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  1. that was such a stupid decision. you can't even be negative about something to not get you suppressed.
  2. I think devs should choose what to focus on. Yes, we are their fans, but we also play their game. Like Scrimbles said, limiting yourself around your own product is not (always) a good idea. If most players choose one design/lore expansion of X of them, other people will be enraged because they didn't get what they wanted. If we let devs (especially Klei) to choose what to do (they have a better understanding of their game than players because they are the ones who made it, k?), it won't cause controversy because of no choice from players' side. But knowing Klei, they would do their best to fit their content to most players (and make it moddable for a smaller part).
  3. what's the point? to update one thing's design and other's not? to expand a lore for one thing but not for other? If Klei decide by themselves what to add and what to not add, players won't feel like they lost or missed something. And knowing Klei, they would do this to fit most, if not all the players (most of the times). (I'm not talking about unofficial character reworks votes, because all characters will be reworked sooner or later, we just choose which one will arrive faster.)
  4. > We choose one from the three option If it will be like with Minecraft mob votes - I'll pass, cuz this will cause even more controversy when two other events will lose (I'm already fed up with Wanda, Wolfgang rework, WX's gender and Wurt arguments, thanks).
  5. *Wendy Main Zarklord is defeated!* - I was fighting as intended! *Changed Wendy Badge Status to Received.*
  6. Wanda. Ability to teleport to any point of the world using Backtrek Watches. That's it.
  7. speed is still the same - the fastest boat can reach is using 2 feather sails, and you need a significant amount of time to break and retreat. In shipwrecked, even swimming without any sail or iron wind provides you with enough speed to dodge single attacks, and the breaking is almost instant no matter the sail, while boat receives all the damage and not the player. As I said, you need mobility for fights in most situations, and DST boats unconditionally lack it.
  8. You should also take into account that computer runs dozens of processes on the background, while servers only have a pure OS if they're on Linux. Can't say nodecraft prices are that high. The worst server for 10$ is very good for small teams and is still more profitable than Discord Nitro :P The only profit of launching dedi server on your pc is just having it running on the background if the admin/host is absent
  9. it's not only about boss design, it's also about water movement. just compare Shipwrecked and DST boats mobility. For instance, even if we will count DST boat as land, and tiger shark will jump on it, you will have nowhere to dodge because it's attack radius is that huge and the boat is so small.
  10. >water fight no. crab king, malbatross, sharks and monkes are enough, thanks.
  11. they don't have bananas on them tho.
  12. this member already has 0 posts, 0 reputation and 549 profile views, and that's because people think mentioning @ klei pings the entire company...
  13. why not turn it into eggs instead? they're meat too, but they aren't considered meat in cookpot, so they can be used to cook veggie food.
  14. Which ones? Gorge belongings an skins are pretty weavable.
  15. Will we receive some day™ a woven versions of skins like Tesla Coil Lantern, Webrolly, Fiery Witch's Hat, Mourning Veil, etc. ? Because a) we can now use points to buy chinese firepit and torch skins, why not to do the similar thing to this skins too? And b) nobody's going to pay several hundreds of dollars on steam marketplace to buy them.
  16. me: posting a tentacle and wendy in one image. image: gets deleted literally anyone else: posting a tentacle, wendy and even webber in one image. image: stays me:
  17. Connect Backtrek Watches wherever you can - base, cave base, ruins, lunar island, lunar platform, mob farms, reed setpiece, archive, doesn't matter, because faster travel speed is always good AND you can activate them from a storage (open chest and activate watches from it to not waste precious inventory space). You can even connect several watches because they have a recharge time of 1 game day.
  18. Klei add Cutlass Supreme and swordfish plz thx.
  19. how is this item even craftable? you can't take backpacks into your inventory...