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  1. cara, por o texto ta em português, ou vc ta usando pelo menos 1 mod (pra traduzir) ou ta jogando por console. caso for no pc usando mod, tira o mod, reinstala o jogo e ve como que fica, provavelmente vai ta tudo bem. se for em console, eu não tenho um, entao não sei como posso ajudar, mas tenta reinstalar e ve no que que da. abraço
  2. I rather wear and keep an insulated pack than a krampus sack. in fact: i don't even kill krampi to get a sack
  3. I really don't care to be very honest, I'll keep playing the game the same way I did in the past
  4. No, skins will stay in your steam account until you sell or make them into spools
  5. whenever I see that a player dropped their backpack on the ground, i swap everything inside with stacks of rot
  6. we tried to befriend hermit by drying the meat, and after a while (seconds) the server froze/crash we were on a team with Walter, Wendy, maxwell and woodie. and later we tried with just woodie, froze all the time
  7. please let it be a feature and not a bug
  8. omg, please make that wurt and willow art pieces two new vignettes for the game, pleeeeeease <3
  9. Wilson -> Vintage Wilson Willow -> Fire Girl Wilson Wolfgang -> Strong Starving Wilson Wendy -> Weak Girl Wilson WX-78 -> Wilson 2.0 Wickerbottom -> Old Girl Wilson Woodie -> Ginger Wilson Wes -> Mute Wilson Maxwell -> Magic Wilson Wigfrid -> Strong Girl Wilson Webber -> Spider Wilson Warly -> Chef Wilson Wormwood -> Plant Wilson Winona -> Girl-Power Wilson Wortox -> Demon Wilson BONUS: Warbucks -> Deleted Wilson