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  1. From Brazil, but other south american countries also didn't got it.
  2. Hello! Do you guys have an estimated release date for dst on other eshops outside of united stated and canada? Really frustrating, i'll tell you that
  3. The game is not showing on the south american eshop, do you guys know when it will be available? thank you!
  4. I just noticed that the first picture and the third are changed hehe, the number 3 is actually the first one and the number 1 is actually the third one
  5. 1- The snowflake trail is there, as it usually is 2- Activate the Ageless Clock, the snowflake goes missing 3- The Ageless Clock animation ends, and the trail comes back I tested it with the Ancient Cane skin, and the nightmare fuel trail does not go missing, it's just the snowflake trail
  6. whenever I see that a player dropped their backpack on the ground, i swap everything inside with stacks of rot
  7. we tried to befriend hermit by drying the meat, and after a while (seconds) the server froze/crash we were on a team with Walter, Wendy, maxwell and woodie. and later we tried with just woodie, froze all the time
  8. please let it be a feature and not a bug
  9. Wilson -> Vintage Wilson Willow -> Fire Girl Wilson Wolfgang -> Strong Starving Wilson Wendy -> Weak Girl Wilson WX-78 -> Wilson 2.0 Wickerbottom -> Old Girl Wilson Woodie -> Ginger Wilson Wes -> Mute Wilson Maxwell -> Magic Wilson Wigfrid -> Strong Girl Wilson Webber -> Spider Wilson Warly -> Chef Wilson Wormwood -> Plant Wilson Winona -> Girl-Power Wilson Wortox -> Demon Wilson BONUS: Warbucks -> Deleted Wilson