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Don't Starve Together - May QOL Update

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Cr4zyFl4mes    293
On 6/1/2020 at 11:04 PM, Novae413 said:

Wait a second... Warly doesn't even get any bonuses for any food. Are you kidding me? It feels like he's practically becoming a second joke character at this point, the least you could've done was give him back his bonus to all food like he was in Shipwrecked...

Many of his foods give bonuses (you stay warm or cool for a little more than half a day, you glow for 2 frickin days, you remove all wetness and stay dry for little more than half a day, you deal electrical damage (1.5 multiplier on dry mobs, 2.5 on wet mobs) + many of his foods do give pretty good stats. And I'm not even talking about the spices yet... Warly is harder than the rest and the least beginner-friendly, even harder than Wes for beginners. But I love that some characters are harder than others. Warly is hardly a joke character, cause he has some perks (unlike Wes).


It would give him some use when he's one your team if all the food he made was better or something.

Well, he has the potential to be much more usefull than any other character. It's all about how well you play him. Srsly, what does Wilson do for you? get you beard xD. Or Willow? What is her use? Or Wurt? She can chopp a forest with merms pretty quickly, but other than that... Btw, Warly with honey spice and some glass axes is probably much quicker in chopping then Wurt with her merm army.

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Mike23Ua    10108
4 hours ago, xDarkSoul18x said:

Next QoL update : HP bars, buff/debuff timers(options of course)! :x (Cries in console)

I hope so- there is so much More they could do if someone would just listen.

Imagine having options like does eating food heal hp? Yes/No.

Butterflies- On/Off/Heal Only Health, Heal Only Hunger/ Purely Cosmetic.

Bearger Spawn? Yes/No

Bearger Health- Lowest/Low/Medium/High/Highest 

this solves TWO problems with one feature- it makes the game more accessible to those who are playing alone or with only 1 other player, AND it makes bosses less of a laughable joke when you have everyone in the server getting together to battle it.

Pig King Spawn- Yes/No/Random

Hound Wave Attacks- Less/Default/More/None/Random

I could go on and on and on with this but I feel I no longer have to, I’ll just wait and see what Klei has in store for us, Can’t wait for the June game update :) 

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Walter seems really good and will have a lot of mystery in his story. Maybe he got lost in the woods on camp (in the dark) or found a maxwells door on camp. with a boy scout character there are a lot of possibilities for survival stuff (maybe his tools last longer or he can repair things with rope)


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