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  1. Thanks for the hardwork guys!
  2. Wormwood is Now Live!

    I bought wormwood and all of his skins, love them all!
  3. If only Wormwood would go super saiyan when too many plants get killed around him
  4. Thorns being a popular means of defense used by plants, I think it would be fitting for Wormwood if Bramble Husk was better than what it currently is right now, since WormWood seems like a pacifist, he would rather avoid combat but if someone wants to kill or eat him, his attackers would regret it
  5. Makes me wish he could craft a Bramble Hat by combining a straw hat and living logs, to make a straw hat with added protection and heat resistance it already has
  6. It would be hilarious if you could get ice during the summer from Wormwood when he is frozen
  7. The only thing I can think of is if setting him on fire would give him a similar effect to Wx being hit by lightning, but instead of healing him, he would burn but go on an adrenaline/rage state where he does significantly more damage while burning
  8. I think hunger is under used as a resource and it could help Wormwood as a character. At night time if your health is below maximum, your hunger bar should deplete a bit faster, let's say at around 1.2-1.5 the normal rate, while you would regen 1 hit point every 5 seconds until your hit points hit the maximum number again I agree with the Bramble Husk, it needs a bit more, but why not make use out of his living logs or the player's hunger to repair the armour? The Bramble Husk could be living off it's host which is the player and it could regen itself by feeding off the player's hunger. I don't have an issue if Wormwood's ability to plant seeds everywhere get's slightly changed, I think as a character he has potential to be a valuable asset, it can be decent at holding himself and have the ability to contribute in the farming department when he is with other players
  9. Two words about Wormwood

    Oh okay, thanks for clarification
  10. Two words about Wormwood

    Auto combusting while being weak to fire is a huge problem, I hope it is removed too
  11. Okay, I haven't tested WormWood yet but I can see how his ability to plant everywhere could be a problem, however that is one of his signature traits, they could restrict his ability to plant everywhere at any time to just being able to do it during the morning when the night turns to day. He is meant to be a plant and plants are meant to be active during the day, that's when they are meant to do their work, so it would make sense for him to only being able to plant during the day and rest at night. It would make a pretty interesting mechanic if he was slower during the night but he healed 1 hit point per 5 seconds, because that's technically what plants do, they breath the oxygen they produce during night time, they are
  12. I suggested this in another post, but would it be possible if we could repair Bramble Husk(the armour he crafts) with his living logs?
  13. Two words about Wormwood

    What I would like is if you could repair Bramble Husk with living logs and then Bramble Husk wouldn't just become an alternative, it would become repairable armour
  14. I would love if they give something unique to Wendy, like the ability to have Abigail possess Wendy and give Wendy a huge power boost for a temporary amount of time
  15. Excited for he new content, the armor skins look stunning, rotating events are always good so I am looking forward to this