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  1. A fix is being submitted and will be released after Apple approval. We're sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. My apologies for the confusion here. It's entirely my fault. Previously I had said that the campaign "would only last 2 weeks" which was meant to mean "2 weeks, and not continuously" and I did not that get across correctly. I'm sorry for that. But to be clear - Everything we are doing right now with drops is still technically in an experimental phase. Next set of drops will likely work a bit different with who will be doing those drops. I need time to process this last 2 weeks of drops and adjust and we're working on that now.
  3. The drop campaigns will last 2 weeks and then will come back at a later time. We will no longer be running continuous drop campaigns. There will be a cool down period and we will announce when the next campaign will start a few days before it goes live. Probably in another 2 weeks or so.
  4. As mentioned previously - the streamers that were chosen for drops were picked from the top 200 streamers that were streaming without drops. You don't stream without drops so you weren't included, as were many others.
  5. These forums are provided so players can give their suggestions and feedback. You can disagree, but please keep posts constructive and polite.
  6. Hopefully. We're working on it - going through Cert now, we don't have an ETA yet though.
  7. Once again, please keep posts constructive and polite. Do not engage with inflammatory comments, just report and move on. If you absolutely cannot get along with somebody please just put them on your ignore list. Thanks.
  8. One again - a reminder to keep posts constructive, polite and on topic. Thanks.
  9. Hi - please keep posts constructive, polite and on-topic. Thank you.
  10. Totally agree. For future campaigns I am considering several options and will be keeping an eye on this campaign to determine what we do next time. Unfortunately... The new Twitch drop system will no longer allow us to drop for both games.
  11. . Please check the list below to find streamers that will have drops enabled. This campaign ends on April 8th at 10am Pacific Time.
  12. The following streamers have been added to the campaign starting tomorrow at 10am PDT. Essentially this will be a test run. This list was chosen from the streamers that have been streaming most over the past 30 days. The next list, will not be the same. I wanted to try this list first to compare so we can see how things go this first round. More details will follow tomorrow.
  13. At this point, we won't really know until we run into it how it works when it's actually in use. There is no documented cap, but it comes down to usability more than anything. Even if there wasn't a cap the issue becomes an issue of management. For example, the way to remove the person isn't a command that says "remove X" it's literally to look through the list as it is presented on their webpage and click the x to remove them. If it's paginated, it could prove to be a decent pain if there are hundreds. So the announcement is based on a smaller number of people as that's all I can really know for sure at this point.
  14. The confusion comes from the fact that there was a change with who decided what is a valid stream and how the player got the drop and where that information came from. The old Twitch API by default basically just sent us ticks to tell us that a viewer was watching on a participating stream and we decided what that meant. The NEW API doesn't do that. The new one tells us when somebody watched enough to get an item and then we grant the item. The dependency is now on their system, not our own. The old Twitch system WE decided who was participating and who isn't on our own backend. The new Twitch system (by default) means everybody participates and all we get is the info that says somebody got the drop. The difference is that the default system does not allow us to say "Not you". Simply, "this campaign is running and X Viewer watched enough to get X drop". No concept of banning. The only alternative in this case is to turn on whitelisting. Meaning to "ban", I would have to remove somebody from the whitelist and not include them next time. To be clear, this whitelist is a google spreadsheet that has to manually be entered into their system by a website form. That means we manually add each individual streamer to participate, not through an API but through an editor they provide, one by one. There is nothing to script, they must be added by hand. They can be entered by pasting a comma delimited list, but I don't know the limitations that has, all the same - it's a copy and paste entry in a form, not an API or something that can be done programmatically. There is no auto anything with the new system, this is what causes the issue. If a new streamer starts streaming for the first time during a campaign, there is no way for them to just be automatically added. If somebody on the whitelist does something they shouldn't they can be removed. Again, this doesn't exist in the default "Everybody Streams" behavior as it did before because technically it didn't exist before because we weren't using it before. That being said, there are alternatives like "Event based drops" that we would like to explore, but that's not something we would have to do at a later time.
  15. We're working on it. We'll extend the current link to give people that can't login a chance to collect. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  16. We're working on it. We'll extend the current link to give people that can't login a chance to collect. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  17. Please keep posts on topic, polite and without personal attacks. Thanks.