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  1. after we are done with characters refresh, maybe we should start reworking some mobs or even bosses. But unlike the rework of characters which changed them, what if we just get some variations on the mob/bosses pattern instead? I mean, instead of you always finding the same mob acting the same way over and over again, what if they had a chance to act different? I'll leave some ideas here, For Pigs/Werepigs I thought they could have 3 variations, the first being the one we have now. But what if there were some pigs that are brave or coward? second variation, the brave: this one wants to fight and wants you dead. It deals more damage than a normal pig/werepig. It deals 44 damage as a pig and 50 damage as a werepig. On pig form it doesnt run away from you unlike normal pigs do, instead they taunt you, standing next you, waiting for a battle. On both werepig or pig form they rather fight you than go after some food on the ground. third variation, the coward: this one wants to live in peace and is afraid of you. They will not accept food from the player, it is too afraid to trust non-pigs. It doesn't wanna fight, so it will throw their money (gold) at the player (damaging the player like an earthquake, and breaking said gold into nothing). At werepig form it can throw gold faster and with two hands (2 gold at a time). Deerclops 1st variation: the one we have now. 2nd variation, The Queen of Winter: along with her moaning sound, she will trigger snow to fall and drop the world temperature in 20 game units. As soon as she spawns, the ground near her is frozen into ice (like a penguls' nest) and becomes slippery. Her attacks still freeze the player after two hits, but her attack can also cool down 1 level of a thermal stone inside player's inventory. When her health drops below 50% she gains the ability to trigger snowstorm (just like sandstorm, but with snow) for 5 seconds, putting out any fire close to her and dropping the player's body temperature. After she is defeated the world temperature goes back to how it was to before she came. If she is victorious (total party kill), she will trigger a snowstorm server-wide everyday, lasting 10 seconds, until she is killed (or until winter ends, whatever happens first) What do you think? Would you like some variations to the mobs/bosses we have today? Those were just examples, to give an idea of how those variations could be
  2. they are called untradeable for a reason, sorry mate
  3. whenever I see that a player dropped their backpack on the ground, i swap everything inside with stacks of rot
  4. not reeaaaally a bug, but it's really ugly to see almost all hats on wurt's head, because her head is too small for them, and they often seem to be flying above her head
  5. we tried to befriend hermit by drying the meat, and after a while (seconds) the server froze/crash we were on a team with Walter, Wendy, maxwell and woodie. and later we tried with just woodie, froze all the time
  6. but now Wilson can choose which beard he wants to use which whatever head skin he is wearing, while woodie is forever stuck with perfect matching beard with it's head skin
  7. please let it be a feature and not a bug
  8. omg, please make that wurt and willow art pieces two new vignettes for the game, pleeeeeease <3