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  1. and yet Hot Lava, Oxygen Not Included, Mark of The Ninja, Invisible Inc, Shank all have achievements. But DST doesn't
  2. oooooooooooh, I may have read the topic completly wrong, sorry haha
  3. ooooh, harvesting honey from beehives sounds cool. beeboxes with 10 honey sounds ok. Not too much op. (66% bigger)
  4. mix nightmarefuel to make something against nightmares? that doesn't make sense. And said item would be too OP. Imagine you using that item in the ruins during nightmare phase, you would be able to walk freely with no harm of any shadows. Maybe we could make a charm/amulet to get sanity/insanity (shadows) on the island instead
  5. I mean, the character must have a stinger on it's body (butt), bee-like. So it can uses that to attack crafting honeycomb would be wayyyy to op. Maybe it can upgrade the beeboxes/hives instead? I agree with the honey stats and beekeeping in winter
  6. -does 50% less damage on bees (bee queen included) - recovers 2 sanity per minute near beehives, and 6 sanity per minute near giant bee hive - can't attack with it's fist, but can attack with it's stinger - 10% more damage during spring - if attacked near other bees, all bees nearby will aggro on the mob that attacked you
  7. I agree with this for the same reason you said. She is just too suicidal, getting into fights (and dragging you with her) that you will clearly lose/die to. I only agree with this 50%. I mean, if klei does buff abigail's hp, please don't allow people to cycle flowers (by having a bunch of ready-to-summon Abigail flower on inventory). Otherwise it will be way too over powered This would be a deal breaker for me (and maybe for a lot of other players). It is a huge downside
  8. Aliens

    Now I'm picturing some aliens stealing some beefalos during the night with that soundtrack
  9. not having to worry about deerclops and bearger coming out of the blue and smashing your camp is a blessing <3 Even the hounds during summer/autumn is a blessing, because the fire from red hounds kills the horror hounds for you haha. The only thing that makes me sad about basing on the island is that eventually all salamanders will die. Either horror pengulls, or frog rain, or spring bees, or because they walked into your toothtraps :/ --- Suggestions I have for the lunar island are: more horror mobs. Since frog rains happen on the island, maybe some frogs can turn into horror frog (like horror hounds), or even fall from the sky already on horror form
  10. Funny how both Charlie and Winona went to the constant by "mistake". Charlie was brought to the constant along with maxwell (maxwell being the main target) Winona was brought to the constant because she was trying to save a co-work
  11. Hello there! Just curious how the community like to watch other players playing the game
  12. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    edit: cropping it