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  1. I would change/add 2 things: the change: after day 150, hound waves would have a varg. after day 200+ it would have 2 vargs. the add: Polar islands, one on the extreme north of the world, one on the extreme south. It's extreme winter there (you can't handle the cold with just na beefalo hat and hibernation vest). The north island is home to mrs. klause (more powerful than enraged klaus). The south island is home to yeti. Also, both islands has snowstorm during day-time (not on dusk or night).
  2. Don't starve quiz

    it can also be zero if you use 2 Durians
  3. Crossplay com PS4.

    yeah, sorry if you feel offended or anything. But translators usually just translate word by word, and there is somethings that is not what it was (or its a mess). I appreciate your effort to translate, I just blame the translator : (
  4. Crossplay com PS4.

    não a sua, a outra haha, tem vários erros via google tradutor
  5. Crossplay com PS4.

    sorry mate, PC (whatever OS) cannot crossplay with consoles, because of updates and mods. also: confesso que fiquei na dúvida se o site tinha traduzido o seu post automático ou não hahaha. A maioria da galera não fala português (só ver a tradução horrivel ali de cima) então tenta falar em inglês (mesmo que não seja perfeito, o povo vai te entender)
  6. you still need boats to mine salt, to fight malbatross, to make shortcuts-bridges on the map, and the Return of Them is not completed, so there may be more things on the ocean...
  7. you can use powdercake on globber trap, to keep pig and bunnymen outside their houses, non-spoil dish with warly's spices
  8. Making tons of ratatouille from stone fruit is awesome, because the fruit spoils so fast, but the cooked dish doesnt
  9. what if she is 40yo pretending to be 8-10yo to get adopt by a family and murder the family? (like the Orphan Movie)
  10. Only weregoose would be able to get glass cutters from the lunar island, since other characters can't craft boats
  11. Than Wigfrid decides to show what a real fart is, poisoning everybody nearby. -20hp for everyone
  12. So Gnaw start a diet, closing the gap between realities, making the world go dark once again. Willow thinks "who should I burn now? I already did wormwood... let's try this one now" Willow sets Maxwell on fire
  13. What about spanish, portuguese, italian, etc etc... ? If klei ever goes to the translation path, they would be there for a long time, because DST has so many things to translate... I would rather keep using mod to translate things, and keep klei working on new stuff (updates)
  14. as it turns out, the day light was just a trick made by charlie for the survivors, as they walk into darkness, everyone gets hit except for winona. Maxwell: "what? she can mess with our minds now??" and the survivors find written on a tree: "deal with it boi"