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  1. we tried to befriend hermit by drying the meat, and after a while (seconds) the server froze/crash we were on a team with Walter, Wendy, maxwell and woodie. and later we tried with just woodie, froze all the time
  2. really depends on how life in the real world is for you. How privileged you are
  3. because he's sleeping. woodie doesn't transform into werebeaver/moose/goose while he's sleeping, so maybe the same rule can be applied to pig king
  4. You read that right, that beautiful good looking red axe that is with woodie in the constant is fake and I will show evidences that supports it. You can see in walter's vídeo that he was looking for evidences about the werebeaver, and went to a cabin in the woods: Starting here we can already see the real Lucy the Axe there, and figure out who the owner of the cabin is: woodie. Why would Woodie leave his favourite axe alone, outside from the cabin ? The explanation is very simple: You can see in this pictures (and on the first one, with the outside view of the cabin) that there are several spider webs on the cabin, indicating that some time has passed since anyone would show up on the cabin. And even Lucy the Axe has some moss on it, showing that nobody, not even woodie, has used it for a long time. Why? because Woodie was already taken by Them to the constant. Woodie was taken alone to the constant, leaving the real Lucy the Axe in the real world. He has beeing hanging out, chopping with a fake copy of his axe this whole time! Cheating on his axe, with his axe's fake evil twin Edit (more evidence) Walter came to the constant after the moon breaking incident, and Woodie was in the constant before it, since he only discovered new powers after the moon broke and fell to the ocean. Proving that Woodie was taken before Walter, and proving that real Lucy the Axe is alone in the real world
  5. how about we stop fighting and stay on topic? : )
  6. I'm getting this message "Woah! It looks like you already clicked this link before. You can only redeem this reward once." but i never clicked on this link before
  7. there are tons of mods that used to translate them, but most of them (to not say all of them) were abandoned by their creators at some point and are no longer updated. klei already translated some games in other languages (like Hot Lava) so they can also do it with DS
  8. More language options for don't starve singleplayer/together
  9. I also don't like him, because he stole woodie's pine cone perk
  10. but now Wilson can choose which beard he wants to use which whatever head skin he is wearing, while woodie is forever stuck with perfect matching beard with it's head skin