I have not voted yet, however I'm pretty sure Walter is on top. He have won previous polls so I know he' on 1#. Edit: Pretend to be shocked.
  8. Woaa ยก There's really ppl upset/disagree with the skin to be available & there's also ppl upset/disagree for the skin to NOT be available before. This world is nuts.
  9. "A number of ppl voiced their disapproval" ? Do you guys really feel "special" for having that skin for idk how long time and now that is available for everyone, you guys not ? I just hope they keep adding free stuff for eveyone. Coolest feature that a game company do this in these days since now everything is a DLC for $$$.
  10. Same. Would be and additional update on console later these days ?
  11. One of these rewards is added now on Klei Rewards.
  12. Geez, if I don't come back to see this post. I miss this, I was about to change the points I had for some spools to buy nothing, just because. I just want to have the pirate cage but this is better than nothing. You guys are *beep* awesome @SoulCrowley I know you were looking for some of these. Check out now !!