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  1. Do you like pineapples on the trash?
  2. New . . . Door?

    the doors from Hamlet's Shops
  3. The Hound King!! edit: I couldn't upload the pic from my phone
  4. August Update?

    I think OP meant a new chatacter, and not a character rework. Like Wortox and Workwood
  5. I think human form Woodie is pretty ok, I wouldn't change him. But I can't say that for werebeaver form. The sanity drain is way too much. If a Crawling Horror spawns, ok, you can continue chopping trees or whatever, but if a Terrorbeak spawns... daaaamn, just run. RUN ! Because Werebeaver only deals 27.2 damage (spear: 34), and you cannot recover any health (without wortox) until you're back in human form. Also, Werebeaver still freezes and overheat, but since you can't craft anything, you cannot make a campire.. so you are screwed.
  6. Powdercake & Powder!

    Let's not forget about keeping the bunnyman outside their houses too
  8. Woodie's biggest enemy
  9. did they actually say that? -- @topic I would be happy with just the werebeaver being reworked, but whatever happens, I really hope that we don't drop our inventory on the ground like in singleplayer... but I do hope the werebeaver don't share the sanity with woodie.. werebeaver form today is like: chop every tree you see as fast as possible and go back to human ASAP, because if a terrorbeaks spawns..... yess!! maybe a Lucy The Axe skin too
  10. co.op and eXiGe made a mod (available on steamworkshop) that make the Eyebrella, Bee Queen Hat and Krampus sack into HQ version. it's great, I hope one day every item is HQ
  11. [Poll] Boats

    I can't add any more questions, 5 is the limit
  12. [Poll] Boats

    oh, that one was suppose to be a multiple choice, sorry !!
  13. Since sailing on boats is a new mechanic on DST, I would like to ask you guys, are you enjoying it so far? would you change it somehow?
  14. I usually base at the oásis desert, because there are no wildfires there. I don't go to caves until antlion is dead and I have 5 bundles full of honey (so I can eat it until next summer is here). After that I go underground so I don't need to deal with overheating